BlackBerry stock drops below $6

By Chris Umiastowski on 6 Dec 2013 11:36 am EST

It doesn’t seem like John Chen’s open letter to customers has done anything to change Wall Street’s mind about the future of BlackBerry. Yesterday the stock dropped below $6, and so far today’s market action is keeping it there. This marks a new low for BlackBerry shares. Last fall the stock experienced a substantial drop too, but never dipped below $6.  

What’s driving the weakness? There doesn’t seem to be anything major in the news. The analyst at Wells Fargo reiterated a market perform rating on the stock, commenting that the company may need to offer enterprise customers discounts to retain them.

There hasn’t been much in the way of breaking news, but we will see a financial report from BlackBerry just before Christmas. That will be our next opportunity to see how the business is developing, and to hear how John Chen addresses the investment community.

For both BlackBerry shareholders and fans, some good news would make for a nice early Christmas present!

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BlackBerry stock drops below $6



Now that's foolish isn't it. If they gave it to you and you turned around to sell it at market rate you make pure profit. Wouldn't take it of they gave it to you.. fool.

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Yeah, I would normally put more work into things.  I was dealing with a horrible migraine for the last 2 days and just wanted to put the headline out for discussion.

Best cure for migraines is too eat ice cream until you get brain freeze. I suffer from them as well and this works for me every single time. Brain freeze sucks but a migraine sucks more. Try it out, its the sweet relief and a tasty treat.
I am not joking.

I haven't tried your ice cream trick, but when I am not able to head off a migraine before it gets too severe for medication to work, I use a cold pack, bag of frozen peas, ect, at the base of the skull. Sometimes the only thing that works.

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That's what happens when you hold a significant number of shares in BlackBerry. Just kidding. Migraines are not pleasant for sure.

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Seems someones unfamilar with sarcasm and pretty sensitive when it comes to criticism. Better get used to it if your gonna fan for this ill-fated company.

Saviour4Life would be nice for once to come on this site and read some intelligent comments your sarcastic or condescending comment isn't welcomed

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What are you doing here wasting your time if you are not a Blackberry fan? Get some other hobby dude.

Troll on fan is apparently a hobby...for some people. just give them what they want and no mercy. That's what they want anyway.

This news is an echo relating to the one about BB's Ambassador, I presume? Get down to the job you can do very well, Canadians! NASDAQ will start to response properly then.

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero:

Not only a missed opportunity for BlackBerry with the ambassador, but lack of advertisement. BlackBerry offers a good looking device, but no one has seen it - compared to Samsung and Apple ads.
For example, I sat down and placed my BBZ10 on the desk.

My classmate next to me injured,"Is that a BlackBerry?"

I replied,"Yeah."

She than said,"That's a nice phone."

Here, I assume she has not seen the BB10 devices. Thereby, here response is evidence that BlackBerry lacks advertising. The BBZ10 looks great, but the average consumer would not see it.

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You know what? I had the same kind of response from colleagues here in France, only Waohs when they saw my Z10.
I can't still don't understand why they don't bring some crazy marketing up there to clearly advertize BB10s' phones

On what basis would you be buying again? Technical analysis? Fundamental analysis? Hope & Change?

Or are you just flipping a coin to be "sure"?

Well, BlackBerry still owns QNX. And with industrial, automative, areospace, and defense contracts, to name a few, QNX ain't no joke.

That doesn't mean BB stock is going to blow up anytime soon, or if even at all, but, it is a strong indicator that BB is not going away, nor are their handsets.


​Hoping the 10.2.1 OS will push quick and we'll see some pushing of the Android app support. Think that will help sell phones (and keep current BB10 owners happy). 

No doubt there's lots for BBRY to do in 2014, but with a new CEO who's clearly not afraid to make changes (as demonstrated by C-Level changes already), I'm hoping 2014 will be a transformational year for the company.

It's such a shame that buyers have such a negative view on BlackBerry, I bought the Z10 back at Canadian release and I'm literally still amazed by this phone on a daily basis. I don't know what the negative preconception is but it needs to be stopped.

Also, when I stop in at phone providers in the malls I ask about the BlackBerrys and how they're selling, the response is always "I haven't really looked at the phone so I don't know how it is, and it sells okay I guess".

With that being said, if BlackBerry held live demos in malls and such to show off what 10.2.1 I'm positive it would blow the adolescent and young adults age groups away.

I've been showing this phone off faithfully and have converted a few people. I hope this becomes a trend.


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BlackBerry had a chance back at the lunch and after to really show off the phone and did a poor ass boring job of that with their demo, super bowl commercial and marketing. Not to mention priced their phones a bit high in emerging markets that threw off buyers. Also, not having the top apps which they still don't have like Netflix, Instagram, viber and etc and let's not forget the surrounding rumers of them going bankrupt and then more recently going up for sale which threw off even more customers.

Unfortunately BlackBerry is done except in the Enterprises where they still stand a chance

"did a poor ass boring job of that with their demo, super bowl commercial and marketing"

It doesn't matter how good a job they do at marketing, the carriers don't want to sell the device. They don't make enough money.

You can walk into a Verizon or AT&T store, demand a BlackBerry, and you'll be persuaded to buy something else (usually an iPhone), because the carriers have a vested interest in selling the other devices.

Sure they could have done better. But only if they could have sold their phones below cost.

The real problems at BlackBerry started when Jim B and Mike L racked costs up the wazoo and failed to keep a handle on their spiraling expenses. If BlackBerry could have sold for $50 or $100 less a unit to the carriers (we'd have paid the same) then just maybe the carriers would have sold the devices.

Hmmmm....I walked into my local Verizon store and told a rep I was going to purchase the Z10, to which he replied, "that is a cool phone".

Prior to buying my Z10, I have been in not only that same store, but also a few T-Mo's to specifically check out the Z10 in-store. Not once, nobody, ever steered me clear of BlackBerry nor did anyone suggest an Android or iPhone.

To be quite frank, a carrier would want to you buy BlackBerry even if just to get rid of stock once and for all. It makes zero business sense to not sell a particular handset unless of course these carriers get some kind of huge tax break for a small handful of unsold phones.

Thats a bunch of Bullshit. In small town USA ATT store proudly displays the Z10 and Q10 and they are more than happy to sell them.

I almost got a Q10 3 weeks ago in the Rogers store in downtown Toronto. The rep clearly tried to steer me out of it.
He asked if I had tried swype on android , I said I do not want an android.
Ended up getting a z10 and I definitely love it.

