BlackBerry Storm2 9520 Official 5.0 OS Update For Vodafone Users

By Bla1ze on 28 Oct 2009 05:21 am EDT
BlackBerry Storm 9520 Offical OS Update

* Update from Kevin - Oops.. kind of a dumb post here (blame Bla1ze on a lack of sleep.... and me too for not catching it immediately! I thought he meant 9500 and not 9520 and got excited for everybody! lol). The Storm2 from Vodafone actually ships with this firmware version. This is only news / an official upgrade to people who were running earlier pre-release versions of the Storm2 from Vodafone, which would be a small handful.  No Storm 9500 users, there isn't an update for you yet. It even sounds like it could be 2010 now before one is available to you. :( Sorry for the confusion here!!!

Just in case any BlackBerry Storm 9520 users were feeling a little left out in regards to the OS 5.0 release on Verizon. Vodafone has started pushing OS through to customers via BlackBerry Desktop Manager since yesterday and while it's only a Desktop Manager install at this time the post of the installable file has to come soon. If you are a Vodafone customer you can grab the update now and if you're not, just sit tight till the install file shows up for download.

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BlackBerry Storm2 9520 Official 5.0 OS Update For Vodafone Users


Now if Telus would only update their Storm...I think they are still on .122 or something like that. I installed the last leak and love it.

It would appear that this is a false alarm, and an even bigger blow to Vodafone UK 9500 users is that according to the Daily Mirror we won't be seeing the 5.0 update untill 2010. Check out the link. Devestation!!!!

That's just insane. I'm not sure whether that's Voda or RIM that needs to pull their finger out. Either way, sorry Storm owners.

Man, where's the love for 9500 users?! The OS 5 for 9530 alright out for goodness sake ! HOLY **** ! 2010 ? That's way too long man!

That was a bad dropped catch Kevin. Got all excited. Vodacom South Africa are the slowest SP on the planet. Will be a long wait for 5.0.308.

it's not RIM's problem (well not totally, they did make the s1 with the poor 1st OS and poor updates to date) it's vodafone UK's... 5.0 is out for verizon customers in the US for 9530 so there is no reason that it shouldn't be out for 9500 in UK. none. nil. nada.

Voda maybe wants to make a few quick bucks with S2 before the exclusivity runs out and then maybe release 5.0 for S1...

Cheap strategy but effective nonetheless.

Maybe a stupid question but I had to ask.... Will the OS for storm 2 9520 work with storm 9500 ?? Cuz the main difference both has is of wifi and the rest is the same ?!?!?!??? anyone tried it yet??

Also if I try what are the chances that if it doesnt work i can easily and safely go back to my previous os ??

Hi Everyone,

I just bought an unlocked verizon US BB Storm 2, all the carriers are working fine on the phone except the vodafone India. It registers the carrier vodafone however I cannot make and receive calls nor can I use internet. The strange part is I am getting my text messages on that. I have tried couple of sims still it is not working. Any suggestions.