BlackBerry Storm 9570 cancelled on all carriers?!

BlackBerry Storm 9570
By Bla1ze on 8 Oct 2010 01:09 am EDT

As fast as the news arrived about the BlackBerry Storm 9570 we now have rumors that it's been cancelled. Not just on Verizon as previously noted but rather, across all carriers as RIM has seemingly dropped the device totally. Rumors and speculation of course lead this news so take it all with a grain of salt but, that said we'd not be surprised if this turns out to be the straight up facts. As the rumor goes, this was the information gathered:

"Thank you for your hard work and diligence in preparing your application to support the upcoming hardware refresh of the BlackBerry Storm2 smartphone (model number 9570, codename R027). Regrettably, RIM has decided not to pursue this device further and has ended the program.

However, rest assured that you will have the opportunity to leverage the work you’ve put in thus far in preparing for the new OS, as BlackBerry 6 will be making its way to more Verizon products in the near future, including the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and the BlackBerry Curve 9330"

Sounds legit right? In all honesty, the "refresh" made no sense anyways. Adding a 5MP camera and a bit more RAM to the exact same form factor as the Storm 2 just didn't seem right. Of course, I guess the same could be said about the BlackBerry Bold 9780 as well. Anyone out there really disappointed if this turns out to be more then a rumor? The best I can say about the whole situation is that I hope the rumored Hotspot feature didn't die with the BlackBerry Storm 9570 and that we'll see it arrive later as an addon to the BlackBerry platform.

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BlackBerry Storm 9570 cancelled on all carriers?!


Could this mean they go and create a BB OS6 compatible with the Storm 2? Im a 9650 user but it seems wrong to leave the Storm 2 users in the cold like this.

admits this device wasn't headed in the right direction. However if they had to review it, you'd read "hey if you want OS6 on a touchscreen, we think you should buy it!"


Good riddance. The refresh was a joke. I hope this means a more powerful device is near, ideally with LTE.

awwww shucks the 3 people that were waiting for this are gonna be really bummed. bring on the storm 3 aka droid killer. the phone in that leaked pic from thailand with the banana leaves is where the RIM touchscreen future is headed. the potential is in the 9800 TORCH - take it up a notch and the stormers will remember surepress as cool (highly flawed) experiment.

until it takes less than 5-15 minutes for a blackberry to boot up and be useable (like my storm 2) blackberry's won't kill anything... i don't know what they did with OS6, but from what i've heard it's just lipstick on a pig...

RIM needs to junk the Storm3, Storm4, Storm5 and jump in with the Storm6 just to keep up with what is out NOW from other companies. The only way the Storm4 is going to be an iPhone killer, is if you take a Storm phone and physically smash an iPhone with it.

By the time RIM releases the Storm4, Apple will be releasing iPone7 - RIM needs a management shake up to get back in the game.

good for RIM for not pushing this out, stupid refresh crap. BlackBerry is going down hill unless the BlackBerry playbook make any profit and who knows when that's coming out... I got S2 web sucks BlackBerry webs sucks period, kinda tired of waiting around for RIM... what a joke.

Cancelled on Verizon = bad.
Cancelled on all carriers = good.

I got really scared for RIM when one of their top carriers rejected a phone of theirs. Now that I know they are scrapping it all together lets me believe there's hope for a Storm3.

RIM needs to stop putting out half-baked Storm phones and start from scratch. Put out a top-of-the-line, 4+ inch screen, QNX OS, killer phone that blows the doors off whatever the next generation iphone/Droid phones are going to be.

Let your creative team lead, and have the bureaucratic management team sit this one out...... if fact, have them STAY out.

Sorriest excuse for an "upgrade" gets canceled OR world's greatest bait-and-switch keeps blog media distracted from 'real' Storm 3 and Crackberry Nation gets hit with yet another surprise announcement like the Playbook?

Let's hope for option 2...

