BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS Available This Sunday!!

By Adam Zeis on 29 May 2009 03:02 pm EDT

 BlackBerry Storm OS!

*UPDATE* -Update services are now live, go and get your .148 on if you haven't already.

After hearing that OS failed Verizon testing, and seeing yesterdays MR2 info sheet, everyone has been getting a bit anxious waiting for something from Big Red.  Well we just officially got word that Verizon will release OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 this Sunday, May 31st at 3pm EST

Customers will be able to get the update via the Web at beginning Sunday, May 31 from 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Verizon Wireless will also be rolling this update out to customers through an over-the-air download beginning Sunday night (10 p.m. Eastern Time). To get the download over the air, go to Options> Advanced Options > Wireless Updates.  

It's about time right?  Hopefully this update will have some good fixes. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!


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BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS Available This Sunday!!



On - almost done with upgrade to Version 148. Verizon over air upgrade not available until late tonight

been running upgrade for about 40 minuttes and still on Task 9 of 11. This takes a while - wonder if it will REALLY be any better??????

I connect my Blackberry to my laptop via the USB and the updates came up and loaded. Try doing that. I believe the update via Verizon for over the air will not be released until 10 p.m. but you can via your computer now by connecting your storm to the computer through blackberry desktop manager

I just connected the storm to update my outlook and it started automatically, with a few yes no screens. I will post when the update is done, Sorry it took so long to post but we had a few problems. All resolved. We had to restore all of the email, SMS and other stuff. Then we had to do a battery pull to get the internet up and running. But other than that all went smooth

I can't get the upgrade through the BB website because I am on the Enterprise Server. I tried to get it through the wireless upgrade, but I get an error when I try that method ("Unable to send request for available upgrades."). I called Verizon "support", and they refuse to answer any questions on any upgrade subjects until after 10:00 pm.

over the air download is available at this time. its 6 33 eastern. im NY. i hope theres a big difference

I am not holding my breath...I am in CA and have checked online and OTA....can someone direct me to where I can get the least I will have something until VZW gets there shit me please!!

I'll still believe it when I see it!!!!!!! As long as we've waited, you can't blame me for being pessimistic. We've all earned the right by now, so I'm staying pessimistic until Sunday!!!!

With all the false rumors and Verizon's absolute silence, there is no way I'm believing this rumor until the upgrade is on my phone.

Is everyone positive the offical .148 and the leaked .148 are exactly the same? The official doesn't have any last minute fixes RIM may have thrown in?

Is there a need to wipe .148 leaked and install .148 official?

"Isthe leaked OS 148 the same as the official one?"

::: sigh ::: What do people think these numbers MEAN? If one iota of the software was changed, then it would NO LONGER be 148!!! That's why they have the numbers folks...please, THINK!

At best the version number would change if they added an enhancement or fix. If however they tweaked one of the existing fixes or enhancements the version number would not change because there would be no added content.

.148 is a very old build of 4.7 to RIM, as a matter of fact, 4.7 development has ceased. They are not going to go back and modify an "ancient" build. If VZW found problems in testing, they would not have passed it, and would have likely placed a .15x build into testing. Remember, development has CEASED on 4.7; but builds up to .21x exist, if I am not mistaken. I believe that RIM is already up to builds internally.

It's running very well for me--but if I hadn't already loaded the hybrid, I'd be installing this.

Regardless, 148 is heads and shoulders better than 75.

I like being ahead of the game(I've had .148 since the day it leaked on the forums), I saw my friend today with his storm and laughed at its slowness, he's running the good ol' .75.

There's that f---ing sense of entitlement that alot of Storm owners seem to have, rearing its ugly head once again...........

so what would be the difference between platform and app version??? sry im new to BB and some of these teams go over my head, lol

This sucks...

.148 gives me horrible radio problems and its still pretty slow when you actually put it to use.

I completely agree. .148 is fast but my radio is so shady. I kept trying to reload .132 but everytime .148 comes back even though I uninstalled it.

