BlackBerry Storm 2 Rumors... WiFi, New Screen and More?!

Storm 2 to have WiFi and 5 megapixel camera?!
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Apr 2009 08:44 am EDT

Lots of BlackBerry device rumors this week! Following up on the Magnum / Driftwood / Onyx specs, the net got a little excited yesterday when SlashGear posted a story saying they got word the 'BlackBerry Storm 2' is in the works for Verizon for September and would have WiFi this time around.

BoyGeniusReport followed up the story a short time later, confirming that rumor and adding some more spice - putting out there that Storm 2 should have a new and improved touchscreen and that they heard RIM may be contemplating a name change for their touch technology from SurePress to TruePress (just to confuse everyone). A 5 megapixel camera could be in the works on this one too.

A few weeks back on CrackBerry Podcast 033 we did a big BlackBerry device rumormill catch-up, where we talked about Storm 2 (along with Magnum and Onyx as well). We had heard a while back that Storm 2 was going by the codename "Odin" though with so many codenames floating around now (and don't forget the Storm/Thunder antics RIM got up to with their first touchscreen) we wouldn't be suprised to hear it's now something different. We would be (pleasantly) surprised to see it launch in September though... but have a feeling it'll be later into the year or even into 2010 before it does.

Question of the Day: With the 'Storm 1' taking its fair share of beatings both by the media and owners of the device, do you think when 'Storm 2' hits that RIM should continue with the Storm name? Or should they start fresh and shed the controversial brand baggage and call 'Storm 2' something else?? Heck, maybe they should let Bono design and name this one. Drop your thoughts in the comments!

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BlackBerry Storm 2 Rumors... WiFi, New Screen and More?!


Sept release on the heels of the 9630 release? I have no doubt that there will be a Storm 2, but the timing is suspect. I'm with you Kevin a later release I'm even thinking LATE 2010, but we shall see.

Seeing as I just bought the first one a month ago I would be extremely upset if they bring out a revised edition. I hope they postpone it until atleast sometime in 2010.

Seems like it would be smarter to launch in 2010 when everyone that just got the Storm will be up for renewal. Plus, with the delays the first Storm faced, it probably can't make a fall launch at this point.

Why wait given if they did it near November every is available under the annual upgrade. Many folks are under the VIP so they get a discount anyways. I love my Storm but have started to miss WIFI. My Storm is not nearly as fast as my REV A XV6800 was. I have also thought about the 9630 Niagara.

What a crock of BS. The first one has had serious issues and still does. Give us an update before you release a new one. Oh by the way if its coming out in Sept, get your name on the list now. Wait, list? Whats the difference its first come first serve! ---- No thats not right either, get to the store at midnight and get in the store only to find out they have to be ordered! Ordered? Oh yea there were none to order. Great job verizon!!! I love blackbery and always will but verizon on the other hand!!!!

If RIM/Blackberry release a Storm 2 within 1 year of the original, they should do a complete overhaul and recall the initial versions. With the amount of problems that have been reoccuring with the Storm and the frustration of many Storm users, users should be able to hand-in old Storms for this new and improved version. That is if they use the same name.

Agreed. Fortunately I have 10 or so accounts with verizon so I can push my "weight" around a little. I have no problem getting the full 2-year upgrade price after 8 months with a phone given I will go elsewhere if they want to hassle me. With that said, I feel they should (RIM or Verizon) at the very least offer the full upgrade price to existing storm owners given RIMs success at using us as paying beta testers (which is BS)

i think the should keep a store type name.

something like that

or change the storms name to the drizzle, possible downpour... something like that....

I think that they should call it Lightning or something cooler than Storm, especially since v1 has not been doing so good. That way people will not look at it so negative and would possibly be willing to give it a try.


Why change the name? It will get better. If you change the name, why not change the entire design of the thing. If you are gonna cave, why not cave all the way. Also don't think this device is coming out in 2009. Probably in 2010.

WiFi support on the storm2 can only mean 1 of two things. Either this phone is not going to be on verizon as rumored (or sprint or any other cdma carriers, for it is a law of the cosmos that CDMA blackberries do not posses that which is known as wifi), or RIM and Verizon are actually aware of what their customers want!

You're right on the 2nd point. Verizon seems to be coming around. Take for instance, the Samsung Omnia. WiFi, 5 MP camera, loaded with features. Too bad its a Windows Mobile phone.

I think the blunder of letting the iPhone getting away from them is motivation enough to allow phones with wifi and more.

I am almost positive the new PTT Curve from Sprint has WiFi so it is not out of the realm of posibilities that a CDMA carrier would include it as a feature on a Blackberry

If you're referring to the Blackberry Curve 8350i, you are wrong. It does definitely have wi-fi, but it only has the iDEN radio in it. It's not a CDMA phone, it only runs on Nextel's iDEN network. It will not pick up a CDMA, 3G signal.

That's BUNK a 2010 release would make me happy so I could upgrade, but if it hits in fall I would cry foul. I mean especially with all the glitches and having to run leaked software just to get the phone to perform well...average at best. They should have waited and gotten it right the first time.

the iphone releases every year....who cares about you and your 2 year contract?

buy a one year or buy it retail. it was your CHOICE to buy it for the subsidized price.

How about the rest of the world who were ineligible to upgrade before and want a phone for the end of the year??

