BlackBerry still actively working on PlayBook OS updates, Bridge update now available

By Bla1ze on 18 Mar 2014 09:18 pm EDT

If you've been wondering whether or not BlackBerry was still actively working on PlayBook OS updates, it seems there's enough information out there to say they are indeed. Although there's no sign of when or even if it will be rolled out, they've now got OS version certified and right at this very moment, there's a BlackBerry Bridge update rolling out through BlackBerry World with a few changes in it. Thanks, Thurask!

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BlackBerry still actively working on PlayBook OS updates, Bridge update now available


That's good to see, BlackBerry bridge is a definite plus when in cones to my use of the playbook!

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Humm, I thought the PB was dead. I put mine away after I got my Z10 (a reasonable substitute with a smaller screen). I would like to see full functionality between the OS10 devices and PB including some shared apps.

I wish they would make a blackberry bridge app for those of us who have android phones but still have our playbook. me.

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It looks like it's only a very small fix. Nothing major. Lots of improvements are much needed in this space, however.

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From your fingertips to BlackBerry PlayBook Development Team let's hope the tablet operating system update brings back full BlackBerry Bridge functionality.

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There has to be an agenda behind this. BB' reputation on that front has been gutted. There's no salvation for them on those old units. Me thinks their continued development is not looking at past sales but future ones. My guess is Chen okayed a continued slow steady dev of tablet OS for a new release eventually.

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry

Agree. It's certainly making me feel better about the purchase. Felt a bit slapped before, but now at least I know they're trying at least a little to fix it up.

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I'd love to see an improved browser and the ability to accommodate BBM Groups (if the necessary component is indeed needed on the PlayBook OS side rather than on the Bridge side) added to my PlayBook.

Great and unexpected news this is.

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I'd live to see an improved overall experience with the PlayBook. To run as well as the bb10 devices.

No update for me. What is the release version? Mine is Do I need to have 10.2.1? I'm still stuck in 10.1 thanks to AT&T!

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At this point you may as well remove your SIM card and install the latest version of BlackBerry OS 10.2.1.x.

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Or turn off your data in Settings, Network and Connections, Mobile Network. This will allow you to download the non-ATT version which will give you the ability to use bridge as an internet connection to your Playbook when theres no wifi. Then turn your data back on. Just remember, don't do any bridge updates until posted on CB, all others are they ATT version that will remove the Bluetooth tethering.

At this point you better move to another country that doesn't require the use of AT&T service!

Or......install a official OS release from another carrier.

Naaaaa, you should definitely just leave the country. :)

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Expect a new "playbook" type device soon. The New Board hasn't forgotten the stain of the original playbook in terms of the previous Boards misstep in not supporting those devices. Don't be surprised if they confirm the "New" PlayBook for BlackBerry 10.

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Excellent news indeed. I've always thought that there was still life in the old dog (PlayBook!) yet. And now it appears BlackBerry is thinking along similar lines.

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Be the day I buy another playbook. To this day the browser still sucks and has tons of issues that plague it.

I have not experienced any issues with the web browser on any of my BlackBerry PlayBooks. I use 3 on a regular basis and have 2 never opened spares.

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Hah! I've experienced minor issues now and again with the web browser/wifi connection/media player. As I use it daily for non-mission critical stuff, it's more of an annoyance. Nothing a reboot won't fix once a week after the kids get a hold of it. I have one 1 in full time use, 10 opened spares for demo, and 1 unopened spare.

You should try the Origami browser. Works surprisingly well, looks great, and has some gesture support.

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Of all the things that need improving, I hope the browser from BB10 could come over. That would make it SO much better.

My guess is we are only going to get minor updates for flash and other security-related updates. And maybe they might return to full bridge functionality.

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Thank you BlackBerry! The fact they can push out improvements whenever they want without "testing " by carriers is so great.

These little updates make me more and more hopeful about a future tablet ...

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Until we see the changelog, I wouldn't call what they're doing "actively working on it".
They've probably just updated the Flash player to patch a recently found vulnerability.

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

Fully functional BlackBerry Bridge would be significantly better than a VNC connection between BlackBerry 10 smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook. BlackBerry Bridge is less resource intensive.

