BlackBerry Storm 2 Hands-On!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 Hands-On
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 May 2009 01:23 pm EDT

SWEEET!!!! Engadget got their hands on a BlackBerry Storm 2 ("Odin") and has given it a great unofficial first hands-on look. You can click the image above to jump over for lots of photos, a video and some initial impressions. The unit they have isn't quite fully functional (apparently the first batch of Storm 2s floating in the wild are running the Storm 1 OS so the display isn't registering input so well, hence it won't let them click OK to the user agreement and they can't get into the OS), but they still do a great job going over some of the things we can expect in this next-generation touchscreen from RIM.

Gone is SurePress (so much for that Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough award?!) and according to Engadget "it is a leap from the previous Storm incarnation with sleeker style, more heft, and a click-free display that doesn't rattle about, all of which collaborate to make the Storm 2 feel a wee bit higher end." There's been lots of talk that the Storm 2 will still feature a form of tactile feedback (True Press), but they couldn't quite put that to the test just yet.

Be sure to sound off in the comments here and let us know what you think!

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BlackBerry Storm 2 Hands-On!



I like the looks of it, think this will steal some thunder from the Tour.. can't wait to see both in person.

guillaera23, no 'click' screen... it's touch, not press.

and yes Linsey, I agree, lets get this thing on shelves.

I won't shed a tear over the SurePress being gone. While I left the iPhone after three months to go back to a network that works (and for advanced features like cut/paste and MMS.. ;) ), I could type like nobody's business on the iPhone. I just hope they've beefed up the memory or processing so things move a whole lot faster (and yes, I'm running .132).

I, for one, welcome our new Canadian overlords.


What, no Simpsons fans?

what about all the unhappy storm 1 onwers is big red going to let them trade theres in on a storm 2 ??

Every tech company comes out with a new product every year.

My TV is 7 months old, its already last years model. My laptop is 3 months old, and its the old model. The new ones have better features. Should I call the manf. and complain to see if they let me trade it in for the new model? jeeeez

Dude no offence but im sure your TV and Laptop worked perfectly fine out of the box from the day you bought them, yes some Laptop software needs updating as time goes on but im sure if will last you a hell of a lot longer than the cr@ppy Storm that i and many other unhappy customers were sold!

people keep comparing other products to the storm as far as updates i dont give a shit about the new features the new storm may offer but they either need to FIX the first storm or offer me the new storm at a upgrade price at the least ...people keep thinking that storm 1 owners want the new storm just cause its new, not the case if they fix storm 1 then i will have no problem but as you can see people have been told about 6 different times at the least that a OS was gonna come OS came out yet but yet there is already rumor and pictures of a storm 2 kind of givess us loyal storm 1 users the feeling that we will soon be abandoened..(plus i actually got used to the sure press screen lol if i use someones touch screen i might cause issues for pressing it to hard because im so used to clicking down lol)

Where is the option for current Storm users to update their OS like iPhone users will when iPhone OS 3.0 comes out? Sure hope the next storm wont be as much of a wreck as the current one (slow accelerometer, lag when pushing buttons, random freezes....and missed calls because of the aforementioned three).

Well at least RIM admits that was a mistake by taking it away for the new Storm. Sure press was a pain in the arse.

RIM makes take down earlier pics, while leaving them up everywhere else, now other blogs get someone else's love...bummer...

I just wish they just disabled the surepress for TYPING only! The hover and press functionality while going through menus and clicking on web links worked well IMO. It kept me from clicking the wrong thing like I always do on other touchscreen phones. RIM, you had a good thing going and you just sold out rather than perfect it. That said, I think I'm going back to a real keyboard anyway...

I like it for clicking links in the browser etc... but it gets quite tedious when typing on the keyboard.

What? No surepress? That's what makes a Storm so different! The styling is the same as the original. RIM should be focusing on greating a better firmware for the original Storm than pushing it under a rug with a new one that looks the same. I'm not sold!

I can't believe the Storm 2 is already coming out! WTF!!!!!!!!!!! All the issues I've had with my Storm 1, including the dreaded dust under screen and now I'm going to have to wait 15+ months to be eligible to upgrade. I understand new tech always comes out but come on, we can't even get an official OS release to fix the countless issues with .75. Thanks VZW and RIM!!

a BAD memory leak! My memory was always 40mb+, after installing .148 and several battery pulls my memory would dive below 15mb! I went back to .132 seems to be the best beta yet.

Yikes...Now we are definitely going to hear it from Storm 1 owners...I can't wait to see it, even though i have a Storm 1. I'm pretty happy with it, especially with the LEAKS!!! Yee!!! But i really like the click screen!!!

Why should they? They gave you 30 days to change your mind, and you didn't.

You bought a storm 1, knowing full well, that one day, a much better storm would be released.

On a side note, I think Sony should replace my TV because they sell HDTVs now. And I want an HDTV and my current one isn't HD.

It just doesn't function as smoothly as an iPhone does, and people's expectations are overblown. The biggest problem though is that it doesn't function as "smoothly" as other Blackberry devices such as the Bold, so even Blackberry users are disappointed. However, compared to MOST other VZW phones (smart and dumb) the Storm is NOT a bad device. It is FAR more versatile than dumbphones are (not being married to "Get It Now" is a HUGE plus, although to be fair WinMo has this advantage too) and also functions more smoothly and responsively than alot of the WinMo devices do (and even has an unlocked GPS unit) - And it has more functionality than any of the other VZW Blackberry devices do (until the Tour arrives, that's about equal, not counting screen SIZE)

If you bought a hdtv that didn't show hd and the company's fix was to put out a new tv you would want them to replace it with the new one right? same thing.

Thats means you did not buy a HD TV then.

So Yes, would buying an HDTV and not getting HD on that TV want me make the company replace it? You sure bet.

Imo recall all the storms and give them Storm 2's people that are happy with the click can keep it. I personally don't like it all that its for is typing.

Well what if your TV was slow to change the channels and Sony had told you that they will have the issue fixed shortly. You held on to your TV because you believed that they usually have great products so you would just wait it out. Then they come out with a model(just like yours) but it is better because it is HD with 120mhz picture???

What would you say then?
Foul, or would you want a trade in value on your old TV?

I understand RIM CEO's comment about smartphones always being a work in progress and will never be perfect. But the fact is that Verizon Wireless retail salespeople were instructed to tell customers that a software update was imminent and that it would solve most of the problems.

You can't future-promise a feature and then not deliver. Not only is that unwise for a company to do that to its customers, its also illegal and gives us a case against Verizon and RIM.