If you're using DM 4.7, you will need to disconnect from the internet before you try to download .132. Apparently 4.7 will check online for the latest update and will override your downgrade, so to speak.

What is the difference?

When my storm overheats, it will automatically shut off. Usually after using the phone for several minutes. Subsequently, I have to do a battery pull too to get it activated. Im a running on the leaked .148 version, and I highly doubt that this re-release will fix this issue.

Has anyone come across this problem?

I've been running 148 since it was leaked and have never had that problem. I have meterberry so I can see the batt temp, and it gets hottest during battery charges, but never so hot it shuts down or raises alarm.

your phone is messed up. has nothing to do with .148, .75,.132...overheating ? you need to call support and get refurb. only gonna get worse if it overheating now. unless u have ton of 3rd party software that is making it do that. but mostly likely your phone has issues. download the .148 tomorrow so u have legal sw on device and then order your replacement.

.148 is .148. There is no "BETA" or "OFFICIAL" version. If RIM had of made a last minute fix and re-compiled the OS, it would be .149.

It's about time for those who have patiently waited. I have been running .75 since December 2008! I hope to see major improvements and conditions with this new OS! Thanks again!

... can't wait to see if this will live upto some of the great hybrid stuff CB users have come up, or if it will be another tragic FAIL. Until I get this loaded and IT WORKS, I'm still in favor of the Storm being recalled and everyone being issued a S2 replacement.

Some ppl are never happy, I swear. lol. Lookin forward to this update after being on .75 since January. Cant wait to check out the full QWERTY in portrait, as well as the new copy/paste feature!

Now I need another leak so I can stay ahead of all my friends!

In all seriousness, .148 is awesome. I haven't had any issues with it yet, and have been running it since a day after it leaked

I heard that! Always trying to stay ahead of the bunch! haha!

And I agree. I was running off of .8 something or other for the longest and it gave me headache after headache. Since I've been using .148, this is the first time I actually LIKE my Storm!

Was thinking the same thing. No one is ever happy. I'm thrilled this official release is finally coming out. Why complain if you have a leaked version and this one is the same as the leak? I'm sure there will be a new leak in a few weeks you can grab.

My battery life has been awesome since 148.

(I find that calling *228 and doing option #2 helps improve batt life--but that might not be at all related to your problem).

i do understand that you will not get a homescreen poke if youre on a beta os. my question is though: will you still be able to download/install ota if youre running a leaked os? will i have to downgrade to .76?

oh weird I called this one when .148 was leaked. No change for me. .148 has been the best release for me so far.

After downloading .148, if my phone "random reboots" JUST ONE MORE TIME..................I'm hurling it against the wall, and promptly wait for tha Tour!

is running .75. I was messing with his storm last night and wanted to throw it threw the window. He is a blackberry virgin and won't listen to me. .148 has been berry berry good to me!

I have been coming to Crack Berry for about 3 months and just looking around. I was just holding out on joining unitll I was eligible to move over to Verizon and upgrade to a Blackberry storm. This is My First Blackberry By the way!

I can understand everyones frustration with the Storm. With everything new there are always kinks and I think that we already know that with The Storm.

Purchasing the Storm was a difficult thing for me to do after reading all the complaints. I decided to ignore the complaints and upgrade to the Storm and see for myself.

So far I have had very little issues with it. I have had some freezing issues and have had to do a battery pull about 3 times since I upgraded on May 20th.

I have hesitated to upgrade to a leaked OS and decided to wait for a final release mainley becuase I am new to any sort of "Smart Phone" or "Blackberry"

I for one am exicted that Verizon is releasing .148 on Sunday. I would rather upgrade to an OS that will be supported wether or not it fixes everyone's problems.

Anyhow that is just my two cents. Lets just keep our fingers crossed that we can all get the "Offical" release.

Have a Great Weekend! (I will now go back to just lurking!)

Kenny Dillon
Wichita Kansas

148 killed my battery life 'til I did a coupla battery pulls and gave it about a day to settle in. Found that out by searching forums for ".148 battery drain". Hint Hint.

