BlackBerry Storm 3 (9570) cancelled on Verizon?!

By Bla1ze on 1 Oct 2010 12:08 am EDT
BlackBerry Storm 3

Looking for some more BlackBerry Storm 3 news? Well, here is a little tidbit of information that may interest some of you all out there. It seems as though the BlackBerry Storm 3 on Verizon has indeed been cancelled. Reason? It's too close to the BlackBerry Storm 2 and not enough of an upgrade to make it to the Verizon line up of BlackBerry smartphones. So, does that mean the Storm 2 refresh really was to launch as the BlackBerry Storm 3? It all seems kind if weird to us and well, we can certainly see Verizons stance on the situation of all this turns out to be true. That said, we can't help but wonder whether or not we'll see another "Storm" series device elsewhere.

Straying away from the BlackBerry Storm 3 news, it also seems that Verizon is set to "update" other devices such as the BlackBerry Bold 9650, Curve 3G and Tour for known issues. While the BlackBerry Tour will just be another 5.0 OS update the others are at some point, slated for BlackBerry 6. These updates are noted to be rolling out in October so, could this possibly mean that Verizon has certified BlackBerry 6? We can certainly hope so.

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BlackBerry Storm 3 (9570) cancelled on Verizon?!


The whole Storm platform is a piece of trash compared to the Torch (which incidentally is not coming to Verizon any time soon... or ever... or until LTE).

If I were Verizon I'd tell RIM to go pound salt until they received a decent device. The Tour, Bold 9650, and Storm are all poorly-made second-rate devices compared to the Bold 9000, 9700, and Torch.

My friend is on her 4th 9650. Spontaneous reboots and poorly installed track pads that get stuck under the "back" button rendering the pad useless are a few of the problems she has had. One other problem was while using the lock feature the phone simply froze and no amount of battery pulls fixed it.

I am not exaggerating.

Verizon (nee: BAM) customer since 1991.

I'm on my second 9650... after four 9630's...

My father-in-law is on his fifth Storm.

Yes, Verizon *DOES* have second-rate devices. Always has.

The Bold 9650 is not a second-rate device compared to the 9000-9700, just a different unit for a different platform. I have not experienced any of the issues stated by the other reply. Plus, the addition of twice as much memory as the 9700 makes it more capable right out of the box. While the 9700 is a great phone, it is plagued by being stuck on AT&T and T-Mobile, for every friend that I have talked with that has it, laments their service.

Now, I wish the Torch was released onto more platforms, for I believe using the standard-style touch screen is far and a way the better choice than SurePress. Having the slide-out keyboard ensures that both touch and type users can be happy with it.

I'm a Storm2 owner and couldn't disagree with you more. You are obviously speaking with 100% bias and zero knowledge. Comparing the Torch to everything that came before. OMG! Get a clue already. Take your AT&T loving butt and go back to school.

Oh, zero knowledge? As per above, I've owned the 9630 (multiple) and 9650 (multiple. My wife is back to her Canadian-produced Storm 1 after going through two Mexican-made Storm 2's. Care to do a search on the backlash of the Storm 2 screen with updated SurePress when it came out last year?

And "back to school" ? Come on Vicky - pot meet kettle.

I really wouldn't mind seeing the Storm come to Sprint, it would be a nice addition to my Bold 9650.

I agree with you it would great if this came to sprint since I just left VZW for Sprint and picked up a 9650. I love my new 9650 but I miss the screen real estate of my S1.

Does this mean Verizon won't have any NEW phones coming out by December? My plan is up in a few weeks and I was hoping for a new model

Well happy October folks! Sad news about the "no go" on the Storm 2 Refresh (aka Storm 3). I really do love RIM and BB devices (esp. the Storm line) but it looks as if Android has done what it set out to do - move beyond RIM and garner a huge fanbase of new users and converts.

I hope RIM does not go the way of Palm and end up limping along.

I still love ya RIM. You do what you do best.

I was looking forward to the new Storm refresh. Not all of us are out there needing the newest, baddest phone. My Storm 1 does everything I need it to do but is definitely in need of an upgrade. The Storm Refresh would have given me everything I wanted: more memory, WiFi, OS6, a better camera.

I'm not excited about going back to a keypad and sacrificing the touch screen. The tour is nice, but if I'm going to make that switch, I'd want the next in line.

Seriously, this sucks.

Now let's get a sick touchscreen blackberry with specs to go with the PlayBook. Maybe something along the lines of an htc incredible?

You won't listen to your customers, maybe you'll listen to your suppliers. Verizon doesn't want to be stuck with a dud that you are going to replace in 6 months.... and neither do I.

I have had the Storm for two years this Nov. 1st. thinking I would get the 3rd generation at the end of my contract, well Storm2 was really just a Storm 1.5 and Storm 3 is just a Storm2.

