New device photo emerges - Is this the BlackBerry Storm 3??

By Adam Zeis on 20 Sep 2010 01:15 pm EDT
BlackBerry Storm3

With most of the "new device" hype over the Torch 9800 dying down, hardcore users again will surely turn to the ever-speculated BlackBerry Storm3. We're pretty sure the device is out there somewhere but don't have any solid proof just yet. We did see the "Odin refresh" training slide that gave us some hope, but today BerryReview posted up this photo of what could possibly be the elusive device in the flesh. Their intel says the device will sport a 3.7 inch screen and 8GB of internal memory as well. It does look like a Storm, so we'll expect uncover some more details on this one when we can. So for now leave a comment with your thoughts - do you think this could be the BlackBerry Storm3??

Source: BerryReview 

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Reader comments

New device photo emerges - Is this the BlackBerry Storm 3??


It's First, the worse. But you start with zero as in Zero the hero.. 2nd the best and third the nerd.. (A lil game u might have played when u were a kid..)

Pray tell why the hell you would want a trackpad on a touchscreen device? I had the same question with the Torch (as did most reviews). The surepress was there as a bridge to letting go of a physical keyboard, so perhaps this is another terribly silly thing they can't let go of. Or they're still looking at the first Droid which had a trackpad and haven't realized that Moto got wise and did away with it. The only thing I could maybe see it being useful for is highlighting which is a RPIA on the 9530.

Full disclosure, I have a 9530 (5th one which works fine for now)...and unless RIM shows me that they have some tricks up their sleeve left I'm bailing as soon as Win7 comes to VZW.

have you ever tried to click on a weblink on a storm? if your fingers aren't the size of the lead in a pencil and you don't hit it just right, you just zoom in. So when your screen zooms to the point where you can only fit 3 words across the screen because your fingers are "too fat" to click the right spot for the link, the track pad option is nice to have IMO.

You might be waiting a long time dude. Latest I heard is that Win7 isn't going to CDMA phones.... Not sure about the validity of the info, but it wouldn't surprise me none the less.

First of all, does having the trackpad make the experience any less enjoyable? Nope

The trackpad gives the user a lot more control and precision. In fact, I will say that not having a trackpad would be a DEFINITE deal breaker. Selecting text and clicking links are 10x easier with a trackpad.

Ever had to move from cell to cell on an Excel spreadsheet. Try doing it in 50% zoom or less. won't happen on a touchscreen. Trackpad is a must. Don't forget that BB is a business tool. I wouldn't want a touchscreen device without one.

There's also plenty of rumors that this is a minimally re-worked Storm 2. Which would be typical of RIM considering how the S1 completely sucked and the S2 was only a modest improvement over that.

Storm3 =No Surepress, 1ghz pros,big battery, high res screen, OS6, great capacitive touch, ff cam.

Hope this is not just in dreams ! If RIM cant make it this time, they can never.

Thank you!!!! I totally agree. Without SurePress it has little value to me.

I'd prefer an odin refresh to this thing without surepress, no contest!

No Surepress, no sale???

Surepress was not a big draw by any stretch of any imagination. To those few who do like it that much, I'm sure the will miss it, but the numbers are so small RIM will have to look at it as no loss.

I agree--no surepress...FUGETABOUTIT! Surepress is the REASON I bought a BB in the first place. Without Surepress the storm would be just another touchscreen device, lost in a sea of similar devices. I'll hate RIM forever if they ditch Surepress.

I also love surepress, especially on the Storm 2. The electronic way with the piezo tech + 4 buttons made it a lot better. There's still room for improvement on it, they can perfect it!

If it doesn't have surepress I'll still get it, but I will definitely miss it. :(

Really? Your one of the very few that would say that. I has the 9530 and didn't mind the surepress but not entirely sure if I would chose to have it or not. Im getting the torch on telus in the coming weeks then will have my decision on surepress or not.

Am I wrong, I thought that with the new sure press the screen doesn't move. In that case couldn't there be an option where you could either use sure press or not as you wanted. That would seem to make sense. Use it or not as you wish, kind of the sam philosophy as the Torch.

