BlackBerry Storm 9550 Emulator Arrives In Verizon Systems

BlackBerry Storm 9550 Emulator Arrives In Verizon Systems
By Bla1ze on 3 Oct 2009 06:33 pm EDT

Just in case there was any doubt regarding the launch of the 9550 coming soon, you can clearly see that the emulator Verizon support reps use has been loaded into the Verizon systems and is now available for employee's to review. Not much else to say about this other then it's coming and soon the wait will indeed be over. Huzzah! Thanks to briankeith513 for posting the pics for us all.

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BlackBerry Storm 9550 Emulator Arrives In Verizon Systems


Yeah! Please be familiar with the facts before you post a comment. OS 5.0 on Verizon is now going away from 1XEV, and showing 3G, to be more user friendly. So it eliminates people asking "When is Verizon going 3G", and stuff like that.

this phone is gonna be the ish when it does come out or whenever it does I will definately be getting my hands on one

so does this mean that 5.0 would b availible for the 9550/9530 very soon...just give it to us already!!!!!!

...cipation is killing me! I can't wait for a Pre Sales Sign Up or just a sales date! This will be my first Blackberry phone and first smart phone. I've been waiting for the new Storm 2 ever since I became available for new every two back in July!

Come on now....we been gettn the videos and the photos and this and that blaa blaa and wen is it comen out that's all that needs to be said....

It looks promising and exciting. I am definitely upgrading with a annual upgrade pricing :)

Also for what I am thinking it won't be until at least Nov 8 as Nov 7 is the last day of the buy a BB get one free promo ends. More likely the Nov 9 as that is a start of a new week and falls on a Monday.

has anyone noticed that it says 128 MB flash on the right? what is that all about? Please tell me that is an error, or there is more after that, that the pic cut off, I see that it says "64" after that, I'd like to see the rest of it.

my upgrade was available as of 10/1/09, looking forward to the day they finally release this. hope the new screen is much better than the original.

When the Tour came up in the VZW system, it had the Storm pic and specs until the week of or day before it was launched I don't remember. It could be that VZW is pulling everyone's leg for now until the week of or the day before the release date. Not sure, just speculating from experience. I havent seen the emulator yet so I'm not sure.

I think i read on one of the forums where they said that the storm 2 was going to have 128mb of app memory and 2gb of internal memory? i could be wrong

IF it does only have 128 I will never upgrade. There is absolutely no reason. The screen does not bother me the slowness does. If that is the case I will be finding another phone option.

All the videos showing memory show over 128mb avail and 2 gig of storage. I think it is either a type-o or they are using the storm 1 template. WI-FI is not listed on the side as a feature, but we know it is definitely on this phone. I cant see them putting out a new phone with less than 256mb, not with all the craziness they had with storm 1. Even the tour is 256 so should be no different

Haha, its showing 3G in the corner - will the 9550 show that instead of 1xEV, or is it just a byproduct of the spoofed network that the simulator uses?

Goodie. Been wanting to give one of these a test-drive for some time now.
I'm hoping the revisions RIM has worked into this new Storm will make it a serious contender for my next BlackBerry of choice... Maybe a little something for myself this Christmas time.
This bodes well, for playtime with actual units soon. Yay.

It's all 3G; third genration network. That's all it means. My roomie says she gets calls all the time (she's a VZ CS/Tech) with people taking about their phone doesn't get 3G. It doesn't mean anything. When the promo/mock up stuff get produced, it tends to get done by someone that's not very precise/anal about what they are doing; hence when you call for support, you sometime get those that give you bold information because it's what they have in front of them. BTW, look on the back bottom of your VZ (anyway) Blackberry and you're see Qualcomm 3G CDMA on it. That's on my 8130 and the other CDMA devices I believe. In the end, we still have to wait to see. Hopefully it's around the corner!!!

It is 100% better on initial toying with it, very, very snappy, faster camera and browser. the click is half the effort, but best of all was the fact that there was about 11 apps on there and still had about 115 MB open. cant wait to get my hands on it!!!