If its true that most development on the existing OS 4.7 has been stopped, current 4.7 updates have failed VZW internal testing, and no further updates will be released...I could foresee a lawsuit (hopefully class-action) being filed. Especially if the OS/firmware is not updated before the Storm 2 is released and the original Storm owners aren't given an opportunity to upgrade at little to no-cost.

i dont believe vzw ever directly told employees to say that a release was coming. i believe what happened was people were seeing it said online and it spread to make everyone seem like one was coming...even employees.

As a Verizon Wireless Employee (in technical support!) and a HAPPY STORM OWNER i can assure you all that we were never instructed to miss lead our customers in any way... further more i have seen a impressive improvement in my storm i wouldnt give it up for anything... well maybe the storm 2 lol!!

What if a person was happy with their Storm for the first 2 months i.e. 60 days and had no issues? And then all of a sudden, things started messing up and dealing with refurb devices and no support? So the 30 day excuse doesn't apply to everyone who is NOW unhappy with the Storm. Just because someone is unhappy now doesn't mean they were within the first month. Maybe the Storm starting crapping out on them 3 months later. Ever think of that?

Maybe you should have read one of the million bad reviews the strom had from day one. You have your self to blame.

But what I am saying is that everyone didn't have a bad experience in the first 30 days. Forget the reviews. Even with all the bad reviews, people still love it today. So even with the bad reviews, YOU MAY NOT HAVE HAD A PROBLEM IN THE FIRST 30 DAYS.

thats sort of the boat im in. My first one worked perfectly for a month and a half...then it started messing up physically. The screen stopped clicking and Ive had a bunch of refurbished phones tossed my way from them. 5 refurbs to be exact. Verizon was quick to replace it everytime, but I never had the option of having a NEW phone really. After the initial new one I had everyone elses crap just polished up.

You are DUMB! And so is everyone else who says "you had 30 days"! Especially everyone who compares this F**** PHONE to TV or a CAR! Get real please!

You FAIL!!!!! cuz you are so dumb!

We want OS (not leaked or otherwise!) Screw the new design, that's great, good job making a new model! But if you don't support the OS on our S1's, then we have every right to gripe!

And to you stupid people who compare a phone with a half-a** OS to your TV's, get the he** on!

Me personally, am going to get one irregardless of my contract...but Rim and Verizon know that the first storm had major problems. You might not have had any but more than 80% of people are on their second and third storm. I am on my second with dirt under the screen already. You are comparing apples to oranges!! What does an analog TV and an HDTV have to do with the storm???? I bet you didnt have to return your analog TV for replacement within 1,2 or 3 months of buying it because it didnt work...did you? NO. The original storm will continue to have problems as long as there is a gap allowing dirt to get into the phone. Thats why the clicking is not in the new storm and is sealed. I dont think Verizon wants to keep getting phone calls and having to continually replace the original storm on an ongoing basis. That is why you have not seen an official release and why the new storm is coming out so quickly. Rim does not want to lose customers and niether does Verizon. So before you post idiotic comparisons, think before you speak! I gaurrantee you if you did go out and buy a Sony HDTV and you had it a month and the thing crapped out, you would be the first one to cry and rant like a little baby.

Dude, seriously? C'mon, you know you can't call someone a "Jack***" AND use the work "irregardless" in the same post, right? No? Didn't get that memo?


I hate that argument. People have been using that example for about a week now. I can't stand it.

A commenter the other day said, If I bought that TV and it turned off randomly or didn't work, they would sure as hell send me a newer version of that model.

As it so happens, I am currently waiting for a flash drive to arrive with an update for my brand new LG LCD HDTV.

Certainly RIM and Verizon are not obligated to provide an exchange or refund.

You may see some kind of credit for those that want to upgrade. Perhaps they allow for subsidized pricing with the your current contract or allow upgrades before the required 12 months (or whatever it is).

No offense to Bobdelt, I just hate that argument. I'm in software sales and I see both sides of that quite a bit.

Lastly, I love the click screen. I would love the option to use touch only for typing. Clicking is great for the browser and everywhere else within the OS.


AND THATS ALL I WANT IS A CREDIT TOWARDS THE NEW PHONE OR A OS THAT WORKS! i love the click screen and i hear the storm 2 doesnt have it so if they do not come out with a OS then hopefully a credit towards the tour. i mainly got the storm for its surepress, made it unique but i see how the dust issue could make it frustrating. I havent had the problem yet hopefully i stay lucky

wow another moron that doesnt know what there talking about .. all those people that had 30 days to return there phone and then went to and then was told numerous and numerous of times that a OS was right around the corner then nothing comes out in months then after the fact go back to try and return cause obviously the reps did not know what they were talking about then to be told no.. i see as a shitty move kinda leaves us screwed so no not all people knew what they were getting screwed into. I bet if i got to verzion now a rep will still assure me that one will be out in weeks yet they said that months ago pathetic

Why dont they make the screen bigger....there is a lot of room to stretch the screen up and down...there is so much empty space above and below the screen

And I'll probably buy the Storm 2. Should be interesting when we get more detailed specs on it! Should be...

I respect the click screen idea and like it for everything except typing text. I usually seem to adapt to new tech (like typing on my iPod Touch, which I can do quite quickly), but I still have not adapted to the Storm which I got on the day of release. I'm just not sure I'm ready to abandon my Storm just yet...unless Verizon offers me an incentive to do so!

I travel the world for work and Wi-Fi is a big deal for me. If storm 2 keeps the world phone status, has wi-fi and no surepress then thats what i will get to replace my 8830.

the niagara pictures and hands-ons have been out for a while and its still not out yet, so this wont be out for a while. same with the new curve...

if verizon would give me (storm 1 user since day 1) an incentive to switch (early upgrade or something)...ill switch in a heart beat. Better year, since I have my 5th replacement (6th overall phone) coming this week I think I may bitch for a storm 2. The phone is a great phone. I just keep having the same problem with the clickable screen not clicking down in the lower corners.

I just got my 5th phone today do to the click screen, he pulled out several from the back for me to try to be sure the screen was right. I am sure it will start acting up in a few months.

hopefully i can talk them into dealing me a storm 2 when it comes out. i like the click screen, but its rather buggy. good ideal, but fails in long term use.

its ridiculous. They always tell me im a unique case and not many people have this problem. But then I see people like you online having the same amount of replacements. I was able to deal from a voyager to a dare last year when my voyager kept crapping out. Im sure Ill be able to deal my self up to a storm 2.

by a T6 torx screw driver for like $5, adjust the tension screws under the battery cover. That's what they're there for :) then you wont have to keep returning them only to have a tech do the same thing

I have a comment... if the screen for the Storm 2 will not be supoorting Sure Press what on earth is the point of still having all the gaps around the screen instead of making it a continous screen (underneath the blackberry logo). I am worried that keeping all those gaps around the screen will perpetuate the dust issue on Storm # 2.

