BlackBerry is 'Still 100% committed to bringing BBM to Android and iPhone'

By Adam Zeis on 30 Sep 2013 09:11 am EDT

It's been over a week now since BlackBerry was set to release BBM to the Android and iPhone using masses before some big issues set things on the back burner. BlackBerry issued an update last week that they were working on the issues and still intended to release BBM, however they didn't state when.

Today on Twitter, the ever-growing @BBM account sent out a Tweet letting us know that BlackBerry is "Still 100% committed to bringing #BBM to Android and iPhone."

While it's good news, It's still very vague and just leaves us again wonder when we'll finally see BBM go live for everyone. It's unfortunate that things haven't been sorted out by now, but just in case you were wondering if the entire thing had been scrapped, rest assured that BBM is still on the way.

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BlackBerry is 'Still 100% committed to bringing BBM to Android and iPhone'



BlackBerry should have never announced that Bbm was coming to other platforms until it was. Freakin ready. They lost a lot of phones sale during the 6 months period and also failed in launching BBM. Way to manage a company.

BBM for other platforms should have been announced TODAY.

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Yeah, I can't believe how bad they still are with communication. Announcing stuff when it is 6-12 months out is not smart in terms of drumming up excitment.

This delay in cross-platform BBM rollout due to software issues was exactly what I was afraid of; it further reinforces the image in consumers' mind that BlackBerry cannot even meet a self-imposed rollout date yet again.

And the BB10 platform outlook is even worse for would-be BB10 App Developers, in view of this botched BBM rollout...

They can never release anything on time. Aways delays or they rush it to early like with the storm, PlayBook and etc. No wonder ppl got fed up with them and switched to Samsung or Apple.

They are where they are bec of themselves!!! They need to smarten up

Yeah I know what you mean. Another yawn as usual. Only time I was excited was when there was an upgrade for my Playbook last month.

Blackberry can NEVER be on time with anything. They either delay, or even worse rush out a sub standard product.

I hope Im wrong but there's no BBM coming to Android or IOS. Blackberry is most likely pulling the same crap with BBM saying ''they are committed'' just as they did claiming they were bringing BB10 to the Playbook, and we all know what an epic fail that was.

Its the politics of Blackberry lying to their customers as usual so they're stock won't further plummet. Can you imagine what would happen to their stock if they outright admitted BBM was not coming? Would be the same panic as when they killed the Playbook, something a 90% dead company cant afford. BBM cross platform coming to my Samsung is a crock just like BB10 coming to my Playbook was.

thats the catch... they are going to say that is not comming and the stock will be drop like hell and the it will be bought by fair fax for less!!!!!!

Yeah its the politics of high profile stock trading. Meanwhile guys like you and I who have spent countless hundreds on Blackberry Playbooks and Z10's have to take it up the a$$ financially because the app support in this company stinks. And more disgusting is this clown Heins who is walking away with over 50 million because he headed this game of deception. I hate that prick. I wish Kevin could take over Blackberry as hes a good guy with a great knowledge of the company.

Ive had to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Tab2 for me and a new iPad mini for my wife because Playbook was killed off prematurely by Blackberry. No wonder they are dying. People are fed up with their sh*t. NOT COOL BLACKBERRY!!!...End of rant.

Couldn't agree more. I said they should have released it THEN announced "available immediately". What a crock....

This is hilarious.
1 tweet a week
54 total tweets.
But yet 1.1 million bbm activations in 8hours last week , it should be obvious that the ppl are iinterested and want info!

For a company in the communication business there seems to be a disconnect.

And then they wonder why the company is in its current position.

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It was supposed to come natively. Why does a Playbook have a PIN? For the "videocall"??

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Good news, yes, but still prob a while before we see it happen.

This is why I didn't tell any of my friends about the BBM launch. Knowing Blackberry would somehow have something happen and it would fail (aka par for the course with this company) As the saying goes, 'put up or shut up" and BB should have stayed quite till they knew it would go through and then announce it. I am sure we will see it launch around next summer at the latest. lol

Sadly they will probably be split up by the time it is ready.

Has BB made a deadline in the past 5 years. TH is a failure IMHO.

Well technically they did launch bbm in the summer like they said, it was just a botched launch lol.