You guys messed up big time. Verizon is waiting for a QNX phone, and so am I. You might as well stop production and shred any Storms you have coming off the line. Nobody wants them.

I find it hard to believe that a carrier will continue to sell an older model that cannot be upgraded to OS6 when a newer model is available. Verizon shouldn't sell both at the same time but at least get it in so anyone who buys the new one can get OS6. I think the real story here is they don't want a new Storm refresh when an even newer one is coming soon.

As far as we know, this is just a Storm 2 refresh, so it's somewhat misleading calling this the Storm 3, when in fact the real Storm 3 might be released sometime in 2011.

This coincides perfectly with what Salomondrin stated about two storm models bring tested. One is expected to be the first or second LTE phone on Verizon which is already being tested. Rumored to have the new qnx os from jump. The storm refresh may have been canceled, but the Storm 3 lives on. Rest assured.

So glad RIM is finally getting screwed for their total lack of innovation. Also glad since I was one of those screwed by the POS Storm 1.

Taking out the trash on this "refresh". I wonder why they are still selling the Storm 2 now? Device is an EOL joke...

Thanks vzw for not just putting out almost the same phone and also looking out for the customer.

The Storm line is worth continuing. These phones were flawed due to RIM's outdated and laggy OS. The hardware isn't bad and SurePress is worth another attempt!

I agree. I also think RIM announced the PlayBook to help stem the tide of people jumping the Storm ship. But the PlayBook does not exist, there were no "hands on" and there were no demos of what it can do, because they don't actually have anything yet.

I have to stay with verizon, I'm not going to change carriers. If Verizon is not going to carry the Storm, then I have to go with Droid X or wait yet another year with my Storm1 to see what happens with Storm line at Verizon.

Maybe RIM will rush the Storm4 to market and have to do another refresh 6-9 months later? I don't want to see that happen again.

The folks at RIM need to get a better plan going for now and the future, maybe they need a management shake-up. They need some leadership with vision.

Verizon was smart to do this business wise if it's true. You don't want to tick off your clients. To much competition with such a small upgrade and a phone that probably wouldn't sell well. It's a insult to release the same phone with a memory upgrade just to run OS6. Gives us the playbook specs in a Storm 3 size.

This makes no sense to me. So a year after the droid, droid 2 comes out. If I am not mistaken, the S2 came out before the Droid. Second, vzw just released the Droid 2, and now a Droid R2-D2 (which is a skinned Droid 2), a droid X,and shortly a Droid world phone. WOW, I hope someone with a droid didn't upgrade yet. And you're talking about a phone that was released before the original droid was released.

Except the fact that the Android OS and more specifically the Droid line is a huge hit for Verizon. I do not believe the number of Storm Twos sold comes close to the number of Droid Ones flying off the shelf.

You don't understand how Motorola could have the Droid 1 and 2, Droid X, and possibly a Droid World phone on Verizon? That in no way sounds familiar to a Curve, Pearl, Storm, and Bold on Verizon???

I cannot give you a laundry list of specs for the 9570 nor the Droid Two, the Droid Two does have a faster processor and a slightly different keyboard from what I know. That is considerably more refreshing than doubling the memory, especially when these options existed when the Storm Two was in development.

Kudos to Verizon. In my mind, the 9570 is not an answer to anything; it is a poor stop-gap measure to keep people from jumping to other phones because RIM let their game lapse.

should be dc right about now, get with the real touch screen like the torch, the way the first storm should of been. From that point on there would of bin two one with keyboard and one without.

For those that want a "real" touch screen there are plenty of choices/alternatives out there (even the Torch.) A lot of us storm users actually like the surepress, and would like to see it stay.

kinda knew this was coming, Verizon is only pushing the Android phone, storm3? idk if this was a S3 more like a refresh of the S2, idk if RIM gonna push out the real S3 if not all hell to the mothership DROID. I still love my BB S2 =)

Maybe this will put a stop to the refresh insanity.
As fas as the updates go, I'm thinking the 9650 will just be the that leaked a few days ago. Its solid enough IMO. I'm still thinking the 9650 won't get OS6 until near Thanksgiving.

Kinda disappointed. I was really looking forward to having the S2R. I like my current S2, I just wanted the 5 megapixel camera and OS6.

what happened to all those guys who kept proclaiming "duh....the specs on blackberries (and the torch) are good enough for me. i dont need a 4ghz processor or 2 gigs of ram. as long as it works, its good enough"

sounds like SOME (not all) are singing a different tune. lol, its funny to watch

What is so incredibly better between the Torch and this? The keyboard? I think this would have been a justice to the bigger screen BB. OS6 running with the webkit browser would have been a huge upgrade to this device. I truly believe webkits have to be on bigger screens than my Bold to take advantage of it. The 2 things people complained the most about with the S2 when I had it was the dated browser, and the poor quality Youtube. Both which would have been addressed with a refresh. As far as competition goes, BB has their followers, and specs don't always mean compatibility and efficiency to the consumer. I totally understand the refresh argument, but this was the cherry on top that loyal Storm line owners wanted. But on the bright side, hopefully it comes to Sprint spreads the love for a touchscreen BB to their customers.