I am not really that impressed with the new design to give up my Sure Press. Time will tell.

No Friggin updates!!! What the hell is this. My first blackberry, and I am not impressed with RIM at the moment!!!

This is also my first blackberry phone. If they are not going to support their products and simply come out with a new version I personally am never going to buy another phone from them again. Some level of customer support on their products is to be expected. This is simply unacceptable. So long blackberry.

lol...their demo Storm 2 probably has the standard Storm software loaded on it. They can't select the 'ok' button because there's no surepress to actually click ok with. Hopefully the Storm 2 will come loaded with Storm 2 software!

I say they didn't know how to use the phone, that is why they couldn't press the screen. New style touchscreen perhaps? hehe.

I think you're right. The phone they had was running a 4.7 OS of some some sort (looks like since there was the blue status bar when loading and I think that's gone in 5.0), so there probably was no support in the OS for actually operating it. In any case, I'd say that's a good sign that it probably won't be released by the end of the month and probably not even in June. I don't see it being released until 5.0 software is up and running smoothly with proper support for the new display.

LOL......All you storm 1 freaks..everyone but you guys knew that it was a P.o.s. Have fun suffering for another year with your disaster of a device.....LOL.

the front keys seem to be touch sensitive instead of actual buttons from storm 1 which is ok but we all know the screen cannot possibly be as responsive as the much hated iphone so i think they should've kept the buttons, and i thing i cant understand is why take away the very loud speaker in the back yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? lol

Have adapted to and come to rely on my Storm. Truly a BB convert for life thanks to this.

Appreciate the preview.

I actually really liked SurePress. I never had any problems, and I can type super fast on it. As much as I want to I can't get the Storm 2. For me its wither SurePress or physical qwerty.

Surepress is a huge part of what I like about the Storm. It makes the interface usable. If you can't highlight THEN click they've lowered it to an iPhone.

how this doesn't fundamentally break the interface? with no trackball to click, and no screen click, how does one actually select anything? It seems like the only answer would be something somewhat unintuitive, like a double-tap to click on something.

Maybe they will just make the touchscreen a tap like every other tap screen. I don't need a different type of touch screen to separate me from the others. What separates BB from other devices is the stable OS and messaging features and usability. RIM tried to be different with the touchscreen and it didn't work out too well.

You guys keep complaining....7 months....blah's not 7 months...the phone has NOT been RELEASED yet and won't be for a while. There is nothing in your verizon contract that says there won't be revisions for at least a year. As much energy as you guys put into could upgrade the OS yourself.

I will probably be upgrading as long as they get it right. The old lady wants my storm bad anyhow. She looked at the storm when she got her curve and decided against it until she has had time to play with mine. So I will move on and pass this on to her. It looks like they will be keeping the same dimensions so I can keep my Vaja case and charging cradle.

hopefully it will come out on june 1st, that way crackberry can make good on there promise and give away 30 storms...wooohooo!

y abandon the whole marketing scheme of the first phone by getting rid of surepress?! no it isn't for everybody but it isn't possible to make another phone without it?! i think this was put out way too early anyway. giving the loyalists the shaft. plus seems like they're only trying to keep som many ppl from jumpin ship. if they don't improve the first one or the Niagara fails the effect will be the exact opposite with me.

When are they fixing the 1st ever touchscreen Blackberry aka Storm?????? Forget number 2... Fix the problem before you make new problems! Get it together RIM & VZW, Please!

I have Storm 1 and like it a lot. Don't know what to make of the new screen technology (fixed screen with vibrate haptic feedback maybe?) I still had to do a double-take when I saw this posted up though. lol Thanks for the preview!

.... why VZW hasn't really gotten a good update to pass inspection. At least now we aren't completely in the dark as to why RIM/VZW has been dragging their feet. Seems they've been busy, not lazy.. Anyhow, my contract is up in november, guess i'm replacing old reliable (storm1) with storm2 then.

It's not BB's fault... they've been busy, not lazy, but damn those VZW people for not approving an update!! If anyone in here would notice...even .141 users have been dropping up and down in their choice of OS releases when they're leaked including people going up to .148 then dumping it because it's not all that much different or better and in some cases worse. So if this group can't agree on if any of these OS leaks has been solid why would VZW ever release any of them to a far less techy consumer base.

what no click screen...isn't that what made a storm a storm...i love having the click screen...less chances of me messing up0 while i type...i hope they're actually going to support this phone..i dought they will...just wishful thinking

I hope there's some flick scrolling in this Storm AND I hope hope they pull another Apple move and let us trade up our current $500.00 crappy Storms that seem like they're worth $12.00 in China :)

...I'm calling it now. They may have abandoned "SurePress" but there is no way they completely abandoned the idea of differentiating highlighting from selecting. This is still a BlackBerry device we're talking about. I'm sure we'll find that a light touch will highlight and a slightly stronger touch will select.

Did any else wonder why everyone thinks it's going to be capacitive only without any other input feature? RIM said there would be a new input technology. The current bug keeping anyone from confirming the user agreement is also keeping anyone from seeing the new (read: pressure sensitive) input method.

From that brief description of what to expect, that did it. Now take that plus what's actually improved in the official release version (crosses fingers for WiFi) and I'm in.


Man, considering how RIM is pushing out these devices now, I CAN'T WAIT to see what the Blackberry Storm 3 will look like next year!!!...LOL

being that the power button is in the old lock spot. the button didn't do all it should anyway so what's the use.

This is ridiculous. I can see it happening now. The Storm 2 comes out and all support drops for the Storm 1. Makes me feel great about spending all that money for the phone, tons of money per month, and to noit have my carrier want to fix my phone. Thanks VZW. Hopefully they'll have a replacement option available for all those long-suffering users

If you know how RIM operates then you know that they support their devices for a long time after release

I don't understand this. Any progress made on the Storm 2 in regards to the OS will also apply to the Storm 1. They are not abandoning support for the Storm 1. Besides, the Storm 2 was probably being developed before the first version even got released, so did you think they were just going to stop development on it while they worked only on the first version? Don't worry, you will benefit from this version even without getting one!

the surepress screen. i just hope they have fixed the dust under the screen issue. i am mad that we vsw customers might see a new storm version before we see an OS update.

if you look closely you can tell the pictures were taken at a bell store, so guess that means its coming to bell

iPhone users had a class action suit when the price dropped significantly and won too if I remember right.