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An intentional botched launch. There's no way a seasoned mobile pioneer could "accidentally" screw up that bad.

IF BB doesn't want to see massive migration (switch BB to android/ios) please.. please take this way: First release official 10.2 with proper unlocked android runtime + hide permanent bar, days after release bbm4all.

"Well technically they did launch bbm in the summer"
Hahaha good one. Technically, this management is fraud.

There's something else very wrong. Their reason about the Android version, while may be true, is not the only reason, I believe. In any event, hopefully they will launch soon and I hope they launch with at least the same options as in Whatsapp. I found I could not send video clips and Location to an iPhone user so I had to go back to Whatsapp.

BBM was not pulled because of an Android leak of an unofficial app. It's a lie. If you don't believe me, and why should you?... Please ask Kevin M. to comment on the veracity of claiming the primary reason for pulling BBM for Android and IOS and the failure to re-launch thus far was the leak an unofficial Android application.

BB is asking you to suspend your common sense and critical thinking for a chance to accept their explanation. Truth is, the official release version was bugged. Too bugged to have been released. And it's still not ready, and the worst part is that they have to now do double work now to code for a false problem that never existed, so it looks like they fixed a problem they made up.

I agree that the explanation makes no sense. How could an earlier leaked version that had to have been one of their betas (more likely very close to their release version, if not exactly that) ruin the release? Either the volume crippled their servers, and they don't want to admit it or that bug we all noticed where BB10 users couldn't communicate with the other OS's was never caught during their beta.

If it was just an android bug, why halt the iOS roll out? This is a system wide problem.

Either way, saying "Wow we had so many new activations that it cripples our servers and will take some time to fix" would seem slightly less incompetent than hours of silence followed by "It was the evil leak, and totally not our fault."

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It could have been a debugging version that was only intended for a small group of developers. It could produce huge log data and when multiplied by 1,000,000, will blow up the server.

I work in IT and support customer-facing systems. We've had releases that had some coding inefficiencies that only showed under production load. In this case, BlackBerry says the Android leak made excessive calls which made the load impact much larger. This is completely plausible, even if unfortunate. They should have recognized it through thorough testing, including load tests.

Perhaps they recognized it prior to launch and made corrections on an updated app, but the old apk was already out and hitting the servers hard.

I think if the apk had not been released, they might have been ok, but they did discover a flaw in the system that could have later been exposed.

I understand you are passed about yet another botched effort by BB, but that doesn't mean they lied about it.

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Point is, they never released the version so had no reason to worry. It was a leaked version. It might have been intended for a couple of test phones.

The fact that they are issuing their first statement in a week, still with no new information just as in the previous statement, says they are not telling the truth, or at least not all of it. Even if a buggy version would do such a thing to the servers and there was no way for them to block it (which is highly unlikely) they claimed to have had on hand a perfectly working version ready for roll out. If they actually had that version, they would have posted on their twitter, on CB, on facebook, engadget etc, that people that sideloaded should get the new stable APK and erase the old one. For the last week, people on android trying to log into BBM have been redirected to a BB website telling them to wait for more information. So they are perfectly capable to redirect those people to any website they want. Why wasn't an official download of the WORKING NON-BUGGY APK waiting for those people on that landing page? Either because such version doesn't exist, or because the new owners demanded that they halt the rollout and reassess their whole BBM strategy.

+1 @DaedalusIcarusHelios

I completely agree plus there were two working versions of the apk available online.
I guess the were both for playstore, (not likely)
This incident is sad but very plausible.

Agreed. They said it would be released this summer, and they evnetually set release dates in the very last days of the official summer season, and they didn't meet that deadline.

Plain and simple

It seems a little odd to me the timing of the botched BBM4ALL launch and the Fairfax deal. Had BBM4ALL had a successful launch I doubt a $9/share offer would have been considered reasonable. Smells very fishy.

There have been so many failures along the way that one must be trying to fail. The cynic in me is reminded that both Fairfax and Heins stand to benefit significantly from such missteps.

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Yes, this is the going conspiracy theory at the moment. I believe that the servers could have been swamped as others have suggested, but we may never know if sand-bagging for the stock price had anything to do with thus fiasco.