It looks really great. That M must be covering up the front cam. I guess this won't be on AT&T so I'm not going to be able to get it. I really like the Torch and for any one who is wondering about getting one, let me say that the more I have it the more useful I find it. Still this one look like a much more cutting edge phone.

Hopefull it will. For whatever reason "touch screens" WILL NOT respond to my fingers, except for the storm, because of it's screen being like... a giant button. Oh well... won't be buying it anyweighs, i like having a keyboard...

The fact that it has a trackpad proves that it is using an OS that utilizes click-to-select. Just like Surepress.

nice! I'd like to see it close up, though. Any more pics of it?

And to the "first" comment - big freakin' deal.

..."Touchy McClickit" I love it!! Yeah, I'm totally addicted to the click screen. I'd be bummed out if it didn't have it.

So, is the line of thinking on this that this is not the "Odin Refresh", but the true "Storm3" possible with LTE?

I'm tired of seeing those negative comments about this tech. It's what helps make the Storm series different from the rest.

Besides, all the reports about it's stats have stated it has improved its SurePress tech much like the Storm2 did over 1. My upgrade has been waiting.. Now when the Storm3 comes out, even if this isn't it, I'll be there waiting to get it.

On reg touch devices, I hit every flippin letter and end up with jumble. The SurePress made it to where I didnt select anything till I wanted it...
Also... This pic they have, doesnt it look tall like a lot of the side sliding phones? Maybe they took some of the ideas from users and are having the full qwerty in that direction. Either way. If this is the Storm3 and they get rid of McClickerson, then Im sticking with #2. I will be sad because I would like to have OS 6. Maybe the X is in my future. I hate to think of not having a berry. But thinking of being without SurePress, I hate even more. Dont get my hopes up and not put out BlackBerry... Follow through on ur awesome tech.

OOMMGG I so hope this is the Storm 3. My upgrade time is right around the corner and I would lovbe to trade my 2 in for this beauty. I hope it live up to everything that it is supposed to be! I like the track pad I think its cute lol :)

I hope that this is true! This would definitely win me back to BB. Odly as it may seem I'm hoping that it has sure press....the damn thing has won me over.

That's more like it RIM! Now if the internals are up to date, ff cam, 1 gig proc. HD recording. That's the Storm I'm waiting for. My NE2 is up in Aug. next year, so timing should be right.

Looks like some LG feature to me, but it's just one picture. Here's hoping a few better ones emerge.

Rim has a way of making the first pictures look "ok" and the official images look amazing! (I remember when the 9000 got leaked, ew. But I love that phone! )

That's an attractive device. I like that they are keeping the BB form factor with the new devices, even some of the greater departures, like the Torch 9800. I am not a fan of the Storm 1 or 2, but I assume that a new Storm or touch screen device will have a touchscreen more like the Torch's, which has gotten decent reviews.

i really hope this is the storm3. not to be a hater or anything but really getting tired of all the "torch talk." I was thinking about changing up and purchasing the droid x but came to my senses and decided to hold out in hopes of some good news like this.. so hopefully this is true and my prayers are answered.

I like the torch, but still not sold on it because of lacking specs. i too was seriously considering jumping over, although i love my bold and it's running OS6 now. my roommate and brother both have android devices (evo & captivate) and you gotta love that high-quality touch screen with 1ghz processor stuff.
now that i see this it gives me hope to hold out for a better touch screen experience on my beloved blackberry!

Yes, and hopefully this will be on Verizon too. The Torch is ok, but I'm not switching networks just to get it. So if this thing (Storm 3) actually turns out to be as nice as we all hope, maybe it'll be enough to keep me from joining the Android family. Time will tell.

the manual paper in the back is written in Bahasa Indonesia
also, the mineral water cup is "Aqua" brand, which is a leading brand @Indonesia XD XD

I STILL don't give a shit about full touch screens. I don't care how good the specs are. I'll be a rebel and stick with my physical keyboard.

Ha! Well it might not mean squat to you, but I initially bought a Storm for the larger screen. It makes reading PDFs and viewing images from clients so much easier than on traditional RIM devices when you're on the go. Now I can only hope RIM builds this one right.

Love my Storm2, but CAN'T wait for an upgrade! Especially, if this an entirely new device and not just a S2 refresh!