You know, reading alot of the comments on this site makes it clear tome that most of the people don't really understand the software development cycle. Everyone is blaming Verizon. The reality is that all they can do is test the releases put out by RIM. RIM, in my opinion, has shown to have a pretty poor development plan. Rather than fixing critical issues in a release in an attempt to stabalize they repeatedly added new features before stabaling the existing code set. That was RIMs mistake, not Verizon's. Verizon has apparently taken the stance that although their last official release (regardless of how long ago that was) was far from perfect, they didn't want to make the same mistake again and allow another officla release that they felt had significant problems. That is the responsible move. Again, if RIM had simply focused on stabalizing 4.7.0.* rather than pushing new features into it then Verizon may have gotten an acceptible release candidate months ago. You complain because the last official release had issues, then complain again when Verizon is testing and doing it's best not to release another problematic release.

While I agree with you, I put most of the blame on Verizon. Not because of the length of time in between OS updates, but because Verizon pushed this phone out too soon just to make $ during the holidays. Had they waited and demanded RIM release the Storm with a stable, efficiant OS we wouldn't be in this situation. Just my thoughts.

Good point. But I think you also have to judge them on what they do once they obviously released too soon and recognized the problem. They could have just pushed the next update out, creating more problems and more problem, etc.

People stop whining. Verizon isn't going to release an upgrade if it is not going to work on their phones and then they have to suffer through endless tech support calls from people complaining about their phones. I am glad I waited. I never really had an issue with the .75 O/S and yes it did have bugs but I'd like to think I was smarter than the phone.

If this is the best they have I'm really really Pissed off. I held out hope for my storm but alas all is lost. Running .148 already, pretty much sucks.

The Storm is my first BlackBerry. I have to say I will never buy another brand of smartphone ever again I love my Storm but... I bought it in late December 2008 just after .75 was released. The OS really annoys me. We use a Curve at my job for our work cell phone and the memory never gets full and the phone never slows down. Most of what I read tells me the Storm's OS is the problem I am really surprised that Verizon waited this long to update the OS. I know they have to test it and all that but wow are their standards really that high? They released .75 and it has nothing but problems in my opinion. So I would say that almost anything would be better. I am hesitant about using a leaked OS since as I said this is my first BlackBerry and I don't want to screw it up.

I think the key difference is that while some don't like the current OS .75 is usable. All features may not work perfectly but I've been running on .75 since I got my phone in December and recognize it's not perfect but I can do what I need to do in a reasonable fashion.

The initial OS that .75 fixed was unusable. I played with a phone in the store when it first released and at that point decided not to buy the phone because it was so very bad.

.75 was the first effort at stabalization. It wouldn't make sense to send another release out that had other significant problems. And in my opinion, their standards should be that high. They have to support a s%*tload of customers, most of which aren't savvy enough to get on here and fix things themselves, or deal with potential problems with leaked OS's. To them this isn't a toy that just needs any old release. They're treating it as a serious part of their business and I, for one, appreciate that.

As I said earlier though...RIM should be embarassed with how they've gone about these releases...

This sucks, I love my storm but I want it to be what I know it can. If this .148 is the same which it prob is, its still not good enough im running .148 now and Im not having any major issues but its just not "GREAT" yet.

All in all I still love my storm but I feel we need an os thats better than .148

This is very disappointing because .148 is not that good...At all! I am an original Stormer, since release day, and I've downloaded each leak, just waiting for the right one. Now, finally an official release, and it's this one? There's still plenty of bugs, including a ridiculous keyboard lag, bad battery life, constant memory leak, etc.

Do I have to go any further?

I used it for about 4 days before it started giving me issues. All the ones you mentioned.
I wiped the Storm clean reloaded the .148 OS. Then to assure I didn't corrupt anything or in case something happened with DL process the 1st time I DL'd it again after removing the first .148 Dl from my PC. Loaded it and then the only back up files I put back on were my address book and calendar. Still ended up with the same problems later that day. Numerous battery pulls and reading the posts later and I am back to my Curve until the next leak comes out or maybe I'll just wait until 5.0. I do miss the Storm now but oh well. Rather have the reliability and non frustrating communication.
Definitely,the keyboard lag is the most annoying but the battery life was the real deal breaker for me. Off the charger by 6:00 AM moderate use up until about 3:00 then I would have to curb my use so it wouldn't die before being able to charge it on the ride home from work.