Still no date. To be honest, I would rather not have a date and they just release it whenever it's done, at which point they can say it's now ready.

I was going to say that. Sounds familiar, so forgive if I take it with a grain of salt...I have BB10 so I'm not worried though.

Just another RIM announcement and then they couldn't deliver so cancelled the product with the whole 'tablet market will be gone in 5 years anyways'.

Classic RIM shitting the bed...

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Bb is still comitted.. but how bout people who disapointed with the first failed release? Are they still comitted to download BBM?

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No kidding. Plus, they are launching bare bones with so few features that it makes you still need Whatsapp.

They will download it, or they won't ... I'm guessing they will though. I'm just as anxious as others to get this on my Android devices, but I'm just going to have to wait I guess. I'd rather they didn't give any dates and just announce it after release. It would save from fake copies, server floods, and endless streams of complaining and bashing.

I'm definitely not committed to telling all my friends about it again, once bitten twice shy! I'm not looking like a mug again!!!

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Recently I have been telling people "it should be out within the next year or so."

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I told EVERYONE I know to download BBM to their Androids and iPhones. I even told them that was the only way I would communicate with them.

I will never hear the end of it.

Hope it's released soon before the hype fizzles. BlackBerry should not take things for granted.

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That's a good one.
But after reading Kevin's article and the link to inner workings I'm not sure they are going to get it right.
"Hopefully" (a word that's also being used a lot) at some point in time the ego trips and pissing contests will end and a decision will be made to put out a useful and reliable product.
But I'm only kidding myself to think that will ever happen.

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LOL the ineptness that is prevalent at Blackberry is quite frankly shocking. No wonder Blackberry are in the position they are in now ie falling stock levels, almost a billion dollars of stock being written off.
They really havent got a freaking clue at Blackberry, their inability to get things out on time is very very sad to see.
Hopefully in the future they will get their act together.

Amen! I'm a devote BBRY guy and most of the time, I've been willing to give them the benefit of the doubt...but I'm starting to get a little sick of the pattern of issues I'm seeing. Are they on such tight timelines or don't have adequate resources? Is it flawed internal processes or just horrible direction by leadership from the top down? Seriously...don't commit until you are ready to deliver.

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And they wonder why they are going broke. What a joke this company has become. It makes me want to get rid of my Z10 more and more every day.

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As many Samsungs I have seen crash after half a year of use and as snoopy as apple is I will take my chances with non punctual blackberry, besides as long as we have waited for the new O.S it wouldn't be the first time or the last time we had to be patient for a quality product and or service

Posted via my better half ZED

They may be committed but they're taking too bloody long.

People I know are already forgetting........get it together Blackberry...please.

I've had enough of the 'coming soon' BS.

Personally, I've stopped kidding myself and kicked denial to the curb, I don't believe a word in a sentence that has "BlackBerry" in it. Just enjoying my Q10 and hoping it doesn't disappear off the face of the planet anytime soon.......

Yesterday my family and I went and picked blackberries... you don't believe me? Fine, we didn't.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

I have come to believe it ONLY after it's installed on my phone AND working as advertised.

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Committed, but unfunded, just wondering what it will cost BBRY to go live with bbm4 all and how long they can run it without any revenues from it?


I'm sure after the download numbers they got without an 'official' release, they've been thinking long and hard on how to monetize BBM. I wouldn't be surprised if their already shopping it out there for advertisers.

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They need to just release it ASAP. Blaming it on a unofficial application and then taking another week to fix it just seems like a cop out. But just my opinion

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There was actually a copy of bbm for Android on a ups truck scheduled to be delivered to my house and just as the truck made it to my street the driver got a call and turned around and drove off.

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BlackBerry lost credibility and they did not even set a date or a time line for the bbm release.. everyday I am losing hope for this company...

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Sad thing is that promises and deadlines have been made in the past and not kept. They need to change that culture if they every plan on succeeding. Management should take pay cut for every deadline missed or promise broken, and given bonus or something when they hit a deadline etc... just a thought.

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I can't imagine BBM cross platform will be released (if ever), until well after the Nov 04th date for the Fairfax offer. With BB now focused on enterprise and abandoning the consumer segment, why release at all? If anything, the cross platform BBM team can now be cut to reduce overheads.....

