BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 Arrives On T-Mobile UK Website

BlackBerry Storm 2 Arrives On T-Mobile UK
By Bla1ze on 17 Feb 2010 11:03 pm EST

No surprise here folks. We let ya know back on February 4th that folks in the UK would be gaining another carrier for the BlackBerry Storm 2 as Vodafones exclusive deal was up. That day has arrived and now, T-Mobile UK users can log on to the website and place their orders for the next generation Storm. You can grab one up for free provided you hook up with a T-Mobile plan £30 or higher.

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BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 Arrives On T-Mobile UK Website


I wish this would come out already for T-Mo USA. But knowing the strangle hold Verizon has on the Storm (1 & 2)... probably not for awhile. :(

I need to replace this unlocked Storm 1 of mine. It's practically functionless on T-Mobile.

If it came to Tmo USA, can you unlock it for ATT since they both use the same technology??

I don't care how many Storm versions RIM comes out with... I've been burned buying the first one and will never buy another RIM product again.

It just screwed up again tonight by turning the screen off and refusing to turn the screen on again until I plugged it into my computer... its what you'd call a Blind Man's OS Bug.

I hate the Storm so much I've started my own blog about how much I hate the Storm. This is one product that give RIM a black eye!

Maybe you have a defective Storm 1. But that doesnt mean all Storms are crap. I have a 8900, a 9700, and a Storm 1. They have been all good to me. Hopefully you have insurance on it and just get a new one. I had a Iphone 3gs and it took a crap on me. But my lil brothers iPhonne 3gs works great. Ever heard the good Ol American sloaging? S_it Happens!

I got STORM 2 from Voda, and it works perfectly smooth.. I used BOLD 9000 before.. and have no problem migrating my habit from BOLD 9000 to STORM2.. I think I love more STORM than my good old BOLD 9000 ;-)

Don't forget, O2 are getting it anyday now too. Infact O2 announced they were getting it soon way back in late December, so I don't know why there's been no mention of it on here....

Oh well.... Vodafone 3G coverage is better at the moment, so I'm good...I just miss the T-Mobile customer service.

It wont support UMA as tmobile UK do not support UMA...only Orange i think support UMA.

I have the Storm2 on vodafone and its not bad, much better than the original Storm thats for sure....but was only a matter of time before it was going to other networks ie Tmobile and O2....Vodafones exclusivity ran out a few weeks ago from what i heard.

One good thing to come out of this is that maybe when the Storm3 is released, it will be picked up by Tmobile UK.

I don't know why RIM enters these exclusivity agreements with carriers. I think it hurts them in the long run.