RIM owes you nothing nor does Verizon. Bring it on YE 2009--an LTE version

carriers don't sign on with phones to cater to customers that feel shafted over their purchases....if they did, sprint/alltel would have sent letters to all of the LG AX260 (Scoop/Rumor) owners apologizing and offering them early upgrades due to them owning crappy phones....the storm has software problems but, at least they don't break if you look at them wrong, and all have terrible issues with both hardware and software issues

I agree as well, lets see this hit end of year '09 with CDMA/GSM/LTE/WiFi capabilities, I'd love to see a storm as one of the first LTE phones.....

I think it is good that Verizon is listening to their customers. With how the new iPhones get released each year, it does sort of make sense to bring out a new Storm after one year. It also shows that RIM is making improvements to the lineup.

One thing is for sure, the end-of-year release of the Storm probably helped out a lot with their Q4 earnings, especially having the new device out for holiday shopping. It would make sense (and probably good marketing strategy) to have a newer model out around the same time this year.

I don't understand why people think VZW will owe them something if they do come out with a newer version on the Storm this year. I can understand your frustration for buying the device and then it's probably being replaced, but that's how it works. They don't care about your 2 year contract or the Storm you have now. Just like Apple doesn't care and keeps coming out with a new iPhone (and possibly a new one this year), RIM and VZW would have no problem coming out with another one. Whether you like it or not VZW and RIM just want YOUR money just like Apple and AT&T.

I say stick with "Storm 2". There is absolutely nothing wrong with my storm. Also I just hope the screen still clicks. That's on of the best parts about the Storm.

I love my Storm too. Haven't had any problems with it and I'm a heavy user. A couple other people I know have upgraded to it and love it too.

Well first of all, there's no way RIM would be releasing a "Storm 2" in September. The first Storm wouldnt even be 1 year old yet! Thats waaaaay too fast of a turnaround. Anyone who believes that will believe EVERYTHING floating around on these blogs (which sadly is the case for a lot of ppl, lol). Of course there will be a Storm 2 someday (possibly 3rd or 4th quarter of 2010 if you look at the usual upgrade process), but not in September 2009...not buying it one bit.

As far as the naming goes: A lot of ppl give the Storm a bad rap, but I LOVE MY BLACKBERRY STORM, and have been since I got it back in January. Its a great phone (WITH OS .75) and will be even better once Verizon stops teasin and releases .113. That being said, of course you stick with the name "Storm."

Why is it so hard to believe? Back in August or September, I remember boygenius reporting on the Blackberry Storm 2, and this was months before the Blackberry Storm was out.... So, I don't see why it wouldn't/couldn't happen.

it would be in Verizon's best interests to have a better revised storm ASAP with all of the negative press the first Storm has been getting.

I don't know if anyone remembers the LG Voyager, it came out in November 2007, it had many issues blah blah blah, and they released an updated "titanium" version September the next year. No one seemed to notice they discontinued the original black version and now only offer the titanium.... If it was just a simple software upgrade, they could have kept the black ones and just flashed in the new software. It was an updated version of the LG Voyager, with new and better hardware.

If LG can do it, why can't RIM?

I have a Storm and have enjoyed using it and for the past couple of months. Yes it is not as smooth as the Iphone, so what it still works and is leaps and bounds better then the Palm that I had before it. But I do think that it would be in poor taste for RIM to release a new vrs of a phone that has not been out longer then a year. If anything they should be concentrating on releasing updates on ways to improve v1 of the Storm. I would be highly disappointed in RIM if they were to do this release.

i agree that they should be focusing on updates rather than on a new phone especially since the first storm and the second will probably run the same or similar OS's and there is ALOT of work to be done. Theyre probably releasing a storm 2 so soon because of all the complaints and bad press

Verizon should let it's current Storm customers upgrade to the "Storm 2" when it comes around for a small fee (maybe up to $100?) but not make us buy a whole new phone at $500+ plus again.

I mean, if it's got all that (WiFi, 5.0 megapixel, etc...) I'd want it bad. So...

Make it happen Verizon.

You know what I think is funny!!! We have yet to see a official release of updated software for the storm that is on the market. Yet there is already rumor of a 2nd edition of the storm. Come on! I think RIM and verizon needs to provide for there current customers and products. Totally bogus in my opinion!

The Storm was released around November 20th or so, they released an update for the OS on December 5th. And now VZW/RIM are working on releasing another OS update soon.

If a horse won't run then changing it's name won't change a thing. keep the name and improve performance what's so hard about that.

Apple makes one phone for one carrier. If or when they make the phone for other carriers RIM has to have an iPhone killer in place to avoid defectors.

This is my first BB and it functions like a PC. So I'm on the fence about BB's. RIM has to improve functionality, speed and performance before I consider a Storm 2 or "Odin" or what ever name they give this dieing horse.


Part of my plan with Bell is that if I brake or lose my phone, they will replace it for $150. Does anyone know how flexable they are if I did "lose" it and wanted to replace it with the Storm 2? Would they do it for a few extra bucks? Ane what if the first Storm was discontinued?