There's no seam between the screen and the buttons like on the Torch, so Surepress MIGHT be there...

Don't you think? Maybe I'm just ignorant. I don't know what the installed based for technology is like there. Maybe it's ideal ....

Hopefully this one will have the QNX software that supposedly going to the tablet. They did mention the next Storm was to have its own OS!

The trackpad on the Storm 3 ruins the appearance. It looks out of place and down right stupid. It won't be able to hold a candle to the iphone 4 or the iphone 5. Still no front facing cam? #FAIL

trackpad is an excellent addition, if you have big fingers you know how difficult it is to select text or a small link on a full touchscreen phone, also the front facing camera might be under that sticker (I don't think RIM will support facetime anyway :P )

This looks promising. The phone looks great and the 8gb internal memory? Wow. IF that IS true then I guess RIM's steppin its game up! More pictures please and specs

Since the 9800 wasnt up to par as most people thought maybe this is a Torch 2? After all why would the storm have a track pad? Thats just my guess.

i hope that '5.0' on the paper does not mean anything

or hopefully the end of a sentence that reads 'this device will NOT have 5.0'

he he he

why would you need a track pad on Storm3 kind of devices...its not a dumb device like torch is...and I agree, atleast RIM should wakeup now and give a 10% of what iPhone4 and Driod X already have, then only they can win the market...
RIM makes BB look like a dinosaur which a modern man trying to carry...

If you look at the full photo on the BerryReview site the paper beneath it appears to mention "augmented reality"

The picture above is slightly cropped from the original one I saw on BBLeaks. I have a link for it below - and if you look closely in the lower right hand corner, the text on the sheet of paper definitely mentions "augmented reality". Don't know how or if this ties into the phone, but its exciting enough to even see something like that written down!

EDIT: shortened link:

So far....not too impressed (a trackpad....really)! Screen size is about the same as the S2 (I just hope they utilize more realistate with this version). It will need a little more under the hood for me to stay with bb's at this point (my contract isn't up till Feb 11 so I'll have some time to see what sprouts up). Still praying for that browser that doesn't suck!!

with 624 Mhz processor, Genuine TFT Screen and 8 WHOLE GBs of memory...outdated straight from the box. EXCLUSIVILY on VZW ...

IF that is not sure press then im sure thats not the refresh. The refresh will prob sport a click screen while this phone wont. But i can see this phone being a flagship device with commercials and such. And i can almost guarantee it will be on Verizon. VZ didn't want the Torch but they will take this. It's sexy. Although i still don't like full touch screen. I'm happy with my 9650 until the touch screen bold comes out and takes over the smarthphone world.

Gimmie a freakin break Droid FanBoys...How MANY Android devices have TRACKPADS??? Nexus 1 (trackball) Droid Incredible (trackpad) Droid 2 (direction keys) A lot of them do so bug off. If you ask me the internal specs IF they are true are the most BB users have had to be excited about in a long time. If this phone ends up on Vzr, or a Bold variant with similar specs, I will almost certainly be upgrading to another BB.

but will gladly come back to blackberry if they actually produce this phone with a good processor. Android battery life is what is killing me so a big high res screen with a fast processor on blackberry would be sweet!

ah, wouldn't you think a fast processor and a large screen will have poor battery life, even if it has a BB label on it???

If you use a smaller font and ever have to select text then you shouldn't have to ask why a trackpad. It's tough to do with your fingers. Plus, it just gives you more versatility, and I don't think it detracts from the phone in that picture at all. The fact that it is there, however, could mean SurePress is not.

I like SurePress, but I can adjust if need be.

The main thing that I liked about the Storm series was SurePress. It made the phone so unique and gave you the ability to tap something without clicking on it giving the effect of a right-click. SurePress was basically perfected with the Storm 2 and I see no reason why RIM has to get rid of it.

I agree that if the Storm 3 doesn't have SurePress, but the Storm 2 Refresh does, the Storm 2 Refresh is a more desirable product in my eyes.

They REALLY need to update the processor in this thing to make any ground. If I see another MSM7600 or Marvel Tavor in another blackberry I will puke.

