BlackBerry Storm 9550 Caught in Action Yet Again - This Time It Shows Off WiFi!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Aug 2009 05:43 pm EDT

We just received an email on the good 'ole CrackBerry tips line pointing us to a video on youtube posted by user iluvblackberry. Much to my surprise, the video contains what was said by the anonymous tipster to be a BlackBerry Storm 9550 running OS, which is actually a newer version of firmware than was featured in both my hands-on Storm 9550 video and salomondrin's recent review as well. Even more surprising to me was the appearance of the sticker in the video - we gave out a couple thousand of these back at WES in Orlando this May... i guess iluvblackberry must also luvcrackberry!

The video is a bit blurry and the device is still running early firmware (we know there are already newer versions than .161 compiled), but Storm 2 chasers will want to take in every second of the 7 minute vid. BIG news here is that this storm 9550 actually shows off WiFi! Finally!!! As much as we've seen of the Storm 2 already, I can't help but think there is still more to the device (particularly that display) than initially meets the eye. I have as educated guess as to the tech behind the display (the whole it's fixed when off and clickable when powered on thinking) and am thinking/hoping there is still some additional potential there that future OS builds may tap into. As its release draws nearer it'll be fun to watch all of the leaked and official details unfold. As always, you'll want to keep it locked to CrackBerry for all of the goods as they emerge.

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BlackBerry Storm 9550 Caught in Action Yet Again - This Time It Shows Off WiFi!


Someone please do me a favor and stop sending these units to lame people who don't know how to use auto-focus (turn some ambient light on you IDIOT!!!) and make lame vidoes that show the phone is the worse possible scenarios. At least learn to use the interface before you show something off. People are already being put off by this video... and the moron who made it!

Thanks Civic for saying what needs to be said!

Further, did you see the transition lag? How many times did the guy turn the device and wait over 5 seconds then give up and switch it back?

Someone send ME a Storm 2 and I'll make a REAL video!

still not impressed... same as original storm. Unless you have transparent fingers you still cant see what the hell you are actually clicking when you are typing... browser still sucks, and well OS 5.0 still hasn't allowed multiple channels of audio and the storm needs much larger app memory!

Do you look at every key before you press it when you are typing on a keyboard? Now apply that concept to the storm. Not that hard huh?

This video is quite a headache to watch! Everything is blurry and it can definitely do without that music in the background.

yea video is blurry, and the music wow.. , bur the he seemed to still be having trouble with the screen rotation

Was the person holding alt while pressing another key during the typing sequence? That would mean the screen is segmented somehow right? Would definitely open up multitude of possibilities touch wise.

If you look a little closer he is releasing the symbol button right before he clicks the other button. It would be cool tho to be able to hold one button down and click another

or did the accelerometer seem to me even less responsive than the build on the original Storm? I'm not sure I've seen enough between this video and others to pay a premium to get a new device on Verizon.

yah, this seemed like a step down from salo's odin. that phone looked sweet. but, i honestly did not get what was going on in that video with that music and blurriness and multiple opening and closing apps. i dont get it, but it just might be me.

I notice the sluggishness in most videos when people are holding the phone flat and pointing the camera down at the phone.

Hold your phone parrallel to the floor and turn it. It doesn't respond. You notice that the phone responds as soon as he tilts it so that it isn't laying flat. Watch some of the videos where Kevin is using the phone and taping it and it's the same thing. I don't think its the accelerometer. It seems about equal to the one that we have now when they hold it at the correct angle. They just have trouble doing it and keeping the camera on the phone.

He's typin pretty fast on it. Never used a 9530 on the regular, and not sure if it's new, but I like how he was holding the shift key and still pressing buttons to capitalize letters.

But it looks pretty neat.

I'm not getting the whole "I can't see what I'm typing" sentiment. By that logic you shouldn't like the regular BB keyboards either, and yet those are treated as the default option.

I hope I am not the only one that is seeing that obviously RIM has implemented Multitouch more on the Storm 2.

It's a software thing, not hardware. The original Storm is fully capable of being a full multi-touch device.

Looks pretty good. The screen tilting is still glitchy,grr. Why record a video in the dark. You could hardly see anything.

to me, suggests shaking hands. My iTouch often doesn't rotate if my hands are shaking; it needs to be kept pretty still for the accelerometer to kick in.

My guess is that his hand motions were throwing off the accelerometer. (I hope so, anyway.)

Blurry...slow accelerometer and boring. It seems this OS runs slower than does on my Storm 1.

I wish they would give it an on screen keyboard like LG / Apple / etc where you hover over and the letter gets bigger. Would improve things much.

Okay what's with the velvet-lined Crackberry pouch he pulls the phone out of at the beginning?....not to mention the techno-Rastafarian music....

Oh and to repeat again....FOCUS!!

these videos are getting stranger as they go along....