Mkurz - - Agreed 100%. some very aggravating things, but I'm still dealing! All this Storm 2 talk is really bothering me too, but that's a whole different story. Let's get the 1st one "decent" before introducing a 2nd one!

I have been waiting for the official OS update - still on .75. I have been doing quick pulls at least twice per day due to memory issues. Hopefully the new OS update will fix this.

It's funny how people complain that .148 is so bad yet so many people have been happy with it. I'm thinking there's got to be another reason people are getting such bad lag and battery life with .148.

Ywp I am also running 148 for about a week now. No issues. It downloaded automaticly from the Desktop manager.

I am so excited! I have been so frustrated with my Blackberry Storm and was going to turn it in twice. I'm happy I waited now I can see what the new OS is gonna do to the storm. Hopefully it will fix all the problems I can't wait

Now hopefully this will prevent my phone from blowing up. I'm so happy this is last a solution to help nudge the Storm to greatness. Ignore the cheeziness lol

I'm actually thinking of downgrading back to .132. If .148 is the same .148 that I already have (and I have no reason to think differently), then I'll be backing back down. I'll give the "official" .148 a try, but I'll know within 2 days of the install if I need to downgrade. My battery used to push 4 days with minimal use. Now I'm lucky if I go 2 without needing a charge.

I'd have to agree with an earlier post complaining about RIM's software development methods. Stabilize the code base first, then introduce new features. How can one release have great battery life, then another have poor, and still yet another take us back to great battery life?

If you already have the beta .148 cause you were impatient, the O/S will not be pushed to your device. If you want to try and overwrite the leaked version, you will have to do it from the website....the upgraded desktop software will be available for download on June 3rd from VZW. Possibly sooner from the RIM website

There is no difference between the .148 that comes out on Sunday and the one we already have. Hence, no reason to bother upgrading.

I have had my storm since december and .75 for the most part was actually pretty stable for me. I finally took the plunge when .148 was leaked and was extremely happy that i did. The few bugs I was having was fixed with .148 . The one thing Ive learned from reading all the posts is that each storm is different. Before people say the newer operating systems suck, please remember that it may be a great thing for someone else.

okay. either someone has got to leak 5.0 or im gonna start going ape shit. or at least someone leak .2xx in the 4.7 series.... (cough; radio, cx)

I'm one of those people who, when an "early adopter," have come to expect certain quirks and oddities in any piece of hardware (POH?). That said, I'm not hear to lock horns w/anyone over the Storm being grand or not.

My question is if .148 actually goes "official," does that mean if we need any kind of tech support (God forbid) from Big Red, do we have to reflash the sucker with .75 or .148?

Reason for asking: I'd installed the .148 leak when it first came out and gave it three days to "shake the cobwebs loose". There were some boons, and for my unit, some irritants. In the end, the irritants won out and I downgraded back to .141 which (again, for my specific unit) seems to be superior in the arenas of speed and usability.

Don't want VZ giving me grief over .141 and not a slower (for me) .148!

Much thanks, and thanks to all in CB. I've learned much, and continue to do so. The BB platform is second to none, the Storm situation notwithstanding. :)

once .148 is released, .75 and .148 will be the only versions of software that you will be able to recieve tech support on for VZW.

Figured as much. "Hi. I'm here to get my Storm serviced. I had a functioning OS on there, but I reinstalled the ones that didn't work on this particular unit so you'd talk to me."


Ah well. We knew what we were getting into when we took this plunge!

You'll never be satisfied, do everyone a favor and sell your Storm and go buy an iPhone and leave.

.148 is RELIABLE, QUICK PERFORMANCE. Know how i can tell? Because i've got 637523 seconds (read: 7 days) and nary a hick-up and haven't had to reboot and sitting at 29.3 MB currently.

