BlackBerry Storm 9500 OS Now Available from Vodafone UK

By Adam Zeis on 21 Sep 2009 05:15 pm EDT
Vodafone 9500

We've been so mixed up in OS leaks and 5.0 installations that we seem to forget that carriers are still updating their OS versions. Vodafone UK dropped the official for the Storm 9500 over the weekend. Not the latest OS by far, but if you're one of the few that hold out for an official upgrade, this one is for you. No download for this one yet, but if you are a Vodafone 9500 owner you should be notified of the upgrade through Desktop Manager.

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BlackBerry Storm 9500 OS Now Available from Vodafone UK


My Storm stopped responding this past Friday and I went to Verizon to get a replacement Storm and the new one came with OS v5.0.0.154 (Platform

I'm waiting for a 4.7 os update for the 9530 (or the official 5.o). I'm debating whether the frustrating typing freezing issue on .151 is less of a pain than having to carry two batteries around for .167... (I don't want to use a hybrid either)

Why all the hype! This official OS was released to the public over 32 days ago! I installed on August 27 2009?

Its not that bad but like all the other OS releases it is a far cry form making the Storm any better. I have lost count on how many battery pulls I have done. Battery power is fair.

Is Verizon ever gonna give us another updated OS for the storm? I keep waiting and waiting and waiting...........

Why is there a link to the Tour forum when the Official OS is for the Blackberry Storm?

Sorta odd.

I wish it would drop for the 9530 though :)

After Months of being an unhappy customer to this ridiculous BAD phone!!! I have now taken another look as this update has just made the experience so much better!!!
The storm is now Lightning fast!! memory holds much longer than a day and I Swear the battery life has improved!
this is worth a download!!...