Can't say I agree. I got the S1 and S2 on their launch days. This refresh BS would have been far from a cherry on top. Yeah OS6 would have been a nice addition but not enough to blow an upgrade on. If Verizon did indeed initiate the dropping of the 9570, I applaud them. Every other manufacturer is bringing everything they've got to the table. Time for RIM to bring their A game. These minimal upgrades don't cut it anymore in this highly competitive smart phone market.

I couldn't agree more. I'm a current S1 owner and even though the S2R would have been a decent upgrade straight from the S1, I for one was not happy with RIM's approach to the device. They could have pushed it a bit further and come with a truly fresh S3.

On one hand, I'm glad Verizon turned down this device. On the other hand, now I don't have a large screen VZW BB to look forward to. Guess I'll be jumping ship after all. I can't see myself moving from a Storm screen to a Curve, so I'll be looking at VZW's Android line.

And then I'll see what the WP7 devices have to offer eventually.

I wouldnt be suprised to see the S3 go to Sprint. RIM will want to get this on the market to make SOME money from it. Seeing as it is a CDMA device, Sprint would seemingly be the smart alternative as I dont really see them building SIM card compatible Storms just because Verizon said no. Well, thats my .02 anyways.

As the previous poster said the Storms have always been SIM card combatible. I used my original Storm on AirTel in India without an issue. From the very beginning it was advertised as a world phone, and has support for most every (common) frequency on either CDMA or GSM technology.

A quick visit to verizon's site and they really are pushing the storm2 even in thier advertisements, for a device to be EOL they really are pushing for it.

Could this mean that Verizon is not interested in the Storm 3 because they are preparing their 4G network for a better BB device or for the Iphone?

So what do I do now? Here's my dilemma...
1) Contract is up in 4 Days
2) Original Storm Owner
3) Storm 2 Won't cut it
4) Not leaving Verizon (Kudos for saying "No More Crappy Upgrades")
5) Has to be a Touch Screen

And number 6...

Has to be to be the New Phone out, not something that has been around for more then a few months.

Any advice would be highly appreciated. RIM you may have made a serious mistake. So pissed right now!!!

1) I don't care
2) Again, don't care
3) Then don't get it
4) No one is asking you to leave Verizon
5) Bunch of touchscreen phones out there especially Android
6) Get yourself the Droid R2D2 or the Galaxy S (I think they just came out not too long ago.. who knows)

I have to agree that RIM made a mistake releasing a Storm 2 refresh but no one is forcing you or anybody to get it. It's up to the people that WANTS IT.

That's my advice. Don't like it? Oh well.

That's it?! Oh my goodness.


I guess I owe you an apology. My bad.

EDIT: @Sosai X

Instead of calling me a prick why don't you give some advice to this guy as well?? Sounds fair right? ;P

Thanks for sticking up for me, wasn't exactly necessary but appreciated none the less. I'm thinking that I may move on for a year and just wait for RIM to come out with S3,granted it costs more for a one year contract but I truly love the storm and can only hope that RIM decides to do the right thing and really makes a great product when it comes to the S3. I just cant see my self wasting an upgrade on a sub par phone and I am just to far behind, in regards to technology, to stay with my Storm.

I have an S1 as well am up for a new phone in a few week but as a BB fan, there isn't much that I'm excited about. Looks like I'll be holding onto it a bit longer than planned...

I'm still on S@ but got one for my son. WOW! Just an amazing device. If I weren't hog tied to BES I would be all over it. If the S4 (or whatever the next QNX Storm is slated to be) doesn't come out before a 3G PlayBook. I'm soooooo dropping my S2. I'll deal with a 7" tablet and skip the smart phone altogether.

This is my wife's dilemma.

No easy answer.

If you go with Android, many of them are quite large.

The Galaxy S (Fascinate) is probably the best device that meets your requirements above.

II'm glad my contract is not up. I would he forced to look elsewhere. First they come out with the torch show it to everyone then say you can't have it. Its only for the ten people on att. Don't look like Verizon customers have much to look forward to from blackberry. I won't switch to att for blackberry but I will switch to droid for Verizon.

...I was going to get one, as my current 9550 is beat up, full of apps, and seems to be less and less stable. I love the form factor though, click-screen, size, overall experience. I was going to be fine with the "refresh" until something really hot came out next year...that sucks. I hope that this turns out not to be true.