I called 'bait and switch' a few weeks ago--except...I said that the refresh would be released simultaneously with the real storm 3. But I kinda think that RIM never planned to release it. I could be wrong, though. It certainly wont be the first time.

This garbage was cancelled.. I mean.. How would they campaign for this?! "ITS THE SAME OLD THING SINCE 2008!" :D please this is RIMs biggest problem.. No creativity. Ppl want sumthin new unless were living in the 1920s

Please don't correct grammar here anymore. I checked your post history. More than 50 percent of your posts contain major grammatical errors.

Here are two of my favorites. One of them is even a two-for-one.

"your not the only. i guess its in beta testing for a reason."

"I use to work at Apple"

You are not equipped to be the mentor CrackBerry readers were never looking for.


I'm glad it was cancelled on ALL carriers! Its f'ed up the RIM though they could scam people into another 2 years for the same equipment! I have a 9550 and I don't care about the BB6, I just want the new webkit. The 9570 is a huge rip off anf its forsure RIM is ripping off customers on that one.. Give the 9550 a webkit browser please!

I was not looking forward to this refresh joke. Thank goodness it's been rejected.

I'm a 9530 user and besides hating the device for being slow as hell, I liked OS5. I could honestly care less about OS6. All I want is that damn web kit.

Either way, my contract is up next month and with no real Storm 3 in site, I think I'll be jumping ship until RIM gets their act together. Think I'll look into a Samsung Fascinate or a Droid X.

RIM should take a serious step back and look at the competition thats out there and realize that its not just their OS thats lacking but their hardware as well. I have been an avid lover of BB for the longest and I decided to try a Droid Incredible and It has been a pretty solid phone.

Main difference is I have hardly noticed any kind of lag with the phone and thats even when I have been downloading and installing up to 6 apps at the same time. That would make a BlackBerry explode.

RIM should capitalize on what it does best and build around it. Everyone wants the organization of a BB, everyone wants the true push that BB offers, everyone wants the security. Just give them the actual UP TO DATE hardware that would allow a smoother running OS and call it a day. At this time no phone thats being labeled a smart phone should have less than a 1GHz processor and not this crappy 512 mb for application and OS memory. Thats ridiculous.

Step it up RIM or Step aside. Motorola has already started trying to step on our toes with the Droid Pro. Either show them your the boss or go home

1gz cpu - maybe, then again I like my battery life over speed.
"Crappy 512" not really, BB OS apps don't take a lot of space compared to other OS'.
Yes I agree, they could do with building on the hardware - I am just not sure how without compromising something else. The 9700 for instance, now the 9780 - ok, not touch screen but the hardware and OS are spot on.

There's a reason why BB Apps don't take up a lot of space. Developers are restricted in what they can do as far as multimedia applications. Graphically intensive apps take up much more space than regular apps. These memory limitations only ensure that we do NOT see graphically intensive, multimedia-rich apps on the BlackBerry platform.

Just went an looked at the Droid Pro and I must say "WOW!!". My contract has been up for a month and I have been waiting for something like this to come from RIM, but unfortunatly not the case. O well, good by RIM. As soon as this hits the market I'm grabing it.

See the 9780 made sense as it [9700] is a well liked and good selling handset. So an upgrade is a good move. The Storm series has kind of been replaced with the Torch as far as what they want to sell. Of course the other explanation is that there is a true S3 on the way.

Oh? The 9780 is just as, if not more of a useless upgrade than this one. The 9700 is supposed to get OS6 (although I'm becoming quite skeptical), the S2 was not. So, I'm sure the S2 people are very happy this thing is gone, but it would have made a lot more sense to dump the 9780. I don't understand why this hasn't happened with the 9780.

The 9780 makes sense. The 9700 which is very popular is now EOL. The 9780 is taking its place. RIM isnt telling everyone with a 9700 to go upgrade to the 9780. They were basically doing that to Storm 2 users since the Storm 2 wasnt getting OS6.

