BlackBerry Store openings can draw big crowds too!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Nov 2011 08:52 pm EDT

If you're a BlackBerry fan but have felt the BlackBerry news of late to be a little bit on the gloomy side (RIMM shares hit a 7 year low this week and are trading below the company's book value), do yourself a favor and watch the video above. It'll make you smile.

The video is from September 28th and was recorded in Thailand at the launch of the country's first BlackBerry Lifestyle store by JayMart. The lineups were long and there was a dash to be the first into the store when it finally opened. That's the kind of BlackBerry love I love to see. [ side note - I think have a mega CrackBerry crush on all the girls in white pants in that video and need to visit Thailand - shhh... don't tell Miss CrackBerry! ] 

Bla1ze reported yesterday that a BlackBerry store will likely open up in Jakarta this month, and if that's the case I can only imagine the scene that grand opening is going to make. Having been to Jakarta and witnessed the BlackBerry craziness first hand (people carrying and using two, three or even four BlackBerrys at a time), it's going to be EPIC.

There's still a lot of love for BlackBerry out there. Of course love alone won't make RIM's share price shoot back up -- there's work to be done, no doubt  -- but a video like this is a good motivator for all those RIM employees who need to put in the time to getter done.

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BlackBerry Store openings can draw big crowds too!


Love it!!! It looks like an Apple store but with BlackBerrys and it has a great look. Why can't RIM do this in North America?

They should also be handing out BlackBerry car decals in every BlackBerry box like Apple does - after all, they are the underdog now and need people to root for them!

Why is this not in North America? Isn't the answer obvious? Because inside North America, RIM is viewed as antiquated and out-of-date; a company whose very technology and CEO's are openly laughed at, riduculed, and mocked by the tech media, the general media, and consumers. A company where its own shareholders have took to the press to criticize the lack of direction of the company.

But what a difference in attitude, enthusiasm, and support a continent away! The store looks good. And people are excited for Blackberry. Watching the video reminded me of attending video game conferences - gotta love "booth babes!" I also want a BBMe hat. So congratulations goes out to BB for this. Now, hopefully you can convince North American's to love you as well ;)

Not really a big crowd, I remember when I went to the Apple Store, and it wasn't even a holiday or a product release, and it was literally filled..

Did you even watch the video before making your pathetic comment? The shopping mall was full of people waiting to go into the store and the store was so full people were given numbers for their turn to pay. Loser.

It can be explained quite easily, the American media has been pounding on RIM for the past six months because they missed a product cycle with their BB7 phones being late, and dared mount a challenge in the tablet market that did not pan out. If everyone reads everyday that RIM and BB are doomed, then people start believing it, no matter the quality of the products.

Sad but true, the media is the message as they say. Hope the RIM bashing is getting old in the media, because their products are definitely on par in user experience.

The media loves to bash RIM for some reason, a while back when the local news did a story about the "unsuccessful" sales of the Playbook, the news anchor commented about how much she loved her iPad. She'd probably never even picked up a Playbook, and bought an iPad because it's "cool" and Apple markets it well.

Ahh beautiful Thailand, a.k.a LOS (Land of Smiles). DEFINITELY a place you want to visit!! There's no place like it!! Good people, food and weather. I'll be on the lookout for the store in 2 weeks if I can remember...

There is a BlackBerry store at the Minneapolis airport, great location to catch all the business folks going through. I stop in to check out the new products everytime I pass through. They have all the officially launched products an plenty of accessories.

really? you must not travel the airports much haha. I've seen them in Houston, Dallas, Denver and Chicago Airports. I even believe there was one in the Narita (Tokyo) airport.. but I could be wrong. I wasn't in that airport very long trying to catch my flight to Newark. But they are in quite a few of the international airports.

One of the things people forget about when they say why dosen't RIM do that in North America, like Apple does is that Apple Store sales are only about 20% phones. The rest is sales of computers, iPods and software.

RIM is losing ground in NA. If they think they can grab a foothold (and it seems like they have) in the emerging countries, kudos to them and they should do everything they can to solidify themselves. I wonder how they will compete in the rest of the asian countries (Japan is near impossible with the sheer number of phones they come out every month, let alone every week).