I have that plan too. Unfortunately there will probably be enough repaired storms kicking around at the time they will not just give out the newer phone when the Storm breaks even if the Storm is discontinued and the Storm 2 is out.
On the other side of the coin you could probably make the argument that it is a discontinued phone but those warranties all state... at the discretion of the commpany blah blah blah

RIM's just not what they used to be. They used to FOCUS on device quality and awesome software.

Now all they care about is launching as many buggy devices as humanly possibly in the shortest amount of time as possible. What is their mission here? Flood the market so people can't help but see BlackBerry's everywhere?

How about instead of trying to get out yet another phone, they make the Storm 1 actually functional first? The Storm 1 is a miserable failure of a phone, so shouldn't they be fixing the GLARING bugs and software glitches and horrible OS instead of working on a new phone...?

My feeling is that if they are going to release a new Storm this year it will be the 9520. If there really is a Strom 2 coming soon, then it has to be more than an iPhone killer. We will likely see a new iPhone this summer and if the Storm 2 does not come close with the same muscle, then RIM really has messed up.

It's cool that's it's coming out, but I JUST BOUGHT my storm last week. Don't come out with wifi NOW! PLEASE! I am two years away from any new phone....

They got rid of the "Test Drive" program. That is totally different. With Test Drive, if you purchased a phone, and within 30 days, port out to another carrier, then you wouldn't have to pay _ANYTHING_. The 30 day worry free guarantee is different. You have 30 days to return/exchange a device. But, if you've used it for more than 10 minutes or 1 MB of data, then you're charged a restocking fee of $35. But, I'd rather pay $35 now and get rid of my week old Storm and wait for the next best thing to use my upgrade on.

Everyone talking about having to wait 2 years to upgrade should look at Verizon's Annual Upgrade which will allow you to get the 2 year new contract dicounted price on a phone after you have been on your contract (if 2 year contract) for 1 (ONE) year, as long as you sign up for a new 2 year contract I believe. Google "Annual Upgrade, Verizon Wireless" and you should find plenty of info.

Agreed! As a VZW dealer as long as you r voice plan is over 49.99 you are eligible for this annual upgrade. Most corp stores and Verizon direct will charge an annual upg fee of $35 but most dealers will waive this fee.

I agree this is kinda crazy... I a somewhat disgruntled storm owner wants the first one to work before they get ahead of themselves again.

I know you posted it in your story, but I have always liked the name Thunder better than Storm. Thunder just seems more powerful. When people started saying it was going to be called the Storm and not the Thunder, I was like "Awwwww, no! You're screwing it up!" Hopefully they will rename it the Thunder. Or if they release it in the same shape and stability as the first Storm, maybe they should rename it the Flop, or Crap, or Junk....

Also, get rid of the "Captcha" thing to post. It's so gay, I can see the letters and numbers, but X's look like K's and 8's when folded look like 6's and vice-versa, so half the time I am wrong when trying to post and it's annoying. Why not just make the numbers and letters look like normal letters and numbers? Is there actually an automated bot or program that would be able to read the captcha if the letters and numbers looked normal?

I'd actually love to see this! I got the Storm from Bell Mobility a while back now. I was first of 25 owners to be exact, at the prelaunch. Being completely honest, I was a bit disappointed at the phone initially, but it's slowly starting to grow on me. I'd definately buy a Storm II if it actually came out. I think the iPhone is a good phone, yes, but I mean a Blackberry is still a Blackberry. Cant wait to see what they do next! I'll be the first one there again, if it's available on my network!

Im curious to know if the firware for WIFI will b available for the previous storm? How much more of difference is there going to be besides WIFI? Why is it that never made it perfect from the beginning? By means of using the curve technology which is the more stable platform i have seen. Now the newer "curve 2" javellin surpassed there older one...Why didnt they use that technology In the storm and put in the newer techology of today especially the WIFI? I understand where the making the money is by producing a newer and more stable platform and phone which should have encor-operated from before....If its was to compete with Iphone which it did, but had its lags and ups and downs which still made the iphone stand out more. Come on people..If you want to be better and #1 do it right regardless of money making...Give a good product and watch it grow, then make more improvements right after...

You can't enable wi-fi on a device with a firmware upgrade, if the device doesn't have a wi-fi chip in it. How do you think wi-fi works? You really think you can just switch it on and off, without having a wi-fi chip embedded in the circuit board? There's also no such thing as the perfect phone. If there was, everyone would choose it. Lots of people like the Storm, lots of people dislike it. Lots of people like the iPhone, lots of people dislike it... No one will ever make a phone that is desirable to everyone because everyone has different needs, wants, .... Some people like touch screens, others despise them. Some people like qwerty keyboards, others like tiny phones that a qwerty keyboard wouldn't even fit on.

Hahaha @ Curve 2 surpassed the Curve. With no 3G, I'll pass. See how that works? What you like doesn't mean everyone will.

And for your last comments, RIM doesn't cut corners to save themselves money. If they made a phone that was quad-band GSM, CDMA/EVDO Rev. A, 5mp camera, perfect software, wi-fi, aGPS, perfect touchscreen, faster processor, more memory.... They would pass the pricetag onto you. So instead of paying $199.99 for a two year contract, it would probably be more like $349.99. And more like $699.99 for full retail.