Not Having Sure press will haunt RIM... Sure press was the best thing to be used... I along with many people use it and like it... Storm 2 looks like the gay beat up version of Storm 1... I havent had any issues with my new OS leak on VZW and within time they will put an OS out that works well... or we will start a million man/woman march !

I like it too. My fiance's Omnia 'vibrates' when you 'press' the screen. I don't like that. On the storm I'm SURE that I PRESSed it.

RIM messed up! Are they saying the surepress is not worthy? This has to have been in the works for a while now and we (storm 1 owners) were beta testers. Hopefully since they can't make the storm 1 work they will give us a break. After all, we've been loyal customers who believe in RIM and the Blackberry. If not they will most certainly start loosing customers.

rim should have come out with a new phone all together if they were gonna get rid of surepress.
while the surepress is annoying at times, it makes the storm a storm.

i'm starting to worry about rim.

I wonder when they will replace the STORM 1 with the STORM 2 in that BLACKBERRY COMMERCIAL (the one with the dark haired girl touching your TV screen)....
P.S. The SurePress is great, thats the reason i got it... without it, its just another touchscreen phone which i didnt want to begin with...

My Storm 1 has slowly been getting worse and worse and I'm ready for the new version. I like the SurePress tech, though, but I'm sure I won't miss it too much, as long as the Storm 2 is better than the one I have now.

I hope rim is going to provide an upgraded o.s. for us s1 users. The 1st version never had a chance, too bad.

Verizon better not water-down the iPhone, I would say is in their best interest not too...I've read polls where ppl say that they would leave AT&T in a heartbeat if Verizon has the iPhone. This new Storm looks meh! All I'm saying Verizon...iPhone with more memory...16GB and 32GB maybe? Cause the Storm soooo disappointed me...Once at&t releases the upgrade I think the Storm stands no chance, but that's just my opinion.

I am excited that there is a new storm without the surepress. I dont mind it right now but i can live without it in the new one. My only thing is that they have have built a new os for this storm. 4.7 has been terrible on the storm and be it that theres 5.0 for the bold or curve, i hope the Storm2 has a completely new OS designed for touch screen. Lets see what happens.

I am the first one to point out... you see the "Canon" camera reflection in the storm lol... I keep staring at the pic trying to make sense of all of this... I just reordered another flat panel for my computer online because I may punch the one I have right now lol

I hope that Verizon will officially release a new OS before the Storm 2 comes out. While there are other leaked OSs out there, if for some reason I had to take my Storm to the Verizon folks, I'd be out of luck since I voided my warranty by installing an unofficial OS. I would be upset if the Storm 2 comes out before an official release of an OS for the original Storm.

Additionally, I believe Verizon would keep a lot of customers if they allowed the Storm to be exchanged for in return for Storm 2 with a slight discount as well as a new 2yr contract. Hell, that way they would continue to keep loyal customers, potentially for years and therefore make thousands more off a longtime customer (easily $1,200 for a 2 year contract with 50 month). I think it would be a good deal not only because it would take care of their current customers, but becuase it could help lure other potential customers seeing as how the company takes care of its customers.

All this has a snowball's chance in hell, but who knows.

I agree whole-heartedly with you on this one - Although this isn't released yet, the fact that they are ALLOWING hands on with it while there are so many problems with the S1, they are most definitely putting knives through our hearts. Yes, it's not out, yes it's not going to be for some time I'm sure, but seeing it while we are stuck waiting for better OS upgrades and a lousy operating screen does make me question verizon's level of customer service. The storm owners are going to create a ruckus if they do not offer some kind of compensation and lose a ton of customers. Go ahead Big Red, make your next move, but make it wisely. AT&T is awfully good in this neck of the woods - your network isn't the only good one for me.

Folks I hate to spoil the parade but I have several friends that work for " Big Red" and they learned today that this will be a December Release!!!!!

but, I am not in a rush. It would be nice to see an Official OS, which my guess will be 5.0 something, but at this point I just want the phone to work better than it does (no locks or lags). I would also like to see Verizon offer a some sort of trade in program or incentive.

Without a clickable screen I would rather keep my original storm, even if this new one does have wi-fi.

I have no idea, why they think removing that feature would be a good thing. From an software perspective it really limits your abilities as well.

I hope they give it a new name before it comes out because "Blackberry Odin" doesn't sound all that cool.

The new phone is cool, and for me I think it gives a little hope that they will not throw the storm 1 out to pasture, the key reason for my thinking is the fack that the storm 2 will not come with the (sure press) clickable screen.

I honestly liked the fack that it clicked and I was able to type 10 times faster on my storm than I could on the iphone. The click is what set the phone apart the most and for them do away with it leads me to think that the storm 2 is going to be a phone for the people who do not like the click but I think they will continue to update the 1st also.

Looks promising. Its almost upgrade time for me from my 1st bb, the pearl. Was definitly gonna go to the Tour when it dropped but now i face a big decision. When they're both out i think it will boil down to personal preference, to touch or not to touch.
Thanks RIM for making my decision tough

not worth upgrading to. if anything i would upgrade to a tour, i'm sure the storm 2 is going to be running the same rushed firmware as the storm 1.

Im more upset that there is a replacement for the phone already instead of fixing the phone that is already out. I prefer the sure press screen, its something that I have grown to love. So you can keep the storm 2 I really don't want it but I do wan't my storm to have an official stable OS before this is released.

I will miss the "SurePress" , looking foward to WI-FI and hopefully there will be a trade in program for Storm I owners.

looks like the same ole crappy device to me!! i seriously don't see what all the excitement is about??????

lmfao at all the storm 1 owners who just got shafted as beta testers only to have verizon put out the same device with the bugs fixed and call it "the storm 2" oooh!! whoo hooo! lol that is truly hilarious

I like the sure press but won't miss it. I've always worried about dripping somthing on the sides of the screen and screwing it up. I can get use to the screen not clicking and can adapt just like I adapted to the sure press. When it comes out, I'll check it out and see if I like it.

The new storm 2 "odin" look sleeker, sexier, and higher quality! Come on RIM release it June 1st!!! I so want to get this phone, but have to get an unlock version due to the fact I don't get Verizon service at home or at work!!!!