I knew the new one was going to have WIFI. It will be nice. Too bad I am stuck unitll Jan of 2011 in my contract. :(

the phones browser is still painfully slow on wifi.... maybe I don't need it after all. The accelerometer was terrible also. My storm 1 is faster. And I can also type faster too lol

Something just doesn't seem right about this video.

Watched other storm 2 videos where stuff was instant, I don't know it seems odd to me. But that's just me

and YES that gave me a massive headache

Between the horrible music in the back round and the blurriness, this has to be one of the worst video's I have ever seen.

the guy making this vid either didnt care or is special. Only good thing is that it showed proof of wifi. Disappointing to see a guy get a pre released device and doesnt know how the accelerometer works

HONESTLY, What A Crappy Song And Why Film This In The Dark? This Person Can't Make A Decent Video That Show's Off The S2? Geez, It Was Painful To Hear And Watch.

This song is cool!

Anyway I just activated my new replacement Tour and the screen is NOT squishy and the bat door is tight as heck. I'm glad I got a replacement now. I was worried before that they'd charge me for it because it's exactly like the first one. Anyway...if you have a Tour with squishy screen or loose battery door- do a 30 day exchange!

Im amazed at the lack of culture in the crackberry nation. Very sad, and i liked the music a lot although it was really long. Heres and idea, go see what the rest of the world has to offer outside of your small box, you might like it :). (chill out everyone that actually sounds worse than the way i mean it :) i just mean dont say something is awful just because you dont get it and therefore dont like it)

The video was awful because of the blurry camera, for sure, i had no idea what was going on. It seemed a lot slower than the last odin video too. But im lovin the multitouch makes you wonder what really is behind the screen. Just waiting for 30fps and im sold(im buying it anyway ha).

You took the word right out of my mouth. Some of members' comments were down right ignorant and narrow minded. Oh well, NEXT for them.

The vid was blurry for sure, but I paid attention to the multitouch and the way he tapped the back key. It sounded like no click, like that key is capacitive in nature.

This video made my head hurt. The accelerometer is still slow. I know they keep saying early software but that shoulda been the first thing RIM fixed. I want this device but the more I see these videos the more I'm starting to get hesitant on it. I'm just gonna form my own opinion when it comes out.

Video sucks but the music is fire. what do you know about capleton.Slew dem........MORE FIRE......LOL

I appreciate the effort, but this has to be the worst video posting in the history of Crackberrydom.

My head is literally pounding after this.

Let's see:
1)no knowledge of how to focus
2)annoying too loud music
3)no narration
5)what Wifi, how could you tell
6)headache and eye strain inducing
7)so bad it reduces any excitement about the Storm 2

Definitely not the kind of hype RIM needs to tease the masses.

This video sounds and looks like it was filmed in 1994 in the US or last week in Jamaica. I too could not watch the whole video.

the phone is still in the early stages and should not be judged yet. The point of this video was to show wifi..

I didn't really notice anything over the Storm 1 to tell the truth. Wifi is pretty cool, but not enough to run out and buy the phone. It also seemed like he was taking ages to type a few sentences.

As for the music, I loved it. Some folks here need to come out of their small box and stop rejecting anything that's other than your societal upbringing.

seems like the same thing to me. is this person smoking some weed cause the video sucks, the music sucks and he can't seem to focus on the phone. looks like a plain storm to me.

the guy who has this is a effin idiot and should not be allowed to be around blackberry's and most importantly, a camera - dumbass!

and the fact that it's running the OS is complete bullshit because salomondrin's video's blackberry software was far more quicker.

i remember how big of a disappointment the original Storm was and i'm not getting my hopes up about anything until the production unit is out and i can play with it.

Wow he couldn't have done a worse job shooting the video for that. The music doesn't bother me like it seems to do most other people but he is terrible with the camera.

Is the response time for switching from portrait to landscape really that slow still? Definitely disappointing to see it still taking that long to switch.

I went through 7 Storms and the Storm 2 looks like another flop. Looks very unresponsive/sluggish. With the exception of wi-fi (if it even works), that seems to be the only plus. Verizon butchers their phones. I left them after 15 years because of their lack-luster devices and service that's been going downhill. Maybe if the Storm comes out for AT&T I may think about trying it out (at least AT&T doesn't screw with the devices like Verizon does...taking away features, adjusting the volume, etc.). Until then, GOOD LUCK with the new P.O.S. Verizon will be offering.

But it looks NIce...the song in the background is Jamaican Dancehall..- CAPLETON is the name of the singer n the name of the song is.."Slew them"..lovely phone....

But it looks NIce...the song in the background is Jamaican Dancehall..- CAPLETON is the name of the singer n the name of the song is.."Slew them"..lovely phone....