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Enterprise wants a Tablet solution. They are going out to get Ipads and windows surface. Then some clever IT guy is going to say, hey lets standardize on one brand for all our devices. Cheaper support, common user experience, economy of scale etc etc. Then bye bye Blackberry.

Pretty obvious. Too many Fandroids and iPeople amongst IT staff, that find it more than convenient to give a reason in favor of dumping BlackBerry.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

What's a Playbook?
Oh I forgot, it's that thing in my top drawer that I paid too much for and do not use.

You should sell it, then. A lot of us use ours every day, and some are looking for a second for their SO, etc.

I use my Playbook almost every day at home. Still love it. I'm also hoping BlackBerry updates it to full BlackBerry 10, to go with my Z30, the best phone on the market.

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I am fine with PlayBook not getting BB10. But what would be great is if BlackBerry can update the PlayBook Browser, Keyboard and a few more stuff to at least get the speed on par with BB10.

For a tablet, I don't mind the PlayBook OS at this point. I find it better than the iPad and Android based tablets.

I agree with you on this. The OS for the PlayBook has always seemed great to me. Browser and apps need work. I would be fine with a dummy tablet update: when bridging, the PlayBook simple becomes a bigger screen for my z30.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Very nice. Thank You. For a dated os playbook still feels fun to use after all this time when compared to the lifeless ipad and generic galaxy. I thought maybe with the reintro of the stylus maybe give the note a refreshed feel. Instead I feel like im back in ths early 90's again. Just my 2 cents.


Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

This is great news. Many PlayBook owners will thank BBRY by buying up BB10 devices, so keep your customers happy even though there's only 3.5M PlayBook customers.

Looking forward for any improvements at all, I miss all the functionality we had.

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BLACKBERRY 10 browser on the Playbook, is that too much to ask for after the failed promises of BlackBerry10 and BBM?

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I don't get it. Either kill it or don't. This is bizarre what they're doing. Why bother spending development resources on a dead end!?

Why give us hope? I'm really confused by what's going on here.

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It was Thor that shut it down. How do you know that Chen doesn't want to revive it in some form?


If they are working on optimizing BB10 for new lower end phones (Z3 has 1.5GB of RAM), then why would they not consider rolling that out to playbook if they can get it to play nice with 1GB of RAM? Why can't the Playbook benefit from this new OS10 optimization?

If they were doing this just for the PB, then I would understand the confusion. But the PB is not the focus or the prime benefactor in all of this, it is the new low end off phones they want to build.

Would make sense to use existing Playbook users to test a new BB10 OS before launching a new tablet. They still need to learn a lot about the tablet size to get things right this time.

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I would like to see the Flash Player patched so NHL Gamecenter games can be streamed again in all its glory.

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Good to hear of some interest in PB at BBRY. On the topic of bringing BB10 to PB, I would suggest that most PB users already have a BB10 smart phone, therefore (if like me) the main interest in the PB is the larger screen. Most of the PB utility applications on the PB are duplicates of the BB10 (i.e. browsing, email, news readers, etc.). So why not simply turn the PB into a remote screen / data entry device for tethered BB10 smart phones? Taking advantage of the larger screen and resolution would require that BB10 smart phones recognize a second screen of a different resolution. Something akin to what remote desktop software already do in the Windows world. To deal with motion, the remote session could toggle the accelerometers to the PB when tethered. No need to port / duplicate BB10 OS and apps to the PB, just tether it over Bluetooth to BB10 devices... A remote desktop solution probably would not require the amount of resources taht a full BB10 implementation requires. Last but not least, this is the same thing that will need to be done to implement BB10 in a desktop configuration, as is already being debated.
Am I missing something?

I, for one long-time BlackBerry PlayBook user, am waiting for the day that I able once again able to read and reply to email on my BlackBerry PlayBook via BlackBerry Bridge.

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Good thing this came out. My SMS kept freezing and I'd have to reset the bluetooth on my Q10 to get it back

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Lol I just read this and what do you know, the update just pinged my phone as I was reading.

I like surprises Verizon update today even though I was running a leak. And now an update for the Bridge, keep up the good work. Thank You BlackBerry!!

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30, PB or Q10

I don't have one, but I realize many were pretty upset with Hiens and the old executive team for the run around.
Very happy for PlayBook owners.