The problem with blackberry is that except for Verizon the devices are not available in the USA. Its a pathetic waiting game that is played and the US market seems to be ignored. Unfortunately for BB US customers have options and because we are a have it now kind of society we don't have to play the games or wait for that matter. BB really does not even give us the choice to not buy the device as its not available. And so iphone, android and windows phones will continue to out sell BB simply because I can go to just about any carrier and pick one up today. I know everyone will blame the carriers but its BB responsibility to market the devices and do whats necessary to get them in as many hands as possible. If Sprint and ATT and Tmobile wont push the devices make them irrelavent and look to others like straight talk or wireless etc and rebuild the blackberry base. BBM has shown us there is a lot of interest in BB. Give incentives to the carriers to push BB phones or open BB activation stores in the us and push your own devices.

I waited patiently for the Z30, although I love my Z10, then since I'm with AT&T I have to keep waiting. It's not nice to keep people waiting!!!

I agree! I have a lot shown a lot of people and converted most of them.

Another thing they should be doing while showing the young people in the mall is demons straight the dual language, French English etc... My 14 year old sister goes to an all French school, yet speaks nothing but English at home.

Agreed with the auto switching between multiple languages, even in the same sentence. Because here, en Montréal, there are so many people qui sont tellement bilingues.

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.

I hope you dont have sex. Priests are not allowed to have sex. Neither monks. I assume you are of one of the two if 6ouve converted anyone to your religion.

My apologies if you are in fact a sister..

I actually am a priest, and have no idea what your comment has to do with BB10, US cell phone carriers, and dual language support.

Why don't you get a T-shirt made that says "BB10.2.1" on the front and listing the features in the back. That wouldn't be too geeky.

There's a reason I have such a negative view, and this is coming from an ex bold, curve, playbook, and z10 owner. There are far more people out there who were blackberry fans and have a negative view than there are blackberry fans who have a positive view. You know, it's difficult to make an existing fan of anything a hater. But RIM succeeded at that. Unfortunately, that's their only success since 2007.Blackberry does not make products that consumers want, simple as that. And I like how you use the words "faithful" and "converted". I mean, what the hell?? Clearly you are brainwashed into the RIM cult (how they managed to do that, I'm not sure cause they are notorious for sucking at this, hence the only explanation is that you must be weak minded), similarly to how many (not all) Apple users are brainwashed into their own little (large) Apple cult. To me it's sad either way.

Brainwashed? By what? Blackberry's enormous marketing campaign! Haha. They use the devices cause in many ways they are superior to the competition and more enjoyable. Also IMO they are innovating faster than the rest of the competition too.

I used to be an iPhone user, the Z10 is my first BlackBerry.
In my opinion the OS is far better on the Z10 then iOS...

I tried "em all" a couple of weeks ago and nothing compared to my new Z30.

People who have "old BlackBerrys" don't have a clue about BlackBerry.

CB10 from the Z30

The bb10 phones flopped for realistic reasons. Two of the main ones are:

1). OS clearly not ready to be launched. This caused all sorts of bad, including crashing, overheating, and freezing. This doesn't even get into the lack of function. Most of that has now been taken care of, with more to come. Most folks haven't even seen this yet, with the big fixes being part of 10.2.1.

2). Poor marketing and training. I can't tell you how many times I have gone into a store to ask simple questions about bb10, and the sales person just looks blank.

3). Not mentioned much, but bb10 is too much different from 7. Everyone I know said the same thing about bb10; "This isn't BlackBerry!".
They really like the bb10 flow, but struggle to simply change from what they have become used to for years.

THESE are the biggest reasons for the initial failure.
With Chen at the helm, things will change. I am confident. BlackBerry 10 is indeed the best OS on the planet. BlackBerry just needs to show it to the world.

Bacon, i agree with almost every thing you said.

Good point about not making the evolution from the old OS smoother. I wonder if MSFT would agree after Windows 8's launch.

I am not as confident with Chens ability to turn things around. To do so will require an exceptional marketing savvy, and we don't really know if he understands consumers.

Also, I think pigs are beautiful and sensitive animals so we should not eat bacon if there are dietary alternatives.


Especially for BlackBerry 10.2.1, even for current BB users still waiting for the next official BBOS release.

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no it doesn't. its about profits. if BBRY can get its margins up and its profits up rather then lose money thats all they need to really do is make money, they don't need a big market share in order to be profitable

more market share = profit... the reason why they don't make profit is because of low market shares in corporate and consumer field..


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Are you serious? They can easily sell their products from $10 have 100% market share and still be losing money if they are not covering their overheads. Marketshare is not all there is smart guy. Its all about managing overheads and revenues. If BlackBerry has a certain overhead cost and can't sell enough to maintain that cost then they are going to loss. If they cut their costs because their not selling well the company will not need to maintain high volumes of sales and revenues to make a profit. Stock price is based on a lot of things not just market share. BBRY is so low because investors don't believe BBRY will survive because of their losses not because of their market share

Someone didn't go to business school... that really is a very flawed equation. Margins = profits. You must protect your margins at all costs. That's the only way to make money, i.e. make a profit. An increase in sales will increase your market share, but that doesn't necessarily equate to more profit.

Someone didn't go to business school, or didn't learn anything. Margins don't necessarily equal profits. There are other ways to profit. Look at Google. Granted they have greater scale, but they make little if anything on hardware margins. They profit from services and software. If you're going to criticize others, at least know what you're talking about

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Actually, I learned quite a bit and know exactly what I'm talking about. Whether it's hardware, or services, or software they all account for revenue for the company. On the income statement for the fiscal year end, a company will have total revenue, less cost of goods sold to get their gross margin. From there, expenses are deducted such as wages, prepaid expenses, etc. Then the tax is taken into account and they are left with net income. That is how much money is left, or the profit. Kind of why they call it a profit margin. I think you are a little confused as to what margins mean, and if you think Google is selling their hardware at a loss, I am just not going to get on board with that. But in closing, a company's margins are based on their entire operation, not just hardware.

:) thanks

main goal for a start up company is always to maintain a break even point where assets match liabilities.

for a company in BlackBerry's position when they are trying to rebuild and direct the company into a new direction, its exactly the same, only thing is maintatining a break even is much harder to do as they are already an established company with an established overhead cost, while they don't have many debts that they are forced to pay off (other then the $1 billion brought in by Watsa) ASAP their opperating cost is still pretty high with the man power they employ and the over head costs to maintain and opperate their NOC.

what BBRY needs to do is maintain and keep losses to a minimum, but it doesn't help when sales are low and you over produce a product that isn't selling in mass amounts. thats why the stock took such a huge hit when there was the write down of inventory, they are no longer making the same margines on these devices and may result in a loss on the sale of each device.