Hopefully this doesn't mean the end of the storm line all together, surepress is what attracted me to my 9530 in the first place, I never had any issues with the surepress as many people complain. I got my s1 a month after it was released, am now eligible for my NE2 but the s2 isnt enough of an upgrade and a refresh on it still doesn't attract me.
I've played with several droids but just can't really get into the OS, so hoopefully RIM will clearify is it "no to a refresh," or "no new storm at all?" If they don't get their act together they might aswell cut everything and go under, cuz the road they have been heading down just can't touch the competition

God STFU Blaze with your personal individual agenda against the greatest Blackberry line of phones available. It gets really old, and so does your Canadian wanna be Drake havin self.

I still can't believe they were going to pass the storm refresh off as a new phone and think people would blindly throw down hard earned cash for it. Is that RIM's new direction to refresh all its current phones and pass them off as new? I left my BB because vzw's leaked roadmap had no new BB device in the near future. If you don't stay current then you are no longer relevant.

Oh look, it's captain relax-be-patient. Do you ever post anything else or are you one of those one themed comedians?

why is it a rumor let it be real, aint no one gonna upgrade to that crap for 2 long years, I mean long years...

I don't want the damn "refresh" phone at all - I hope it's NOT a rumor. I hope RIM really did pull this anemic excuse for a BB out of production. I also hope it was Verizon that forced them to do it. At least maybe NOW RIM is listening to some voices OUTSIDE their little pea-brained heads.

I would like to see something new from RIM this holiday season other than the Curve and Pearl 3G. It doesn't make sense to me that they would scrap the 9570 and keep the 9780. But I guess we will see. Time is ticking and they are going to have to release something fast.

Makes perfect sense to me, potential customers base for 9780 is huge, millions are happy with the 9700 and the form factor so they'll upgrade to the 9780. Storm 2 not so much, current owners would expect more in their next upgrade. Storm2 customer base is not that big to start with.

So if you were a 9700 user with OS6, having paid for the device or on a contract for 2/3 years would pay the exact same amount for a not really noticeably better camera and more ram? I don't think anyone would. Personally, I'd tottaly go for a 9000 refresh model, but the exact same as a 9700? Oh please.

I like the 9700 form factor, unless a new 9000 form factor comes out and after having a close look at the style when it comes out, i don't think i would want a different phone. if the 9000 refresh doesn't happen and if i don't like the style once i hold it on my hand, it will only leave me with 9700 or the 9780, so yes, i want the 9780 to happen.

What exactly would you want the 9700 refresh to have?

It's funny, everybody wants a 9000 refresh but not the 9700

It is a Damn Shame, I put my trust in this product, I Have both 1 and 2. Do you guys remember when companys back their product better, what the fudge is going on, Remember when accessory came with the phone. I left pocket pc, because this company was better for the user. Oh well they are all the same!

thanks for nothing RIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately it's not Rim that sell you the phone, it's the carrier, they chose what they sell you. For a start I wish none of them put their logo on blackberrys and that splash sccreen that you can't get rid of.

If I were RIM. I'd try getting out a bloody 9000 bold factor with touch with 1ghz whatever to compete with companies like motorola who are now releasing comparable phones directed at business users.

Why on earth is RIM bothering with stuff like this. at least physically change it a little?

glad they are dumping this. Sure business phones should be cheap enough to update across a company but I dont think these refresh phones are going to be any cheaper than say the android droid pro....


or maybe rim are hearing you,that you dont just want a refresh
but a new storm.
ie ipad = big iph4 galaxy tab = big galaxy s so maybe playbook = small storm 3 ??

I'm bummed. I've been dealing with this sucky 9530 for near two years now and am due an upgrade from work for several months now. I expected a Storm3 to hit around a year after Storm2 so I was holding off on upgrading from Storm1 to Storm2 this past summer when I became eligible. Not that this news dashes the hopes for a Storm3 before Christmas, but I had pretty much given up hope for that and resigned myself to get a Storm2r. I need the RAM and the wifi.