I agree...if it does not come out late 2010, then they should offer the v2 to those who have the storm at the upgrade price (w/o a resign of contract)....unless they want to be complete jerks and make us pay full which point a boycott should happen :-P

VZW is a business, not a charity. You got a new phone, it's not their fault it's crap. I don't remember when Verizon Wireless started making their own Blackberry's, I'm pretty sure RIM still makes them. Maybe you should be barking up their tree. Verizon Wireless is a service provider, they are not a Blackberry manufacturer and they don't owe you anything for getting a crappy phone when there were hundreds of negative reports all over the interwebs about the problems people were having with the Storm. Even the NY Times called it garbage. And no one is making you pay full price for anything. If you're not eligible to upgrade at the time of the release of the Storm 2, wait until you are, or pay full retail, or buy one from ebay... You have choices. VZW is not holding a gun to your head, and they certainly aren't _MAKING_ you do something you don't want to do.

yes it is there fault that it's crap. You are in a contract for services on a product through VERIZON, not Blackberry. If my Blackberry has issues, I go to Verizon. Not Blackberry. They see the complaints and then they contact their Manufacturer (Blackberry) to resolve the issue. I have nothing to do with BB. That's like saying everything that Target or Best Buy sells is not their responsibility.

Could you imagine if I called Verizon about my phone issues and they said, call RIM?

I've had problems with my Blackberry Curve before, not working well with the Blackberry Desktop manager...Guess what? I called Verizon and they walked me through troubleshooting for about an hour, then transfered me to RIM. RIM fixed my issue in about 20 minutes. And as quickly as I was transfered to RIM, I'm assuming they have RIM on a speed dial list, so obviously I wasn't the first to be transfered to RIM.

And I'm not sure what you mean by Target and Best Buy sells? Are you talking about their Verizon Wireless sells? If so, you proved the other posters point... Best Buy is selling Verizon Wireless' phone with or without Verizon Wireless' service. Best Buy gets money for the sells, but you go to Verizon Wireless for the service, not Best Buy. Same thing with the Blackberry. Verizon and other carriers, have contracts with manufacturers to be able to have that 1 year warranty on phones, and Verizon Wireless employees are trained to properly troubleshoot and replace the devices, but that doesn't mean they make the device. They buy them from RIM, then sell them to the consumer. They provide service and basic warranty. But if you're having issues that aren't service related ( like my issue with Blackberry Desktop Manager ), then they refer you to RIM, who makes the device and software.... So, think again.

Yah...I dont know why everyone is in disbelief or mad about a Storm 2 coming out about a year after the first one....A new Iphone comes out every year...why not the storm. You guys should be excited..more memory..better camera..faster processor..way better internet

I am a storm owner & I enjoy the device. But I am also a MAC User & I definitely disagree with your statement. In my opinion these companies are two different entities that make different products. They both have good & bad traits within their business. You are entitled to your purgative, but don't say RIM is better than Apple and vice verse!

In no shape or form am I talking about computers. Of course if someone were to ask me to pick a platform to use Illustrator or Photoshop, without any hesitation or doubt, I would pick a Mac.

But come to think about it, I retract that statement. Which RIM exec said that the consumer will be beta testers for products? That's exactly what Apple does with it's end users, they make all of us beta testers for their products. So, maybe they're the same......?

I like the Storm and thought it was a great upgrade from my first Blackberry which was the Pearl 8130. I think there could always be better functionality and the WiFi is def a no brainer, should've been included the first time. My biggest concern is that it would be less than a year before a new version comes out and for newer owners it kind of leaves us in a middle ground cost out of pocket place. They should def offer some kind of discount going from the Storm 1 to the Storm 2. Either way love my Blackberry's and even with all the negative media I still love my Storm.

If this comes out within a year that Storm 1(?) came out, i'm canceling my contract with verizon.

Eff that...the Storm 1 should have been thee device, now RIM wants a second chance?

They did well with their other products (where did they drop the ball on the Storm?), and now (for all the Storm 1 owners) we have to dish out x amount of hundreds for the device we should have had in the first place?

No thanks...

I guess that's what happens to early adopters of technology. If you would have waited a week after the Storms release, you would have noticed all of the bad reviews and troubles that lots of people were reporting. Also, if you had issues with your own device, you could have returned it within 30 days and waited for something better to come along. Hahaha, your loss. Oh well.

I forgot to mention, the Storm was my first Blackberry phone. I enjoyed it for sometime (thought it was the best thing ever, even with the drawbacks), and then the new OS (.75) came out, and enjoyed it some more after that, but as time went on, .75 had it not solved the problems...soooooooo, by this time, i'm not good with math but I think it's safe to say, it had been more than 30 days...

Besides, even with the bad reviews, that didn't stop others from buying the Storm. How many Storm units have been sold to date? A million something? Thus making you point invalid.

I can't help it that idiots don't make informed decisions on the things they purchase. If I read 10 reviews and 8 say they have horrible expierences and 2 say it's the best thing to come along since the g-string, I'm going to go with the 8 and not waste my time nor money. And for good reason, I have been eligible to upgrade since October last year, was about to get the Storm until I read all about the problems most people have or had.... I know a couple of people that have gotten Storm's, and they each have had 4 and 5 replacements since they got it. 5 replacements since November. That's ridiculous. That's more than 1 device a month. Now I will wait for the Niagra, see how the reviews are, and if the reviews are good, I will use my upgrade based on an informed, educated decision.

