BlackBerry Storm 2 Possible Release Dates For Vodafone UK And Verizon?

BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming In November?!?
By Bla1ze on 3 Aug 2009 11:33 am EDT

We've already had plenty of up close and personal looks at the Storm 2 - much to the dismay of RIM as they promptly requested images and video to be pulled. But that is neither here nor there at this time. We know it exists, we know it will eventually hit carriers and now we are just that much closer to a possible release date month.

The good folks over at The BlackBerry Zone have posted that Vodafone UK is set to release the Storm 2 (9520) in October while Verizon is still on for a Storm 2 (9550) release in November. Now this month has actually been tossed around for a few devices, especially the Onyx. So we here at CrackBerry will still leave this one stuck under the "rumor" category, just for safety sake. Stay tuned as more information is developing. So what do you think? Is November going to be the month or will RIM delay it beyond that?

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i hope its november! i cant wait!

i dont see why theyd delay it past november, if its going to be as big a success as the first one, theres no reason they should release it any other time than right before the winter holiday season.


I cant wait till December for the Storm 3

JonesJones Just launched official release date, October 20th


thanks for that tiny url that takes u to the YouTube page of "Eye Poking", it was so amazing that i closed the page the minute the Jackass theme song came on, but hey, at least u got the view count up right?


I might win a dinner for it. I wish I could thank you in person, give you a roll or something. I will post update/review after the dinner :D


I bet Verizon waits till after Nov 21 so that your year warranty on your original storm is expired.


I know of several people who are anxiously awaiting this phone to drop so that they can come over to Verizon from their current cell phone company. Me I personally still enjoy my original Storm


I have my upgrade in December...


Can't wait for this, I hope november, christmas will be early for me if that's the release "month"


I am not making the same mistake again. No way will i get it on release date.


as long as they are able to skyfire program on the blackberrys ITS OVER FOR APPLE PLUS PUTTING APPS TO A MEMEROY CARD IS GOOD TO NOW


Any word on if the Storm 2 will be coming to AT&T?


yeah, when Verizon gets the iphone.


That is to funny. I will accept that one


which will be in January 2010


i doubt that very much, one of the reasons for verizon getting is , they were suppose to have the iphone origionally, they told steve to go fuck himself cause he didnt want the verizon logo on the phone , so the cut a deal with rim,

i think thats how it goes


also vzw wanted a cut of sales for apps but iphn only wanted to give the sale of the phn nothing else. like they gave att vzw knew that would not have made them the money they want


Blackberry storm 2 looks awesome


doesn't look like its worth upgrading. I'll stick with the original storm for another year


Unless there is some major upgrade to the UI (which there isn't) I'll stick w/ Storm 1.


I have no problems with my Storm 1 and will be happy to use it another year until Storm 3 comes out. :)


I have to second the idea of not making the same mistake again and buying as soon as it drops...


After release date, Verizon will be getting their customer service to work with all the people calling in.

Verizon Rep - Hi How are you today?

Customer - Fine, but you owe me a Storm 2, I bought Storm 1 and it sucks, I want a free upgrade!

Randy b

I talk to a tech a bell yesterday about my storm and that i was having problem with it and I ask him about the storm 2 and he side they we going to be rolling them out soon. that's Bell Canada


storm 2 in october on vodafone? excellent, i'll only have 8 months of my storm 1 contract to run......that's quite annoying. maybe voda will do some sort of deal with existing storm owners cos 18 months was the shortest contract they offered at launch


Verizon will not release the Storm 2 until they incorporate WiFi capability. The initial leaks show devices that do not have WiFi.

Ideally, as they did last year, right around Thanksgiving would be logical, but remember how long it took for Verizon to approve the .148 update. They are never in a hurry to support their customers and it wouldn't surprise me if it lingered until next year, given the similarity between the 9530 and the proposed 9550. So, don't sit vigil by the phone waiting for this one.........


I plan on holding on to the Storm for another year before getting the Storm 2.


I will not make the same mistake again. I will read reviews from crackberry, boygeniusreport, and engadget before I even think about getting this phone. I really hope RIM can impress with this one.


I got the original Storm on the release date and wish I had waited. I will also read the reviews on the "latest and greatest" Storm as well.


All I can say is, don't release until it's 100% bug-free.
If that means Nov 2010, then so be it.


I think Ill wait until AFTER christmas to buy it, that way I can read all sorts of reviews and such to make sure I dont make the same mistake that I did with my current Storm.


i love my storm so much now , it wasnt always like this . i cant wait for the storm 2 to come out . i doubt that we'll see the same problems from the first one . i hope not . they will hurt themselfs big time if they do.
verizon keeps trying get me to get a new phone now caouse im on month to month right now, im thinking of getting the storm 2 with out a contract . i like letting them sweat me.


no one is sweating ur ass its there job to mention it to if u go in the str there job prob depends on getting contracts ...but when u call in they do it for quality purposes


Time for another Storm! hahah...