I do not totally remember the timeline on the Storm 1, but do you think Verizon and RIM will choose a more rapid, "here it is" marketing strategy, rather than the f-ing worthless marketing for the Storm 1, which consisted of commercials not actually showing the phone. Essentially, does anyone think Verizon might choose a more Apple-like approach where the phone will just drop, without all the unnecessary hype? I mean, if the Tour and Storm 2 rumors are true and it's coming out in the next couple of months [possibly], we still have not seen ANY ads. I know it is probably too early for Storm 2 ads, but do you think Verizon is switching up the release strategy?

I still see no sign this has WIFI. If it has WIFI and the screen does not make my fingers sore and tired to type on - - I can be convinced to trade up.

Of course nothing in 5.0 software still allows for Flash - - but maybe the Storm 3 or Storm 4 running 6.0/7.0 OS.

I think SurePress is awesome and really think it's a shame it'll be lacking on the Storm 2.

This could really hurt storm 1 third-party software deveopment since user input is completely different now.

I'm kind of hoping the early mockups are what don't have the click and that's why there's no way to click through the user agreement. Then again, it'd make no sense to send out demo units that don't have the primary input feature built into the hardware. In any case,the phone design looks like the screen should/could be moveable, so I'll remain hopefull for now.

I love the fact that they are putting out a brand spanking new device not even a year later and they still cant get the OS right. Come on...really now. What good is a new phone to demo that you cant even get past the user agreement...boy that instills confidence in me.

i have had and iphone and also the storm. i wish that i had never left my iphone. the iphone runs smoothly from app to app, graphics are superior, user friendly. and the big thing is they dont have to leak updates on the internet. and if the storm was so much better than the iphone why do people have slide locks and appleberry themes. I regret ever getting storm and i have discontinued my service with vzw. storm users have to sit and wait and hope that it gets better and iphone users know there phones are better.

"and if the storm was so much better than the iphone why do people have slide locks and appleberry themes."

Why are iPhone users creating and using Storm themes and simulated Storm click screen sounds?

Thanks RIM you could have just made all gen 1 storm owners wait a little bit longer instead of making us try soo hard to love our Storms. But such is life.

I can guarantee you that the Storm 2 will be as much a piece of crap as the storm 1 with little or no improvement. RIM just doesn't have what it takes to compete with Apple or Palm at this point. Compare the first gen storm to the first gen comparison. The first gen iphone still performes better than the first gen storm. Do yourself a favor and wait for the next iphone to come out on verizon, even though I get the feeling that verizon will only get the iphone 3G and not the next gen one that is coming out.

Kevin back in April you said that they were discontinuing the Storm and replace it with the Storm 2, and the kicker they were retiring SurePress. Well it looks likes those things were true after all. Why did you call it an April Fool's joke when it is really happen. Are you saying you didn't know that it would happen?

I for one Love the sure press.. its genius, why not just improve the "clanking" and make it more sensitive... getting rid of it just makes the Storm 2 another piece of crap iphone....

Im a T Mobile Customer they havent Steped up with the Big Phones I Like so I Unlocked a I Phone 3G nice but coulndt get some thhings too work, like some Apps Updates, just a pain, so I Unlocked a Storm, Its really decent ive did just about everything you can do with no issues, and on T Mobile, so Looks like Ill be waiting for 2 too Launch so I can grab it as you see I luv The best when it comes to phones. Storm 1 for Sale Soon.

I can't believe RIM has developed ANOTHER STORM when the first one they put out does not work properly.... And that is an understatement.... The phone is a piece of CRAP!!! And on top of it Verizon has their hands on it.... Dear Verizon, Get Storm #1 working 100% before you start on the Storm 2..... I should've kept my LG enV and saved the extra $30 a month for this paper weight!!!!

They couldn't test the screen input? Maybe someone should show them the card trick :D

For those who left AT&T/iPhone for the Storm because of the network, the iPhone is coming to Verizon anyway, but now Verizon will have both the Storm 2 and the iPhone...sorta like competing with yourself.

Is it just me or did they just remove surepress and put some rubber on the buottons? The load up time is still horrendous, the screen and res haven't changed, and if the memory and processor are the same, this storm will be as poor as the last. RIM should stick with what they know and touchscreen devices aren't it.

The Storm 1 had a rough start, we can all agree on that... verizon blew it by not releasing a better OS, but thank god for crackberry providing us the ability to access leaked OS's. I'm running release .148 and it works GREAT. Now, my Storm 1 is the best phone that I've ever had, by far! I love competing with iphone users..

All we're missing with the storm 1 is WIFI... Surepress is great, We need a storm 3 with surepress and WIFI

I have a Storm 1, put it on another I plan on adding a 2nd line but not for the Storm 2 but for the Tour!

I will not get a Storm 2 unless there is drastic improvements in the specs. 128 MB for apps is a joke. I may do their third generation full touch screen phone, if and when it comes out. The Storm 2 does look as if is the Storm 1 with the bugs fixed. It does not seem like anything special at the moment.

I am using .148 on my storm

128 mb is a joke... especially with 8 gb of external memory... who was the idiot that thought 128mb would be sufficient? I'm going to start using a string and 2 tin cans to communicate..

this was cool up untill the point where shurepress is gone. it was a great innovation and if you used the phone for more than a month it was very functional and much better than typing sloppily on the iphone.

Tells me VZW has a trade up their sleeve. Could be wishful thinking but think about it. Pretty much zero support for the OG Storm. Perhaps they are done with replacing the original due to cost and have opted to sell (to new customers) and trade current owners the new Storm. One reason it is coming out so soon. Otherwise, they would wait till the end of year to release to boost 4th QTR sales. I SMELL A EXCHANGE COMING TO ALL STORM OWNERS.

Interested to see how the screen is. Verizon should let storm 1 users upgrade with new customer pricing.

I have the Storm 1 and I am happy that RIM continues to try and improve with newer models. I won't jump to the Storm 2 since I have had mine since December. Around the time I can upgrade another newer, better, faster model of some sort will be coming out. That's how it works.

let me start by saying I love my Storm. But come on with the storm 2. The first one hasn't even been out a year. I think Verizon should let you trade the first Storm if you want the new one.

Also The Storm 2 still has a 3.2mp camera what happened to the talk of beefing it up to a 5.0mp. and also there is still no flash.

Come on RIM and Verizon if your going to put out a second generation phone in less then a year '6 months to be exact TODAY' from the first one. Please make sure it is far better then the first one.