If this comes to AT&T I will get rid of my iPhone and go back to Blackberry.

I just wanted Wi-Fi - :P

Any idea if this is coming to AT&T?

I think they should just keep updating the one I went out and bought. Pretty pathetic when only one official os release came out after owning the phone for about 4 months and it being out for about 5 months.

I will be more than a little pissed if they came out with storm 2 before I've had my storm for even a year. If it were September 2010 it would be understandable but 2009? There is no way i would pay full price for the new phone because they didn't get it right the first time.

The timing for a Storm 2 seems a bit suspect. I'd be upset to see my Storm be replaced so quickly, especially when I'm not in the position to pay $500 for a new phone mid-contract. That said, the iPhone was introduced in Jan 07, and the iPhone 3G was in July 08. It wouldn't be completely unheard of to fix some key issues within that timeframe.

the iphone was announced in jan. and came out in june followed by 3g the following summer. so its not so outrageous to imagine they would shoot for the same time frame. makes sense. right before the end of 4th in time for the holiday rush

maybe they should name it blackberry zeus to stay with the storm (thunder) theme. Since zeus was the name of the god of lighting. I know it was kinda stupid but a thought

Yeah and there is a software update coming for the 9530 on jan 31, i mean feb 15, i mean march 31st.... well definitely sometime before the storm 2. I'll believe it when I see it.

Definitely if it's a 'new' phone it needs a new name. Storm 2? Please don't do that RIM. If you do you'll make us all feel sorry we jumped on your bandwagon. And personally I have absolutely none, zero, nada, complaints about my Storm. This is the best PDA/Smartphone I have EVER owned.

I like the Storm name, although it does come with some initial bad publicity. The same could be said about the iPhone too and they stuck with the name. I am extremely happy with my Storm and would certainly buy a Storm 2.

I wouldn't be "pleasantly" surprised either if it came out in September. I think this kinda sucks, because by leaking this info, they basically are making the Storm obsolete before they even bothered to release a decent OS for it. I wouldn't mind seeing it in 2010, because at least by then alot of people who bought the original Storm will be nearing their contract end, or NE2 date, and at least then would be eligible to upgrade.

The posters that are bashing on Storm 1 owners for buying one in the first place need to get a grip. Why is it wrong to purchase something and then expect that it will get better and that the bugs will be fixed? Has anyone ever thought the Storm wasn't a work in progress?? I bought a Storm in December and was very skeptical because of the reviews it got, but was unwilling to switch to AT&T for an iPhone so I pulled the trigger. What I found out is that the reviews didn't give the Storm a chance. They wanted a Verizon iPhone and the Storm isn't that. They were comparing a 1st generation Storm against a 2nd generation iPhone and it's not a good comparison. The iPhone is impressive with what it can do, but it's what it can't do that annoys me. I don't have any problem with a Storm II, but I do expect Rim/Verizon to service the product they sold me and one update in November isn't what I consider servicing my product.

Most of the comments that are bashing first gen Storm owners, are bashing the people that say they got screwed because of this rumor about the release of a new, better version in September. The people that are getting "bashed" on, are the people that feel like RIM or Verizon Wireless owes them something because they got a device that isn't 100% up to par, and are releasing one that's supposed to be a lot better within a year. It was their/your choice to get a Storm, when there were soooooooooo many people reporting issues and problems with the Storm.

Are you at all familiar with technological devices? What device hasn't been released and then received updates as issues were discovered?? Why are Storm owners that purchased amid bad press the only people that shouldn't expect an update?? I wasn't aware that I signed an "as is" clause in my agreement with Verizon.

Why would you "expect an update"? Why not get a device that works near flawlessly out of the package? I can understand minor tweaks to software to fix small issues. But the whole point of the Storm was to be an iPhone killer. The accelerometer works great ( now ), but when the device first came out, it was super slow, froze, and the landscape and portrait keyboards would overlap each other... Did _NO ONE_ not realize this during "testing"? That should have been one of the things that worked flawlessly out of the box... Other issues like the phone freezing, or rotating when the phone isn't moving, keyboard disappearing while typing.... All of these things should _NOT_ have been an issue when the device was released... Why should I buy a $199.99 device, and then have to wait on RIM/VZW for OS updates to make the device run the way it should have when it was released? I shouldn't have to wait, it should have worked out of the box... If I purchased a high definition tv, and got it home, and all of the HD channels that I get looked worse than regular channels...there's a problem, and I shouldn't have to wait for an update, the tv was supposed to display in HD... I know I'm comparing apples and monkeys, but still, the Storm shouldn't have needed an OS update less than a month after release, and even that update isn't great, and we are all waiting for the next one, which we shouldn't have to. IT SHOULD HAVE WORKED STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOX, without any updates.

i say nix the storm name! it was a terrible device and no one wants a reminder of the it.... i say name it something similar like thunder or bolt, something of that sort :)

i don't care about the name but if this is true verizon nd rim will lose a customer for i will be chanqinq to att nd the iphone .. i will never buy a first qeneration fone ever aaqain .. i love my storm but the wait for everythinq for it is ridiculous .. ii'm startinq to qet fed up w/ waitinq .. sorry for the rant .. jus my 2 cents

I'm actually there with you but, I don't know if I could go to AT&T. Plus, I really do like the Blackberry service. I, like others will just wait and see what Verizon does. If I feel disrespected by their practices, then I will take my ball and go home.