This will roll out will happen after whatever purchase goes through.

I won't even get started with this. They do need to release it sooner than later, assuming it's good to go.

Straight from the Z10 in my hands.

Their reasoning of coming late to android and ios are fishy indeed.
The commitment? Could be.
But one thing for sure. I bet they halt bbm-X because the uncertainty of the takeover result.
What if they introduce bbm-X only to be axed by new management. Wouldn't look too good either.
It's in a bad situation for the decision maker to launch or hold bbm-X.

Of course, their reason of halting android n pulling off ios version are definitely the worst kind of excuse. Who do they think we are? Kindergarten kids?

In other words "we are no were near launching" this is bad. Smh

It's sad that them reassuring us that they still plan to launch bbm is "good news" ... Very sad indeed.


My BlackBerry History: 6510, 7520, 7100i, Storm 9500, Storm 2, Torch 9850, PlayBook 64gb, Z10...

Was posted before the previous identical comment was displayed.
This has happened to me before. There is a small delay from when a comment is written and when it arrives.

Sorry to be redundant, I would delete it if I could from the Mobile app.

At this point, why don't they just send out a Tweet saying "BBM will be released on a day ending in 'Y'? This company can't launch anything correctly.

If they release it then I will be surprised, my guess is that they won't release it. This is taking way to long, after all it was not a BIG problem, at least not that big that it would take them more then a week to make it work again.......shame on you blackberry.....shame on you

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Seriously, how did a beta version cause so much problems for them that over a week later they still can't get the thing out? I mean did they not build a "time bomb" into their betas or a kill switch? Isn't that what devs do with beta versions of their apps?!

Every day of delay makes it that much harder for them to take on Whatsapp and the other messenger apps.

beta version is just the scapegoat for their on-going take over but blackberry is too pussy to tell us the truth, and they believe that lying to ppl is the best option available. :)

They need to be more transparent about everything like the BBM crash. They would gain more respect from me and I'm sure others if they just updated us more and kept us all in the loop. I hope the only way is up for BB as I'm sick of wearing this life jacket and the life boats are filling up fast!!!

At this point, the people that were interested in DL it, have lost a lot of, if not all of the interest to do so. I had my entire family ready to DL last weekend, and now, they dont care anymore.

It's will be released after the sale is a done deal. That way it will benefit the new owners and not the shareholders.

Posted via CB10

Putting a hold on the release of BBM was probably a condition of the sale. BBM is widely perceived as the most valuable bits of BB IP. Whether or not Fairfax is planning on splitting up the company, their main opportunity to recoup some of their stock losses is to ensure that BBM isn't as buggy as is rumored. It's in their interest to institute a top-to-bottom code and performance audit as soon as they're in control.

Any plans for a release on WP8? and don't give me the "not enough market share" excuse, we can compare Blackberry and Lumia numbers on this year and we'll see who has the least market share.

you should be glad if they manage to release bbm for iphone and android, as for WP8, come back and ask blackberry in 2016 (if they still exist).


BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I ditched my iphone after 3 weeks, went with a Galaxy 2, then back to Blackberry. The only thing my ifriends do is text and post to instagram. I once asked one to send me a full res pic of an instagram post, and it was like I asked for his grandmother's soul, because it was too hard for him. I said you know this is easy on BBM .. I request hi-res, you accept - problem solved. I never did get the pic from him because it was too much work.
My Android gave me new pleasures and delights in how a phone crashes, lags, generally screws up. Deciding that things were too unstable for me I went back to a Torch 9900, now a Z10 ... I'll never leave Blackberry again, as long as they don't leave us.
People think the Z10 is the same old Blackberry in a new case, and I've shown many people how wrong they are. I've even converted a few. As far as companies making promises ... OMFG we have heard promises from every company since the beginning of time and very few actually deliver anything. I'm still waiting for Microsoft to send me my promised Network Toolkit and updates for Windows ME (which they never did develop) :D ... I suppose I should just start trash-talking Gates ... seems to do the trick when it comes to Blackberry ;)

Android users completely deny stability and lag issues. Guess that's why they need quad core. Bb10 on my z10 has been extremely stable. I personally cannot understand how this device and platform gets bashed so easily.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I agree, it is great. But when the company keeps perpetuating their ineptitude with things like the BBM4all delay, people will just assume the device sucks. Most people's idea of BlackBerry is based on the last device they had. That might be a curve from 2007 or a Storm1. Not many people have even tried the new stuff. And those stupid commercials didn't do much to show people what BB10 can actually do.