They can't get the OS to work cleanly on Storm 1 why would I ever think that they could get it or 5.0 to work with new hardware on Storm 2? They've had 7 months to figure it out, but couldn't, so I'm definitely waiting a year before jumping on the Storm 2 bandwagon, plus it looks like the very handy lock button on top is gone.

A significant (and likely costly) upgrade to a touchscreen smartphone months after its initial release...can we say iPhone anyone??

I love my click screen! sad to see it go. wonder how many people will be breaking their LCD when they forget it don't click...

make a lot fewer typos with it than an iPhone, IMHO. I will admit it took me about 2 weeks to get used to it, but after that the Surepress has been smooth sailing for me.

I'll probably not upgrade, I'm still pulling for OS 5.0 for this one, first, before I do so.

This will be a big pile of the stinky stuff if Verizon does not take care of their customers, especially ones who just got the STORM about a month ago. Of course they fail to tell you that a new one is in the works when your handing your money over to them. STEP UP burn the "network" idea in our heads with the commercials every 8 seconds...where is the customer satisfaction.

i cant wait for the storm 2 comes out!!!! it looks so awesome!! haha i hope it comes out in june and i win one we will see how that goes!! but really this is the next in line for big things to come from RIM

All I know is I have approximately 10 lines on my Verizon business account, with 2 of the phones being Storms, and I have been with Verizon since its inception...anyways I have never had to pay an upgrade fee in years..even if I upgrade within a few months of just officially upgrading..usually Verizon is good about working with "good" long as I get the full-upgrade price after my negotiations, for BOTH storms, I will be happy. I don't mind paying another $200 a piece.. that is to be expected...but they sure as hell better let me upgrade

RIM. You stupid SOB, surepress is not bad like people make it seem. People b1tch about everything. You can't please them all. Why be another iPhony wannabe. I won't be upgrading to that brick

Why get rid of the SurePress? I was thinking today how I don't think I could ever go back to a touch screen without it. I cannot imagine how many times I would click on the wrong link/menu without it. Booo if this is true, but I will wait until I hear it from someone other than the iBots over at Engadget.

Well, looks nice on the outside, very disapointed to find out the OS is not functional. Makes me think it will be like the Storm 1 and the OS will be horible and updates almost non existant like they have been for the Storm 1 (at least from VZW).

I think it looks so so... yeah it has (or looks to have) integrated buttons, but the screen size seems the same, its a little skinnier and the seems to be a little more chrome finish w/ black side buttons... so w/e... i see that instead of a lock button on the top left of the phone it is a power button? not sure how i like that! so yea, not too impressed as of yet!

I'm thinking that may be one of their smarter moves lately. At least if you update, you won't have to buy $200 worth of new accessories. They said nothing about wifi (not that that worries me as useless in my day to day) but I noticed on the video that there was NO wifi symbol. Some people may be disappointed. Soft keys are a wash for me since mine don't leak light. Kinda wandering how this suretype thing is gonna work. I liked the feedback of truetype. Does look like they changed the way the back cover is attached. That may or may not be a plus. I would have liked to see the power leads return like on the other Blackberry's. Would give more options for cradles. It's kind of funny how RIM let this get out with flaky software or hardware, who knows which it was. Its almost like they are trying to invite the unappealing characterizations of the original Storm. All in all, I see nothing exciting here unless there are major hardware enhancements on the inside. You know when this comes out, so will the 5.0 software for the original Storm so they will probably work comparably.

All these leaked OS where just test runs for the release of the storm 2. That is, if they do release it in June. Which may explain why each leak was never "spot on."

To any event, other than the surepress not being in it, its seems good, i'll get one...

The Storm 2 is hot, but I am dissapointed they didn't do more with surepress. I liked it because some of us can't select the right thing half the time. And everyone is right. RIM and Verizon need to appease us Storm user's who stuck by verizon and RIM.

No surepress? I won't ever buy another Storm then...I like surepress...good thing i spent almost $700 on this thing only to find out they are abandoning the technology!! Maybe I will have to abandon RIM and buy an Iphone cause it has the same screen...or the Pre...aren't they both coming out in June?

SurePress was the main thing I hated about the Storm. It made using the device very tedious, very fast....and to add insult to injury it made the device feel like it was poorly engineered.

Clearly there were quite a few people that liked it, but I'm not one of them....I thought the iPhone and HTC Touch HD did the touch experience better. (even with the HD's resistive screen)

So what do we expect industry has been screwing the consumer since the beginning. Just another example of "you 'don't' get what you pay for"

So, I just purchased a blackberry storm 9530 two weeks ago, and am wondering how this will all pan out.

Why did I invest in something I thought was top of the line when this is already so far along in the works? Had I known, I would have waited ...

How long will it take for this to be released, and if I want to upgrade to the 2 .. am I going to have to pay full price?

return it. you have 30 days from the date of purchase to decide whether you like it or not. if you want to wait for the storm2, then return it and hold onto your NE2 until it comes out. or keep it and hope that there's some sort of trade in promotion like the rest of us. ;p

Looks great to me. I will surely be jumping on this one.

I can't beleive that storm 1 owners are complaining because they are coming out with a new model. Maybe if they stop calling it Storm 2 then everybody wouldn't whine.

How bout calling the Odin the Thunder.

BTW: I have become fond of the click surepress screen. I guess we will have to adapt to a non clickable screen.

I must say I own the Storm 1 and I am running the leaked .148 and I love the Surepress technology. I used one fo my family members upgrade to get this phone, and I gave him my Lg Voyager for doing so (he was desperate for a phone bcuz he was rocking the first Env). So I am still eligible for my new n e 2 in October, which is cool.

But I am sure gonna miss the Surepress, I know a lot of people don't like it, but I absolutely love it. I just hop the Storm 2 have more internal memory and ram, I don't really care too much about having Wi-Fi on it though. I just hope that 5.0 runs so smooth, and features some great things when this is released, bcuz the Storm 1 is definitely missing flick strolling and I want that.

I maybe in the minority but I really like the current Storm. It is extremely addicting, fun, and a very useful tool.
I enjoy updating to the latest OS leak. It usually means I get a better operating device.
I am sure I will update to the Storm 2 when it comes out.

Do you think that the OS that will run on this phone will enable us Storm 1 users to 'Disable' surepress?

That would sure be cool, I would just silicone the crack around the screen and call it a Storm2

I doubt it, but it would be nice if they allowed users to turn off the need to push down on the screen.