About the trackpad, a handful of android device do have trackpads/trackballs and they are COMPLETELY USELESS, the newer android devices are not getting them anymore, but that is because of the android OS itself. I think a trackpad on a BB is much, much more useful. If they include the standard cursor like a standard BB, the cursor can be very useful for fine adjustments and precision, perhaps it would be even more useful if the phone doesn't have SurePress.

If this is the Odin Refresh, the I'm not impressed. I am not a fan of trackballs or trackpads. I'm sticking with my 1st gen Storm and hoping that the Storm 4 will be better and at teh least, a 4G phone.

Is the one all the sites said would have all the major adjustments

4g 1ghz etc....that was months ago but i think its holding true.everyone. might want to wait it out

Knowing RIM's track record, you can count on such "advanced" hardware specs such as

"blazing fast" 624 Mhz processor
512 MB of memory to "future proof" the device
OS6 "ready"

I can almost guarantee underwhelming dated hardware will be in this POS

Maybe it is just me; but that thumb ring is not working for

Looking forward for more info on the S3.


the paper is the manual instrucstion for this device in indonesian languange.

There's an onyx2 prototipe too in indonesia.

So this is interesting. They are working on the manual for it. I wonder where this places it in the rollout timeline?

Is it me or does it look like it might have a keyboard that flips or slides out look at the base of the phone, by the dudes pink

Oh man, this is no BB Storm, this is like a BB's LG touch phone. This phone isn't bulky, fat, and so fancy like the Storm2. And WTF does a STORM phone need a track pad? This is pure shit. If this comes to shops I'll be ashamed that I have a BlackBerry.

Looks great. Kind of looks like something HTC would come out with though.

Thumb ring? ROTFLMAO sorry couldn't resist.

Looks great. Kind of looks like something HTC would come out with though.

Thumb ring? ROTFLMAO.

The trackpad will really come in handy when trying to drag the cursor to the spot on the screen where you want to start typing/editing.

My first impression of the trackpad was, "I really hope there isn't a keyboard under that". I could see how having a trackpad could benefit me on my Storm 1. I personally don't need one.

Also, as someone above me noted... is that a mirrored screen showing the ceiling or is the display actually turned on?

The Storm 3 is expected to have SurePress tech and that screen definitely looks like a slider. Let's not forget Salomondrin stated that there were two phones being worked on. One with OS6 and the other the new LTE (Expected in Jan). Both were labeled as Storm models, though I could see how it could have been mistaken for a Storm.

I don't see RIM giving up on their first touchscreen Blackberry. I see them perfecting it.

I am liking this a lot. This looks great. With regard to surepress, sal has been reporting for some time now that the S3 would not have surepress. Its not a dealbreaker for me but I know that it is for some. I am more interested in the internal specs

I can use a trackpad when wearing gloves that I have to take off to use storm 1, the 8gb mem. will only be a plus if the app mem. available to me when i get the impresive looking device is 512mg or better yet 1gb I dont want another device that has 1gb of app mem and the os uses half or more just to run minimums. nice looking larger screen but couldn't find the extra .3 to make it 4" !!! I don't see a front facing camera:( lets hope this thing rocks so I can keep bbing GO RIM!!!!!

I have six months on contract left...and the DROIDX is still on back order...could this keep me on a BB...we will see when it can get here...

I sure hope this is the Storm 3! I need some T-Mobile love with the new BlackBerrys (not the clamshell one though)! I'm waiting patiently to see what happens!

Who knows a guy with a ring like that?
I'm really thinking about getting a storm. Bold got a little boring.

Not sure why people are whining about the trackpad, it is an easier and much less intrusive way to scroll through a page when reading a long email or browsing than blocking the screen with your hand and it is a system that works just fine on both the torch and a number of android phones.

I have to say no SP is welcome as it is the source of many of the Storms issues. And I like SP.

Thats another thought that just ran through my head. Maybe the screen isnt such a stiff piece of plastic. Maybe its more like a softer material to still get the SurePress involved..?

I was reading on salomondrins sight that the new storm 3 was going to be suing the same exact storm 2 shell....but that would be stupid cuz i like the torch touch screen better

Im no expert but after closely examining the photo it seems that the phone has a lip, or another layer to it. Possibly a slide out keyboard? That could very well explain the trackpad at the bottom. Im leaning towards a Torch with horizontal keyboard.

