BlackBerry Storm 2 And Curve 2 (8530) Expected Release Date Information

BlackBerry Storm 2 And BlackBerry Curve 2 Info.
By Bla1ze on 23 Aug 2009 04:46 pm EDT

Boy Genius just posted up some launch information for the BlackBerry Storm 2 and The BlackBerry Curve 2 (8530) no pricing is currently listed from the documents but expected release dates are shown. All speculation for the Storm 2 was putting it at a November release but this seems to be pushed to October now.The BlackBerry Curve 2 isn't really new as it's just the 8530 rebranded but alas, sticking with the Curve name and that will be taking the November slot for launch.

That's the news for now, let's hope RIM doesn't delay either of these devices, but I say that with a heavy heart because I'm sure we can all agree the devices will need to be ready for launch and not just simply rushed to meet an "expected" launch date.

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BlackBerry Storm 2 And Curve 2 (8530) Expected Release Date Information


I wonder if i can go to verizon and bitch about the fact that i'm on my fourth storm due to the screen dying on me and get a storm two.

After seeing the Storm 2 Hardware video by Salomondrin I'm really anxious to get my hands on it. I wish I was able to get my on one just to test it out. But then again, I can't wait for it now, so I can only imagine how badly i'll want it if i play with it

You had a contest where you'd give away a bunch of storm twos if they were released by the end of a particular month. Dare to do that again in October? If so, please pre-enter me ;)

Hated storm numero uno. dumped it and bought a tour. liking it alot more than the storm, but..... I will definitely be getting the storm 2. Squishy Sponge technology is too tempting!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately ill have to wait a bit to get the storm 2 my upgrade with verizon isn't until feb :( sad I know but the wait will be worth it...

Cant wait to upgrade my storm to the storm2 or the onyx, I cant decide, I hope storm2 is really functional or ill have to go with the onyx

when is the AT&T Storm 2 release date!!!! I am tired of dropping from EDGE to edge when i get an mms.

I wonder how all the sales will be on the storm 2 when the first one had so many faults...not to mention the people that got the 1st one signed a 1-2 year contract and won't be due till at least Nov.. I mean, the new update came out and I'm STILL having problems. I thought they would at least fix the problems from the first one instead of coming out with a whole new model. I know I'm not buying it and I know a bunch more that aren't getting it either.

I never rush to get the fist wave when a phone is released, they're always jacked up. You gotta wait for the second and third wave. Most kinks are worked out by then. I'm still on my first Storm, my cousin got his the first day it came out and now he's on his fourth one. Lol.

I hope Verizon doesn't launch the Storm 2 with OS .148 on it ... LOL. Please God, make the Storm 2's OS compatible with the Storm 1 ...

What about the Onyx? That eff'n phone has been floating around a lot longer with no news of a launch date...Grrr haha

sholes is going rain in on the odin S2 release.. im laying a bet that the sholes will sell more units then the storm2.

I'm looking forward to having 2 great BBs to choose from. Onyx and Storm 2. We'll have to wait and see if Storm 2 can live up to the hype.

I REALLY hope they give current Storm POS 1 owners a special deal on the Storm Hopefully Not A POS 2 . I am on the verge of throwing mine out the window.

You best start throwing, you got a better chance of getting hit by lightning than you do getting a special deal. I use the Storm on AT&T and there is nothing really wrong with it. If you have problems maybe you should look in the mirror for the main cause.

If the storm 2 was released 5 years after the storm 1 you people would still want some discount or compensation, get over it already. It's called PROGRESS. Lemme bitch about my bold so I can get a deal on the onyx, then complain about the onyx when the next best bb is released and on and silly does that sound...

I sure hope Verizon would find it in themselves to offer a trade in since the storm 1 has been nothing but problems.

The Storm 2 is what the first Storm should have been. We've been basically beta testing the darn device for almost a year. I certainly hope they do something for the Storm users now, like Apple and AT&T did for the iPhone folks when they released an upgraded model less than a year later.

If not, I'll wait out my contract and then shop for another phone provider. And that's if those contracts aren't invalided by Congress and the FCC in the next 14 months.

Either way, I'm going to remember the way my company treated me when I took a chance to try their highly-touted product.

I want that Curve 2!!! Ooh..but hopefully I'll be at basic training during november so I can't waste cash on it...until I get out of basic and tech school that is.