Though I shudder to think of you putting silicone around the screen. :P

This is truly unbeleivable! I'm running 148 and very happy with how my Storm runs, but now they are releasing a hardware update 6 months after the launch and with many bugs remaining in the original OS. If they actually release OS updates that can be used on the STorm 1 then that might help out...but this is a clear sign that RIM is throwing up their hands and saying we messed up with Storm 1...surely a class action suit is in order if they don't address the existing Storm 1 issues.

It won't be out till oct/november is my guess.

Why is everyone ready to jump onto the new storm when the one you have you complain about, surepress aside? There is no way verizon will release two BB's within the same timeframe.
How long have people waited for the Tour and that is scheduled for July.
I tested the 8330 and the storm and settled for the curve and am quite happy with it. It has a stable os and just works.

I believe the storm is the reason why assurion has raised its deductibles on smartphones because of all the returns.

From what I gather the new touch screen will act like the lg voyager which vibrates a bit to give you feedback.
Well she is on her 9th replacement in under two years.
Why? because the screen calibration keeps going out of whack.

The new storm will have its fair share of issues too.

Don't complain about something that you bought knowing it was first generation.
The first gen iphone wasn't great.
Heck most first gen cars aren't great.

Same concept.

I think someone else mentioned this already, but it appears to still have gaps between the glass and the edge. I find it odd that the successor to the only other phone with gaps also has them.

I wonder if this is just a prototype that eventually will have surepress/clicking in it, but just does not have the button under the screen installed yet. I guess I'll need to see it taken apart before I'm convinced that they did away with clicking altogether.

I have mixed feelings about surepress; it's a good idea but certainly showed its infancy with the storm. I think it'd be a mistake for them to abandon it now, particularly when it was their biggest selling point for the predecessor. Not having it is essentially admitting to a failed design, like saying, "yea, you know that other phone that looked just like this, that we released less than a year ago? You know, the one where we boasted that the screen clicked? Yea... well, that was a f*ck up."

Who knows, it probably doesn't have surepress. Afterall, engadget physically held one. I'd think that they'd have to be pretty sure of that big of a design change before running it. I guess I'm just hoping that, because the gaps are still there, that it still will click on the finished product. Maybe that's why they can't "click" on the agreement either?


Personally, I just got sick and tired of the crap from VZW and no hardware support. 4 phones, 16 batteries(yes 16) and being told by the VZW rep to just hack the phone to make it work.

Cut the phone off, sold it on eBay, paid the early term fee and moved to AT&T(let the comments come). But, I now have a phone that does what it is supposed to, make calls!

RIM is to blame but so is VZW. They know of the problem and refuse to help.

Like or hate surepress, RIM listened to customers and critics and got rid of it. Once you got past the learning curve it wasnt that bad.

It looks thinner which was another complaint (not mine), but lets hope RIM really paid attention when consumers and critics asked for more "internal memory" and a better OS. The success of App World is riding on these much needed upgrades.

I would have like to have seen a trackball or the trackpad, but I won't complain, a new Storm is a new Storm!

I honestly wouldnt mind paying for the storm 2, my storm 1 was basically free with all the rebates i got my storm came out to about 20 bucks. so actually paying for a storm this time wouldnt bother me THHHATT MUCH, EVEN THOUGH!!!! storm 1 still needs major improvements with official updates, im not comfortable updating leaked OS' because im afraid of memory loss and other types of losses, but now that storm 2 is coming out i might as well mess with the storm 1 i got. hopefully they will have a small upgrade fee for Original and loyal storm users. PLEASE DONT RAPE THE RETAIL PRICE!

I don't think they would do such a thing as give us a discounted price, but the good thing is that it is well away from us, well MAYBE! Because the Tour had beta models out in I think Late March and we have to wait till July maybe even August! That means that we have a 6 month gap to an IDEA of when the Tour will be released. Also we must also note that the 9630 is kind of the CDMA 8830, since the keys look similar and many of the new phones look similar to the Storms body. And the 8830 is quite an old phone. That means we may have a long wait for the Storm 2. What do I hope for....Next November around the time its older counterpart was released.

hahaha why do some ppl feel like they deserve a free storm 2 bc their storm 1 didnt live up to its hype. thats just ridiculous to think that. no service provider has EVER in cell phone HISTORY just handed over phones bc the dislikes individuals have with their phone, thats just a risk youre taking when you purchase the phone! you have 30 days to take it back if you werent satisfied so if you still have it after 30 days then thats on the individual.and even if the new storm 2 were to have some sort of deal with storm 1 owners then im sure it would have to go thru approval of RIM first. so lets not get hot headed at the Verizon store or Bell or wherever when these phones hit the shelves...everybody knows that when something initial comes out such as the iphone or storm its going to have problems. youre always supposed to wait until they work out the kinks. some of us are just the type that want it when nobody else does...basically, bitter storm 1 owners..chill out and stop being p*ssed bc you have a storm. i love my storm...i think the ones who are mad are the ones that are still running .75 lol i would like to think that ppl who are running .132 and above are for the most part satisfied with their storm. thats all i have to say. thanks.

You're right. But...

VZW sales people were telling customers that a firmware update was around the corner and that it would fix the problems with the phone. What it boils down to is a undelivered future-dated promise and a bait and switch tactic. Hence my believe that we should sue.

They should not have created an expectation for a firmware update if they could not deliver. And since they did, and they can't deliver, they're screwed. I agree we won't get a free upgrade, but there's gotta be some sort of compensation.

But Rim still puts out updates for phones that have been out of production for quite some time....seems likely the Storm 1 updates wont stop just because the Storm 2 is coming out.

It's quite possible the Storm 1 and Storm 2 will use the same OS/firmware, just like the iPhone 2G and 3G models. So I'm not sure its really time for the pitchforks and torches just yet.

You are right that the storm 1 will be getting updates like the curve 8330, but the storm 1 may reach the golden os by the time the Storm 2 comes out. Also note that the 2G and 3G weren't that different except for the 3G capabilities, other than that the hardware was quite similar. If there is some incorrect information in my post, please do so write in the next line. What I believe is that there will be a 4.7.3 or a 5.0.2 running for our Storm 2. I'm guessing from personal knowledge but the Bold and Curve will run 5.0, The Storm will run 5.1, Tour MAY come in 5.0 but im betting 5.2 and the Storm 2, with new features, will be running 5.3. I'm guessing that OS 5.X.XXX will be out for the Storm 2 later than the storm 1, so we may expect Storm 1 to reach 5.0 around the date that we may expect the Storm 2 to come out, thus the Storm MAY reach it's gold os, the Storm 2 will come out and people will buy it and start ranting. EVERY PHONE has something to rant about. Storm 2 may have similar problems to the OMNIA and the LG phones (Both of which I cannot go or return to), I think if VZW would make a customer service that would open up your Storm and do the unscrewing and what not. Like a Genius for Apple.