I'll have to admit that phone looking very sexy... but really if that's a CDMA Device and not a HSPA+ i'm going to cry...

I've been on crackberry two years now, but I never keep track of the first image leak until the device hits stores timeline. We see this image, then some more, then specs, then a project name, then the actual name, etc. to release day. What is that....6 months to a year? Generally, what would be the rough estimate of seeing this image for the first time until it is in our hands?

Excited for this. WAY over the storm 2. Ready for the next step.

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3.7" screen and 8GB of internal memory would put this close to the top of the elite smartphones out there. I just hope beyond hoping that it won't be an "exclusive" to Verizon like the Storm and Storm2. I really think Blackberry needs to get away from carrier exclusivity and offer all of their phone models on every carrier.

I've been with AT&T for 11 years and don't expect to switch anytime soon and generally upgrade every 2 years on contract. A GSM model of the Storm3 would necessitate an off contract, full priced, wife would kill me phone purchase.

What do you say Blackberry?

looks like a nice well finished phone but I can't see RIM putting the trackpad on it. Not that I'm complaining. I defiantly prefer brickbreaker with that trackpad anyways.

I don't really care about the specs as long as the phone runs properly. If the screen resolution stays the same, its no biggie for me. I liked the look of the old Storm screen. I just hope that it is a GSM version.

If THAT's the Storm3, I'm still going to get the DroidX. If I'm going to have a fugly looking phone it will be the fugly one with the biggest screen. Looks like Droid for a while, unless the Storm4 is spectacular.

along the bottom, there's a groove - it almost looks like this is a slider? BB 'Touch Pro' anyone? It would explain the trackpad on this device. I'm reserving judgment until seeing the resolution, processor and amount of RAM available for Apps. If they don't cheap out on parts, put the QNX OS on this device, put a FF camera, and open it up to multiple providers, it could be an impressive device.

I have a Bold 9000, I bought it when it was first released, so far, in my humble opinion, RIM has no phone that will compare to it, the 9700 is too small for me, good for my daughter but not for me, The Storm 3 will get my full attention but only if it goes to any carrier but Verizon and they get rid of Surepress, I love the size of the phone and the trackpad, hopfuly they wont cripple it with 2 year old hardware like the Torch, I dont want to leave RIM but after the Torch I'm looking.

I will wanna know wha will be the differences between this and the Torch because for are the same the only difference we can se is that it doesn't have the qwerty keyboard. I think that this will also have OS 6.0.

something tells me that letter "m" is covering up more than the message/signal light indicator. could this be the front facing camera?

For some reason I don't think this is the Storm 3, in fact I think this is a whole new different type of phone. It could be a new entry to lineup. Doesn't strike me as a Storm. The storm is known for it's surepress technology. This doesn't seem to have that in the package. The fact that it has a trackpad saids a lot.

For some reason I don't think this is the Storm 3, in fact I think this is a whole new different type of phone. It could be a new entry to lineup. Doesn't strike me as a Storm. The storm is known for it's surepress technology. This doesn't seem to have that in the package. The fact that it has a trackpad saids a lot.

Ive read a few people say the paper is in Indonisian..but no one has attempted to translate the few words/sentences we can see. If you go to berryreview you can view the picture bigger and please translate for us someone. I do not think the odin "refresh" would include adding a trackpad. That makes it just too different/new model to be called a "refresh".


Based on the mess and items in the picture he is clearly not at an office/work. With this being said why was the guy not able to take a better picture??? No one is watching you at home.

Te above picture sure does look promising, but the storm is a touch screen device....why the track pad?
Also... 8GB of internal memory? You mean an 8GB chip correct and not onboard memory correct? If so then its a joke....the storm 2 comes with a 16GB chip. what gives?

I think they mean 8gb internal memory for saving files, even if so micro SD card is not in the phone. Then you can add micro SD if you want, for example adding a 16gb card would bring total memory for saving files to 24gb. The same stat at "32 gb" iphone, or "64 gb" iphone. This type of onboard memory...

The facts about background papers in Indonesian and couple of plactic Aqua cups (very local indonesian mineral water), I have a big question, how possible RIM developing their sophisticated devices in Indonesia?? Gotta tell you guys, here in Indonesia, you can find hundred brands that look like BlackBerry. So I can simply assume that this is a hoax.