Chen needs to stop the bleeding of cash by keeping costs down and maintaining revenues from BES and BIS in order to keep things afloat while the company repositions itself.

why people insist that they plan to get out of the hardware game is mind boggling. enterprise has always been BlackBerry's strong suit, so maintaining revenues for it is key to stop the bleeding of cash. while they try an reposition to fully compete again.

hopefully BBRY has put a hult on device production and is just sellign off their surplus so they don't have to take more losses paying their manufacturing bills, and lets hope all the bills were paid last quarter so this quarters report won't look so bad, if not we are goign to see another blow to the stock price

Maybe BlackBerry should get 10.2.0 out to the USA and investors would be more positive about the stock.

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What do you mean BBRY should get 10.2 out to the USA? Its been available to Carriers for some time now, its the USA Carriers that continue to drop the ball on updates. Here in Canada we've been running 10.2 for several weeks now.


I think it's an outrage that 10.2.1 isn't out yet...
They really need to negotiate some sort of OTA (over the air) update deal with these monolithic carriers.

Yeah, BlackBerry needs to pour money/resources into the QA departments of the carriers and get 10.2.1 out ASAP.

It's leaps and bounds more impressive than 10.1, and would help sales folks make BB sales.

Yes agreed. But my point was 10.2 has been available in Canada for ages versus the USA. So why does Canada, the UK, Africa etc., have the 10.2 update but the USA does not?

I fully agree with the OTA update process. Just like the PlayBook, it comes directly from BlackBerry, which in term removes any possible fragmentation

10.2 on Z30 is fantastic. Also, it will make BB10 "easier to sell" because it has a Hub icon so mental midgets won't have to figure out a few swipe gestures that sales reps in stores won't take time to teach them.

CB10 from the Z30

It's called perception. BlackBerry could put out the greatest OS in history but if it is only being released to Nigeria (apologies to Nigeria) no investors will care cause no consumers will. Try and think of the big picture.

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Tell that to apple investors that dropped apple shares when ios7 was first announced.

Owner of z30, z10, q10, iPhone 4 and 5, sony xperia z1

Agreed, think it will just take longer than most people think or hope for. Got to just hang in there and spread the good word. (10.2.1)

Kevin your exactly right they need to work there socks of if they want to succeed. If that involves pushing updates out quicker more advertising and expanding bbm voice and video to other platforms then that's that. They need to make up a good reputation for the consumers to trust BlackBerry until they do all that stuff I thi.k they will keep going down hill. Hawere Mr chen sort yaself out and use your brain!


Sadly, 10.2.1 is not the solution.
BBRY needs to re-conquer the low-end user base (which is way larger than mid-end and high-end).
These users with small pockets and living in Latin America and several other countries in Asia, Europe and Africa, are still using legacy OS 7.X devices, because there's no low-end BB10 devices. And a lot of these users are moving to WP8 and Android in order to get a modern OS in a cheap device.
Also, BBRY must keep the social-only data plan, and doing that, BBM will gain even more traction.
A light-weight version of BB10 is also needed for these low-end devices. A version capable of running on 1GB devices (WP8 and Android can run with 512MB), and doing that, the Playbook will be able to run BB10 as well.
Forget all the security and encryption options on these low-end devices. Average users don't care (or don't know) about it. Just let them chat, upload selfies to Facebook and Instagram, and play some games. That is all they want to do.
Offer discounts to legacy OS 7.X users is also a good incentive for them to make the upgrade.

As a friend of mine said once: in order to change things, you need to change things

I agree with you for the most part. Unfortunately, I think it will take more than just a phone at an accessible price point to get BlackBerry back into this market segment's hands. BlackBerry pretty much kissed this market segment goodbye when they decided to not support BIS on the new platform. This means no more cheap data plans. That was one of the major selling points of the OS devices. A more affordable phone wouldn't hurt, but it was the cheaper data plans that attracted this market segment more than anything in my opinion.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

BIS is BS I'm glad they got rid of it, it was way expensive than normal data plans, I couldn't even use my BlackBerry bold 9780 on wifi without subscribing to that crap.

Posted via CB10

I completely disagree.

Here are some considerations:
- No company is competitive off their low-end offerings. (this includes nokia-who nearly died before being bought out, Motorola who basically turned into a non-profit org, and the countless android manufacturers in the market). There is simply not enough profit in cheap phones

- Licensing the O/S sounds dandy, except, delays on delays multiply. BB10 saw 6 updates in less than a year. At this rate they potentially can have an incomparable offering by next year. That, and of course security which is one of it's most valuable selling points - not good to undermine that just yet.

- They have already significant presence in the smaller markets with the OS7 series devices. this doesn't turn a profit... Though, their strategy of capitalizing on the numbers with BBM may serve outrageously beneficial on a social network/software services front.

- Change has been executed... remember? they called it BlackBerry 10. The resulting stock drop, shrinking cap, and everything negative is likely the result of the change being so significant that it's like "starting over" again.

10.2.1 is not a solution, but it's much more the right direction then over-reacting. Leave the reactions to Wall Street. If BlackBerry can stop the bleeding and return back to profitable the perception will shift. And if the phones keep getting better... to a point... where joe-blow can get their instagram android port with one swipe and BBM video call their friend on an IPhone. Then marketing a new flagship will be super easy - because - they will have something that people want.

BBRY tried to change since the introduction of the infamous BB Storm (the "iPhone Killer"), that was a mess.
Then, they tried to change again introducing OS 6.0 (GUI with animation and fancy stuff), total fail.
After that, they tried to change again by introducing the OS 7.x, supported only on new devices.. that was not enough.
These 3 failed strategies had 1 thing in common: low end users were never left behind, and they could keep them.

So.. they tried to change again with a fresh start: new CEO, whole new OS and a new generation of devices. But guess what? that is not working neither. And this time, the thing is worst, because low-end users are not getting OS10 devices at all. Why? simple, OS10 needs high-end hardware. And no, Q5 is not a low-end device.

But anyway, BBRY is not focusing on consumers anymore, so low-end users are not important. That is part of the.. changes.

If they had a BB10 tablet, that for sure would be welcomed. It’s a no Brainer people are unhappy. BlackBerry needs a tablet like everyone else. Plain and simple. If they don't give the people a BB10 tablet, it will continue to remind every what they did with the original one. Nothing. And that doesn't sit well with a lot of people, considering they feel ignored.

Posted via CB10

And why would anyone buy this tablet given all of the other good choices out there? What would be so special about this tablet? Will it be preinstalled with the almighty 10.2.1?

Well, that would be the key, wouldn't it?

As far as I know, no other tablet has the Bridge feature. And if Chen really starts pushing the M2M features of QNX, that has always been the key feature for a BB tablet, being able to connect easily to all the QNX driven machines.

