BlackBerry Storm 3 codenamed Monaco; BlackBerry Montana a touchscreen Bold?!

BlackBerry Storm 3 codenamed Monaco; Montana a touchscreen Bold?!
By Bla1ze on 9 Nov 2010 01:33 am EST

First things first, we're slapping the big ol' rumor tag on this one. Take it all with a grain of salt. In fact make it rock salt because at this point none of this is fully confirmed. New rumors have been suggesting a couple of new devices that are now in the works at Research In Motion, one of which we may have gotten a sneak peak at previously and another that may just be a total rehashing of what once was Magnum/Dakota.

That said, let's clear a few things up while we're at it. The BlackBerry Storm 2 (9570) refresh was often referred to as the BlackBerry Storm 3 whether or not that was ever the intention we do not know but now that it's been pretty much taken out of the picture as far as we know, that leaves the slot open for a real BlackBerry Storm 3 device (most likely, this one). Every device needs a codename to go along with it and the BlackBerry Storm 3 has now been suggested as taking on the name Monaco internally. When it comes to specifications for the device well, we're not even going to suggest any at this point because really it would all just be speculation on our part and we don't think adding to the rumors will do anyone any good. So, until we can confirm indefinitely you all can speculate along with us.

Moving on now, a lot of talk has been generated over the past few days about the BlackBerry 9900 aka Pluto. This numeric offering is far from new as you can tell from the linked article. Its actually been floating around since even before the BlackBerry 9630 was released and got many folks into a tizzy expecting a Bold touchscreen device. What ever became of it? Well, it was revealed as the Dakota/Magnum which never actually saw the light of day beyond it's prototype, and now its popped up again for better or worse. Codename this time? Montana. Given the past history tied to this device and codename we're not going to be holding our breath for information on it. Either Research In Motion is digging up a device that was shelved long ago and redoing it or the rumors of Montana are just simply a little off base. Alas, that's the joy of rumors. Personally, if I had too pick one out of these two rumors to be true-- I'm rolling with the information about the BlackBerry Storm 3 what about you all?

Source: BBLeaks

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BlackBerry Storm 3 codenamed Monaco; BlackBerry Montana a touchscreen Bold?!


The touchscreen on my Torch is so good, that I would definitely consider a full touchscreen BB again. I'm not a fan of SurePress, so I wouldn't mind seeing that gone.

that would just be dumb, the whole point of the bold is the power behind it, a touchscreen would make it less powerful for the mega business user, plus, the touchsreen would be too small for touchscreen blackberry 6

It would still have the keyboard, so it would still work perfectly for the "mega business user". The screen may or may not be too small, maybe it would be the size of the 9000.

I think this form factor would do very well.

Since RiM still (technically) don't have any touch-screen phone (I heard that surepress sucks...)(Excluding the Torch, cause it also got a keyboard)
So a torch 3 would be like the true Iphone competitor ;)
And I'll make sure that all my iphone friends upgrade (A)

RIM does "technically" have a touchscreen phone in the Storm series; and don't go by "I heard that surepress sucks..." Wait and try it yourself BEFORE you form an opinion...because MANY if us love SurePress.

Surepress on the Storm 1 was awful, much better on the Storm 2. I would love to see surepress continued and improved. Hopefully they'll switch to 6 or 8+ sensors for the Storm 3.

I switched from an iPhone to the Storm2. Absolutely hated the iPhone and love my sure press Storm2. I've had it since it came out without any problems. Although I am quite upset that RIM doesn't have a full touchscreen upgrade to my storm2 with VZW. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Being that I have a Storm2 I would love to see a new one come out. I don't hate the surepress, understand why RIM tried it out, but it did fail. I like my Storm2 for the most part but I would definitely like to see a new line of it, with hopefully the new OS6 or even better a QNX OS system.

Trying to get my hands on a torch but if this comes out I might just wait for this and hope they stay with the look of that photo that came out months ago.

Dont know how many times I have lent my phone to someone and they end up touching the screen to try to navigate. A touch-screen Bold would definitely stop my irritation LOL

My friend loves the storms surepress but I know from browsing these forums that a lot of you would rather see a normal capacitive touch... Surely, surepress is going to live on?

I'm glad to hear that the storm 2.5 is pretty much dead and that were actually going to see a true 3.0 if were going by these rumours. third times the charm?

As for a touch enable bold form factor. It would need to be a large-ish screen to be of any use. I guess I have to wait and see if that new motorola takes off. I hope we still get to see non-touch screen phones in the near future from RIM because I quite like the 9780 and style (with better tech down the line) to live on.

form factor would be great...I guess no one remembers the Palm Treo? U get the best of both with a full keyboard and the touch screen ability, why not?