+1 Blackberry get so much abuse but my Z10 is the best phone I've ever used. If Blackberry go under I will keep this until it stops working - nothing else out there to compete!

Posted via CB10

OMG, what stability issues? Stop buying POS android devices. We will keep our android devices and you stay on your blackberry and everybody is happy. Who cares which phone who uses, it is your money, do what you want with it; no platform is considerably better than the other, it is all preferences.

@lomsha Why are you even here? My first android was a Nexus, and it was the most vile piece of crap invented by humans. Next was a Galaxy S3 and it was ok, but experienced lags, freezing and lockups on a few apps. I don't specifically blame the phones for that, there is a lot of shitty software in the Store as well.
Now, if you do your homework you'll see that I fully endorse people to use whichever phone suits them best. Since I did my homework and noticed that you are just an android troll who has been here for a week - we're done talking .. ok?!

BB is already dead and dying in both sectors. BYOD (and the evisceration of BES) killed it in the corporate world, and FIPS certification of the iPhone and other devices is killing it in govt.

Promises. Promises. Actions speak louder than words, especially when the accuracy of the words can be called into question due to a string of past failures. Take a page from Nike's book and "Just Do It"!

Remember BB10 sales are exceeding our expectations. This one is somewhat similar. BlackBerry excel in the art of vague announcements, delays and broken promises. Channels are also stuck in beta forever.

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How exactly are the sales exceeding expectations? I think I remember Thorsten saying something like he expects to sell 10s or Millions of Q10s, even though there have been reports of there not being any demand for them. And I agree about Channels, they have potentially a huge asset on their hands and it won't be released cross platform at first which is terrible since that alone would set it far apart from any other IM client.

If by "exceeding expectations" you mean "so immediately and thoroughly abysmal that the multi-billion-dollar writedown associated with all the unsold Z10s sitting in warehouses was the last straw that sent the stock crashing so hard they had to sell the company for a tiny fraction of its former worth," then I'll agree with you wholeheartedly.

Anyone else wondering if this is going to turn into a constant delay and then cancelled. I mean, its been over a week since the original release date and the first official update after 2 days of this?

If by work you are referring to politics and not code then I'd say that I agree with your statement.

Made my main contacts switch our group over to BBM and as of four days ago the BBm app no longer works. I'm pretty much the only one with a Blackberry so it was a feat to get them to change. Then now the darn thing no longer works. No longer can they get or send messages. Failure !!!

I do not have doubt on their commitments, they are 100% committed but the execution level is 0%. One week is certainly more than enough for them to solve the "issues" caused by leaked version of bbm for android, come on blackberry, do not take consumers as idiots. No one cares about bbm anymore by the time you fulfill your commitments, so it's either you release it now or scrap the plan now (it's never too late).

People that want a secure messaging environment, don't want spam or ads, don't want to give out their phone numbers, don't want to pay for additional services ... should I go on??

This company hasn't stop failing! And they think sending a tweet will reassure us??? We use to be taken for fools by BBRY but now, the bad joke is on you BBRY! We don't believe anything you state anymore cause all dead lines haven't been met and BBRY don't even have the balls to hold managers accountable for missed dead line and rather shove it under the rug thinking that we won't mind! Well BBRY, you are killing your own Buzz for BBM crossplatform by not releasing it everyday that goes by! Actually if BBRY new standard is to fail miserably, well they are surpassing themselves each time!

PS: Adam and the hole crackberry team, I like you all and appreciate what you do for us BB fans but stop trying to make it look positive for BBRY! THIS IS NOT GOOD NEWS!

THEY ARE VERYYY SMART!!!! They KNEWWWW they were NOT ready for end of summer! But they had to release it as a promise. Then created some short story in order to pull the app and finish it up!

Think about it!!! they couldn't give us a date it would be released. And then in order to keep a promise, it had to be released the VERYY last day of their deadline, and only to find out it was pulled. and they still can't give us a date. They are still working on it. Don't read everything for face value!