Is that an actual accurate statement or are you just saying that because japan is the technological capital of the world?

Bro... I live in Japan atm. Stationed here for the Air Force. I can tell you the Iphone sells well here in okinawa. Not because of the Japanese but because of the 50k US troops stationed here. After traveling between mainland and okinawa I can tell you that probably 90 percent of them use regular ol flip phones. The Americans are the ones who pay the money for all these fancy phones. Although android is really starting to take off it seems. I see a lot of them coming into Docomo and looking at them. Docomo is pushing them very very hard. Although one of the ladies was really impressed with my Torch the last time I brought it in.

Also please not forget that most of the original articles of the RIM bashing came from market analysts that have AAPL stocks. Of course, they would protect their own.Then somebody else would write up a similar article, with a more exaggerated header in huge fonts. Look at the i4S and all those complains about it. Have we heard that the coming OS update would restrict the CPU speed just to get more battery life? I bet that if RIM was not very careful with the design of their product, this would happen too. but with a different consequence. Only apple can get a way with it. ifans are buying the brand and not the phone. apple has the best marketing in the world. they could sell crap inside a plastic casing and ifans would still be buying it.

I personally think that the store would look better with a darker design. Maybe a maple wood with a different finish or something idk but it would bring out the "Black"in blackberry

(Edit : The music was horrible )

Blackberry controls the majority of the mobile phone market in many Asian countries right now, CBC did a documentary about a week ago about how Indonesia (which I believe borders Thailand) is becoming a "Blackberry Nation". Many of us think that companies such as RIM and Nokia are "dying" because they don't have as much marker share in north America, but lots of the world still uses their products. Europe controls most of Nokia's market, and Asia controls half of RIM's market.

The reason why this store has such long lineups is because Asian countries currently have such a high demand for Blackberry devices, while in North America a store wouldn't do as well, as we control less market share.

You forgot to mention that a lot of BB users in Asia buy BB because they are inexpensive and is offered with a pay as you go option.

What happens to RIM when these very same customer can afford more expensive smartphones and data plans?

Dont make up storys about things you dont know anything about.
In thailand you can make those pay as you go plans with any phone... may it be a iphone or blackberry or any other smartphone.
Also the price of the new bold and new iphone is about the same.
The useage of iphone and BBs in thailand is about 50/50 ... especially thai woman love their iphones as much as others love their blackberrys.

Ya... I sort of suspected there was some promotion hence the special queue number they gave out. Still great to see the enthusiasm though!

Because they also have a lucky draw for the rest of the customers for a chance to grab 50% off deal as well, winners of the 100 lucky draws were announced later that afternoon so people still hang around to see if they have won

was there (Blackberry store at Paragon Shopping ctr Bangkok) a few days after the launch and it was packed and very cool indeed!....

Thailand is a Blackberry Nation for sure ....

I was using my Playbook at cafe and server even commented ..."wow ....a Playbook!"

lol that is so gay. it is an apple store with blackberry stuff instead of apple stuff.. they didn't even try to be different

There is a BB store in the Atlanta airport. It is pretty cool, but I went before the release of BB7 so everything in there felt pretty dated.

RIM should open a few "test" Blackberry stores in major cities, not airports so they can gauge the market potential. Do some mkt research and find out what people want in those stores and design the color scheme and layout so that it is distinguishable a Blackberry theme. And most important, ADVERTISE the store openings in all media so consumers are aware of it. You can not just push a product/service out there and hope the consumer will notice it; you have to make them aware of it's existence.

That's really cool. There should be BB stores here in the US, I'm actually surprised there isn't any. I would be at the store all the time. Btw, love the bbm me hat lol

the store looks great and all, but is anyone else realizing that its basically just a BB version of an apple store ?

FYI, Blackberry was really a big hit in Thailand since 2008 and the reason was BBM. Everybody had at least one BB. (In Thailand, many people carry more than one cellphones)

However, its popularity has been declining for a few years, in my opinion, because of other crossed-platform chat client like Whatsapp. People don't have to be on BBM to chat but they now have variety of smartphones out there in the market to choose.

I am sad about this cuz im a big BB fan but the number of BB user is declinging....
I am still using it though I love BB !

PS. I been to the shop and it looked great !