"if Chen really starts pushing the M2M features of QNX"

They first have to implement at least one compelling BB10-to-QNX application before the M2M feature would sell any tablets. People won't buy a tablet for a feature it doesn't have yet. You need something sales reps can actually show a consumer in the store.

What should the message be on Dec 20th, what should be dropped into the market, if anything to demonstrate a change is coming or that the valuation is wrong? I think there are some tough messages to be presented, pull back from consumer and laser focus on getting enterprise back on track in regards to perception and confidence. BBRY has been trying to work two fronts and failing on both, they no longer have the resources to work both so then need to pick one, enterprise is their strenght and where they can begin their return to growth. Thoughts?

PS: BBM should take on marketing of itself as the primary focus and BB10 secondarily to keep it at least a base level # of users. refocus on the smartphone when they have stabalized the "Enterprise" ship. (Into Darkness! ;-) I kind of prefer this to RIMpire)

Um, without the Consumer Space, Enterprise is a no go. They both need each other and the only problem BlackBerry ever had was "MARKETING". They suck at it real bad, and now that they finally fired most of the marketing department, they can finally focus on hard core marketing.

The BlackBerry brand is no longer like the Apple brand. Apple can get away with absolutely no marketing at all, BlackBerry at this point in time cannot. They need hard core marketing to push their product.

There's still people spreading nonsense telling consumers interested in BB10 that BB10 is nothing more than a very basic upgrade from the BB7 platform, and it's not worth it. Though I haven't heard this nonsense for a while now, due to the ridiculous made up stories about BBRY's apparent doom/gloom scenarios.

Hands Down, BlackBerry needs to aggressively market BB10 hardware in the consumer space, all across the world. Only then, will its Enterprise business hasten.

If for some reason Chen neglects BB10 in the consumer space, BBRY won't see healthy growth IMO anywhere.

Marketing man!!!!!!
30sec super bowl spot isolating someone whipping through BBM, swiping up to drop it into an active frame to answer a text, email, Web browser, peeking in on the hub, coming back to an app..... maybe a live droid app or two..... let's get the freakin party started!!!!

Posted via CB10

let's hope,,, the shake-up was/is a good start,,, the next changes he makes will tell more about the future...

Agreed! Like to see some tweaking within the Channels theme. Allow users to set-up their own chats that any and all BBM users can post and share ideas, similar to this forum. Titles can be specified as per an individual taste and interest. Allow #PINS to be openly shared, since users can opt OUT anytime they individually desire = Will increase use time of the new platform beyond comprehension... JMHO... Keep up the good fight BB, we need you here...

Still waiting for 10.2 official from Verizon. The carriers are killing BlackBerry.

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I agree, the worst thing is that USA carriers are being way too unsupportive. Tmobile users are still stuck in 10.1 I hope we don't reach Jun 2014 without 10.2.1...
This is ridiculous.
And No matter how many times I've bugged tmobile about the z30 there are absolutely No news about it, like it doesn't exist.

Posted via CB10

I ordered my Verizon Z30 off-contract from Amazon. I called numerous Verizon stores in my area and no one was carrying it. I was very disappointed; but now that my phone is here I absolutely love it.

It's not an exclusive because BlackBerry wants it to be. In my inquiries with BlackBerry, they will happily sell Z30 to any carrier that wants it. Verizon picked it because they have large government contracts for mobile where the only option is BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

The sharks on wall street just don't get it on how this company is still surviving, they bent on killing it by any means. Same goes for carriers, even Verizon low key want it gone but don't wanna show it

Posted via CB10

There is a difference is distancing yourself from a tocik product and trying to kill a company.

A year ago EVERYONE said BlackBerry had one shot to turn things around... well they took that shot and missed. Now they are just standing around with their thumb up their b**t and "some" people want to blame everyone but BlackBerry for their continued decline.

The weakness isn't a lack of any new, but the lack of any substantial positive new. And a pending ER that will be a RED and ugly at Robb Stark's wedding.

You may be the only reasonable person on here that isn't so blindly in love with BBRY as to not criticize them directly. Finally a realistic comment....!

Everyday they burn more cash. They have a very limited time line to try and correct their current course. When the market doesn't see any progress towards making changes the stock price will continue to decline

The stocks decline is in the USA. The Canadian BB.TO stock is up way past $6.
That said, you can blame the SHORTS and the BB bashing journalism that's going on where they take pure rumour and speculation, and make it out as if it was facts. Ridiculous.

So why this stock low? What then Blackberry has that the others do not have? There is a need of something else to attract customers espclly where I am in africa...

We won't see much until a few things happen.

BlackBerry retains or gains some very large enterprise customer.

They come out with some phones that sell and make them money.

They prove the can execute. Need some well planned launches.

Folks are tired of talk talk talk. Time to walk the walk or fade away.

Verizon Z10

Given how the Z30 is faring with carrier and retailers, it's doubtful that there will ever be another Blackberry hardware launch. There aren't even any compelling ideas about improving the hardware other than spec bumps - of a practically nonexistent Z30 launch.

I agree with this. BlackBerry has not yet made a touch screen phone that anyone would consider a success. The Z30, their best attempt, is not in 3 of the 4 major USA carrier stores. Meantime BlackBerry remains in the back of the stores they are in, and few go into a USA Corporate retail store with BlackBerry on their minds. 10.2.1 is just another hope and a prayer. Remember this time last year when all the talk was how bored all of our friends were with their iOS and Android phones and once they get to see BB10 it will all change for the better? In my circle I know of one other BB10 phone a Q10. Whats been amazing to me is that since BBM for Android and iOS has come out, my old stalwarts in Colombia and Brazil and now leaving BlackBerry as well. I don't see it getting better any time soon from my anecdotal evidence.

Hey I went to T mobile in new York they told blackberry is dead I told it was their fault BlackBerry is not doing good cause they don't have BlackBerry on the store online only

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Well, people want phones, sales numbers, innovation, at least a "clear" vision. Not open letters to customers.
Unless they make up their mind and set their goals for 2014, the stock price will be nothing but disgrace for this company.
Prepare state of the art phones with top notch hardware, make a serious event (without "Alicia Keys") and then wait for a raise in stock price.

BB will probably just concentrate all of their efforts on BES 10 and support the BB10 devices to go with it. Keeping themselves lean and mean.

I really don't expect anything outlandish next year.

Then again, I think everyone who still has the desire to invest in BB better refrain from looking at its share price day-to-day or even quarter-to-quarter too closely. On a selfish note, I sometimes wish we can just purge some of those fickle investors who panic at just about any slight wind. Perhaps a time to kick off a stock buyback program. What do you think?