Well, from appearance wise there isn't much difference and I could see Verizon's stance. However, I'm sure spec wise RIM would've added a 5MP camera, a better processor, more memory, improved surepress and OS 6 ready. I would taken power over appearance any day.

Not sure how I feel about this, as I'm a day-one Storm 9530 owner and was interested in the upgraded "Storm 2.5" even though it may have only been a placeholder until next year.

I guess ultimately it's good that Verizon did this since it should lead to better hardware, but to hear this after months of speculation and waiting on the S3 it's kinda like finding out on December 20th that Christmas has been cancelled.

Salomondrin, where are you? We need your input, bro.

wow your such a Prick to answer him like that. just shows how bitter you are and how much of a fanboy you are. get a life and move on. if you aint really care you shouldnt have responded you jerk. man up and realize Rim is not doing anything right, its ok for something you like and love to not always be right.this is america, you can choose something else you dont have to Defen Rim cause you bought one of there products. Prick

It seems you are more of a fanboy then he is by responding to his post. It shows that you took the topic to heart and actually went through the board and read his entire post. I'm just saying... :o

Am I getting attack here? What I do? I was just giving him advice. What the deuce? lol

EDIT: Killer in the house *stewie's voice* :D

If so, then the people have spoken and we have been heard. I'm an original storm owner who gave away his new every two to his girfriend last month. I did it because I couldn't justify upgrading to an S2. Her new every two is up in October and I most likely will not upgrade to anything since what brought me to BB was a touch screen. RIM, I'm addicted already. I want to stay with the crack, but you have me thinking rehab here.

I'm not sure why people think that it was definitely verizon that cancelled this device, it is just as likely that rim were the ones that pulled the plug since they have done it in the past when a device wasn't right at the time and with the good press they have been getting about the playbook then why would they risk losing that over a device that was probably only going to be around for about 6 months anyway.

May be storm 3 is coming with QNX Neutrino OS.
All those goodies and true web experience without compromise.

This could be real storm to take market with storm.

It wouldn't surprise me if we are a year away from seeing phones with the qnx os, storm 3 will probably show up with os6.1 or something like that to start with.

Verizon to rescue RIM

Actually RIM made a favor on them self,
Now blow jobs won’t feel pseudo superior for iPhone after looking at refresh storm3.

How can this Storm refresh not be upgraded enough?

Did it get less of an upgrade than the 9780? Nobody is knocking that little piece of marvel.

Something else is behind this. More news will follow soon (I hope). the whipping boy of the BB world. It's a love/hate thing. Other than that, you bring up a good point, there isn't a whole lot of griping going on with regards to the "refreshed" Bold...assuming it doesn't get the ax either... ;-P

It's more likely an indication that the "real" Storm 3 is nearer to reality than expected.

I agree that the 2.5 refresh is a nice update to the S2 (and especially to the S1 for those of us still using those), but nevertheless, it's not what the people want, and certainly isn't up to the consumer expectations set by Android and iPhone.

Otherwise, VZW would sell the S2.5 knowing they had to get another year out of it.

I held on to giving up on the Storm for longer than I should have. I loved my S1...could never get into my S2 (i actually despised it).

I finally decided that I was jumping off the BB ship (hard decision btw) when I saw that the 9570 would most likely be the next in line until the QNX Storm came out. The main thing that held me back...BBM.

I went Droid and I forgot about BBM in a few days. BerryBuzz/LED notifications ended up being what I miss most believe it or not.

Judging from the old VzW roadmap that leaked and the most recent one as looks like Big Red is going balls to the wall with Android and not looking back.

I still love the CrackBerry community and BlackBerry itself...but I really am happy with my Droid X is soooo cool I can't even explain it.

Why doesn't Verizon simply start selling this Storm2 as if it was the original? That way people that still wanted the Storm2 could keep buying one until the LTE version comes out; or is this really a change in RIM's marketing? Maybe the LTE version is so close they both decided to forgo ANY Storm2 update.

...or alternatively, why is Verizon killing off the 9550 instead of just letting it hang around for a few more months?

I suspect there's a big investment any time a new smartphone is added to the lineup. I've seen copies of the training slides, posted here on the CB forums -- imagine having to get all your sales & support staff trained up on this new device, new promotional and display material produced, the back-end technical details & OS6 programming for their in-house apps, another OS to support, and factor in all the expected product returns by unhappy customers.

These all add up to a dollar cost to Verizon, and they're probably looking at what's heading their way from RIM and can't see a return on investment that would justify them bringing the S2.5 in-house as a placeholder.

All hopeful speculation on my part, of course. Storm 4, where art thou?

I have to say I am happy about this for two related reasons.......