This foto is taken in Indonesia. the background doc is in Indonesian language.... quite surprising how is this device showing up there......hmmmmm

I see a lot of people who question why the track pad... Doesn't the incredible have a trackball, and the Eris, and a couple of other phones? I mean I like the idea of having that additional type of input... But that's just me

I'm hoping this device will be RIM's answer to the Androids and sport a 1ghz processor. If so I will once again be sold on BlackBerry.

I think the device is real but it isn't the Storm 3. It's a new GSM touchscreen device. So this holiday, Verizon will have the Storm 3 refresh, while T-Mo and ATT get this new touchscreen device.

rim got a icon now the track pad and its needed for sure, especially when browsing the web sometimes you dont want to touch the screen so now you can and you can mouse it. very well done for those fine linked lines.

screen size - check
internal memory - check
trackpad - horse shit!

I hope that the trackpad DOES NOT make it to a Storm. for all those talking about selecting links other phones don't seem to have that issue, and with pinch to zoom you wouldn't either. What else the Storm need is of course a 1ghz processor, more application memory (at least 1 gig). A 5-8 megapixel camera would be great. I wish the Storm would get its deserved place as a high end BlackBerry model, instead of the Pearl and Curve getting more recognition + attention. If it gets BB6 that's great, even though a Storm specific UI would be even better. It has the ability to be in the family of the "BlackBerry Surf" tablet, which will have a tablet specific os. If anything they should have a touchscreen only Storm and one with a horizontal keyboard, a la Samsung Epic.

I hope this isn't the next Storm. I hope it's the first touchscreen available on Sprint! Don't care what they call it ;-)

I can't believe nobody has discredited this photo yet.


I'm astounded that crackberry would release such as obvious photoshop job as "potentially the storm 3"

idk if I believe its real if its touch screen why would they have a track pad kinds seems pointless

If that guy is a RIM employee then he's going to be looking for another job lol.

As for it being in Indonesia there is likelihood of that being a fake.

I love my 9530...but this looks even sweeter...i agree that it seems silly to have a track pad on it...but that wont stop me from upgrading to long as its on Verizon

okay lets pause for a second.

As mentioned earlier reports are this is not the storm 3.

Remember that storm "refresh" slide a while back? This pic of the supposed storm 3 does not match that "odin refresh pic"... So whats up with that?

people who have claimed to have seen the next storm describe something along the lines of the "odin refresh"..

things dont add up here...

but i could be wrong

guys, i can't fully read and translate everything. since some words are blocked by the hand and the phone. i can't say my translation is correct, because some words i have to guess what it says.

but clearly i'll say the paper is not telling this is a Blackberry device that will be launched soon. and from all the translation i can make, only a few words come close to a mobile phone description.

here's the top left corner translation.
Stop and wait for the signal
10. There's 2 xxx below
xxxx and xxx

here's the translation from the right corner to the bottom.
read every
or sentence


xxxxx you
you are last

xxxx you

xxxx.This spirit will
spirit will push us to
best touch also

camera "augmentedx
xx is strength
we xxx

just cant tell now if fake or not.

thing that nags at me is that a Vietnamese site got the iphone 4 prototype and displayed it to the world just after giz.

because its in indonesia doesnt necessarily mean its fake.

just my 2 cents

"Its amazing how badly some of you Storm owners whined when you found out that you wouldn't be getting OS 6. I hope with storm 3, you all will be happy now.

Unless RIM up their game and include some real ram and app storage it will fail just like the others. It is stupid to give 8 gig of storage on a device and only 128k or 256K of active storage for apps and OS.

Trackpad??? What's the point of that? And no dual cameras for two way video?

Disappointed already. Will hold out hope.

And Surepress better be there.

Hopefully this is a FANTASTIC indicator to RIM that they need a leading edge & powerful device. This posting has over 200+ comments in less than 24 hours! That should say a lot to RIM about the needs of power users.

RIM does have an armful of inexpensive devices for students and businesses to jump at. Even from their recent announcements, we have the Pearl 3G, Curve 3G, and Torch... all middle of the road to low end devices including the plethora of different Curves. There is no leading edge device from RIM. RIM NEEDS a game changer device!