I believe that it goes even deeper than that. This was so botched and poorly executed that it seemed a little TOO botched. A beautiful disaster. A perfect storm. Fairfax was in the building and the price needed/needs to drop for gains not go up. They want Bad press and disaster at the moment. Essentially it's better for things to go bad right now. They will continue this game and if you believe a any of this nonsense about them "tiressly working to launch BBM4ALL" then you are as crazy as rabid dog, sorry.

yes indeed this is all about... don't be fooled again... BB is dead as we know it... let's see what happen when the deal is closed....

Anyone who doesn't know that BlackBerry is always "late" - due to incompetence at every level of the company - doesn't know BlackBerry.

Hopefully, Frank Boulben still has his job.

Posted via CB10

"Blackberry is Committed"

And we can all believe what BB says.

As much as I love my Z10 , and own essentially worthless stock, I don't believe anything BB has to say anymore.

This is such BS. Why does BlackBerry have to keep tripping over itself every single time it tries to do something?

All I see is a bunch of whining and complaining going on. Might need a bigger bandwagon....

Sent from the future on my Z10.

Maby they don't know at BlackBerry HQ, but one week is equal to one year in techworld. So I would step on the gass before bbm is forgotten.

And committed?? They think they have a choise now??

Where is the issue at BB? The PlayBook launched late & incomplete. We had to wait for the 2.0 update that brought some much needed features like email. BB10 launched late, as much I love my Q10, incomplete as well with some missing features that made a BB device better than the rest. Now with BBM not launching... I am a devout BB user & hope to be for a long time, but they need to get their $hit together & release products on time & in as close to complete state as possible. Read the Globe & Mail article posted by Adam over the weekend, a great read as it explains why BB10, as great as it is, doesn't have the same feel as older devices do. It's missing a few key features that BB users have become accustomed to.

The views expressed in this post are mine & mine alone :)

Sounds like when os10 was suppose to come to the playbook then bam it didn't. Not holding my breath anymore. *sigh

Posted via CB10

I will tell you all what's Bullshit! All the wining and crying! That's Bullshit! What has Apple and Android users ever done for BlackBerry financially? Nothing yet they want BBM For free. Pay nothing, abandoned BlackBerry yet want BBM For free. On the otherside do you really think Apple and Android didn't have a say in Instagram and Netflix not coming to BB10. I bet they did....BlackBerry gets shit on daily right across the board, yet they released 4 new devices and BB10 along with a good number apps in less than a year. and how have you all helped? Bashing that is how. Well I support, BlackBerry and I will be getting the z30. If you want BBM go buy a BlackBerry phone. You don't need Netflix on a phone and you may not have instagram, but you will have BBM.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

My z10 is for sure the best phone ever. But I doubt android or apple couldn't care less if Netflix has a BlackBerry App. Who cares about Netflix anyway.

You can't sit back though and say that the things happening to BlackBerry aren't of their own doing though either. Ever since the storm was released they've always put out inferior devices, never seeming to care about competing on the same level, or caring about getting things done on time or right the first time.

The z10 or z30 may not need the big cpu or other hardware but most people don't know that or care.

Yes the media been maybe to hard on them, because it's all out there for everyone to see just how badly BlackBerry themselves have been doing things. Let's be honest BlackBerry is as much to blame for their own actions as the media is for its unfairness.

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I'm not sure any iOS or Android users have demanded BBM for free... this is yet another initiative dreamed up by RIM product managers and approved at the mid level manager, C Suite and BOD levels. Likely with the same amount of critical thinking and research that went into 1B$ of unsold z10s in one fiscal quarter.

Users of other platforms are hardly to blame for RIMs latest fiasco... and we are dumping on RIM because we're sick of their shit.

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EXACTLY. I have an iPhone and I truthfully stated in the forums that I would have paid for BBM. I'm sure others would have too. Would I pay for it after this? Not likely. If it does come out, will it work, and for how long? Two questions I didn't have before they screwed this up.

Another "fan" that does not get it. We ALL have BlackBerry devices. We all love BlackBerry. Fortunately, we are all not blind fanboys. We are grown adults.
We recognize that for BlackBerry to survive it cannot continue making empty promises. Personally, I told a lot of people about BBM's release. I convinced them to put their faith in the service. After this debacle, I have lost all credibility.

