BlackBerry Storm 3 9570 found in Best Buy's Mobile Genie system

By ObiGeorge on 7 Dec 2010 02:05 pm EST
Storm 9570

We have seen hardware photos, about screens showing it running BlackBerry 6 and even rumors of the device being cancelled. But now the BlackBerry 9570 (Storm 3) has made it's way into the Best Buy Mobile Genie system. Mobile Genie is used for the transfer of contacts between devices when purchasing a new phone. Just being in this system obviously doesn't prove that the device is actually going to be released, but hey, you never know. I'm sure just seeing the Storm 3 pop up anywhere gives you Storm lovers some hope :-)

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BlackBerry Storm 3 9570 found in Best Buy's Mobile Genie system


YAAAAA. RIM needs a touch-screen device in time for the holidays. This is perfect!
And if this is coming out, an announcement is imminent (sometime in the next few days so that launch occurs before Christmas)!

Agreed - if it doesn't have QNX *and* the capability to make my toast in the morning then I'm definitely switching to Android!

I still have a 9530 (Storm1). Do I suck? I badly need a new one. Just waiting until new stuff comes out...

I'm still rockin' on the 9530, but my contract is up. :P I'm waiting for the all new Storm... Not the Storm 2 refresh.

I too still have the 9530 and my contract is also up. I was bummed the torch went exclusive to ATT. I hope the Storm 3 comes out soon cause my 9530 is slowly dying and I need to buy a new battery.

I had to buy a new battery recently too. It drained every 30 minutes. It was ridiculous. Works fine now. I'm in the same boat. Contract is up. Just [im]patiently waiting for hopefully a new one soon.

Ditto for the battery drain on a S1. I keep readiing about folks getting Storm 2 for upgrade because their S1 broke and they had the extended warranty, but just keep on working.
Granted the battery was down to 3 minutes or less on a full charge, but i got a new battery for less than 5 bucks on Amazon and I'm back in business.

But come on S3. I've been due for an upgrade for months now, but why waste it on a S2.

I couldn't wait any longer...went with a bold 9650. Don't even miss my storm1. But I'm sure at some point I'll upgrade to the new storm line. :)
Lol. BlackBerry forever

Same here! I saw that storm3 on the genie over two weeks ago but didn't think no one else knew about it. Dang.

I just hope that Verizon continues to carry the BlackBerry Storm line of products. After what I read the other day, it seems as though they my not like OS6. (I'd post a jump, but what the hell)

From, December 6, 2010

- In an investment note today, from reputable analyst, Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros., his Verizon insiders claim they see “no material value” in BlackBerry OS 6. In the eyes of Verizon, BlackBerry OS 6 will not be a “Saviour” for the brand.

- Perhaps, this is the reason we haven’t seen Verizon very motivated to officially release OS 6 for the Bold 9650 and Curve 9330? Do they really not care that much for BlackBerry? Remember the Storm 9570 with OS 6 was supposed to go to Verizon, but they cancelled the device. We hope Verizon won’t be slow to release OS 6, as AT&T was to release OS 5.

Well, what Wu means is that OS 6 won't make a material impact to Verizon's earnings. In other words, Verizon believes that having the updated OS 6 in their line-up versus the older OS 5 won't result in their EPS (earnings per share) increasing. It's just a business term.

However, it doesn't mean they don't like it or won't carry it.

OS 6 not being "material" to Verizon is quite obvious. The impact is not gonna be as big as their introduction of Droid.

if this is true and there is a storm 3 coming out... wanna take a look at how the phone will turn out might be interested in gettin one who knows

2011 looks to be a pretty important transition year for Verizon and RIM. With 4G and the playbook ready to hit, why would anyone upgrade now? Why not wait a year and perhaps have a QNX integrated 4G capable touch screen BB?

Because Verizon drew in a bunch of people with the Storm who are seeing their contracts expire without a suitable upgrade. Verizon doesn't care, they hope you buy a Droid. RIM should care because people are left with the option of keeping the storm, upgrading to a 6 month old Bold or switching to the newest Droid.

I'm still on my 9530 waiting for the next touchscreen blackberry, but I'm not sure how much longer I can wait.

Same here, contract ended Oct. 1st. Just in time to get the announcement that Verizon wasnt happy with the lack of improvements to the refresh. What to do?!?

There is no way I'm "upgrading" to a keypad phone. We should be pushing RIM to move forward not encourage the status quo.

Since this phone hasn't been released yet and it's already December 7th I seriously doubt Verizon will be releasing it. It was probably put in the Best Buy Mobile Genie system a while ago and then nobody removed it when the device was reportedly canceled.

I need a Best Buy employee to delete this Storm refresh out the system lol. Unless the 9570 is a 4G device with QNX OS I dont want it. I hope they are not bringing out a refresh for the holidays. RIM needs to release something on verizon and quick. What did the "70" mean on the 9570 anyway? Was it hot spot or something? 4G compatible?

I'm gonna go one step further and require it to butter my toast! (pretty sure there's an app for that on iPhone 4) :P

In Canada, a Storm 3 would be a waste, all our carriers have the Torch, so why would you need a Storm 3 if your can get a Torch...unless of course the new QNX OS is on the Storm 3 and its 4G capable, then I think its a waste of time and RIM should put that investment and time into better newer devices

I agree, RIM should focus on creating new devices not just updating the ram/os/camera.
They should creat more devices to cater to wider audiences.

