Last Minute BlackBerry Stocking Stuffers - Leave a comment to win an accessory of your choice!

BlackBerry Stocking Stuffers
By Adam Zeis on 16 Dec 2011 04:11 pm EST

Leave a comment to win a BlackBerry Accessory of your choice from - Keep reading for details!

You still have some time left to get that BlackBerry lover on your gift list some brand new accessories. We've covered loads of stuff for the different types of users in your life in our 2011 Holiday Gift Guides, but how about some last minute stocking stuffers? There are plenty of great accessories you can grab now and have in time for Christmas from Pick up one of our favorite BlackBerry charging pods, a new BlackBerry case or maybe even a Bluetooth headset. Keep reading to see all the newest accessories for the holidays!

Need something for an iPhone or Android user? We've got your back on that one too - you can check out the CrackBerry Superstore for all your smartphone needs!


New BlackBerry Cases

New BlackBerry Chargers

New BlackBerry Batteries

New Bluetooth Accessories


To enter to win a BlackBerry accessory of your choice*, simply leave a comment to this blog post. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

*Contest winner may choose one (1) in stock accessory from up to a $100 value.

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Reader comments

Last Minute BlackBerry Stocking Stuffers - Leave a comment to win an accessory of your choice!



/start melodramatic music

My BB and me had a rough year. Poor thing never let me down, even without a new accessory or paid app through it all.

***edit* delete this for me I accidentally did it twice*** charging dock for my 9850 would be amazing for Christmas :)

A comment for a prize. Seems fair. I consider anything that I can plug into or tether to my phone counts as an accessory in my book. .,Now if there is just a hundred dollar PlayBook.... If not, there are many many other choices.

I would like the Otterbox for my PlayBook. I still need some sort of protection for it, and I want the best. Thanks for this contest CB!!

Dear CrackBerry Santa,
I have been very (semi) good this year. I have carefully hung my stocking and would be glad for anything you might want to drop into it. My 9850 and PlayBook are waiting in breathless anticipation of what they might receive.

Finally the White bold 9900 releases officially here ! :D
Would love to add up the celebration with an accessory.

Wow! You never stop surprising the users. A convertible playbook case! :D It's always pleasant to get smth for Christmas.
Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Omg please please please a chargimg dock for my playbook or a charging dock for my 9670 whatever one you want to give me lol ill take either one!

Great contest idea !

I'm asking Santa for the "BlackBerry Rapid Charging Stand for PlayBook" but in all honesty ... anything Crackberry throws at me for my Torch 9800 or Playbook 16 Gb would be amazing !!!

Thanks for having such awesome contests ! :) please help a recent college graduate out with playbook charging cradle/pod for my Christmas gift.

please pick me crackberry! i would love a charging dock for my BlackBerry Bold 9900! Thanks Crackberry I Love You!

i could really use a battery extender, and it looks like the one listed would do double duty and work for both my bb and pb

I love Chrismas, and not just because of the presents. But if somebody asks, a BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for Bold 9900 for me please :-)))

I'll take a playbook bluetooth keyboard case whenever RIM finally decides to release it :) but seriously, i want a powermat charger for my torch 9800

I asked Santa for a Torch 9800 charge station, I like the one that lays down vertical we'll see if Santa knows whats up.

Plantronics Voyager PRO+ Bluetooth Headset for BlackBerry Torch 9800 will be fine or any samsung case for my galaxy tab 10.1

Just got my brand new Blackberry Torch 9860's sweet but sure could use a new case:)