Umm, they are in the process of diluting the stock and you want them to start buying it back? They just issued stock to raise some cash. I'm also trying to figure out what kicking off fickle investors would do. Maybe the solid investors get together and have a meeting and set a higher price? Do you know how the stock market works?

You can spin the thought anyway you wish. I'm sure you have the best knowledge when you said they just issued stock to raise some cash. Oh, unless of course you are talking about the convertible debenture at $10 per share.

I didn't think we would see sub $6 for a while.. I just hope the new CEO isn't distracted by the share price and makes decisions for the longer term

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The problem we paid to much money for nothing no update is seen like we have a really old phone w/out update, every day post the same new update 10.2 is coming but don't see its, I thinking move very soon to galaxy

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Would be nice if Mr. Chen would call the big US carriers and tell them BlackBerry is pushing OS updates now! BlackBerry is sitting on an awesome update ( and who among us believes AT&T, Sprint, T-Mo and Verizon are going to be in any hurry to offer it?


I agree that if people are shown what this phone can do, they'll love it. Unfortunately where it falls short is on the apps and ecosystem..

This is where apple shines with the majority of users out there (sampling taken from my own family ;-)

Apple TV let's you stream your content to the tv,or receiver...airplay compatible equipment, iTunes, iCloud syncs across all your devices etc. and obviously app support.

I think it goes beyond the phone, you need the complete package to offer users.

Posted from my Z10 using CB10

Apple products are notorious for their failure in maintaining cohesion between devices -- what works today will not tomorrow. You're always one upgrade away from everything falling flat. I used to be an Apple fanatic (for 15 years) and finally gave up after they turned their back on me one too many times. I have windows media center at home, blackberry mobile devices and that's about it these days. That 'ecosystem' that Apple sells is crap.

Maybe it's me but it kills me to read almost every comment and review about a phone's apps and media capabilities. We are buying phones first and foremost. If I wanted a great digicam, I'd buy a Nikon or Canon, not a cell phone. I have an iPhone 5 and of course several BBs and I can confidently state that I have numerous dropped calls on the iPhone and almost none on any of my BBs. BB call quality is the best, bar none. Again that's just my opinion. I do like many of the apps on iOS and Android but if the phone doesn't make good phone calls, it's useless.

It's you. The vast majority of people using a smartphone do not use it for calls. The actual "phone" portion of "smartphone" is the least of most buyers' worries. They use it for everything else mentioned above (apps and media capabilities), which is why there are data caps and high rates for data overages on most carriers. People don't buy "minutes" anymore because people just don't make phone calls like they used to. Call quality is what RIM was focused on while all the other players in the field were adding the "media and app" capabilities that Jim and Mike swore nobody wanted.

"Smartphone Hardly Used For Calls"
"People spend more time using their smartphones for surfing the web, checking social networks or playing games than making phone calls, new research has found."


Fair enough. Thanks for the Telegraph article link. Interesting. I think maybe this is partially why people have no more 'people skills', they're so used to texting and shortened forms of 'communication' that they have fewer and fewer social skills. That said, phones are required to make phone calls, so you can't discount that part of a smartphone. And there are still people who buy regular (non-smart) phones, although a vast minority. Anyway it's a subjective matter, again I still think for call and speakerphone quality, nothing beats a BB.

I have just converted a new user, half the issue is people need to try the device and not compare the new of to the old one with out even trying one.

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I'm in the states, and I haven't seen a single commercial, print ad, internet ad or anytype of ad advertising the Z30. During the thanksgiving football games I seen commercials from the three other phone companies windows, apple, google/samsung. I think I even an HTC commercial. So seeing this drop isn't too surprising it's like they're trying to die off quietly :(

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With Quarterly results in 2 weeks, this is to be expected. Some people are hedging their bets

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After the call to the US carriers, the next call should be to Jeff Bezos. If BB started pushing 10.2.1 with the Amazon Android market built in (and with Amazon Android apps actually working), that obliterates the 'no apps' argument. Which makes BB10 a serious competitor to Windows and some Android phones.

What apparently no one realizes is that Amazon had to spend millions of dollars re-creating all the Google API's in Android that they weren't allowed to use with the open source version of Android they use for their devices (think maps API and location services and cameras and the like). The reason the Amazon apps don't work on a Blackberry is because the Android runtime on the Blackberry doesn't have the custom Amazon API's that they had to create to work around their lack of Google API's. That would require a different Android runtime that was built by Amazon to include all the replaced API's.

I really hate seeing this slow motion train wreck . Stock keeps hitting sell signals in the charts I use so I am staying away for now. Also my major financial services firm I work for announced two weeks ago that they scrapped their plans to adopt BB10 as they had previously promised to do 4th quarter 2013. They will support legacy BB's through 2014. I might continue to use my Z10 and see if I can utilize Android apps like the Good App to gain the enterprise access they are providing for Android and iOs devices. Really liking the Z10 on the Z10STL100-4/ leak.

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Why do some of you blame the US carriers for the lack of interest in the US? There is no reason they should put any effort into doing anything for BlackBerry. Like it has been mentioned a thousand times, BlackBerry themselves don't advertise in the US for crap, why should the carriers do it? Maybe if BlackBerry started to spend money on advertising, maybe the carriers would follow if it's not too late for the consumer market.

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I might be wrong but I think The US carriers wants the end of blackberry in the US market, that's why there is no helping hand from them.

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Nearly every commercial I saw for BB10 was either a Verizon or AT&T commercial (the last one I saw was back in July). Those two carriers spent a bunch of money advertising BB and got very little for their money.

The carriers don't want to "end BlackBerry", the carriers want to MAKE MONEY. Unfortunately, they simply can't do that with BB at this time.

If you were in charge of Verizon or AT&T, and you saw that BB sales + BB advertising/marketing support = a negative number, would you continue full support for BB and continue bleeding money?

just picked upgraded to a Z30 last week. absolutely LOVE the phone!

there is no promotion of BB products. flipping through the best buy & future shop flyers, not a single BB10 device listed. black friday weekend, the Z30 was $0 on a 2 year deal. didn't see any carrier or retailer promoting it (other than the actual price tag). word of mouth is great, but BB really needs some advertising and promoting of their products to ever recover from this!

Chris - With stock prices sooooo low. Any idea why no one has tried for a hostile take over? With Samsung and Apple with so much cash to burn I'm surprised that there's no talks of this...


Why doesn't BlackBerry take their billion dollars refund and buy back 33% of their outstanding shares? This will extinguish the short sellers. Seems like a no brainer.