I guess everyone is right, we will never get a free storm 2 or trade in discount. I am running .75 and very dissapointed looks like by the weekend i will be running .132 i have some work to get done.

On another note: as for the storm 2, no surePress? How will i fire my gun and lasers in BrickBreaker!??!??!?! lol ... im serious... someone please answer if you have a clue...

Does everyone not remember how long after the Storm 1 was hands on for someone that it actually launched. If memmory serves correctly it was about 6 months, if not more.
I like the Surepress screen, but I know as well as everyone else, that it's not for everyone. As far a new phones for Storm 1 user... good luck... but I'm sure much like Apple when the new IPHONE launches, (yearly) you will be able to update your S1's software so it has many, if not all, of the S2's capabilities... being able to turn off Surepress for some users would be nice. I don't see them dumping it completely though, it would not make sense.
That's just my opinion though, doesn't really count for much.

I'd be really surprised if the official Storm II came out with just a 3.2MP camera. Seems phones are really starting to roll out with 5MP camera's. Two friends of mine have Samsung Omnia's with 5MP camera's and their pictures come out great!

On another note, while I'd love a free upgrade to a Storm II from my Storm I, I'd really just be happy if this one worked on a consistent basis. I think a lot of people feel the same way. So either new OS or new phone. Your choice Verizon...

I am P'd off why can't Verizon and Blackberry get there acts together. This is so depressing. If they keep it up I'm going join the band wagon and get a Iphone. This s*** is disgusting!!!1

IF Verizon (that is a really big IF) does anything, it will be to offer early upgrades with new 2 year contracts like AT&T with the previous iPhone. I for one would find that acceptable I bought, it works as designed and I enjoy using it. If you didn't like you wouldn't have bought it. That is of course the same reason I did not buy the iPhone, I find it lacking in many ways, especially putting Jobs in charge of what, when, where, with whom you run the apps at his discretion.

All this time I'm sitting and watching...
ppl ranting ppl flaming ppl encouraging this move of RIM..
My case...
As long as RIM WON'T adandon STORM Gen I and keeps updating It and making more stable and better than It currently Is then I have no problem If RIM decides that It's also time for STORM ]I[ (!)
Sure technology moves at top speed and sure when you step out the vendors shop with you shiny-just-released brainiac super-duper device Is already old stuff
But In no way after less than half a year release (many countries got the storm @ 2009) I will not tolerate RIM's attitude to abandon(?) STORM
It's a deja vou, Do you remember SE?
No? SE made It's major touchscreen breakthrough with P800. Boy It was so out of this world when It came out that everybody everywhere rushed and bought one, then one morning SE decide that It's time for P900 and not only released It but It lift all It's P800 loyal customers support and cut them straight off from further fixes and updates In less than a year of official release(!)
I'm sure that RIM It's not this case, It has proven support past..
Anyways surepress Is marvellous and surely I wouldn't change It for haptics or plain capacitive screen
It's really nice to actually "enter" your option, validate on a button, check box, radio box etc etc
I have Iphone since 2007, WinMo since ever, Nokia 5800 etc etc
None of these made me sure of what I actually pressed :p
STORM ][ looks nice but I like more the looks of STORM I, plus I do not like flat surfaces with same flat buttons on It, I like to "feel" my selection when my eyes are concentrated somewhere else
It may have wifi but I don't really need wifi (It's a BB after all)
It has the same camera ...
I seems that It has the same display resolution ...
and I do believe It carries the same Heart (CPU) ..
So far It's no big deal, BUT
for one thing I'm not sure, Is the memory amount for programs bigger?
This remains to be clarified because It will be big news....

Back before the storm, when there were less idiots shouting in caps on this site, less morons saying that people should sue where there's no legal ground to stand on, and in general RIM and VZW/other carriers had phones that just sort of worked?

Frankly I'm not suprised that RIM is pulling the plug on the storm and moving on. The phone has sold a lot of units, yes...but, it's brought mountains of bad press, something that RIM really hasn't had to deal with because after all, blackberries "just work".

I moved from my curve to the storm when it came out, and have been pretty mixed on it. When it works right, its an amazing device. Really, all I could ask for. But, now that I'm on storm number 5, the times that it doesn't work simply outweight how great it is when it does.

I'm very dissapointed that it appears that RIM is going to simply orphan the current storm owners though. I think the idea of subsidizing purchases of the next storm for current storm owenrs won't happen, and in reality, it probably shouldn't from a business standpoint. It would be nice to see RIM stand behind the current model a bit better though.

If you are an unhappy Storm 1 owner and believe that a free (or heavily subsidized) upgrade to a potential Storm 2 is in order if it is released shortly, then send Verizon an email and let them know this is what you want or else you will take your business elsewhere to another carrier. There are a lot of Storm 1 owners out there and to lose their base would be bad. Link to email form here:

Let your voice be heard!

I sent them an email and they wrote back trying to assuage me, but make it clear you want the upper level decision makers to know your thoughts, and it just might work!

This thing better have some absurdly huge leaps forward over the storm if they expect me to buy it without surepress.

I must admit this makes my storm look ridiculous however on a functional issue when i loadedup new os storm vs 4.0.148 I got a new version of vz nav its got a lot more functionality and is reall well integrated which makes believe this os had some big red assistance anyway else have this happen?


i cant wait for 2. I just got my Storm about 3 months ago. I love it. No problems, I did all the leaks from .113 and after (including hybrids) i dont understand y sum still wait but anyway it is kind of wrong how they are sweeping Storm 1 under the rug. I use to buy phones every 4 or 5 months so im use to this because im addicted but it still sucks.
and i also love the clickscreen, i type real fast on my storm now. salty they are abandoning that but i cant wait til the specs come out.
o yeah i wish they stretched the screen also. guess thats going to be on Storm 3 haha

I have the storm have only had one, like the surepress and actually as my first blackberry am happy enough. My beef is like most people before you come out with something better than what I have, I feel like I am a test bunny so you can come out with the perfect phone while I am left in the dust. I know and understand that new technology comes up all the time and I also understand that the time horizon for such technology is increasing exponentially, BUT they should fix what they have out. I want the storm 2(that whole early adopter thing)But I do like the storm, I just want a finished product before they move on to something else