The Storm series is dedicated to the wider audience. OS 6 in general is dedicated to a wider audience. So improving the ram to account for the OS upgrade, improving the camera, the web browser and ease of use for the click screen is all catered to a wider audience.

Look, to a 9530 user ready for upgrade this would be OK. But then again I'm an old faht, not techno cool like you guys...

I'm tired of seeing folks say that the 9570 wouldn't be accepted. This is a significant upgrade over what we already have on the 9550. Does it have a gig processor and ram? Maybe not, but it does have a better processor, a much better camera, web browser, operating system, AND this model still has SurePress which so many of us DON'T want to see taken away in any future model. If ya don't want it to click, ask for the on/off option to be included in the os updates. But let us SurePress fans have ours too.

Verizon can easily change their minds on carrying this product. I, for one, would buy it AND a eventually a QNX Storm too if the QNX os can't be brought to the refresh model. Dual cam, and all that would be nice, but it's not necessary.

The Storm series has its fans am one of them I fell for it wen my boy had S1 I freaked out wen I saw it and as soon as I could I went for it, only to find the storm 2 was out so that's what I have, and SureType is up there on the must have for any storm in the future and the storm 3 will sell to me and many more you wait and see AND It IS COMING out for sure

hummm yeah i was looking back on CB blogs, i thought the pulled the storm3 refresh, maybe they didnt update there system?
I hope they come out with a storm 3, but im not getting too exited yet :/
plus i got time till im able to get an upgrade, ill keep using my s2 9550 :)

I have a Storm 9530, and I'm so pissed off of it, every other day, I have to hard reset it. I can even see that the memory is shrinking even when there is no activity on it. I can't wait until my contract finishes in next May and I get a Droid phone or maybe Verizon iPhone. No RIM, I am very disappointed in your touch phones and I don't want to look back again, forever.

This screen grab from Best Buy was leaked several months ago. Poorly researched source reporting.

As for those saying Torch is so much better than Storm, you're funny. Torch has barely upgraded internals over what Storm2 had a year ago, and no difference versus the rumored 9570 specs other than slide out keyboard.

I was an early Storm 1 adopter. I had 3 Storm 1's die on me and refused a 4th. I was given a Storm 2. While much improved, BB lacks the applications and developer support to keep the phones competitive with Android and iPhone.

Two years ago when I joined my company, Blackberry was the hot item. Now all of our executives are ditching them for iPhones or Android powered devices. Slowly but surely, RIM is headed the way of Palm unless they make a major change. Even our slow to adopt Federal Government is test piloting Android devices.

It's been real, RIM.

At my last company, when IT started allowing iPhones tons of execs switched from BBs to their iPhones. Less than a year later most were switching back to BBs. The iPhone just wasn't working for their business needs.

On a side note, when people send emails from iPhones in a professional setting they should really take the time to proofread.

I am hoping that when the Storm 3 FINALLY comes out, the UI and OS will be upgraded to something that trumps Iphone and Android. I will be patient, and see what happens. Being this anxious and speculating about what isn't even "out" yet doesn't get the phone out sooner.

Time is over for Storm upgrades. RIM will have to release a state of the art touchscreen smartphone with a new OS if they want to catch up with apple and droid powered mobiles.
I do not care about the playbook, I need a truly powerful mobile phone with a reliable OS, something fast that does not let me down when I really need it.
My contract on my S1 was up 6 months ago and was waiting for a new release for Christmas, now we will have to wait for January the least as I am sure RIM will not kill the holidays sales of the brand new torch.
If there is nothing exciting by then, I will be terribly sorry as I love BB, but I will move on for something else (not sure what yet) as I do not want to waste money on already old devices.

Don't hold your breath waiting for a great touchscreen device from RIM. I gave up on the Storm Trilogy 2 months ago. I doubt it will be anything incredible (RIM please prove me wrong). RIMs a long way behind in catching up to the latest technology.
If your on Verizon and want the best touchscreen device, switch to the Droid X. Otherwise switch to a Bold.

I've been eligible for an upgrade for a little over a year... I'm still holding on to my Storm 9530... And its not because I love it or anything. I've been waiting to switch to android since the day I bought my little brother a Droid! Just waiting for Verizon to get a little more settled into their LTE. But as soon as those 4g devices and more specifically androids start pouring out I'll be the first to jump ship! RIM has given me enough disappointments... And I see nothing from their part to make me differ. I've lost all hope... If an S3 does make it out into the market its sad to say but I'm sure it will be another great disappointment and probably will become obsolete in less than a year. *tear*

the storm3 has been in a few of the updates on the cellebrite machines at corporate stores as well, then one update will delete it, the next puts it back.....I've not given up hope, but, I do hope that it's finally something that'll kick the **** out of the droids.....I don't care to have a 24/7 toy, I'd rather have a solid phone.....

It's normal to have unreleased (and sometimes devices that are never released) in these things.Nothing new here. I'm sure the S3 will come out eventually, just not any time soon.