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They can in fact probably take 50% of the float off the table. Just leave folks who want to own this company left. Leave the speculators watching from the sidelines.

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Agreed. With handsets not really selling, BlackBerry can expect to significantly wind down production of handsets, in terms of quantity, not quality, cutting back various other cost while maintaining enough cash at hand to rev up R&D and other corporate sale initiatives. Kicking off a small stock buyback program doesn't seem like an overt burden, at least in comparison with Watsa's original $9 per share going-private plan that had fell through. I personally do not like to see a lot of financial engineering happening at a strong tech company. But in the case of BB's current situation, that measure might just be justified to help it manage this difficult period.

No true US carrier support or Advertising! Low-key Launch for their flagship, the Amazing Z30??? and although POTUS uses BlackBerry, DoD agencies are already transitioning away because of the additional BB10 Enterprise $ cost and cross platform support, wrap that with zero 0, zilch, nada, no US Commercial Marketing, Especially for the Holiday Season (WTH?) and no positive or big announcements = BB10 projections reflect to dip even further in their Market Share :'(

Nobody, in the US i.e. the Populous, even is aware of BlackBerry other than "aren't they failing and didn't they go under bankrupt?"

If it weren't for our BlackBerry Loyalty and BlackBerry Leaks, CrackBerry, and each of us BlackBerry faithful supporting and doing our own commercials to our friends, Family and co-workers, BlackBerry would fade into the shadows completely.

I Love BlackBerry and I would Love to buy shares right now, but am on the fence because of all of this. Does anyone see light at the end of this tunnel?

C'mon BlackBerry "Keep Moving "

DOD agencies migrating away?? Additional $$??n It is all a free upgrade!!!No the worker-bees are still on legacy BlackBerry (can you spell furlough or sequestration? )
What is sad is seeing all the Apple Fan-boiz ignore the costs to stand up new infrastructure and ignore policy and Federal Law with regard to security.

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I promise you, it is NOT a "free upgrade". Just because some parts are priced at $0, there are other costs that are considerable. Even the government isn't so stupid that they look at the "free upgrade" of the BES server software and say "oh, this is free." They actually investigate the entire situation, make a big spreadsheet, and compare REAL, bottom-line costs, including support (which is VERY expensive from BB).

If BES10 really WAS a lower-priced option, a lot of big companies that used BES would have upgraded to BES10. The fact that they aren't doing so in big numbers should tell you that there's more going on here than the cost of the server software.

I'm with AT&T. Still no 10.2 not sure whats the hold out.

How can we sell this to our friends and customer’s. Why can't BlackBerry just roll it out to everyone at once instead of making us wait. A simple update to all. Would really help sell phones.

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The shorts are to blame for all the nonsense doom and gloom stories being fabricated to give consumers the illusion that BBRY is in dire bad shape. Quite the opposite, especially with a very strong cash position in the multi-billions and continuing to carry NO DEBT.

Once all the media bashing stops, and hopefully the shorts get screwed, we should see much better share prices. New BOD and CEO look like they have a plan, and that plan is to move forward.

Maybe a major Warren Buffet-type will come in and offer $9 per share - a 50% premium. Its an offer nobody could refuse

I've been badgering AT&T on the US for months about 10.2. The last comment I got was that they could not confirm when OR EVEN IF they would release 10.2. AT&T are hurting BlackBerry and apparently BlackBerry can't do a thing about it.

Personally I think Apple are paying AT&T To dissuade people from choosing BlackBerry - either directly or by offering incentives on iPhone units sold, which incentivizes AT&T to sell comparatively more iPhones by whatever means necessary.

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Not taking up for AT&T but the odds of you finding a sales/support rep that knows when an OS releases is very slim.. If one did know they would be fired for telling you.

I personally hardly ever talk to a support rep that has even used a BB10 device....

I would guess AT&T makes more money selling / pushing iPhones but I dont believe Apple actually pays them to NOT sell other phones. It's just demand... everyone has an iPhone so everyone wants an iPhone .. nothing to do with one is better.

I see it going even lower till next year.. Upside.. its now your chance to make some money if you believe they will bounce back..

Who's RIM / BBRY / BlackBerry?
What do they do?
Cellphone company? --- Isn't that those old work phones companies gave out that do NOTHING?
Never heard of em... Let me as Siri

Alittle much but partly true... I no longer see them anywhere (not saying any of their ads where user friendly) other than the random TV show (white collar), and some sports players.. Kicker is, I only spotted BlackBerry because I'm a Crackhead.. no one else would known..

Also getting sick of telling my users ... 10.2 is coming and it will fix / add that...

First thing I did when my girlfriend got her new re-furbed AT&T Z10 yesterday via UPS was throw on it before she even ran initial BB Setup. She's ecstatic about having not only a good phone, in comparison to her old Virgin HTC Evo 3D that died during screen replacement surgery, but supporting my CrackBerry habits as well.

Oh, and we both have PlayBooks =)

I'm running and eagerly await the next leak to get the Android obb file issues corrected, and to see what other goodies are in the pipeline. Like others have said here and in the threads...stock price may plummet, friends/co-workers might scoff or laugh, but the phone does everything that I could need or want it to do beautifully.

Regret, the December Q report will unlikely have good news.
There is no way for a quick turn around.

Only lay-off staff people, and firing under performing administrators, are not the only answers.

Is BES development, the company's only way to go? They need more?

The handset market is stressed out, so, that direction is unlikely.
Tablets, too late.

The personal communication market (with no cash flow), like BBM, has many competitors.

What is left? Questions, no answers.

Chris you say: "For both BlackBerry shareholders and fans, some good news would make for a nice early Christmas present!".
Regret, not much to anticipate.

I tanked with my stock purchases, losing on paper not more than I could afford to lose.

Lets face it. Its not gonna be bright for a long time. At least not in the consumer market. Concentrating in the enterprise market will save them. Its their strength n a lot of businesses still relie in their services heavily. They dont need to try n dominate entrprise, just continue to build on bes n qnx with handsets. Im sure it isnt s simple as that but if they keep it like this for awhile they"ll do well.

I doubt if 'zero'.
Unless they make some drastic errors, they always have had cash in the bank and contracts with cash in-flow.

The longer Blackberry waits to advertise, or communicate to their shareholders on the direction of the company, rumors, and doomsday theories will fly. Blackberry has plenty of cash-on-hand, and is financially sound. They just need to start marketing their devices, and build confidence in their investors. I personally would rather hold onto my stock for the potential upside then sell based on rumors from short sellers or panicked investors. If I had the extra funds, now would be a good time to invest in a company you support. If you own a BB10 device you know it's potential.