Please sit down and relax.

its finally a official os update isn't that what we all been waiting for geez im happy with .148 works fine for me everyone has been complaining about Verizon needs to come out with a update and when they finally do people still complain about it.... if verizon had put out .141 people would have been doing the same thing as they are with .148....with theses updates dont expect your storm to turn into a freakin iphone im always hearing well the iphone has this and it has that well if the iphone has this and that go buy it instead of complaining about y the storm doesn't have it. you are not satisfied when verizon doesn't pass a update and not satisfied when they finally release one NO WIN SITUATION!!!!

BUT @#$%#$^%&$%^&$%^&#$%^@$%, @#$%^$^#$%^#$%#$%, W@#$^#$%&$%^&$% TIME! Still losers with this EPIC FAIL, but happy that an update is "official".

I get that .203 and .148 are the same (platdform .203). By what is a platform? I have .148 on my phone, but it shows platform .181, not 203... Is there a difference between .181 and .203 (like .203 wont randomly reset my phone and drain memort as .181 does)?

OS .148 is platform .181, version .148, release .203.

If you downloaded .148 before, then you're good.

Check your "Help Me!" screen. With phone in portrait view, hold the return button down. Then tap (not click) the battery icon, the signal strength icon, then battery again, then signal again. In the help screen, you should see:

App Version: (203)

I was running .148 the day it leaked just like many others here. However, i found it's performance to be abysmal. So, i used the "Swap-a-radio" app, found in these forums, and tried running the .90 radio with .148. I experienced some disconnected calls while using the .90 radio and my battery life wasn't so great either. I decided to switch back to the original .148 radio to see if indeed it was the .90 radio causing my issues. Lo and behold, .148 is running extremely well, no disconnected calls, no mysterious reboots, ( i did have an issue with Opera Mini but i just uninstalled OM and reinstalled it and that fixed that.), and the phone resets in under two minutes after a battery pull! It wasn't performing this well until after i reinstalled the .148 radio, especially the reset time...It may have been the reinstall (using app loader not DM) of the OS that fixed it. Maybe that's why some of us are having issues others aren't having with different releases. And, maybe not. I just wanted to share my experience in the hopes that it will help someone out. For me, .148 is almost where the Storm's OS needs to be.

This is great for those who are still on .75. This sucks royally for those who already have .148 and still have issues. Oh well...

I've tried every Storm OS out there, and i'm very happy with 148. Battery life has improved (for me) compared to 122.

I still think the radio file could use some work, i get 2 bars at most in my apartment. and we all know how fast this thing dies when it's constantly looking for a signal...

For all the whiners out there, get over it. this is how smart phones are nowadays. YOU are the company's guinea pig. Yes, i agree - this BB has many more 'bugs' than any other BB ever released. However, RIM is now 'consumer' oriented just as much as it is 'business' oriented so they need to push these devices out to compete with everyone else. Back when BBs were a 'business tool' these things were rock solid. And they still will be - just give them time to work out the kinks.

If you don't like it, don't get a smart phone. Get a regular phone, and a netbook and shaddap!

its starting to wear on me how whiny we are. i know, i know, it's the internet and this is the norm but i was starting to get a warm fuzzy feeling at all the helpful input that i find here.....i see this post and think that we would be jumping for joy that the official version of the leaked version of this new os (that i'm sure most of us are already running anyway) is finally dated. guess not.

Not sure if this was mentioned already (too many pages to read through), but there does seem to be a difference between the leaked OS and the one Verizon will put out this sunday. According to my about page, my .148 is running platform .181. If Verizon does release this as .148/.203, would that effect my Berry in any way? I guess a better question would be what is the difference between "platform" and "software"

OS .148 is platform .181, version .148, release .203.

If you downloaded .148 before, then you're good.

Check your "Help Me!" screen. With phone in portrait view, hold the return button down. Then tap (not click) the battery icon, the signal strength icon, then battery again, then signal again. In the help screen, you should see:

App Version: (203)

You're not supposed to need to click. I don't have to, and I haven't really heard of anyone needing to click. But if that's what your phone requires, so be it!