Powered by BlackBerry

Does this mean it may be worth investing in a Playbook... ? Hmm

Posted from my Q10 (TMobile) Running OS as of 3.14.2014!

I have noticed the PlayBook in some recent BlackBerry videos and press releases. I thought it was interesting they would mention it if it was an old dead device they hoped everyone would forget about. I got the bridge update today, so there is hope that it hasn't been forgotten. They still need to update the Facebook app though.

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I'm happy that BlackBerry is still updating the BlackBerry Link software. I use my PlayBook a lot. I have an Acer tablet (Android) and I far rather use my PlayBook. I seldom use my Android tablet. I'm happy to hear that there might be a software update for PlayBook coming out in the future.

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Great! I was worried .1753 would be the last update. Hoping that this update quickly makes it to the LTE and 3G+ models as well.

And still hoping Mr. Chen brings some form of BB10 to the Playbook!

As an At&t Q10 user(i am running Rogers 10.2.1), I am wary of the update because my carrier does not let you use the phones data for the PlayBook. I have turned off my cell and data antennas when I've updated Bridge. I'm just not sure if it worked because it still says I have an update in BBWorld. It says that is the update and I have installed. Is the difference (.100) At&t's stuff?

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To answer your question about the update showing in BlackBerry World, yes. Do NOT install the BlackBerry Bridge update post the Rogers Wireless update or BlackBerry Bridge will be reduced to ATT's limited functionality.

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I would love 2c my BlackBerry z10 sync fully wit my PlayBook as in sync wit all 3rd party messaging apps as well as video streaming 4m BlackBerry 2 BlackBerry + th PlayBook updated wit the latest android emulator or else give th PlayBook users th same appstore as bb10, I hate th keyboard on my PlayBook it's very android please change it 2 bb10

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Let's let some clarity out of the way. The Previous Management was responsible for the PlayBook issues and not bringing BB10 to it. They are responsible for telling it's customers that it won't get New Updates anymore.

In my view, John Chen's attitude in this respect is unacceptable. He seems like the type of individual that will NOT let PlayBook customers down.

The Previous Management under THOR should never have abandoned the PlayBook nor its updates. They know as well as we know OS 2 is still incomplete. The Browser, Speed, Apps etc., are not designed properly, and they should have been resolved some time ago.

Till this day the PlayBook continues to be used in Government and Enterprise offices. Yet it's in-complete.

This alone shows how incompetent THOR and his team truly were. Not trying to pound on THOR, but it just felt like the head was not communicating with the aSs.

PlayBook 2 Coming Soon, when the time is right. (Q4 2014 Announcement with Launch date). Why? The Pentagon wants them.
Woops ;)

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Nice of you to have quoted my exact words off another site...
"""PlayBook 2 Coming Soon, when the time is right. (Q4 2014 Announcement with Launch date). Why? The Pentagon wants them.
Woops ;)"""

I'm happy with the Playbook OS as it is with the exception of the browser and would love to have an updated version of the Android player to bring it in line with 10.2.1.

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Looks like BlackBerry have listened to its loyal customers. It's loyal customers are the ones who can raise the BlackBerry brand....ive said it before and I'll say it again..the PlayBook fans are the 'BlackBerry Evangelists'!! Mr Chen thanks for the support!

PlayBook UK BBM Channel C001CB4A1

Small fix...... I've got question about BBM on playbook if BlackBerry can bring it to different smartphones surely they can bring native BBM to playbook with having to use bridge?

Posted via CB10

Had that, corrected by deleting some old SMS messages and it resolved the issues.

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I'm so happy to see another update for BlackBerry Bridge when I woke up this morning. I'm hoping/wishing to see a BB10 8" waterproof tablet this year...maybe this Christmas?! Keep the updates coming!!!

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... and include a pro level wife soft phone app on it too. Stock would go to the moon. 2 year old playbooks would be dusted off and sold for 500 bucks a pop.

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I used it last night for the first time in a while and I didn't realize how slow it is comparing to bb10. Still like it gets things done.

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Why even bother, my PlayBook feels so sluggish I don't even use it anymore. I wish they'd brought a new version with updated specs and BB10. I'd really love that!

