BlackBerry Storm 9500 OS Officially Released!

BlackBerry Storm 9500 OS Officially Released!
By Bla1ze on 8 Aug 2009 07:13 am EDT

Time to fire up your desktop manager Storm owners. RIM has officially released OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9500 Series. Hard to say what is really new in this version right now, but I'm positive the forums will fill up quickly after users manage to get it downloaded and installed.

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BlackBerry Storm 9500 OS Officially Released!


What happened to no more 4.7 updates? Thought we were going to 5.0 next. Yay, another worthless update. Any changelog info? Sorry to be negative, it's early and I'm sleepy.

Approximately never. Big Red took forever to release .148 after .75. Don't look for anything from VZW for some time, probably a 5.0 release...

ok, now if we could somehow get the leak for the 9530, now that would be really something. I miss my .151 since downgrading back to .148 because of pandora and sms/mms issues. Heard it was fixed in .167, miss my app transitions too. Can't wait....

Greetings to you all,

I have done the upgrade. I was on the .151 leak and so far I can say that everything is working perfect. I used the apploader to take care of the install and it put everything that that was there before.

All my apps are working, my tones and sounds are all good and the Storm appears to be more responsive.

Thanks for the notification about this upgrade.

ok guys so i just downloaded this new software and everything is working good excepet for one thing. when i receive a message my phone wont vibrate or the led light wont turn on, also on certain themes im not able to open my messages. they come up on my home screen but when i go into my inbox they are not there. the only way i can get it to show is by running the bluberry theme. is anyone else having this same problem???
other then that everything else is great, i came from a so its a big difference. is seems faster and other then the message problem is great.

ok, i also have the same problem with u bro, when i recieve a msg, i can't find and read it, also when i recieve the msg, my phone won't ring on htc theme. and the strange thing that, when i'm on os .148 vodafone, and i install the taiwain mobile .167 on my comp. when i connect my bb to dm. it won't upgrade the os. coz it says, the .148 is the high version than the .167. wierd

damn, this is weird, i mean this is the only thing about it that its not working other then that everything else is great.
let me know if u figure out how to fix this bro. thanx.

if u use the original themes, then it's all good, but if u switch to other theme, then ur problem will start bugging u, like i said before, u can read the sms, buat u can't find it in the sms screen. 2 themes that has the error is the 3G & htc dream. beside that, it's all good.

ok bro i tried the original theme and its worse it shows that i have the message but wont come up on my inbox, man this is starting to bug me. any other ideas??

I'm having the same issue that I had with the leaked 5.0 OS earlier. The SMS & MMS lights and audio do not work. The indicator shows up on the screen but the phone doesn't play the sound effect or flash the amber light.