Im going against the grain here n buying up some shares. I think ppl need to relax a bit. For me its a simple picture. Blackberry is still in a sensitive and transitional stage esp since all the reshuffling of management and refocusing their real priorities now under Mr. Chen. For me, I feel really confident in their new direction their going. I never really follow consumer perception and expections when it comes to blackberry, as they are in an unsual and quite unique position. I think once they achieve " true realization " of their place in the mobile field they will snowball into something bigger. They jus have to survive their situation.

Perhaps you are right. I hope too.
Look at Apple stocks a few years ago. The company was 'lost' until a few new products drove business their way.
The tech stock market is very uncertain. 'Boom and bust'. Things change in an instant.

I think in apple's time it was steve jobs unique n strong vision that carved apple's path. I feel blackberry ' as a whole' needs to drive their path forward. The fact that the board refused to break up the company, and not move to a proven flatform like android proves, to me, they still believe in themselves as a whole.

Excellent points, thanks.

Yes, BB needs 'vision' ...
in these times, implementation is costly and risky.

Now that Steve Jobs is gone, Apple is weakening. This is proof that Blackberry needs a CEO with Charisma. TH was good on the financials, but extremely boring to listen to. Thorsten would have made a better CFO, and they should have hired someone who will appeal to the American market.

Thats a sad thing. I have followed steve jobs since his days before n after Next. Apple losing steve is akin to a band losing a front man. It will never be the same again and thats too bad bcus Apple was an incredible innovator. I think Thor was more of a product man than a CEO. Mr. Chen is all business and to the point. I like that, and one of the reasons im buying some shares. Apple culture is very artsy and Blackberry is pure corporate, which is probably why they marketing is non existent. I think this a huge obstacle for them. Imho They have to reshape their image but gear it towards enterprise n business sector. That is their strength, and shouldnt try to be Apple or Sammy.

Then I will help you ,
and exchange my dying Nokia N9 for a Z30
moving from a dead os to a possible dying one.

Justin Bieber could have convinced naive teen girls to give up their powder-puff iPhones for a real social media and communication device. He would have reached an audience that Alicia Keys couldn't. Blackberry need to be more effective in their advertising and by using JB, they will reach the idiots that pay an arm and a leg for an inferior device.

They don't just want it to die, they want it to die a horrible death. Not sure why.

Sent from the future on my Z10

It's the U.S market media causing so much negativity that the every day person believes it. Especially with carriers not supporting the OS updates. Chen needs to come down on them asap. Nothing to lose now. 6 months ago everyone believed they were dead or already gone.

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BlackBerry needs to give up on the carriers and release updates to anyone who wants them.

Have had the z10 since february and still love it but the reality is, we live in a world of iPhones and Androids.....and Windows I guess.

Nothing will change that.
No one will accept that BlackBerry could offer something better.

So, let's enjoy our BlackBerrys until we can !!!

Posted via Virgin Mobile Z10

RE: OS10 (a very good product line)

Regret, BB has had a poor marketing plan and direction.
They could have made deeper roads into the iOS and Android market. Windows too is behind these two.

BlackBerry Ltd., Potash Corp. , Barrick Gold among unlucky stocks bound for bruising in tax-loss selling

Republish Reprint
David Pett | 25/11/13 | Last Updated: 25/11/13 3:15 PM ET

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I very much doubt this quarter will be very good. Sure they've already taken the hit with the inventory write down. But there are still restructuring charges to hit the bottom line and it seems unlikely sales will be any better.

I think it will be the end of 2014 before we see any improvement, and even then only if they can get traction with BES10.

Turnaround is going to take time and ample patience. Can BlackBerry be profitable with a low market share in the short term? If so then I think the market will re- discover a great product. Right now there is too much negativity that is discouraging sales. I have talked to too many people who think BlackBerry is going broke. So they do not buy. They want not just a phone but a system that serves their needs. BlackBerry must prove they can survive. Difficult position. I believe they can do it.

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The work economy is dead any ways that countries like the US, China, Germany, etc. are pouring billions into other currencies like Bitcoin.

This doesn't surprise me. I expected a $5 per share bottom. The interesting part is what they are going to do on marketing.

I know that they said they are keeping the handsets and also going back the their roots to enterprise. They are looking at securing all brands of IOS and android phones because of the BYOD wave that is here. The issues is that no one includes BlackBerry as a bring your own device product. Its associated with corporate issued device. BlackBerry needs to keep their enterprise software focused on exactly what they are doing but they need to change the handset portion of the business into a consumer want. This way when an employee brings their personal mobile phone to work and they put it on the BES10, it's a BlackBerry

I live in Canada, I expected to see a bit more support and knowledge of the brand here. The more I talk to people. The more I'm convinced that BlackBerry message is gone. Even IT managers in some of the companies I deal with have no clue on what the bb10 is capable of. And I mean NO CLUE. The sales reps at the kiosks have NO CLUE what bb10 can do.

My wife wants a Q10 to replace her 9800 torch. I have gone through a few malls in the last week while Christmas shopping. I stop a the many vendors to see what they have. I honestly think Samsung owns they kiosks. All rows of phones are a version of a Samsung phone. Even some standard older basic phones. The BlackBerry display is usually off to the side with non functional devices. We I ask about them. The answer I get is that they are discontinued and get a Samsung.

Stock prices will not rise if revenue does not rise. Revenue will not rise without Sales and sales will not happen if the sales chain is not supported and incised into selling the product.

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Two thoughts: (1) Warren Buffet's famous for buying when everyone else is selling, and when all the news is bad. (2) Why hasn't BB dropped the price of the Z10 and Q10 on their shopblackberry website? (currently $399/Z10 and $549/Q10; both USD

When Warren Buffet invests, especially these days, he gets preferential deals over the average retail stockholder. (Look up the Goldman Sachs investment as an example.) His methods don't work for the rest of us.

BB has dropped the price temporarily on the Z10's. It was $199 for five days.

Yes, WB gets preferential treatment - I know about the Goldman Sachs deal. Though I personally have missed out big time when I did not buy on bad news (or sell on good news), including Goldman when it was way under $100. Also, I never noticed the $199 price drop. I try to track that site but missed it.

:( ... lets keep watching.. no one imagined tht BlackBerry will have to go through this today.. its the world of technology.. n technology keeps on changing n so as customers.. there is no such thing ever made tht can satisfy a customer till tge end of his life.. whether its iphone or android.. people expect so much..tht hours of hardwork doesnot bear fruitfull results.. the famous apps like ubway surfer, temple run were top downloads once but now people seldom use these apps. Iphone 5c... is a flop.. though apple is favourite of all but they have rejected 5c... in the end.. I wud like to say tht.. BlackBerry was dead untill BlackBerry 10 came.. so its a matter of time.. tge company should try n conquer middleclass people by making cheap but gud quality BlackBerry fones...