As much as I wanted to love this device when I bought it, it just SUCKED compated to the competitors I had. I disappeared in a drawer for good when they confirmed that there would be no BB10 update. Too bad.

This is a sore subject for me..

BBM for all except PlayBook o_O and no, bridge version doesn't count.

[URL="bbmc:C00267AE1"] Aquarium Animals [/URL]

Unless bb10 came to playbook, and I know it won't, I've pretty much given up on my playbook. I tried using it again this week....not very good. sorry, but let's stop kidding ourselves and layoff the cool aid a little.

I love BlackBerry...when it's running bb10.

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If they would just update the android runtime to 4.2.2 the PB would instantly be more usable.

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To keep harping on this.. playbook needs netflix for me. Bb10 has it now, finally which is awesome. People with browser issues should try oragami browser it is much better than playbook stock

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Origami WAS great, it's still good but after the last OS update by BB, Origami slowed down noticeably for some reason. Also, Origami got abandoned unfortunately. The app Dev WAS/IS extremely talented but he's gone on to other challenges I suppose. It does have a lot of promise but I doubt it will get resurrected.

I think a slow moving of Bridge updates and PB OS version is a great idea. Creeps behind competitors line. Playbook is not dead, it shouldn't be. I think there's still hope.

I use my Playbook everyday especially the browser. I hope that they continue to update this and at least the Docs to Go app.

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If they do update the PlayBook OS I don't mind if we don't get the full BB10 experience. All I want is at least 3 things. 1 improved browser 2 improved android runtime and last but not least much faster startup time. That's one of the main reasons why I don't use my PlayBook anymore. It takes at least 3 or 4 Mins to boot for god sake!!

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Has anyone with a Sprint Q10 received the Bridge update yet? I keep going to BlackBerry World and there's no update available yet....

Post by 9of13 via Q

I want my PlayBook to be able to play the video files that I purchased on BlackBerry World for my BB10 device. Can't do this in UK.

Posted via CB10

At this point us PlayBook owners just want a substantial update to the OS. Not necessarily OS10. BBM groups being available is a must.

Posted via Z30 C0002FDEF

Finally... this is the first "update" where SMS/text messages show in Bridge properly. They never showed correctly before. No more spinning icon where it did nothing.

Posted via CB10

I would definitely use my PlayBook more if, the new update has apk downloads like 10.2.1 but I doubt it

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

Still not fixed the 'lock screen of death' on playbook caused by long chain text messages over bridge. As reported in beta zone.

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I'm so disappointed. AT&T still refuses to allow tethering. Received this message after I tethered, turned off wifi and launched browser with bluetooth remote pad....

"Your wireless service provider requires that you have a tethering plan to share your BlackBerry smartphone's connection to the Internet with your tablet. For more information, visit or dial 611."

I'm almost certain at this point that AT&T has no vested alliance, commitment, interest, love or respect for BlackBerry and/or its users deliberately.

Posted via CB10

Ricardo... can you use your browser through BB Bridge instead of tethering? When I set up a connection between Playbook and BBQ10 with BB Bridge and open my Playbook Browser I have a connection with wi-fi turned off-- The connection is definitely coming over bluetooth from my phone. This is working on Verizon anyway.

I was glad to see that BB is still updating bridge. But... My playbook gets disconnected from the Bridge app on my Q10 when I'm responding to text messages. I basically get a "Lock" screen on my playbook and when I look at my BBQ10 I see that the Bridge app has turned itself off. It will stay connected indefinitely as long as i'm not creating a text message. One feature that is working fine is the browser tethered through Bridge... something I didn't actually expect. I don't use BB Messenger so I don't know if that would also disconnect like the text message problem. If anyone has had this problem and has a solution, please advise! Thanks

The latest update of my Playbook is i heard. Here that it has a new update ! When i am always tap the "Check for Updates" it always say "You currently have the latest software installed." ! Why ? How to update it to the next version ? Please ! I need a hand !

I still have hope for Blackberry Playbook, Think about it guys, Sure it does not need to copy every thing like the BB OS 10, But, an upgrade like enabling us to install android apps/games would be awesome. since most we do for tablet now are for entertainment. Hoping that someday Blackberry will notice that there is still hope for the Playbook. a small update that enables us to run android apps and have AMAZON app in playbook so no need to sideloading using DDPB.