I am one who is actually looking forward to tiered data plans. With the use of wi-fi to DL my podcasts at night, I know I can cut my personal data costs. That then allows me to move my wife to a BB at the lowest data plan tier and keep my total net cost the same, or just a tad more.

Combine that with some of the most important use cases for my wife which are monitoring/maintaining her antiques website and ebay. Though I don't like typing on a touchscreen, my wife may (she hasn't tested or tried anything yet)in fact want a touch screen. Perhaps this delay means we'll get a better touch device like a 4g Storm like device.

Of better yet, I can get her a Bold 9650 like mine and then we get a playbook or two when they come out.

I guess at its core, I am glad Verizon appears to be sticking up for something. Exactly what that is is to be seen......

I think this is super good news for RIM.

Whether Verizon cancelled this or RIM did, it likely means a faster move to a real Storm 3 device with better screen and processor. Why should RIM bring out a product that people are going to bitch and moan about and all the bloggers are going to shit on?

Torch was a joint venture with AT&T and it was needed. There were no full touchscreen BB devices on AT&T, but hopefully this signals a shift in the product cycle to faster devices.

If you read crackberry regularly you'd see that this makes great sense . The reaction to Storm 3 (2 refresh) was overwhelmingly negative, while the playbook news was super positive. Seriously, after playbook is anyone going to dump their BB phone? If anyone did they must be a full on idiot.

The Playbook gives RIM time to bring out a proper line of high-end phones without the fear of losing too many customers in the interim.

On another point if this was Verizon I think it is good too since I think RIM has been too dependent on satisfying carriers instead of looking at the end consumer market. With Playbook they bypassed carriers and went straight to customers to ask them what they wanted, and it appears they hit a home run. Maybe Verizon are just smarting that the playbook doesn't need to be sold in their stores. :-)

Seriously two weeks ago this would have been met with "Death of RIM" comments, but now I think we can only see it in a positive light.

I have a question: since they scrapped the "refresh" that was to come with OS6 loaded, do you think they will leak the version that they were testing for the 9550?

I think it's awesome that Verizon made this move, although it doesn't affect me because I'm on a Canadian carrier; I think it's exactly what RIM needed as a bit of a wakeup call on these stupid refreshed devices.

I've had a S1 since release and switched up to a S2 a little after it's release and have never been completely happy with either device. The refresh devices was a joke in my opinion, but I still would have held out for a decent S3 if they actually released a Storm that could stand up to the competition. If that happens, I'll probably come back to the Storm series of BB, but until then, I think I'll give the 9800 a shot.

Anyway, kudos to Verizon for making this move, I hope we see more carriers shut down refreshed devices as well to send the clear message that refreshed upgrades simply aren't worth blowing an upgrade on.

This is making my decision to switch from the Storm 2 to the Bold 9650 look even better. Fedex shall deliver today and hopefully in a couple of weeks, OS 6 - pumped.......

It doesn't make any sense... The 9570 is more of an upgrade than the 9330 is. At least the 9570 gets a 5MP camera. What did the 9330 get? Some memory...

I'm not interested in the 9570 but Verizon just doesn't make any sense sometimes.

Bla1ze, don't call it the Storm 3. This refreshed Storm 2 doesn't deserve that name. Perhaps name it "Storm 2 Plus". If RIM calls the refreshed S2 a "Storm 3", they would have buried the wonderful Storm name forever because of this marketing blunder.

On device names, I love the Bold and Storm names. PlayBook is another great name. Pearl was okay, and I'm less a fan of Curve. Torch I can sort of understand, but Style?!? Future Torchs should really be rolled under the Bold name at some point. The Style should have continued in the Pearl tradition. SureType is dead, so just because the Style doesn't have SureType doesn't mean it didn't deserve the Pearl name.

What do you guys think?

HAHAAA "young jeezy laugh". Anyways verizon is just upest 2 see all specs of the rumored storm 3 go into the playbook. With that said WHY da HElL can't we get a PHONE like that? Blackberry that is. DroidX itself is a good phone. Not all that ugly ish with droid os HAHAAA "young jeezy laugh".

I for one wanted this phone. I'm an original Storm owner and about to come due for upgrade in a few weeks (I suspect this is probably true for a lot of mainstream vzw customers, aside from the every three month new device people on this forum). This would have been a great upgrade. I don't care that it LOOKS like a storm2, the physical hardware on the storm2 is just fine. Being able to run OS6 and the 512 memory would have put it on par with the Torch.

Dear VZW....I don't want a POS droid. I just want a bridge until 4g and QNX are ready.

Guess maybe a bold 9650, but I wanted the touch screen, I enjoy the screen real estate.

Big Red did the right thing by not putting out a poc storm, but they did leave a hole for their BB users -- i've waited and waited for a "new" BB and it looks like that wait will continue to go for a longer period of time now -- unfortunately, i think it's time to try the droid.

