BlackBerry Storm 9550 (Dummy Mock Up Unit) SKU Shows Up in Verizon Inventory System

BlackBerry Storm 9550 Hits Verizon Inventory
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Jul 2009 07:10 am EDT

Get excited but not too excited just yet. Over the weekend BGR posted word that it was looking like the upcoming Storm 2 would be going by the 9550 device model number. The photo above further adds to the validity of this notion as it seems the dummy unit for the Blackberry Storm "2" (you know, the fake display model units they keep in store for show and tell) has shown up in Verizon's inventory system. 

Could this mean the next generation of BlackBerry Storm will be here soon? Maybe. Having the device model number and name show up in this manner is definitely a good sign that things are in motion - though with the Storm 2 still likely to be a few months away it's probably not too late for things like the device model # to change.

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BlackBerry Storm 9550 (Dummy Mock Up Unit) SKU Shows Up in Verizon Inventory System


I have had the storm since the First week it launched. Now I have a screen issue where it wont click any longer. VZW has shipped me 3 phones with similar issues. Wonder if the new one will be better.

I am on my 4th Storm because the screen loses its click down by the send/bb key (where you always are clicking on menu items) and when on the phone with them for this last one they told me they could send me something else - I said "a Tour?" - but it was about a week away from release so they could not. I am just going to keep getting replacements (my 4th clicks lousy too) until the Storm2 is out and have them give me one of them hopefully!
Now dont get me wrong... I love my Storm but the screen issue is getting annoying! Maybe I use the menu too much!

BTW... went to a VZW store yesterday with my friend so he could get the Tour - he hated his Storm with a passion and they let him buy the Tour at the 1 year agreement price plus the $70 rebate so he was happy! The rep said a lot of people were coming in to get Tour's because they were not happy with their Storm's...

If you're talking about that video where they were using the Storm 2 and they couldn't do anything except boot it up because they couldn't select close on the setup wizard, it's because that models click was broken.

"RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis has declared from the stage of D7 in no uncertain terms that "SurePress is here to stay."

Take the space out below, it wouldn't post without the space. 05/27/rim-ceo-surepress-is-here-to-stay/

Clickity click.

I dunno, I have to take a wait and see on this one. VZW and RIM would be smart to take a page from Apple's playbook and offer a discount on a Storm 2 to Storm 1 owners. As much as I love my Storm, it never worked as advertised.

If the new storm will not have the sure press i will not be getting one, it is a great feature it just needs to work properly!!

i have had my storm since december i am on number 8 but i hae stuvk it out through the good and bad and i will definetely get the new one when it comes out

I like the looks of the new Storm, I never really liked the pressing of the screen that much and it just makes sense to incorporate the buttons into the screen. Plus with wifi maybe we'll get some decent wifi apps that have left the storm out in the cold.

...does the article state that its still "months away"? Is it normal to have a dummy unit in the system so far ahead of time? Wouldn't this indicate a release the following month? Who knows, maybe Aug 1st!!!

Wouldn't the 9550 model number make one assume that this will be an iDen version for Push-to-talk, just as the 8350 is the iDen version of the curve?

ROFL!!! You actually believe RIM would waste the time and money putting a high-profile device like the Storm on iDEN (Nextel), especially before more capable networks like AT&T and Sprint (and yes, I know Nextel is part of Sprint)? It'll be years before Nextel users get something like the Storm; hell, they just got the Curve recently and that was their first BlackBerry upgrade in almost 5 years (from the 7100i).

- VDubb

I never said I thought it was a wise idea, but merely pointing out the fact that RIM seems to be pretty consistent on the last two digits of their model numbers. Don't forget that VZW has a PTT service as well, not just Nextel.

I am excited for the new Storm too because, although I love my current one, I am always out for the latest in phones.

My screen was having trouble clicking but I put a small square of paper behing the back cover on top of the battery and it fixed it perfectly! It pushed the screen out just enough to allow me to click all over the screen... including the bottom corner where I had lost all clickability. It is also much more accurate when I type now too.

Hope this helps!