I think storm owners will be somewhat happy that they are getting an update for their storms. I was getting sick an tired of their whinning on other forums. I just hope they don't release the storm 2 before the update :)
thank you verizon.

I've been on .114 and did the handheld wipe because a friend told me it dramatically improved their battery wipe. Even though .114 has its share of issues, I AM getting 2 full days of use out of my storm on the standard battery and im using it constantly during those 2 days for browsing, music, camera etc.

So my question the battery life on .148 really THAT bad, or would it be worth it for me to upgrade?

My battery life has been fine. Heavy usage today (since leaving at 7AM), and I'm at 61% right now (6:50PM). If that is fine for you, then go for it.

bout damn time , i hope it stops the screen from going all white and freezing , does anybody else storm does that !!!!!!!!

Am i Dreaming? Is this actually happening? I cant believe my eyes! It is about time RIM got off their butts to release something! I dont know if i have been doing something wrong or if i just got a bugged storm, but my BB has been subpar Absolutely! Please oh Please be the answer to my prayers!

Every Storm owner should be happy, STOP WHINING, if your whining just get off the site please. No matter what it should be better than .75. Can some please list what is changing from .75 to .148. Thank You

Why wait? I just plugged mine into to sync before I went home for the weekend and a new update was found and is being installed as I sit here and type.

Also worth mentioning: Each and every one of us made the decision to purchase the first iteration of a new device. If you do that, you'll often have problems. There are exceptions. But more issues with brand new products are typically discovered after they are released to the public. I accept that when I buy a first gen product. If you're really this upset then you should wait until a product is at least in its second generation before moving on it.

OS .148 is platform .181, version .148, release .203.

If you downloaded .148 before, then you're good.

Check your "Help Me!" screen. With phone in portrait view, hold the return button down. Then tap (not click) the battery icon, the signal strength icon, then battery again, then signal again. In the help screen, you should see:

App Version: (203)


There is no f**king way that a storm 2 is gonna be released this soon but just to be safe and in the running for a free one I figured Id call everyone here crazy

Verizon is doing SOMETHING.... i'm kinda bummed though... ive been running .148 for a few weeks now.... it's the best OS ive had.... and ive pretty much had them all!

I just plugged mine into my PC and nothing happened, no update was found. I even opened the device manager. Am i doing something wrong?

"BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS Available This Sunday!!"

Is it Sunday? =) Patience! Or DL the leak, same exact thing.

I'm one of those who have not been able to get a leaked OS onto my Storm, so I'm looking forward to this. 6 months on .75 has really stretched the limits of my patience.

Even with this, I'm considering abandoning VZ. Unfortunately, in L.A., especially west side, it's the only game in town that has decent coverage. My peeps on AT&T & Sprint complain about a lot more dropped calls.


Ok i have to ask. When they said there was a update in april it was a different.SO has the list of things its gona fix changed????can somebody post a link if u know what this one will do ...Anything is better that .75...

about time, i have the leaked one now so it will be nice to have a better supported one, ill install it for sure

THE .148 HAS SO MANY PROBLEMS I HAVE THE unfcl one and it freezs more than than 4.6 software....I doubt they did anything better with this one...we need a 8gb 16gb phone not a memory card slot

The only problem with this is that Im a hardcore Leaked Beta tester :) And this is no fun for me lol. But its the best release from the Betas they will ever have hands down!

It's just as good, if not better than EVERY other OS update available. What's the problem? And anyway, it's not as if Verizon creates the updates, they're just working with what RIM gives them.

Instead of saying it's lame, how about explaining whats so not great about it? Otherwise your comment is useless, and wasn't even worth posting.

Will need a compare thread before I switch from hybrid, so far .148/5.0 has been the best os for storm yet. RIM should hire that guy.

Ive tried all the leaks and hybrids out there. Im sure that the off. .148 will have some last minute fixes so im goindg to do a .cod comparison when it comes out, and we will see what happens.