Should RIM change the name for the new Storm or Rock the Storm2? Well i believe it all depends on how much faith they have in their new product. Because the first Storm was slammed pretty hard all around it would be "ballsy" to drop the new product with the previous Storm name because of all the pre-existing skepticism that would accumpany the device, but if they are confident in their new product they should. To change the name would leave some of the old Storm skepticisms behind for most people (not Crackberry users, we would see through this facade), and would allow RIM to cut some corners. I personally would like to see a Storm2, it would let me know the designers/engineers/etc. heard the voices of the people and tried their best to improve a great device.

STOP SCOP(subconscious categorization of perceptions)

Now it makes since why RIM and Verizon have not released the badly needed improvements to .75; they're busy working on future profits. September release? When was the last time Verizon released a new phone as promised. The past is the best predictor of the future.

Honestly, if you do release the new storm, that would be amazing, what better way to upgrade and fix then release a new phone, would explain the lack of updating. BUT if this is done, they need to offer a trade in and no need to extend the contract. I don't care if i have to trade in and pay 100 bucks, if the phone works right has wifi and other things, ill buy it opening day! So, please verizon and blackberry listen to the people. Don't make us sign another 2 year contract, let us upgrade with trade in.

That is the God honest truth. I would trade-in my phone and pay whatever just to get the new and improved Storm with all the fixins. IF Verizon were so generous, or if RIM would offer an incentive or rebate for those of us that stuck with them through the STORM, then yes, I think a lot of people would do the same... without a doubt. Especially adding something that I think we all want... WI-FI!!!! Please, oh please Verizon and RIM make it happen.

It's a little disheartening to hear that they are already trying to replace the entire device with something 'better,' especially with Storm users not seeing much in the way of OS love. I'm pleased with my phone running the leaks, but I'd be less than thrilled if they were to bring out a 'replacement' model only a year after the phone launched.

IPod went through their problems and never dropped the name. Keep the name and show the world that RIM doesn't hide their mistakes... they improve them. Don't take it as a loss, take it as a lesson and take your time and get it right the next time around. I'm still in your corner (even though my Storm is a pain every-so-often). Good luck, and if there is a 2nd "Storm" on the horizon, I'm all over it. Listen to the people and give us what we want.

They need to update the OS to be perfect on the current storm before they go to a new device. If they don't, this right here will be my last BB.

The first Storm has left such a bad taste in my mouth I'm not going to get the Storm 2. Bring on the Niagra!

for our sakes i hope this doesn't get released until 2010. bc we dont need another phone pushed out too early and being a complete disaster yet agiannn. n yea im a storm owner. ha

for our sakes i hope this doesn't get released until 2010. bc we dont need another phone pushed out too early and being a complete disaster yet agiannn. n yea im a storm owner. ha

I forget where I read it, but I had read that part of the reason for a new Storm is addressing the numerous complaints with the SurePress technology for typing. Supposedly RIM is working on another technology that will make it easier for typing and other data input. If this is true, then it makes sense to rush in another device. As numerous people in here have touched on, RIM put a lot of eggs in this basket, and it more or less flopped when reviewed. RIM cannot have a flagship phone out there with such poor reviews for long and still maintain its position as the preeminent manufacturer of smart phones. Simple business at work.

As for those who are complaining that RIM and VZW would release an updated handset 1 year after the first, get over it. A phone now is how computers used to be. Every couple of months something better comes out. How can you fault VZW or RIM for wanting to release a replacement for a phone that has been so poorly received, especially when that phone is at the top of their lineups?

I think that post was obviously a joke, considering he referred to "conspiracy theories" on the first line. Unless this guy has provided good info in the past, I'd go with BGR/Crackberry's report first.

I think the expectations are too high. There is too much of a rush for the perfect device. Let's just appreciate that the technology is here and is moving quickly. These devices do so much more than the old devices of just a few years ago. I love my Storm. It is so much better than my Treo. I am being patient to get back some of the features I once had. My slingbox and a browser as good as Skyfire.

well either way im buyin it, i love my storm now. runnin .113 and its not difficult 2text at all on it 4me. still quik. so i beleve dey should keep da name. y try 2hide da 1st Storm, it wasnt a total disaster like everybody tried 2make it sound. my boy even scared me n2 gettin one, i honestly thawt i woodnt like it but wen i got it, 1st day i nu he was wrong. he has a iphone by the way so i didnt trust him fully.
but naw leave it storm 2 if dats what it iz. plenty of phones came out wit issues but got better after each processor

Storm has left a bad taste in my mouth ever since I opened the box and turned it on. I was so excited about this device, and after a while it is soooo damn slow. I have always loved BlackBerry devices, but once Verizon gets the iPhone I'm switching over without any questions. I have a Mac computer, and I want it to sync seamlessly. iPhone here I come!!!

Let me start by saying that I couldn't care less if RIM releases Storm 2, 3 and 4 at the same time next week. Devices get a makeover all the time and we shouldn't be surprised about this. RIM doesn't owe us anything in that sense.

HOWEVER, RIM does owe us a PERFECT OS for Storm 1. I'm getting tired of beta testing this device, and it seems that everyone else I ask with a storm has found Crackberry and the leaks and is keeping the phone that reason alone.