Of BB phones for Verizon to choose from, not some craptastic storm 3, the storm 2 is what the first storm should have been.

try a droid

Research in slow motion....smh

If this is true then I'm glad to hear. Just adding memory only (512MB)and five 5MP camera is not not enough and maybe that last years CPU. I will not be getting this I'm on my 3 Storm 2 and it is still giving me problems, keeps rebooting two days after getting it back...will not return it because Telus takes 3 weeks to get you a refurb. This is not even a year old. My almost 2 year old Storm 1 I gave to my son is still going strong. I was hoping for a storm 3 with much better specs...good to see the carriers have had enough with RIM. Blackberry users are much more educated about their phones and won't buy a phone because it's pretty and needs a jacket to work.

Personally, I can't stand VZW, crappy customer service and all around crooks. But I must give them kudos for pushing back on Storm 3. Maybe if this happens more often manufacturers would be forced to make a better product.

The S2 was my introduction to blackberry. Although I love my S2-9550 from Verizon Wireless, my only complaints are that I would like more memory (for better quality games), a better/faster native browser and a more robust calendar.
It's bittersweet that Verizon shot down the S3, which I can't blame them for doing. I just hope that a legitimate S3 is in the works, as is rumored for next Spring...which for RIM would be next Fall, 2011.

Changes the fact that RIM is behind the curve...(pun intended)

Until that actually comes out and performs, it does not count. You guys are counting the ring on the Miami Heat already huh ...smh

And on a side note, I am in the playbook post. I gave it praise and said IF it does what it should spec wise...RIM is headed in the right direction. I call it like I see it kids, and all I see here are a bunch of RIM bots (anal)


Keep that smile up, we know your cracking inside. Stiff upper lip old (fan)boy.

Remember we're not laughing with you, we're laughing at you.

It would seem that if there was to be a 3 it should be more inline with the new Android style ones to compete with.

The article here cites Engadget as the source, but I went to Engadget and couldn't find any mention of this rumor.

Ah, that would be very nice a Verizon upgrade to 6.0 for my 9650. I've been waiting for the verizon version of it.

Being a ex S1 user from launch I was also waiting for the S2.5 -S3 refresh just for the fact that I loved my touchscreen berry and even if it was going to be around until the first part of the year when the REAL Storm came out. But I can't say I didn't see this coming because albeit I'm not an android fan and I will never be (tried them and I hate the os), they have everything processor and memory wise that every storm owner has been wanting from day one. So VZW was smart to push back on the 9570 but at the same time they might have shot themselves in the foot by doing so and lost there exclusive rights to storm line (I sure hope so). There are a couple carriers that could use a touch berry (Sprint & T-Mo) and I hope that one of them pick up the device (mainly Sprint). I just switch to a Bold 9650 as a interum upgrade until the 9570 came out but it looks like I'm holding onto my Bold for a while.

droidx here i come.

I was looking at the bb line up for vzw carefully and the idea of a next gen s3 was gonna be enough to keep me on bb. Truth be told the bold is not enough of a upgrade from the tour for me. I have hacked the living hell out of my tour and in all honesty it runs as good as the bold (would love the trackpad tho haha).

But if a rehash of s2 is all i can get next month when my upgrade is here then its buh bye for me. Its sad cuz i love my berry and i am not one to really care about having "less" of a phone. But when paying over 150 bucks for a phone i want something worth the money. not just more memory. i am good with memory management. my tour never goes under 98MB so the extra is no biggie.

very sad right now :(

Nothing worth while touch screen wise coming down the big red pipeline. Original S1 owner but I never even considered the S2 for just this reason. IMO, RIM needs to scrap the whole "storm" line and do one of two things:

1: understand that the majority touchscreen market is different from the business market they have dominance over and treat it as such. Majority users want the ability to load a bunch of apps (storm app memory is a joke), browse the web (again bb browser is outdated to say the least), and have access to a decent media player (storm media player was the worst I've ever used).


2: stick to what you do best with push email and rock solid devices with awesome physical qwerty keyboards.

Just the ramblings from a disappointed X BB and current satisfied droid user.

I think the 9570 and the Storm 3 are being confused. I can see Verizon passing on the 9570 S2 Refresh and telling RIM to hurry up with a real upgraded device like the Storm 3 will be. Avoid another Tour 9630 vs Bold 9650 mistake.

That's cuz at&t is getting all the new BB's!!! Ha Ha Ha...suck it RED! stick with that droid, or r2d2, or whatever crap verizon is pushing! RIM RULES!

Smooth move VZW...profit margin must be better on the android platform. Kill a new rim touchscreen right before the holidays...boom, all touchscreen customers who have no clue what they want (read: new/first smartphone clients) are now funneled straight to droid.

i still have the Storm 9530, don't know which phone to get since i was looking forward to getting the Storm 3.