I promise you, it will not. There's no beta/alpha/final etc when it comes to OS produced by RIM. If they tweak an existing version, they slap a new version number on it. PERIOD. By all means, compare the internals if you'd like, but I guarantee it will be a waste of time.

now verizon have finally released official .148 so it is time for storm users to shut their mouth and move on, why? I feel annoyed long enough to see people whining about this for 6 months. FOR NOW, BE HAPPY AND BE SMILE ON YOUR FACE !!

Is this update going to be any different from from the leaked .148 i already have? I wonder. If anyone knows please let me know.

Have not had one problem with this os. No battery pull, no memory leaks, no stupid stalls. I've been running it since the leak release and it is by far the best os i've used on the storm so far.

To bad .148 is not so good. In 6 months my phone has frozen 3-4 times. In the two weeks I have had .148 it has frozen 3. OS is not as good as even some of the previous. Too bad.........

Chances are it is freezing due to some 3rd party app or theme you have installed. Narrow it down by doing a clean install and then install apps one by one to see what is causing the issue. I have about 20 apps/games installed with .148 and haven't had any issues AT ALL. Works perfectly.

This is great....I was finally about to give in and upload the latest beta but now I don't have too! I knew being patient would pay off.

I must admit that leaked and offical OS does have little different impact because when using offical, less battery pull, no frozen and any other major issues at all and for beta, it does runs into problems like I mentioned as above.

If that has been your experience, it is purely coincidental. And to clarify, there is no such thing as a "beta" OS for the BB (unless a hybrid developer produces a "beta" version of their OS). Any changes to an OS during internal development result in a different version number.

There's no "beta" version .147, for example (.147 is hypothetical). When .147 was undergoing testing, whatever changes were found to be needed were made, and the version number would be changed to .148. If a service provider, such as Verizon, decided they were comfortable with release .148, then it's on them to release it.

But as I was saying... The leaks that hit the internet are not beta, incomplete or anything like that--they're just OS versions that have yet to gain approval from a SP. Leaked .148 is IDENTICAL to "official" .148.

Looking forward to the new .148 OS coming out sunday..... hopefully it will fix the couple of minor problems ive been having with the original .75 i will be doing the upgrade on sunday ....... :-).... so we will see..... so far love my Storm even with the original OS on it......

Purchased a Storm today. At Verizon Store they advised me to download software on "Page 7 from"
Questions:1) Where is pg 7 and what is the name of the Download 2) should I proceed or wait until Sunday May 31 for the release from Verizon? Thanks Golfmate

the .148 leak i put on my phone since brickin it has given me great radio and battery life. my only complaint with bb is the fact that if you wanna close out of a prgm you have to menu ..... close. they need to fix that issue. causes seriously how many of us actually use menu...close. especially when we're in a hurry. like in pervious post. DON'T blame VZW they do like to test their products longer then most. So you can be sure the STORM 2 will be put thru it's paces. BUT as most, RIM needs to release 5.0 already, and get rid of the menu ... close feature. OR at least it the user have the ability to kill all running apps

I think it its about time that vzw put out an official update instead of leaking OSes for us to beta test. We should all get checks.

My mother told me that when I was a little boy and didn't
get my way, I would stand on my head and hold my breathe until my face would turn blue. Ummm...I have learned a lot over the years. And, duh, yes, every year I watch Charlie Brown try more more time to kick that football ! Me, I am still using and I have NEVER installed a leaked OS, not even one time !

Doctor Neutron

I am glad for all those non-crackberry addict Verizon storm users that they will finally have an official release, but I have been operating on .148 shortly after the's sad that VZW took so long to have a release other than .75

next time , don't complain about next offical release of OS update for all carriers !! be patient and be happy with your storm !!

I actually got that from a VZW tech support rep earlier today, as I was calling top complain about my crappy service.

every leak has some bug in it, so hopefully they got rid of most of the bugs and someone can make a hybrid out of the official version.

this is great, ive been running leaks since i got tired of .75 and realized leaks and betas were possible, but im glad this is comming out for people who are afraid of betas because people running .75 just give the storm a very bad interpretation of what the storm is actually capable of! my friend is running .75 and he told me he doesnt like the phone cuz its SLOWER THAN MINE AND THEIR THE SAME!!!! AHAHA
but yeah good for verizon... bout damn time

I am really happy! I have the beta version and it has been working fantastic! I changed the name of my phone from Pooberry to Princess. Aww...

