BlackBerry Storm 9530 User Manual Emerges!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Nov 2008 12:28 pm EDT

BlackBerry Storm 9530 User Manual

BlackBerry Storm enthusiast? Didn't get your fill of Halloween goodies last night? No worries, we have got you covered with an awesome treat that won't cause cavities...

Click the image above and you can download the 249 page user manual (1.18MB .pdf file) for the soon-to-be released BlackBerry Storm 9530. If you have any lingering questions as to how the Storm will function or what touchscreen secrets lie within the Storm's version 4.7 OS, the answers should be covered somewhere between the front and back covers of this whopping document.

And if you're looking for more info on the Storm, be sure to check out our Hands-On First Impressions and BlackBerry Storm Super Page!

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BlackBerry Storm 9530 User Manual Emerges!


Don't tell me people actually study these things before the phone is even out. My manual is my trial and error.

It's the opposite. If a phone is released, people NEVER read the instruction manual. Just figure it out as you go along.

In the case where it's a not-yet released device that you're jonesing for, reading the manual helps kill some time while you're waiting to buy the phone. And you can fully hit the ground running when you get it.

I think of it is as smartphone foreplay!!

Verizon Leak the Price Before Tuesday! If you don't I will be forced to buy the Bold. I have been waiting way too long.

My Verizon price point is pretty simple. If the Storm is $99 or less (2 yr) I'll buy it!

$99 Storm + $175 contract break beats $299 Bold.

Cheaper wins!

If Storm Junkie is right and it is $249 w/ a $50 rebate, that puts it at $199...and if you have a NE2 discount of $100, that puts it at $99.

im sorry i will not switch my service for a phone. i dont know why we cannot have every phone on every service. makes more money for the manufacture and makes us happy. either way, i am getting the storm. have had multiple findings of 199, but i wont be upset if it is different. i will get it either way to try it out. we always have 30 days and i will go back to my other blackberries. have a few on my account. i think its a great phone.

If I buy the Storm I'm sticking with it so switching service is a no brainier. There is no way I'm going back to my non BB phone.

There is plenty of information out there to make the decision. Heck just download the SIM. It's pretty awesome!

Did anyone see in the manual where they discussed how to connect the phone to your PC for a tethered connection? This would make me not by the phone if I couldn't use my berry as a internet connection.

I use my current phone as a tethered connection, and all it involved on the phone side of things was pairing up the bluetooth between the two devices. You have to use VZW's Access Manager, which recognizes all available networks, including your phone if it's within range of the computer. So basically, as long as my phone is in my pocket or sitting on a nearby charger, I have internet access. It's a really nice option, given that I'm in my RV every single weekend from March to November without any sort of TV or phone hookups. Still, from the phone perspective, there's really nothing to it other than pairing it, which is described in the manual.

I know this phone can tether. The question is whether VZW will allow customers to tether this phone.

That would create a lot of data usage on the network & it will mean fewer sales of laptop cards with data plans. I can;t see VZW leaving any money on the table. My guess is tethering on VZW will come at a cost or it will be blocked.

That's exactly what I said> Then again, leaks are hard enough to find. Wow I couldn't even type that with a straight face. But this may not be a complete manual yet.

If you download the storm simulator, you can see all the images you want. Heck, you can even follow along with the manual ;)

I am downloading this because I know that I am gonna get 2 so I should have the manual right? lol
Well as far as pricing, I don't think that the price will be WAYYY cheap I mean it is a different kinda phone so wouldn't that mean they could get some extra bucks? Also, if you can't figure out Bold or Storm get a Bold then before 30 days go get a storm. surely it will be out by then. lol!! good luck and thanks Kevin as always for great information.

I love checking the computer everyday and seeing that there is always new stuff on crackberry. Interesting articles too that actual have what i want to hear, not like typical reporters. So i just wanted to say thanks kevin, keep up the good work!

As I read through this document, I'm seeing more "press Menu key" than anything. It seems like to do anything you have to press the menu key, lol

Just found it funny, that's all.

I was on the phone w/ a tech getting my Pearl replaced and told him that getting my Pearl fixed now was a stop-gap until the Storm is released. The asked why I shouldn't just wait and upgrade to the Storm when it is released in 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS! Can anyone corroborate this?

I called VZW for some tech support today, issues with my 8703. Tech support said that most def storm will be released btwn November 14-16. She said they wont confirm a solid date but have told them its coming soon, and coming in that range. Price, she guessed between $200-$250. Thats all I've got for ya.


For what ever reason I can't seem to connect to media fire. I always get a network timeout error. Anywhere else I can go to get the manual

Ok maybe this is posted somewhere already and I havent seen it. I was at Best Buy today and while in the store I was in the cell phone area and looking at the bold demo they have.. I decided to ask the girl that works there if she knows anything about the storm. I told her I have Verizon and I'm just waiting for it to come out and I heard it should be out on the 11th or the 17th. She said she just came back from training on it from Verizon for the past two days and yesterday right before leaving they were all told it could possibly be end of november or begining of decemeber. She said the software right now isnt the best and BB and Verizon doesn't want it released and hear all the complaints they heard from the party in Cali last week. Now maybe this girl was full of shit or maybe she was just being honest and telling me straight up.. I duno. Just thought i'd throw my 2 cents in and share with everyone.

Man i don't even want to know how you got your hands on this... either way I'm definitely standing in line for this on the first day... either way this is one manual I'm definitely reading in class...

I clicked to download the file, and the MediaFire page that came up said that the file had been removed due to a violation in the terms of use for the site. I guess I was just a little too late. :-(

I don't suppose someone out there has a version they would be willing to email to me.

It's gone... removed for violating their acceptable use policy. Anyone grab it and want to share?