Please RIM - now develop a kickass touch phone for Verizon that competes with droid (and soon to be iPhone :-) )...the storm has been a major disappointment...

All in all the Storm left more bad memories in consumers minds then good ones and they in itself it horrible.

I had the first Storm and it is the worst phone I have ever had for almost 2 yrs.

Good job Verizon helping push this through, RIM you blow chunks right now, get it together.

Work as a Technician for Big Red.

1. The storms are great phones when they leave Rim !

2. VERIZON F them all up putting their dumb shit in them
that nobody uses. Take up alot of MEMORY !!!!!!

3.THAT phone works GREAT when u get in re flashed back to
Rims factory setting NOT Big Red

I am a bit disappointed that it seems that the line might be dropped all together. I have an original Storm and like the platform, but was hoping for a big update that would have kept me in the Blackberry line. Sadly, I will be dropping my Storm and joining the ranks of the Droid ranks. Goodbye Blackberry.

I don't see why everyone is so Iphone, android crazy. I am a storm 2 user and love it. Surepress is awesome. I tried to use my wife's iphone and hate it, typing on it is terrible.

I am sure when verizon gets the iphone someone from my company will have to get it and ruin our BBM group. BB is a business phone, and damn good one. I couldn't imagine life without being able to send a message to everyone in my company in one quick BBM post, and not being able to share appointments on the groups calendar.

I am a little disappointed because the S2 can't run OS6, but hey, I bought the phone for the OS that it was running, and understand that it isn't capable of running OS6.

I have the Storm1 and for the most part have not had problems with it. It works great as a phone (a MUST for me), it works great for e-mail (another MUST), typing/texting is pretty good, I like the Sure Press screen. I don't like the limited apps that it holds, I have had to get rid of some apps I really liked in order keep my phone from running out of memory.

I have TONS of space on my 8 gig memory card... make me wonder what it is there for?

I'm one of the 3 dissapointed people, sorta. I'm on a 9530, due for upgrade. I was thinking this would be a nice "bridge" device until a QNX storm was ready. Ah well, ordered a bold 9650, fedex should be delivering tonight, so I can play with the OS6 leaks. Guess the bold will be my bridge now.

And I don't wanna hear anything else about "come on over to droid" you can keep that buggy fractured POS to yourself, go hang out on android central.

best of luck waiting for a QNX phone...

buggy Android...obviously you have experience there.

I pull BB battery all the time and installing many apps requires a reboot. not to mention the ad hoc crashes. timed Strom 1 9530 and reboot takes nearly 4 minutes!

so far with Android phone I have never had to pull battery to recover and have not had a crash.

So you really do not have a clue.

I wouldn't have re-upped if I thought QNX was coming out tomorrow. Yes I agree the 9530 is a bit of a pos. That being said, it still fits the way I operate far more then a droid does, and...I don't have to root it.

I have plenty of clues and experience on both platforms, thank you though. Don't assume what you don't know.

Hopefully that just means that they've decided a "Storm3" is too close on the heels of the refresh to make such a release viable... although I'm not sure what they would add to it besides more memory and BB6. Perhaps the QNX OS, as has been rumored?

If they are doing away with the Storm form-factor entirely then I certainly hope a CDMA Torch won't be too long in coming to Verizon.

I'm not so sure.

It seems to me that CDMA is going to be phased out, even if it takes a few years. I don't know how optimistic I would be about CDMA versions of GSM phones being released.

although this was probally done because verizon canceled it Rim took the smart choice and decided not to push it to other carriers. Now they can spend there time and money on a real storm to impress the masses and the press. since the rumor of iphone on verizon is kicking around again RIM needs to step up to the scrimage line and throw that last ditch pass for a touch down!!!! GO STORM LTE!!!!!

Iphone knock out the 9570????