I would guess this has more to do with the "hype" and positive press generated by the Playbook. The last thing RIM or Verizon wants is to take such a step back after actually generating some buzz. If anything, this probably opens up more resources to work focus on a "new" device that builds on the recent announcements rather than just a refresh. I would think ultimately this was a mutual decision between the two.

I was quite disapointed, am I'm sure many others were, by RIM's announcement of the Storm 3. My upgrade is right around the time the 9570 was expected to be released, so it seemed fitting that I would upgrade to it from my Storm 2. I really didn't feel like wasting my upgrade just to get BB6, and slightly more memory.

I think for now I'll try to stick it out with my Storm 2, and be one of the first people to get one of the first Blackberry's with 4G and/or QNX. Perhaps a leak of BB6 will come out for my Storm 2 which will make the wait for QNX a little bit easier for me.

this is great news because i have the original storm and i want a storm that is better than the storm2. I have been tempted to buy the refresh storm2, but i know i would have regreted it when the storm 3 comes out. Now i can just sit back and wait.

Verizon is crazy wireless company because they seems to change too much on blackberry devices, some were discontinued and some were cancelled.

The Storm "refresh" was going to be a disaster. Already outdated months before its release, RIM would have been laughed at by everybody in the industry for this phone.

There might have been a few people who would have upgraded to this phone... but overall it would have sold like ice in alaska. Who is going to walk into Verizon looking for a touch phone and pick the Storm when it is sitting right beside all the Droids? That answer is nobody.

If RIM wanted this phone to be a winner.. they at LEAST had to update the screen resolution to something comparable to other touchscreen smartphones. People can't see a processor... they CAN see a screen!

RIM should send Verizon a "Thank you" card.

I don't see much demand for a Storm unless it gets some serious upgrades. Such a minor refresh isn't going to drive people in the door. If RIM drags their feet much longer on a Storm, the Torch will be released to all the carriers anyway.

that's good probably would be garbage anyways..I'm a Storm 1 user and Next month ill be a Droid user...ill never go back to Crapberry..

that's good probably would be garbage anyways..I'm a Storm 1 user and Next month ill be a Droid user...ill never go back to Crapberry..

RIM seems like a ginormous giant that is too big for its own good. Its just stumbling around awkwardly right now. If they can just get a rock-solid OS into their phones they might be alright

It's about time those minuscule hardware upgrades are coming back to bite RIM in the arse. I hope the other carriers see that the slow sales of new Blackberry models could possibly be attributed to RIM dragging their feet to keep up with the competition.

By the way, I love my 9700. They can keep the 9780. I will wait for the 9790 or what ever is next. It will be more worth the upgrade.

I would think that the main reason for the 9780 to exist is AT&T having an exclusive on the 9800, T-Mobile US are probably quite eager to have a new os6-optimal device in the stores for the holidays.

In no way am I happy with AT&T's service. For me they suck more than Sprint and I know this from experience with both. Data is very slow unless it's between 3-6am (NYC). The best phones are almost wasted on their network.

Still, my 9700 is the sh!t for me.

I had the pearl.storm and storm 2.I gave up on them completely and went to much better software.I can get the updates I'm promised;)

I love the 8mp camera,512 megs of ram runs full flash.all the storm can do is run to the end of its leash and bark.

I am a Storm 1 user and I'm sick of the freeze screens, having to pull the battery out to prevent the spinning clock, etc. I bummed out that Verizon doesn't seem to be getting the Torch within the next year. This article mentioned the Pearl 3G. I'm ready to move back to non-touch screen. Anyone have any more info on when Verizon will be implementing the Pearl 3G? The Verizon website doesn't have it listed.

I thought the storm 9570 was the "Refresh" which is basically the storm 2 with fewer minor changes such as RAM to accommodate the new os(BlackBerry 6)....So which one is it is this the Storm 3 or the refreshed Storm 2..?

Does this mean the Storm or a re-branded version of this phone is heading to Sprint! As a Sprint customer I can only dream this will happen.

bring the storm 3 and the torch we will gladly embrace them with the os 6.Verizon and their high prices can rot Big Red is nothing compared to the Now Network I get reception when my buddies doesn't get it with verizon Rule the Air yea ok
when Sprint uses your towers also .Bring them to Sprint we need new Black berries I will keep my tour until a Berry comes to Sprint that I want Torch or Storm 3 no problems with my tour come on Sprint lets get the Berries

Ugh, so mad I was looking forward to this phone, all I wanted was more memory & a better camera. This sucks for all the VZW customers who wanted this phone & don't need the greatest/latest phones, :(

I hope now that verizon has made a sensable decision to cancel the 9570 storm model (3?) if it was just the refresh. If you were verizon would you want to deal with the headace of disapointed customers who return phones because customers are unhappy with the poor choice on RIM do do these half a$$ upgrades with minor changes that ony slighty improve the phone. Only to come out with a supreme model with real upgrades. Rim should concentrate on real upgrades that make phone each released the one that other companies chase to catch up with tech wise. So I continue to wait working with my storm 1 my first Blackberry that has started to act up(my back button) not working all the time, as I wait to see how the PLAYBOOK turns out to be and for the real STORM (3-4?)LTE version better come soon so I dont have to migrate to driod or iphone because of a dead storm.