Your rant makes no sense. Please understand something, Apple and Google DO NOT need BlackBerry. BlackBerry needs the subscribers that are currently using those platforms to download BBM. You say Apple has done nothing for BlackBerry. So, the answer is to delay the launch of BBM and botch the whole launch? What are you, 12? That's over 400 million combined users you are ignoring or pissing off. You don't care? Well, you, my friend, are part of the problem. At some point you, as well as BlackBerry, have to put on your big boy pants and understand that this is business not personal. The goal is to be efficient and to make money. Not rhetoric. Those get you some high fives from fellow fans but at the end of the day they leave you disillusioned.... and broke.

When has anybody seen Google or Apple do something like this? This is Same old BlackBerry though. Things like this are why this company is all but extinct now. BlackBerry sets up their own Release dates and then can't even hit them. It just goes to show how little they know about their own company let alone the smartphone market.

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BlackBerry, please, get your shit together and release the app.

While you are at it, surprise us with video and voice and blow the frigging doors off us !

Can you imagine the aftershocks if that was the case.

For once can you go above and beyond our expectations and do this for all of us BlackBerry longtime devotees

Instead of striving for mediocrity. Blow us away!!!

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these guys are talented in ruining everything. If you ask me they stopped thinking about B2C already.

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They said the same thing for BB10 on PlayBook and well we all know what happened. So many failed deadlines and coming soon yet here I am still, I love you BlackBerry but you keep breaking my heart.

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So it takes close to 6 mths to build a basic messaging app for Android and iOS? GTFO.....Samsung ChatOn is growing. Lucky I don't anyone on Kik but Kik has D and R.

I will take a look at ChatOn again.

I've got an Android and I am not excited about BBM coming at all. The only thing that excites me is the thought of one day owning a Q10 or Z30. :)

On the bright side, I recently checked and all fakes had been removed from the Google Play store... for what its' worth..

(Oct 7) BBM tweets "Be patient, #BBM4All is coming soon. Sign up at to know when #BBM4All"

(Oct 14) BBM tweets "Sorry folks, #BBM4All will not come to iphone and android in near future, but we are still COMMITTED. Sign up at to know when #BBM4All"

(Nov 7) BBM tweets "We are regret to inform all of you that #BBM4All has been scrapped, thank you for your excitement for the past few months. Sign up at to know when #BBM4All fiasco version 2.0."

I think the leaked version that they say caused all the problems was close to the official version. Without us to test it, critical bugs shut it down. To many different OS running on android phones.

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Well other developers can manage to release apps for Android. You'd think BlackBerry shouldn't have to hard of a time doing it. Oh wait. This is BlackBerry we're talking about

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The delay just adds to people's view that the company BlackBerry is incompetent. It further hurts the brand. It appears that the spun off BBM still has too much RIMfluence for its own good.

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Tweet should have read "100% committed to screwing shareholders". In true BB fashion iOS and Android users are getting the full "BlackBerry experience"...delayed launches...poor communication. This company is a trainwreck and they do it to themselves. I have a suspicion you won't see BBM until they get a deal in place with watsa or sense building value for current shareholders.

Man, I should've known better than to send a mass email to friends and family the day before it was supposed to be released. I should've waited until it was actually out to actually tell anyone. This is blackberry we're talking about. Their track record on actually releasing anything when they say they're going to release it isn't very steller.

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I did the same -- sent out a mass email and Facebook post. My Dad actually ended up installing a fake BBM adware app since BBM was not on GooglePlay.

I had to wipe his Galaxy Nexus. :(

I embarrassed myself AGAIN for believing in BlackBerry!

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Of course they're committed, but only after Prem Watsa buys the company and goes public IMO. Then the value of the company will go up from there.

This is just speculation at this point. I think BlackBerry wants to sell to Watsa and go private and if so, they may try to hold the stock price down until the deal goes through. When BBM goes cross platform it will most likely increase the stock price which will hurt the deal.. so there is an argument for the BlackBerry holding back in this event until after the deal goes through.

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Let me be specific

They have been as yet unable or unwilling to make updates to the playbook and no i don't mean bb10.