Interesting that we are hearing this the day after it was announced that Apple is going to be making an Iphone for Verizon!! Is Verizon dropping the touch screen BB's because of all the problems they had with them??

I'm troubled by RIM's complete lack of commitment to a huge part of the population that likes iPhones and Droids. Nothing is offered to these people by RIM. I've played with people's S2's and my wife owns an iPhone 4 and there really isn't a reason to compare the two. The iPhone 4 is an amazing phone for my wife. She loves to play games like Yahtzee and Skeetball, to go on Facebook and Twitter, to use Google Maps, and to browse the internet. The S2 is pitiful next to the iPhone 4 for these things. People that use their phones for these things and that want the latest technological phone are a huge portion of the population. I own a Bold 9700 and would not want an iPhone 4 because I use my phone for work. I'm completely satisfied with the Bold because it does everything I need it to. But what about these people that like touch phones and want to be on the technological edge? Rim offers them squat? The Torch, seriously? This idiotic S2 refresh, seriously? This is a big problem for RIM and I don't think they are acting quick enough to stop the mass exodus. Us business guys are going nowhere, but good luck getting back those other people.

Now that I am a touchscreen user, I will not go back to a keyboard. That means I will either have to go to the Droid or iPhone.

RIM if you have plans for a new touchscreen platform, DO NOT KEEP THEM SECRET. Let us know.

I will wait.

But if you don't have plans for a new touchscreen, thank you and good luck. You are the new Nokia.

I'm confused as to what RIM is trying to do here. Yes, the refresh for the Storm2 wasn't an upgrade... yeah, you'd get OS6 out of it, but that was all.

What does this mean for the product line though? I want a full screen touch screen phone. The torch is on AT&T, and I left AT&T for Verizon to get the Storm. Not leaving Verizon, so I guess come Q1 2011 I move to an iPhone / Android device on Verizon then.

I only have one friend on BBM... won't miss it that much as I have unlimited SMS as it is. Too bad... I was hoping to see something develop for the new OS (not impressed with it, it's harder to utilize it's functions IMO), was looking for a better full screen (I like the Storm2, but feature set needs to be improved).

Saw the article on the main page today... what's your ideal BB... right now, that's a iPhone or Android device.

Apparently I must be the only person still syncing their phone with Outlook, because there sure seem to be a lot of people talking about jumping to an Android OS. Google is the arch enemy of Microsoft, so Outlook incompatibility is no surprise. But the so called "solutions" (Companionlink, etc.) to synchronization leave a lot to be desired. Also, with as many privacy issues that are already out there, I don't need Google "data mining" my contacts and calendar. Nor do I want all that info in the Google "Cloud". Let's also remember that comparing RIM with Palm and saying that Android took over in two years is BS. Android is an operating system, not a company.

No, you're not the only person still syncing your phone with Outlook, there are two of us! I run my 9650 through BIS, not an enterprise server, which seems to further complicate my options in non-BB phones.

I'm with you, Microsoft has enough of my information, I refuse to give in to Google---I don't use any Google services and I don't want to use them. That leaves me out of the Android OS party.

For now, as a VZW customer (AT&T doesn't work well where I live, even though I'm just 10- to 15-miles out of NYC), I'm stuck to RIM/BB. I'd be a much happier user if something new, like the Torch, came over to CDMA.

I hope that maybe RIM learns something from this that they just can't sit back and throw a refresh of a phone they already have out. They should be looking at the industry and noting how other providers produce the next best thing. I think RIM should be putting out the best product on the market now to keep and increase it's users. They should take the Storm4(so called Iphone killer)that is supposed to come out in 2011 and call it the Storm3 and produce it now. They should fire their marketing personnel and bring in someone who will bring RIM into the 21st century.