Glad I downloaded the beta because I am moving this weekend and won't have internet come Sunday until Thursday with the exception of my Storm.

.148 is better than .75 hands down. So even if you don't like .148 it is still better than nothing!

I understand .148 whether leaked or official is the same but why is the build number platform number different? My .148 has a platform of .181 and the one being released is .203?

for those who dont like the storm or are considering switching phones, sell me your storm! haha. just need one unlocked =)

I am so happy Verizon finally released a new OS. However, I download the leak .148. Should I just downgrade back to .075 and then download .148 when it comes out? Or does it really matter?

the official version and the leaked one are the same. you dont have to do anything if you are already on .148

I have no idea what all these users are complaining about. I have been using .148 since it leaked and it is working flawlessly with absolutely no issues. Battery life is excellent, quick UI response, no reboots, web browser is fast, all the apps work as they should, and the memory leak is minimal at best. Those with .75 still will love it and welcome this upgrade with open arms, and all of us that already installed the leak should have nothing to complain about, so stop whining like little children. It gets really old....really fast.

I like your style :D Completely agree with you. And I'm a .75er, so yes, I am THRILLED about the news. I can't wait for tomorrow (night, 'cause I will wait for the OTA)

so, verizon rejects prior releases because they werent good enough. now, they finally approve a release, and youre still not happy?! i dont get it. ive had the 75 since i got my storm, and ive had no complaints. every device has its issues. NO device is perfect. you have to realize that. im pretty damn excited for this official release. you have a first generation (one of a kind) device. you cant enjoy that for what it is? at least they didnt just let it go, and say "oops". they could have easily let it go. remember that.
enjoy your storm, and most of all, apperciate the service that goes with it. without that, you wouldnt have a device that works in the first place.
i say kudos verizon.

I have used the .75 version since I bought my Storm and although I have had some issues, the phone is excellent. You think you all have problems? Try a Windows based PDA like a Treo. Talk about crap.

ahhh.... I think people are confusing the platform versions and the official OS line.

Really, I wouldn't pre-judge the .148 release until we get it. the leak version might not be the most up to when we save MS Word docs. There's an autosave file on your desktop waiting to be saved. Well, same here. the .148 LEAKED might just be a autosave version. The official line WILL BE YOUR SAVED version.

I'm running .132 right now. Do I need to reinstall .75 and then upgrade? Or should it offer the new upgrade on my phone just like normal?

wow that's record timing seeing as the release is already out in some places please tell me they are adding apps at least.

I feel as thou the apocalypse is incoming. Verizon after 7 months is going to release a update to its number 1 selling phone. Who paid them to finally do this?

I've been waiting for Big Red to officially release something as I have been running .75 ever since I got the damn thing. It's tolerable, but I def. am in need for bug fixes :0) Oh happy Sunday!

Im bored with .148 where can I get something better? A hybrid or something! Im not sure where to find the software

But will my updated Storm be as good as the new phones comming out soon? I'm still mad about that but not much I can do except cough up the cash for the one of the newer ones and after this Storm nonsense I'm not about to trust them again anytime soon.

I know that the two are the same... but there is one big difference... the leaked version was manipulated from a bold release and the .148 release... now the guy that did that is awesome but just maybe the official clean version will be a lot better. plus after reading some of the other posts, maybe some of the probs with .148 that some people are having are from previously installed 3rd party apps..... just a thought

very unimpressive... i have been using .148 since the leak date, i thought Verizon could do better... why wait this long and release an OS that still had issue's (not the supposed 'gold' code.)

in a way, makes me happy i decided to venture down the leaked 'beta' os path... I've actually been able to use my camera now unlike the .75

no i can update and take my phone in w/ its broken camera and get them to try to fix it w/o wiping it and reloading .75