BlackBerry link is one is the most clunky and troublesome pieces of software ive ever used.

And now an inability to release bbm on andrid and ios yet they find the time and recources to create an android runtime for our phones....but no bbm for the playbook...

Their hardware is fantastic but there are other issues they needed to handle.

Side note i just read an article on cnet about the infighting among the leadership at BlackBerry about you guessed it bbm cross platform and touchscreen phones. And the saddest part is the very people who were opposed to both of them are the ones running the show...right into the ground.

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They will try to make up by giving credits in appstore/ playstore for app purchases which they should do anyways to lure more people into downloading and trying #BBM4ALL.

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Ugh I've heard of final nails in the coffin, but never heard of hammering them in yourself

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BlackBerry may be 100% committed but is Fairfax? For me that is the real question. I find it a big coincidence that 48 hours after XBBM was halted, or put on "hold", the deal with Fairfax was announced. Its not like Prem called up Thor late sunday night and said "Hey I think I wanna buy BB, here is my offer".

Im not bashing BB, I am not giving up my Q10, and I can't wait to see what the new ownership group is going to do the BB. But I don't think they want it to go cross platform, and that is the real reason for the "on hold" status.

I don't think there is any infighting, but what Thor and company wants to do, may be different that what Prem and company wants to do. Two entirely different groups.

Lol I think BlackBerry needs all the hate it can get right now. I hope they don't take it personally and give up and rather try to see that people care that's why they are so upset. Please stop failing BlackBerry and learn from your mistakes. Start taking initavie, everyone wants you to succeed. :)

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I honestly think it was delayed in order to keep the share price down so Prem could get the company at a bargain price. If it would have been launched successfully and the adaptation numbers were huge as expected it would have increased the share price by a couple of bucks minimum.

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I work in communications for a fortune 15 company. The lack of updates, and clear updates from BlackBerry is depressing. I'm not asking for a firm date but please enough with this we are committed, stay tuned, coming soon, updates.
I never thought I'd be looking at the competition in such detail in my life hut I'm getting tired of waiting. Here's a tip BlackBerry, people are impatient and forgetful with almost everything, but they remember brands and what they represent. Please get your act together soon.

I think OS 10.3 should come without a calendar app. I'm not sure I trust BlackBerrys knowledge on the subject.

Sometimes, late at night, I'll dim the lights and put my browser in reader mode, just to see my Squircle. Don't judge me

If I download a leak version, what if official comes in, I have never done this

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Typical Blackberry failure - poor communication. They still haven't learned. Frustrating for sure.

Same way they were committed to bringing BlackBerry 10 to the PB and all the other numerous failed committments.
Can't believe i just said that publicly about a company that i have rooted so hard for and so desperately want to succeed.

I know how you feel. I have been laughed at and ridiculed for supporting BlackBerry. I always defended them. Now, though I still want them to succeed, I'm tired of their empty promises. :(

and so the anger of their fan base mounts as a result of their continuing arrogance and inability to communicate. My own take, anyone who uses a twitter account as the sole means to release information about this roll out has their head up their fucking ass. Such a disgusting and disgraceful slight to their supporters, many of whom have experienced considerable embarrassment as a result of this mess.

As a longtime BlackBerry user (and shareholder) seeing this Tweet just makes me sad. I so want BlackBerry to succeed, but they keep disappointing me. :( I wish they would announce things officially only after they are 100% ready to launch. They should take a page from Apple's book on this front.

It'll be ready once the sale of the company is finalized. There was way to much possibility that BBM would have taken off in a very large way. Maybe even be worth alone what all of BlackBerry is worth. Stock would have went up and sale of the company wouldn't happen. I feel sorry for the shareholders that paid a premium for the stock. This whole thing was orchestrated and I don't think BBM will take now as it would have if it launched on time.... they jumped for the life boat but missed badly. now they drown or get eaten

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Honestly, I can't stay positive anymore. Wtf is going in that it's not sorted? I told all my friends and now I look like an idiot. Thanks BB.

Z10-10.2 all day

Management is probably to preoccupied fighting amongst themselves to do their jobs. And maybe some programmer who has been canned decided to put in an FU BlackBerry line of code or not fix something, for ruining his life and bankrupting him .

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