I will be perfectly happy keeping my wi-fi-less storm for my 2 year contract is RIM gives me an OS update that fixes nearly everything. No memory leaks, no lag, no color issues, no random shutdowns, no sporadic bugs...just a good, working phone that I can rely on all the time. If Apple can have a reliable, smooth OS on their crap so can RIM.

My 2 cents.

There will never be a PERFECT OS for any phone... ever.

It's just that simple.... You can't fix EVERY LITTLE bug in an OS...

Apple doesn't truly have a reliable smooth OS either... you ever been using an App and in the middle... BAM!!! the App crashes and you have to restart?

I say... as long as they fix the OS at least a little before they release a new phone... then bring on the new Storm!

My upgrade is up in December anyways!

Am I the only one that loves his Storm? Ya its got some bugs but I still love the phone, I don't see any issues with it that would need the phone phone to be revamped, the hardware is perfect in my opinion its just the software that needs to be fixed. Thou Wi-Fi would be nice, but its not something that's required specially with Verizon the only place I don't have service is my dorm room, which everyone loses service in the dorms on campus.

I really like my Storm too. I think the hardware is a pretty solid build and I have no problems with it. It is a very reliable device and it gives me what I need out of it. Maybe a few fixes on the OS but no major complaints. WiFi for me is no major make/break, the 3G works fast enough for my uses.

honestly, I'm going to be pretty skeptical about this storm 2. Don't get me wrong I like the first storm, but RIM has definitely let me down in terms of expectations and quality (especially of the OS). I was all excited about the first storm that I rushed out to get it, but I am definitely going to have a wait and see approach to this phone. If it runs the same OS as the first storm (which it probably will because they are very similar devices) and its still crappy, i'll wait for my two year contract to expire. I don't have too much issue with the SurePress but theres definitely room for improvement. If this phone doesn't fly (and I mean FLY) with reviewers and users like the first was SUPPOSED to, then I'm not going to bother. I get another BB or look to other companies where I know there will be quality.

This phone wouldnt be worth getting on Verizon if its not 4G capapble, especially if you have a 2 year contract and will have to buy it for full price. Verizon will launch their 4g network early next year and if this storm 2 doesn't have it you will be stuck with 3G. It may be better to wait till 2010 and getting the storm 3 that has 4G and wifi...

For those saying "why don't they just come out with an OS that works instead of a new device"..... a new OS won't fix the crappy surepress or stop dust from getting under the screen, screen moving, buttons falling off, having to put something like a business card or something on the battery to make typing better. Hopefully whenever there is a new one, it has a better OS and hardware because the Storm is truly an embarrassment.

I use a Curve only because I like the feel of touching buttons, especially after trying my daughter's Storm, it will take me a little time to play with. But, normally when there is something new, the first edition is always bad, or not up to expectation. We all will expect more from the Storm 2, or Storm II, whatever they decide to call it. I'll probably get the second Storm. Probably a big improvement and hence, I will dive head-first into the world of touchscreens AAAAHHHHH.

My Storm doesn't even function properly and they're gonna release a new one? There had better be a credit given to Storm owners to swap out for the new one. Verizon is ridiculous.

Sold my storm and got an iphone......AT&T service has improved drastically since the last time I had it back in 2004...AT&T has come a long way and the iphone is indeed the best phone on the market...with the 3.0 software comming out June there will be NO downside to iphone at all.

I think they should offer a special deal to all people who have the current storm to upgrade to the better one. It sucks that we spent good money on a device that is getting upgraded and will be SOL with OS's and app's.

Got to be joking me. The storm 1 does not work. How is the Storm 2 going to work? Magical Unicorn going to put it together? What don't they get? Leave touch screen to apple and palm please RIM.

As someone who is new to both blackberry, smartphones & touchscreen phones, I went for the storm as an alternative to the Iphone because I wanted to stay with Vodafone, and the nice people at apple wouldn't let me have one on this network!!

Have to say I am v happy with it. Yes there are glitches, and the battery life could be better, but that could be said of every phone I have owned & I think it is a great phone with a growing number of good apps, I for one look forward to the release of the Storm 2 and I think they should keep the name.

Fortunately, you made the great descision to make this your first of both worlds. If you would have had a BB before the Storm, you would grasp the plague of unhappy (upgrade?ers). This is a fantastic device for newbies, unless you have had tremendous problems with the software "glitching", then a person would definetly get a bad taste. Happy SurePressing!

I am willing to bet money they will NOT release another Storm this year...theres just no way. This current Storm i believe has alot more potential then the current (.75) software is allowing.

As previously said many times on here...RIM and Verizon need to clean up the current Storm software and get the App Store up to full steam before they consider any more models. Just my honest opinion.

Why keep putting half assed phones on the market??

I don't care much about Wi-Fi, but I am interested in what might change with the touch display. While it works fine for me and does the job, the actual technology to make it work seems a little, um, old and cheesy in some ways. As far as the camera goes I hope they don't go to 5 MP just for the sake of playing the MP numbers game. 5 MP is useless if the rest of the camera hardware can't support it. That's the problem now...