LOve the music....Kevin....Jamaican Dancehall all the way man,,,for those who didnt like it,.too bad u cant understand it.if u did...u would love me on that...waiting on the 9700...:-)

The video is showing a very EARLY (yes, thats right i said it, EARLY!!!) os. So i'm not going to pass judgment like most of this sites dumbass members who dont even read what it says about the video!!
I honestly would get the Storm 2 based on this video but the stupid rubber buttons on the side are way too ugly for me too be seen with so i'll just wait for the Storm 3!!
Also on a side note when they bring out the final consumer version of the phone the o.s is going to good if not BETTER than the iphones! (and yes the phone will have more memory for all you mung eating sceptics out there)

Who do I see about getting the last 7:18 of my life back?

Can't wait to try out the Storm 2, though.

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Seems to be really bad lag when switching to landscape from portrait... I hope this phone comes out soon.... I want to play with one before I buy it!

music in the background is from a Jamaican artist that goes by the name of Capleton, and the name of the song is slew dem, not the best caribbean artist though, should have went with something soft like gyptian - love against the wall or something, and this has to be the most terrible video i have ever seen on this site,couldnt see the nothing at tall,

That video was not very impressive at all. I can load CB 2x faster than that with my S1. I guess they just had a crappy internet connection if that was supposed to be using wifi. The rest of the interface and navigation didn't look any faster or smoother (except maybe the typing) than my storm.

But hey, the hardware still looks great.

Christ on a cracker that music is awful

It's pretty funny that people are amazed it has wi-fi though. What a revolutionary thing for a smartphone...

The keys suck. Highlighting a key that is under your thumb or fingers is not useful.

Still at last this version should be usable unlike the prototype that BB and Verizon got people to buy the first time around.

No clue what was happening there - a waste of 7 minutes. We knew the S2 would have wifi. So what, at this point the S1 had wifi too. Accelerometer = D-F.

Are those keys raised up?

Yep. It was blurry. The music wasn't my style. Guess what? turn down the volume you ungrateful pricks.

Who knows what this man might have been risking just making the video. Maybe he didn't narrate so his voice wouldn't be part of a video available to the world showing off a phone he shouldn't have shown anyone.

The accelerometer and phone itself are still sluggish. I hate to say it but I cannot wait for the i-phone to come to Verizon, or something else. The storm has been a big fail since its inception and my patience has run out. Blackberry's are overrated.

In the words of Comic Book Guy; "Worst video ever".
I don't normally comment on things here, but that was by far the worst video of any video I've ever seen on CB. It was out of focus, it was too dark, the music was annoying, and the user didn't seem like he knew what he was doing. Not to mention the fact that it made the S2 seem worse than the S1.
And to all the video makers out there who are trying to be anonymous get a ski mask or something that way you don't have to worry about your face showing up in the reflection of the phone and a tripod would help to so that you have two free hands to hold the phones and showcase their features.

Ok, so the video was freaking blurry and could hardly see anything... gave me a headache.

I didn't like the song much either, but it wasn't THAT bad. Different cultures and tastes in music, if you don't like it, why not simply mute the video? Geez.. not like the guy was saying anything anyways..

I see some comments about "multi-touch", can anybody tell me the exact position where you can see this? I couldn't make it all the way to the end of the video.. Don't know if it was the accelerometer lag or the way the guy was handling the device....

In any case, my current S1 is much better than what can be seen in the video! Nothing like what I saw in solomondrin's video. Wi-fi, the new and improved sure-press and the looks alone have me wanting this device real bad! Haha

FYI, I can type waaaay faster than that on my S1, with auto correct and spelling turned off (hate them!). I can almost blind type =D

turn that SH@T off in the background! turn some lights on. what a way to show off how painfully slow it is. i was hoping beyond hopes after living with the current POS Storm since its release day. that i would finally get a decent phone, and wow what a let down.

I'm really not even sure why this video was posted. There was not a single shot of the screen in focus and MAYBE the keyboard had multi touch function but there is really no way to tell. The person that shot it apparently didn't go back and watch it before uploading it.

I didn't mind the music but what was the point?!? One of the features everyone is curious about on the S2 is the "click" and any chance of getting a read on that was muted by the background music.

Do ANY of the individuals that get their hands on these devices have friends!?! as in someone that could hold a camera over their shoulder while they use the device.

Finally, if anyone else has one of these "unreleased" storms or any other devices please do your 4 lines of blow AFTER you shoot the video instead of before so we can all see what's going on.

Wow if RIM thinks this is going to give the iphone a run they're smokin crack!! I like the Storm just not going to shell out any more money for something thats not leaps beyond the original. Verizon needs to hurry up and get on board with Apple.

PEOPLE!!! whay do you want to see what you are going to type!, in a qwerty key board you do not see anything poping up!, it is the same thing here, of course you need to see where your going to type, alot of complaint on that, and the accelorameter was not being used properly, he barely tilted the screen, i do no now why the word has to pop up to see what you are typing that is just dumb