BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming To Rogers Or Just A Marketing Mix Up?

By Bla1ze on 17 Feb 2010 10:39 am EST
BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming To Rogers Or Just A Marketing Mix Up?

Kyle over at BlackBerryCool got tipped to something interesting today. The March 1st issue of business week recently ran the above ad in their publication advertising the BlackBerry Storm2. Nothing out of the ordinary about that, unless you look harder into the ad where it says "See all there is to see with BlackBerry® Storm™ smartphones from Rogers and other major retailers". Funny, Rogers doesn't sell the BlackBerry Storm so are they planning on it? Or do we just have a marketing mix up where the ad department just didn't adjust the tag line? Let us know what you think folks in the comments, would you all like to be able to grab a BlackBerry Storm from Rogers?

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BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming To Rogers Or Just A Marketing Mix Up?


Which magazine is that from and what's the date of the magazine? February 2010 edition of Toronto Life has that ad but with TELUS. The other thing different with the Toronto Life ad is in the second last paragraph: "killer pie charts or "BBM" your friends about..." instead of what's shown in the ad above.

i bought one from telus, and unlocked it, and i use it on the rogers network. If this phone had rogers 3g bands it would be amazing. That's all it's missing.

I was talking to my Bell Corp Rep and the Rep said that they were going to finally be bringing the Storm 2 out. Maybe Bell will bring a HSPA version. That way RIM can make it for Rogers as well?

Again just a thought nothing concrete we all know how reps are.

Rogers was the deal-breaker on getting the iPhone for me and I'm glad it was because ever since I've owned a Pearl 8130, it's been BlackBerry all the way for me!

Hello EXACTLY!! 3G speeds would be great, my S1 is getting old and I am tired of waiting for AT&T to get a decent phone.

I dunno if this could be for real...I know we've heard of S2 with Rogers branding floating around in the forums, but with RIM releasing many new bb's this year, I doubt that Rogers will take on the S2, they'll be smart to wait it out and see what RIM is brewing and attract people with new style bb (ie Magnum) but it depends what Rogers will get...

at this point it would be to late anyways. Storm 3 should be here in under 6 months.... and i would personally wait for that

I was at Best Buy getting a prepaid phone for my brother(Im BB though; all the way) Anyway - I saw the Storm 9530 in the layout of mock dummy devices, and it just so happened a Storm 9530 was sitting under the "Rogers Logo", (Note: it was NOT Rogers Branded, but TELUS, BUT it got me thinking back to this Post in Crackberry). So As I was setting up the phone, I asked the Best Buy Rep about any possible Storm to Rogers, and usually they know NOTHING of what we're on about, but she gave me this look and said, to the extent of..

"Well, not for sure but it may be possible" I asked why and what she told me basically was,

Rogers is Canada Driven, and so is MTS(Manitoba Telephone Service..or something, MANITOBA anyway) and MTS wants to share Cell Towers with ROGERS, and vic versa, because with MTS its localized, so when someone leaves the city, or province..its dead weight, and with Rogers its usually the city - and you're dropped... Anyyyway, so they may be in a deal for swapping or commuting towers, thus their cell phone line and contract commitment may mingle, so... in otherwards, ROGERS has the possibility to adopt a Storm model, (probably 1 as of yet, as MTS doesn't even sport the S2).

Now would this make me happy? HELL YES, I'm running an Unlocked Storm2 9550 on Rogers, and if there was a ploy to get 3g i'd be all up on that pony. If there was some prioer unlocking thing, i'd even sell my S2, for a branded Rogers S@ with proper everything and no "Activation required"

So take what I heard as what you will, rumor or common hope, but i'm clinging to it... Im clinging to it. :D