Exactly! When I gave up my Treo for a BlackBerry, what I missed most was the touch screen.

The Torch was a good try, but RIM had to make too many tradeoffs for the slider form factor (e.g., heavy, thick, less battery life, less ear piece volume, one less convenience key, recessed & thin keyboard, sloppy mechanism, more hassle to open / close, etc.).

With a keyboard and a track pad, the touch screen could be smaller than 3.2" and still be easy to use.

I really hope RIM introduces this Bold + touch screen form factor soon.

I love my storm2 and it took a while but I got use to the surepress. So if it carries over to the storm 3 I'd still get it. I want more memory and a faster cpu and a better browser and I'd love to be able to run OS6 I got some time till I'm due to upgrade. I just hope it comes out before I'm over due lol I've been debating on trying something with a keyboard just to see if I like it. I love the big screen though. Ill wait to see what happens keeping my fingers crossed


I have the S2 now. But my contract is up in January. What ever RIM has up their sleeve they better hurry up. Cause the Droid X is starting to look good to me.

K Daddy,

Please ake my advice and leave the Blackberry club. I had the original storm, then upgraded to the Storm 2, foolishly thinking that it was better than the original and all the problems were fixed, just to be left in the dust to find out that OS 6 would not be supported. As soon as I was able to upgrade my phone at the two year price I got a Droid X, I didnt even want to wait for the free upgrade and suffer through the Storm's lousy performance and functionality.

The world of Android os a far, far better experience. The phone is sleak, very snappy, and very very functional. E-mail is excellent, and you have choices as far as the program you want to use... and get this, full html email with rich text, that dosent limit to 2mb... Files that come through and are playable... An unbelievable web browser with flash that works excellent giving you the full wb experience, excellent camera, video, hdmi playback, large screen that dosent click and is extremely esay and fast to type on, you'll forget about surepress really fast..... And not to mention, the phone shuts down and boots up in less than half the time it takes the storm 2, in 3 months i've only experienced about 5 lock ups, non requiring a battery pull, only a soft power button reset, and all times were due to one stupid app that I eventually replaced.

Everything Droid does blows blackberry out of the water.. I dont say this out of arrogance, I have had a blackberry in my pocket for 8 years, had finally had enough of slow crappy devices, hoping software update after software update would fix the problem, when sometimes it only made things worse.... Not to mention, I had virtually no cell signal where I live, no I can talk for hours without a dropped call... Motorola knows what they are doing radio wise, they have been in the radio business before cell phones were even available... Its just so much more enjoyable, its a very functional lightweight pc in your pocket.. I have tried the other droids on VZW and like them all as you get the same experience, I just like the form factor of the X as I prefer a large touch screen for media and gaming...

Make the switch and be free of the black curse.. Teach RIM a needed lesson, dont give them more business and validate their failures. They have been asleep at the wheel and deserve the pounding they are getting in the market.

I dont want RIM to fail, but they need to totally reviatalize themselves from the ground up and catch up with the rest of the smart phone world...

The droid x is definetly on my radar. I'm not gonna make a move till my contract is up. I'm happy with the storm 2. But my next phone has to be better. I call myself an extreme user and I get everything I can out of my s2. I listen to podcasts and nhl games as well as radio companion. For 8 to 10 hours a night. By the end of the day my s2 is begging for a break.
RIM has a chance to keep me but the clock is ticking.

- TI OMAP AM3894 dual-core 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A8 with SGX530 GPU (the Marvell Armada 628 tri-core is possible, but I think QNX is much more comfortable with TI delivering working parts)

- QCOM combo radio chip, build ONE phone for all network operators

- PLEASE get rid or the track pad
- thinner than iphone 4
- 4" Super AMOLED display
- QNX with optional UI's of BB Tablet or BB 6 look-n-feel
- front and back cameras video calls
- Augmented Reality featured application built-in

That isn't speculation, that is an unrealistic wishlist.

The processor is out of the question since it is a lot faster than the one in the playbook that has a much bigger battery to power the thing. Also, if you are going to use qcom for anything then the more logical option would be something in the snapdragon range that covers radio and everything else.

Thinner than the iphone 4 is not going to happen since they aren't going to abandon removable batteries and that adds slightly to the bulk of any device.

The screen is unrealistic as seen by most companies having to drop amoled due to shortages, odds are that it will be a normal lcd and catch up to the typical rez of other phones on the market.

QNX is possible, but a newer version of os6 seems more likely since any delays to playbook would have a knock-on effect on this new phone.

I think the next rim blackberry will be a revamp of the bold 8900/9000 with blackberry 6 or a new os , touch screen , and maybe sumthing under the hood to make it a better experience. I also think it would be a cdma phone also.... Just saying ...