I really like SurePress, and I hope RIM continues to support it, but I'm even willing to skip it if the majority of folks don't like it. I will admit that I will miss it -- I just hate typing on solid glass!

So I'm due for an upgrade next month. Should I hold out for the storm 3, keep my storm 2 and wait for something better, or go to an android phone? I heard the storm 3 isn't go to be much of an upgrade from the storm 2. I do like the track pad though. Any suggestions?

I'm glad it has a trackpad, the accuracy you get from one is great and if you dont use it, fair enough! it'd fool us all if that pic was hiding a slider :P

nice shape and if its as big as it looks, that's surely going to have a a higher res screen.

My friend will be disappointed if it doesnt come with surepress though.

Dude all we want is the Surepress screen (or else it wouldn't be a Storm)but in HD, 720p camcorder, dual camera, 1GHz processor, at least 1G flash and 8G on board, blue tooth and wifi...and 4G lite capable....i mean is that too much....crap all the droid and iphones have most of that it.

BB can finally come out with a phone that at least meets the competition, and better yet surpasses. I have a Torch and it is nice, but lite years behind the competition! If the Storm 3 is the answer I will swithch providers and get one cause I really like BB. However I am tired of waiting for them to come out with a class act phone and it might be time to switch to Android. Hoping BB gets up to speed and shows the world what it is capable of. I'm quite sure a lot of other users share my concerns, and BB will loose a lot of subscribers. Time to get up to speed. The competition is burying us and BB stock is getting Hammered.

Could any other carrier be getting this device if launched? like ATT :) . I personally did not like the "sure press" or whatever its called on the first Storms, it was sort of annoying. i like not having to PRESS into the screen.
from the pic shown this device looks like its gonna be awsome! iv been waiting for this!

Does anyone notice that unfamiliar power button which looks like a rubber button not part of the screen on the right side? Also can anyone make out any of the type on that paper under the unit. Part of it states Blackberry and 5.0... Surely they would not be shipping this with OS 5..and it can't be memory if it is shipping with 8gb of on board. I wonder if this is the unit with the flip screen with the keyboard...dual screen would be cool.

I love the track pad. It'll help keep finger prints off the screen. I just wonder if this is the real deal and WTH is it coming out? I still think a long ways sliding QWERTY would be awesome. I never, ever want to touch my screen and get it covered with finger prints. Just like the computer at home don't touch the screen.

I would definitely buy the storm 3, as long as it was t a epic failure like the first 2.. Trackpad is an essential I think.. And the touch screen would have to be touch. None of this click screen crap like the first 2...

I noticed the test instruction are in Indonesian.

hmmm, RIM never does its development in Indonesia, unless this is carrier trial

100% sure this photo is taken in indonesia. the paper behind the phone is the instructions on how to use the phone. hmm not sure its a "real" blackberry tho.

I had a Storm 1 9530 and now have a Storm 2 9550. The phones are "fine" but clunky and not competitive with other new phones in the market. Poor user interface, lack of competitive apps, horrible browser. Does the job fine for the basics.

As soon as VZW comes out with the iPhone in early 2011, it is time to evaluate whether iPhone or the newest Droid will be my next phone.

I've spent enough time on both iPhone and DroidX to appreciate what a huge difference there is and just how far behind RIM has fallen. Disappointing, but true.

Not interested in Storm 3.

+1 for the I NEED SurePress argument.

I'm on my 3rd Storm 1 and despite it's fault, the speed at which you can type on it forgives each and every one of its faults.

I'm a modest user but still faster than Bold/Curve/iPhone/anything else users. In fact I think I'm the fastest phone typer in the world thanks to SurePress and the click screen.

If RiM get rid of this, I see no reason to stick with them.

This does seem like the Storm 3. Other than the fact that it has a track pad, which is useful, but not sticking to the design of the other Storms.

Is this Storm3 coming out or not? I still don't see it listed on Verison Wireless anywhere. Search results show only storm 2 and storm1.

I heard that it was coming out black friday the day after thanksgiving from a Verison Wireless Rep and thats just next week. Wouldn't they say something?