Sell that shit @ a bare bones minimum to make themselves attractive to potential end users. $100 Z10s n Q5s $200 Q10s and $300 Z30s with no contract, to anyone that wants one!!!!!!!!!! U already ain't makin a profit anyway!!!!! I'm tired of giving U fuckers sound advice that U don't use. U can't make grown folks do shit they don't want to do. Gon n fail! Become a stale memory like Palm.

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

Maybe because their fucking "official" OS is broken as hell and 8+ year BB loyalists are getting fed up of supporting their buggy products. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Although I'm quite satisfied with the kinds of apps available, BlackBerry stock will not rebound unless they reverse the perception that they lack a viable app ecosystem or get out of the consumer market entirely and become a smaller enterprise business. I can see the market react positively to BlackBerry performing well on that limited basis. Not there yet though.

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What can u expect from bb when the new bbm update is a shit for us die hard bbs. Slow and many times reboot... Watch Steve Jobs movie... Restart the company from scratch, and innovate. u are not apple, samsung or windows... Lol

Consumers have heard it all before from BlackBerry. And they don't care who is saying it anymore they just don't believe it. We need results not promises.

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Probably just the market being jittery pre earnings call at end of Dec.

That said, BlackBerry need to announce something substantial.

Anything. 10.2.1 being released - and then actually going out to everyone (like the KitKat update)- that'd be huge!

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Blackberry should be able to transform as a company when focusing towards enterprise.
However, for the BB10 devices\phones to survive, I will beat the dead horse. They need all the Apps they can get. I don't need the apps, but Blackberry does for perception purposes. Until all major apps advertise they are available on Google Play, Apple App Store, AND Blackberry, the perception is that Blackberry is not keeping the pace or innovating.

It's probably dropped because what exactly so we have on the horizon to look forward too?


Great that their focusing on enterprise but no news on handsets or entry into other markets with qnx

I know that blackberry has made mistakes but there has to be more advertising of the bb10 and especially the Z30. It's now a time to show just what this device can do..they need to push carriers to get these updates out and show in advance what level the next update will bring. It's us as well that need to take out our devices and off..i went to Costco yesterday and there was a guy there with a Z10. I took out my Z30 and he loved it,asked if they had them there..of course the answer was not maybe just maybe if there was enough airplay on the TV networks and people actually knew what a system bb10 is..we need people to see the elegance and versatility of these phones it wouldn't be wanting the carriers to launch these phones but instead they would be scrabbling to get the world through superior marketing and the right endorsements that blackberry is cool and works for all ages..all teens like to keep their lives private or think so anyway...well what better way than on a blackberry using native bbm..just a example

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You know what's bizarre to me? That almost EVERY cop show, political drama or serious film showcases their leads using Blackberry phones. It's clearly viewed as a serious phone/tool for serious professionals. And I get it - if there were two lawyers side by side... one had an iphone, and one had a BlackBerry... I'd probably choose the guy with the BlackBerry. Iphones just seem too amateur.

But anyway, I'm just surprised that BlackBerry hasn't picked up on this trend and somehow used it to their advantage. Toy vs Tool kinda thing.

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Maybe Blackberry should be getting tips from their consumers? Maybe read a few of our posts? They have the goods, but fail on the marketing. It's nice to be one of the few who realize the advantages of Blackberry, but in order for Blackberry to take over the smartphone market, they need an effective marketing campaign.

It's all about the general perception.
The "not dead already?" statement is either sarcastic or misinformed, but I must admit it is up to 80% of the spontaneous response I have when I mention BlackBerry.

Now what ?
It's up to us, if we want the company not only to survive but to success to get out of the hoods and let our friend know.

I'm sure some of us may even be quite embarrassed to promote something when they know they will be sniled or even laughed at.

And I mean it's not only here, where most have - good or bitter - attachement to the brand or just can't imagine a mobile world definitely dominated by Steve devil Jobs shadow and double eyed g00gle.

Let your voice be heard. Explain, demo, show your difference. Use Twitter, Facebook, G+ or whatever. Once a day. Don't bash the competitors, explain why you want BlackBerry to stay. There's ton of contents right here you can share with your digital friends.

Can you afford this ?
Will you dare ? (is "got the balls" offensive ? )
Go for it. More, now.

[url="bbmc:C00035FA6"]Visit my BBM Channel ! [/url]

I always try to show people my Q10 and nobody is interested!! I have gotten responses like "come into the 21st century, BB is going out of business, I know you love your BB, let's change the subject, etc". They don't even give me a chance to demo, so they have no idea what it is or how it works. One relative has a company issued 9900. Yet he knows nothing about BB10 and just figures he will get one if his company upgrades him. I don't know what can change that anymore. I love using the Q10 and hope there will be something to upgrade to when it gets old. I have an iPad and hubby has an iPhone. So I have plenty of experience with Apple products. Prefer the Q10.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

It's called preconception.

Apple gave the world excitement and the world is far from finished with it. You just have to sit back and wait till that excitement is over. And it will be over. But whether the next excitement will come from BlackBerry, not necessarily in a smartphone, seems to largely rest on what new CEO Chen can do in the next 5 years. However, BlackBerry has other enterprise products now, if properly managed, will help keep the company afloat or even prosperous through the next 5 years. Meanwhile, enjoy the awesome new BlackBerry devices within our close-knit community that include world and business leaders. :)

I totally understand and agree with what you are saying, coming from my region of the world as I have mentioned in this forum before...I'm from Barbados, the Caribbean. We had the most blackberries in the Caribbean as reported by BlackBerry themselves. Now almost everyone has either an iPhone, s3 and upgrading this Xmas with the s4. When persons realise I have the blackberry z10, it's the spark of contentious debate. They say this like your sacked in the dinosaur age, you are flogging a dead horse,no one wants a blackberry, they refer to it as black garbage, to top it they say nothing is unique about blackberry anymore everyone can get bbm, that's just a few of the negatives
..yet theses persons do.t understand what my phone can do. I know about less than 10 persons who own a BlackBerry 10 device. Lime mobile has th on sale and few people are buying. The word is even spreading about the latest Nokia lumina. Therefore it's very hard to interest these people in the bb10. Some dont even know what a z30 is. If BlackBerry wants to regain it stance it has to first Market, Market, Market and expose what is good about the bb10 and then move from there. Nothi.g us really spectacular about Android for me but they threw an entire marketing campaign around it and look where it is. BlackBerry needs to get their act together or they will become historic.

Sent from my Z10 aka,'the beast'

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