I agree with amojeba. Do not release the phone until all the bugs are ironed out. People don't realize that VZW doesn't just sit around on their asses deciding not to get an upgraded OS out to us. They test the software almost too much and take too much time on each one before we get it so that we don't get stuck with a POS OS. Each OS that has been official for VZW has (overall) been very solid. Granted the release OS was buggy, and .75 was slow, but from .75 on they have all been pretty solid. I say test the crap out of this one too and make sure its as good as .148 or .151 before the phone is released.


Not sure I wanna jump onto another storm. I am hoping for a Verizon android phone by then.


to be a successor a product needs to have significant upgrades over the original, this does not. i know the codename from rim is ODIN but i just think the title is misleading. i really think this phone was botched. shoud have been what everyone thought it would be if given enough time. will be in no rush unless i hear RAVE reviews on it.


I can't wait, and if the software is snappy I may consider paying full retail.


I think November buisiness wise will be their best goal seeing as how the economy is in a slump, in November people will have money to burn for christmas but in December and January most are broke from christmas shopping. Looking at it from a business perspective November would be prime.


the release date for the 9520 coming to rogers will be november/december, somewhere in between those two moonths

Malibu Flyer

I have been waiting for Verizon to get a state of the art smartphone with a great browser and WiFi for over a year. Given the issues with the first Storm when it first came out I think it is great to have it released somewhere else first so we can all see if the Storm 2 is a finished product [both software and hardware].

I'm anxious to get a Storm 2 if it fullfills its promise but don't want another half baked release like the Storm was last Nov. IF that proves not to be the case I'll go with either the Pre w/Verizon or bite the ATT bullet with an iPhone.


let me unlock my boldddd


WOW!! this looks just like the 1st storm!


I had the Storm I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO A STORM even if its a Storm 10. I am happ y with the Tour


your so happy that you had to take the time to post here?


I think that many of us here are using the Storm 9530 v5.0.0.140 software and that the Storm 2 will be running something similar. My feeling is that the next Storm will basically be fixed from the hardware perspective (better screen, faster microprocessor, and more memory) but from the software side, we're pretty much using it. Except for some of the software incompatibilities, the v5 software works pretty well. What BB really needs is a new OS, new software tools, or just more software OS development. To paraphrase the recent BoyGenius article, the Storm 2 is basically a new package for an old product.


A simple test of how few people there are anymore that care about the Storm is the number of people that have commented here. If this was last year, pre-release, there would have been hundreds/thousands of comments here on any Storm article. Blackberry needs to stop dicking around with the tons of half-ass phones they keep releasing and come out with a couple of good ones for each network type. I.E. a Bold for GSM/CDMA, a WiFi enabled, faster processor Storm for GSM/CDMA, and a cheap Curve for both. I mean really, looking at it objectively, the Tour was a meaningless dud of an addition to the line. Their focus should be, as Perfection says, on the OS which is archaic and cludgy at best.


yes they need to bring out a cheap curve, just wait another week or 2 and you`ll be happy, the 8520/8530 will fill that market just perfectly


I've heard september but thats a huge doubt...whenever it drops though im def. getting it.


Thats my upgrade month. I'll try it out for 30 days. If its a POS, I'll go back to my curve.


so if this is coming out soon.... are they still building the original?


The Storm 2 looks like a significant improvement over the original design. The new touch interface looks great. I have the Bold 9000 and prefer the Bold's Qwerty keyboard.

I have the iPhone for the touch board, but who knows, if the Storm 2 is a great device, I may have to trade in my iPhone 3G for the Storm 2.


Not that it means much but verizon rep told me Jan.


Wow i just got my second storm in yesterday (first one broke) and I'm gonna pass on the storm 2 and wait till December 2010 to get the storm 3!!! cause you know that phone will be the icing on the cake!
Honestly the storm 2 will be the same as the storm 1 sure it looks nicer but Ive heard that all the innards of the storm 2 will be the same as the storm 1 except wifi but who needs it when i have a laptop!


I really hope verizon hook up all original storm owners.


AT&T gets it or not, I'm definitely getting this phone.


I really hope this phone is releaded sooner rather than later. I am looking forward to getting mine.


sounds good, still wish it was sooner

Alan I.

I really hope this phone works out for RIM


Worst phone I have ever owned. Don't hold much hope for the storm II.


it will be there for xmas like the storm


CLose to Christmas time may be the time for a hugh sale...


Should I get the Tour now or wait for a Storm 2... questions... questions


I just hope that the new storm is better than the first.

Also - I hope that Verizon will let us trade up to the Storm 2. (Doubt it)


Can you name 1 time when Verizon has released a phone on the originally announced release date? December is a good possibility even if its not ready. Why would they miss the christmas revenue flow. I'm getting dejevue