I THINK they should make a WIFI Adopter for Storm.

like mini USB Adaptor plug into your phone and you got WIFI. SOMEBODY should make it. :@ .. or they shouldve made the storm with the WIFI :@ :@ :@ :@: @: plus,, developers should make more apps for storm and keep them FREE. I have iphone and blackberrystorm from work.
i see my self on iphone more then on my storm with unlimited data.
Iphone i can go watch movies online.
where as storm just dont support it. I know ia m going to make alot of people angry here, but hey ,, just saying the fact.
I like the look and feel of storm but the OS :@ :@ :@ :@.. i am running .113 (the lastest) and it still somtime just think for no reason. and then u do the battery pull..
sooooo RIMM.. get bak to work :@.. and give us better OS that dont die. and developers give us some free fun apps.
Whos with me. reply here, and we will go together and protest infornt of RIM building.


What a slap in the face of the consumer! Release ANOTHER Storm when the first one hasn't even got an "official" OS update for the Telus 9530...

RIM should have kept this under wraps until more time passed so that it doesn't look like they are dropping the Storm like a hot potatoe and moving on to another unbotched device...

I can't believe all the crazy comments here regarding some unfounded and unverified RUMORS!!! People step back and relax. Please!! It makes no sense that Verizon would release another Storm this year when they are working on upgrading their network to 4G with the LTE system for 2010. Granted BGR sometimes gets advanced word, but we are still waiting for the official release of the upgraded Storm OS. That was supposedly due for March 31st. How many different ones have been "released" since January. If anyone from Verizon visits Crackberry, I bet they're ROTFLTAO. It's amazing how the power of rumors are infinite on the web. Boggles the mind.

I just bought the storm last week and now they talk about releasing a new one. -_- go figure! Stupid verizon probably won't let me upgrade either cause of the 2 year contract thing. LAME!

My vote goes to a different name! Blackberry Storm 2(the sequal)doesn't work. The only good sequal is Return of the Jedi! We don't want a LG Chocolate epidemic....RIM is smarter than that! I THINK???

I don't have a Storm and have only played around with one in the store and that of a friend. It's disastrous in my opinion as a main phone and business device.

OK, but RIM shouldn't give up on it and should continue to work toward fulfilling the promise that the Storm was intended to be. I believe that Storm would send a signal to the BB community that it is not committed to standing by it's products and designs making it more likely people will avoid new products.

I don't have a Storm and have only played around with one in the store and that of a friend. It's disastrous in my opinion as a main phone and business device.

OK, but RIM shouldn't give up on it and should continue to work toward fulfilling the promise that the Storm was intended to be. I believe that Storm would send a signal to the BB community that it is not committed to standing by it's products and designs making it more likely people will avoid new products.

Well, why create a Storm 2 when Storm 1 is still sorting out bugs. They should do like the iPod Phone did, give us the upgrade, etc.

If they release a storm 2 in september without correcting the problems of the first or giving current owners credit, screw RIM and Blackberries. I would gladly take the next iPhone(or Pre) over buying another product from a company that treats its consumers like that.

There is not a single day that goes by that I don't want to smash this piece of crap "Storm" onto the concrete.

Luckily I've saved multiple people from them, and directed them to iPhones.

"Enterprise." "Reliable." F that.

Biggest waste of money I've ever spent.

Ditch the "Shitstorm" name and start over. Make it light, fast and RELIABLE. No more "battery pull" solutions.

Until then, I keep pointing people at the iPhone and costing RIM cold-hard cash.


No. The new device should NOT be called "Storm 2". This is not the Chocolate we're talking about here...


- Prestige
- Clutch
- Dark

FIX the first storm. then move on.....the first iphone was fine AND STILL USED by many ...the second iphone was an improvement indeed but nothing to blow the first one out of the water...and now the third one...which comes with many SOFTWARE improvements is on it's see RIM....SOFTWARE FIRST!!! first blackberry ever owned..and so much disapointment...can you sit some of your software engineers down and make everyone who owns a storm happy before you make them move on to something else.. jesus...wake up.

The software on the current storm is awful. I have tried all the releases up to 113. The phone is just painfully slow most of the time. I really think that the processor in the phone is just to slow to run the software on a touchscreen. I hope I am wrong but Rim used to have very stable and fast phones.

While I have no doubt that there is a Storm 2 in the works, you guys are all going to end up disappointed. There is no way this is going to land this year.

I say shed the name! I was all eager to try out the Storm...if & when it ever hits this part of the world...but having read all the reviews am totally NOT swapping my 8800!! I think RIM should definitely do a complete name change/re-branding for this one...and perhaps a market test prior to full-launch!

I have had my share of issues (occasional random reboot, etc) but I have had no problems adjusting to typing on this phone from my 8830WE after a learning curve that lasted a week or so. I have also never found myself wishing I had WiFi, maybe because I get a 3G signal almost everywhere I go. Maybe it's just me.

So the BB Storm 2 will be everything the BB Storm 1 was not, essentially leaving Storm 1 users in the lurch!! If there's not a firmware update soon, I will be getting an IPhone. Nice to see that BB will be screwing users who took a chance on this half-baked device hoping that it would get better. Thanks BB, You've given me another reason to get an IPhone.

Ya think that RIM and VZW would be focusing on getting the 9530 software fixed before even *THINKING* about a new version. I mean got the released version of the software is just horrible. Maybe with Bell releasing .122 they will get their butts in gear?