I am not so sure I will be upgrading. The storm has left a bad taste in my mouth. I have had 4 now. They have all had their own unique issues and all in all this phone is a piece of junk. There are no cool features to separate this from the rest of the blackberrys other than a big touch screen. The fact alone that the storm does not have its own innovative OS makes me want to chunk it. I have honestly had it with this phone. While .148 was a great improvement, this phone is still really lacking. I still have core apps that randomly go missing, my phone still takes ages to switch from landscape to portrait and vice versa. Even better now, I can't seem to get my core apps back. They are not available in my app loader, and to say the least I am pretty pissed off. Even with the upgrade price which I know I will get, I don't think the storm 2 is for me unless there is really something significant to differentiate it from other blackberry models. The big touchscreen and lack of physical keyboard isn't enough and is not exactly revolutionary in the smartphone community. I am also fed up with Verizon. They keep extending their controls much like the Obama administration. Now they are trying to put their app store above the BB app world, etc. Verizon is quickly becoming the communist phone company simply because they know they can. Rant over :)

I'm excited to get any info on this I can, I love my storm. Ya I have some issues with it once and awhile....The new OS's have helped alot though. I certainly hope they improve the surepress a little... I have done the tricks to improve mine, but I think its starting to see some wear and tear and making weird noises when it clicks now. This is my 2nd Unit since I first got the storm on realease day, so really not too bad. I also would like to have the wifi, my 3g coverage is great, but it would be nice to be able to use SKYPE and things like that when you're not in coverage area's or traveling out of the country. If they could make it just a little more like the Iphone in graphics and multimedia, it would be the perfect phone. I don't like how locked into Apple you are when you have the Iphone, so that would give the Storm a huge advantage, being able to do whatever you want, get your music and videos where ever you want...legally.
I do remember somone,not too long ago, I think it was CX saying that there is something bigger than the Tour coming shortly from Verizon. Maybe this is it.

Well i tell i have had 8 storms now i just got it last week and i tell u most of my problems were with referbs i have a brand new one now which put my upgrade date out more gay oh well anyway i hope they learned from their mistakes because i think i will get it as well thinking about opening up another line so i can have the tour we will see

To hear their are still issues. My first Storm in December had the click issue, but it was replaced and since then has been perfect. I use/abuse it with my four businesses, and click has remained perfect. I still use OS version 109 (never had a reason to change)with a bat pull every morning. That's it.

I will stick with the Storm only if they keep Surepress, I love it and actually type faster with it than my old Curve.

There must be other Storm owners that are happy?

I have the gsm 9500storm,paper in the back works neae perfectly. Os .151 no major complains.

I will be upgrading to storm 2 for sure. Just wish there was more software and graphically intense 3rd party apps which would really show the true power it holds.

I'm right there with ya, buddy. I absolutely love my Storm and have never had any major issues with it. Occasionally I get comments on my voice being muffled or something, but it's only been from the same 1 or 2 people on their own cell phone. Strange. But yeah, other than that, my Storm seems pretty flawless.

I'm very interested to see what the Storm 2 will actually offer in terms of "click" replacement. I have my reservations...

Had my Storm for just about 6 months now and I can't live (or work) without it. So perfect for my everyday business now.

My name is xeroslash and I LOVE my Storm.

my works perfect now with the .151 it is even better if you havnt yet downloaded this os you should its great no lag very quick and the transitions are great!

I'm all for waiting to see the Storm2 before purchasing, but do you seriously mean to tell me that there is no information in Verizon's system about the Touch Pro2 yet? I find that a little hard to believe.

I love the storm and like others have said love the click screen also. I won a itouch a few years ago and at the time thought it was really great. Still do but the clicking screen is great and easy to use. Would I upgrade to a newer Blackberry down the line absolutely. I am not sure why I stayed away as long as I did. The click screen is here to stay for me though.

Anyone "in the know" with Verizon know how far in advance these mock up units typically appear before the units go on sale? For example - how long before the Tour hit the shelves did the mock up unit show up in inventory?

I just don't understand all of these people that are on Storm number 5,6 and 7? I've had one Storm, since December '08, and I haven't had the slightest issue (knock on wood). I agree that the OS sucked for the first 50 iterations, but with .151 I feel like it's finally hit its stride and will be a Storm fan for life.

i like my storm i got it when there was that buy one get one free at Verizon
when i got it. it was great then it all went down hill the screen stared acting up and i called tech suport so then sent me a other on od courst it was refurb got that just pissed me off to know end i went though 4 refurb storms
i was just about to go to the store and say thats it i have had it get me a new cell so they did after i went though 4 refurb ones so i hope all the bugs are out of the new ones