I think that unless RIM comes up with something big, they are in fact going to go the route of Palm and others. I mean, yes they are a great business phone, BUT most of us are not using it for business. I can get my email, which is on an exchange server, on either a Droid or a Blackberry, and with the latest announcement of Verizon and the iPhone, I would expect that the rebuild might finally include some type of exchange abilities. I have not been impressed at all with BBM. Admittedly I don't have a need for blasting messages out to a lot of people all at once, but I can do that with a simple text message anyway. I have enjoyed my 9530, BUT lately I feel as though I am doing more and more battery pulls, and I don't see much a difference between the Storm and Storm 2 to make staying on the platform worth it to me.

I would of liked to of played with OS6 on the BB Storm2. Of course, I wouldn't of upgraded on another 2 year contract for it. I would of stayed with RIM, if I could Storm 2 Refresh was available for free or minimal costs. Now, Android looking better and better unless the rumored IPhone to Verizon comes to fruition, then I would have a decision to make between Android or IPhone.

... After all, we are a bunch of Crack(berry)heads, right? This "refresh" was like torying to pass off powdered rat poison to a crackhead.

I think they're trying to fast-track the Storm3 Thiland device and to do so they've killed the refresh and pulled that entire development team into the S3 project.

RIM knows they're in trouble if they don't have a better touch device by the time the VZW iPhone4 hits. I'm betting we see the S3 drop before the i4.

Has there been any reports of RIM ordering production of bigger touch screens,yet smaller than the playbook? I seem to remember reading something... We need to watch for those and the ever-prevalent FCC filing to get an idea of when we'll see the "real" new Storm.

The Storm 2 refresh is a good idea if it works like this. You own a Storm 2 and have more than a year left on your contract. RIM says there is a refresh available just send us your phone and in 2-3 weeks it is returned to you with the upgrades. Just pay shipping and handling and a small upgrade fee ($50-100). Just my 2 cents.

I hope the carriers step up and shoot down some of these stupid refreshes that RIM seems content to keep making, wheres the innovation here? upgrading RAM and cameras and asking people to get rid of their current bb's is just plain stupid, it is this exact reason that people are jumping ship, how many android os updates have been out in the past year for a single device?! How many refresh devices have RIM released/talked about making/ we've speculated about?! RIM needs to step their shit up and make new stuff or they will be left behind, half of these stupid refreshes are what makes me love my 9700 even more, don't call me a hater, i live in Waterloo where Blackberries are made, hell, i know a sewer grate that could cut power to their whole plant

I'm pretty bummed out about this news. I'm still rocking a 9530 and was looking forward to getting the 9570 to tie me over for a year or two to see what the future holds for BlackBerry.

Last Friday Best Buy offered Free phone Friday and I got on line and saw the "Storm 3" Well I really loved my Storm 1 and I never had any issues with it, I know hard to believe. So I now have a Samsung Fascinate. So mabe when they figure out what the are oing I maybe back.

Forget the Storm 2 refresh. I don't think alot of people would have even purchased it. It would have been a disgrace to the Storm making any kind of comeback. I say skip the refresh and put out an amazing Storm Trilogy device that will leave people breathless.....and hurry it up already =-]

I still have love for BB but the DroidX is effin awesome.

The Storm 2 is my first BlackBerry and I am addicted to my Storm 2. I just hope that RIM comes out with a REAL Storm 3 that is competitive with the iPhone or Android phones and doesn't abandon a pure touch screen phone. If they don't come out with a REAL Storm 3 then I'll be forced to wait to replace my Storm 2 until after it dies. Then I'll have to look at an iPhone, Android phones, or something other than a BlackBerry.

I was hoping for an updated touch screen BB on Verizon. M Storm is dead and VZW pushing me a Droid 2 or X for low price. I would prefer to stay with BB if possible. When will CDMA carriers get the Torch?

I believe that a well configured Torch running optimized OS6 would meet m needs. If they boosted the MHz it would help.

RIM just made up my mind. I am due for an upgrade in just a couple of months. I WILL be going to a Droid now. Thanks for making my mind up. At least somebody out there is developing new and better phones on a regular basis.