Direct competitor to Motorola Droid Pro. BB 97XX form factor with better processor, touchscreen and front facing camera.

That is exactly what I was wanting in a BB. :) Waiting till spring, I love the BB and want to give a sporting chance when I decide to upgrade. Truly wish they would fill my needs for speed and power as well ergonomics. If not Droid Pro or similar will be me.

I'm with Pootermobile. I'm holding off on my VZW upgrade which I'm due for, because I believe RIM will come through for me with the Storm 3. Call me names or whatever, but I gotta believe they're not gonna carve a whole consumer section out of their base. Just my opinion.

PLEASE let the 9900/Bold/Dakota/Magnum/Monaco be a FULL sized Bold 9000 running QNX! I'd drop full price on release day to immediately rock this device... give it a screen at least as good as the 9700 (resolution wise, but BIGGER) with some serious hardware and every crackberry junkie on this site will be salivating like a hungry dog.

If this is a hybrid touchscreen keyboard device in the Bold form factor, it has the potential to be great. That is of course if RIM doesn't skimp on the actual important specs like processor and memory. If they skimp again we will all be left with what could have been.

RIM needs to bring out the guns on this release. They can't afford another lukewarm product release like the Torch. QNX, Ghz chip(multiprocessor??), LTE ready, wifi N, very hiqh quality screen....LISTEN TO THE CRACKBERRY HEADS RIM WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!

Im holding off on an upgrade in hopes of the storm 3 coming to big red. So this would be excellent news if it gets announced anytime soon. Im leaning towards grabbing a Droid X but Im really comfortable with blackberry, seems like its second nature for me!!! But they need to step it up and in a hurry to even keep up with the market before they fall to far behind they cant recover!!

I like the idea of the Storm3, but I believe the touchscreen Bold is on its way too. Motorola dabbled in it with the Charm and now stepped up the game with the Droid Pro - targeted at enterprise users. So for sure RIM has got to get into that market, to protect its interests.

I would prefer the storm3 with sure press and an option to disable it. It takes awhile to get used to it after using other touch screens.

I is a real all touch screen unit with 1 gig plus on board , same size as iphone 4 (no sure press) 5 meg shooter , its all I can say because that was all the info I got at a bb meeting ,but rim is going to launching it within the next few months . take it it for what its worth , I did not here this from my sisters uncles brother .

I agree that is the full touch phone they need to make. I would just add that BB should make sure when QNX comes later this year it can be ran on it. Also, just to be a smartass... your sisters uncles brother is your uncle ;)

I have had my Tour since the release date and it has been a very frusterating 1.5 years. My NE2 is coming and I want a touchscreen with a full keyboard. Make a 9000 size with a touchscreen and I will buy it. Otherwise it looks like I will take my business elsewhere.

If this is not out by the holiday, no one will care, like ghostnyc said...the dont need a lukewarm opening like the torch ...

step it up RIM

The holiday season is upon us RIM. Time to shine in the touchscreen arena. MANY peole love touchscreens. Time to compete in that market with what's out there. Stop ignoring these people!

Me, no interest in a pure touchscreen. That's why I love the idea of a 9000 sized Blackberry with full keyboard and touchscreen capabilities. Wow, would I hop on that!! Would easily pay full price to try that baby out.

honestly this article said a whole lot of nothing. I wish there was a way for me to just know if the device was coming out or not so I could make a choice a sooner rather than later.
At this very moment I am about to go and switch from t-mobile to att for a torch because of the uncertainty of the "storm 3" and I hit crackberry and here's yet another rumor. :-/

I would loooooveee a touchscreen bold! I mean think about it, that's the best of both worlds! There's no way I'd ever put it down if that were the case lol

Sorry, I know i'm going to get boo's here.... I was a staunch blackberry owner, and I had finally had enough of the Storm... The clouds have passed and I bought a shiny new Droid X and do not regret it.. I will NEVER go back to blackberry unless they can produce a similar experience on their devices.

OS 6 wasnt enough, and their worst move was leaving Storm 2 owners in the ditch. Just go to VZW and give droid a try. Just got back from a trip from NYC to Concord NH and my droid X google navigation (free) brought me to and from, while playing music and browsing the net... its unstoppable and theres so many cool features that I cant name them all here, Android really is the better buy, they are wayyy ahead of RIM and are on par with Apple, I wasnt even about to wait for the iPhone on VZW once I played with the Droid X. Web browser with flash kicks butt.....

Trust me, Froyo 2.2 is a winner on any droid device.

The alleged codename for the S3 is "Monaco," and the first poster on that story about the leaked photos of the S3 was named "Monicooo." I'm not a conspiracy theorist, just find the coincidence interesting.