If the Storm 2 Refresh were to be released by Sprint, what would stop a Verizon user from getting one, saving there original battery door from their original Storm 2, putting that on the phone and using it??????? That way, Verizon can continue with their plans with Android, while hopefully waiting, presumably, for the next gen Storm with QNX OS, and those of us who do not want to wait that long would get the best of both worlds... I am sure eBay will have a ton of the Storm 2.5's once they are actually available, and even better, the big red users won't burn their biannual upgrades... Just sayin'

For so long I thought I was the only one tired of look at Blackberries that are just slight upgrades over the previous models. I thought long and hard about getting the bold on Verizon but in the end i just can seem to pay 199.99 for a tour with wi-fi. (Original bold was a work of art would still be rocking one if it had come to Verizon) I've owned my storm 1 for two years today. and hate to leave blackberry but there is nothing they have that I want and as far as I can tell there is nothing in the pipe line that going to change the way I fell about that. I could say screw it I'm going Droid, but I won't...say it at least I'm going to get a Droid (android OS anyway) according to the chart the code named Lexikon is coming out end of the month beginning of next month and it looks like everything i wanted the storm 3 to be and I'm sad. So long Blackberry lovers i wish you well and maybe rim will drop a new phone in a year or two and we shall see each other again. (not all hope is lost the tablet (playbook) looks nice and if i miss my BBM that much (and I will *tear*) it might be a nice way to get it back.

My contract with Verizon is up and I have been looking at phones for about a month now, checking out the hype with the new "Storm 3" "revamped storm 2" whatever you want to call it. I have been digging through google and reading alot of info/gossip about the iPhone coming to verizon, reading up on the Android phones as well. While I have an avid love for my berry (tour) I must admit that I am getting really disappointed with RIM and mainly Verizon.

I like the torch, I just dont like AT&T. I have played with my bud's iPhone at work alot and I like it, I have toyed with the android as well. However I still have a more striving love of my berry.

With the new's that the "Storm 3/Revamped Storm 2" being cancelled, I have to wonder if the gossip is true about the iPhone coming to VZW... I really dont want a Android. I know like most of you we all love our berry's but.... RIM/VZW has to get off the crapper and do something or im sure VZW and RIM will lose a lot of customers...

If they do cancel this and there's no Torch on VZW in May '11 I'm most likely switching to Android. Sorry RIM, but you can't just let carriers fuck you over like this.

Rim sux android out did a company that has been out for ever in just 2 years since it first was launch. That's a shame sorry rim I really didn't think you would get done like that but something must be done before u end up like palm

Ok now I have been a Storm owner since my 9530. I upgraded to the 9550 and I've been happy with it. But by Verizon saying that the 9570 isn't a big enough jump is pretty funny. If you think about it, it's the same thing they did for the 9630 Tour which became the 9650 Bold lol. But with RIM saying they have phone(s) in development for Verizon's LTE network maybe the next Storm will be one that supports it which would be a plus and maybe higher specs as well.

Let me say this, I purchased the storm one on day one. Yes initially it was buggy, but it was fixed with a patch or two, yes it was slow, but treating it like a phone instead of a computer kept it fast. Yes, I do an automatic quick pull every morning at 5:30. No it cannot run three separate power apps at the same time w/o difficulty, and no its not fast like a droid or iphone, but I can make a call. :) But, I will say this, it has not failed me in over a year because i know its limitations. It is not a droid, its not an i-phone, its a My Phone, it looks good and it runs good.

Apparently I must be the only person still syncing their phone with Outlook, because there sure seem to be a lot of people talking about jumping to an Android OS. Google is the arch enemy of Microsoft, so Outlook incompatibility is no surprise. But the so called "solutions" (Companionlink, etc.) to synchronization leave a lot to be desired. Also, with as many privacy issues that are already out there, I don't need Google "data mining" my contacts and calendar. Nor do I want all that info in the Google "Cloud". Let's also remember that comparing RIM with Palm and saying that Android took over in two years is BS. Android is an operating system, not a company.

I'm still on my first 9530. Never had an issue with it. Never bothered to upgrade to the Storm2 because I never felt the need. Can't explain why everyone has been having such issues. My one and only complaint is the crappy camera.