Statement from BlackBerry on Google Play / BlackBerry 10 rumors

By Adam Zeis on 12 Nov 2013 08:25 am EST

This weekend you may have noticed the forums buzzing with rumors over Google Play coming to BlackBerry 10. We weren't quite sure what the deal was since there were no solid details, but we did reach out to BlackBerry to try and set the record straight.

According to the rumors, you'll soon be able to run Google Play on your BlackBerry 10 device and have full access to the wide variety of Google games and apps just like that. Then we were hearing that unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your view) that wasn't the case, but instead you would be able to load up APKs on your device without the need for any conversion. For a handful of apps however, this of course would require a closer relationship with Google and BlackBerry as many Android apps would need to have full use of Google services on BlackBerry in order to function properly. We actually talked a bit about all of it on our last podcast as well.

The end of the story is that for now there is "no planned support" for Google Play on BlackBerry 10 devices. So all of these rumors are just rumors.

Here's what BlackBerry had to say about the rumors:

"There is no planned support for Google Play on BlackBerry. BlackBerry World remains the primary source for trusted and curated BlackBerry applications and we continue to support open standards and open source tools so BlackBerry developers can continue to create great apps on any of the development platforms we support."

As of now we can say that we haven't actually seen Google Play in action on BlackBerry 10, nor do we think that's the full story. There have been some images floating around that show Google Play running on a Z10, but there's still no solid proof that the images are in fact legit. Fact of the matter is that this could still happen somewhere down the road, however unlikely it may be. Kevin dropped a response in the forums here so if you're looking for some discussion or a bit more insight, be sure to swing by and say hi.




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Statement from BlackBerry on Google Play / BlackBerry 10 rumors


Per N4BB....

Amazon App Store and 1Mobile Market are both working on the leak. Just load their APK and then open the stores and go....

Of course they are... this Blind folded fan Adam Seiz, still believes what BBRY says.
When BBRY takes time and effort to dismiss some rumors we might consider them as true. For example BBM, they came to say it was not going to be available on other platforms... BB10 for playbook, they came to say it was going to be available for it. Google Play, they came to say the same.

Although I'm sure that a lot of people (myself and my friends included) would want this, I don't think it'd be the best move for BlackBerry. Unless of course they modify the runtime to follow the same security standards that BlackBerry smartphones are known for.

Swipe down, no Google Play. Swipe down and allow Google Play. Isn't this what the whole two profiles on one phone is all about. You want Vine, put it on your personal side. You want security go to your work side.

G0d Damn it Blackberry at least try to give people the product they want, instead of the one you want!

"The people?" Not everybody wants Google Play. In reading through the forums, the want/non-want seems to be about evenly matched. I know I'd fall into the latter category, and rather see BlackBerry World continue to improve instead. If I want Google, I'll go buy an Android device.

Posted via CB10

If I want ads sucking my bandwidth and the risks of malware, I'll buy Android and get messed up properly.
I do have an Android phone as a backup on a different carrier from my main one, but it has nothing installed other than what came in the box.

Apps from Google Play would be fine and all, though they wouldn't be optimized for BlackBerry 10 Cascades. I wouldn't want a app made for another OS on my Z10. It sucks that some apps on Android are not on BlackBerry 10.
I liked the note app (keep) on Android, it looks better than the remember app. Also some apps are hard to replace:
-FlipBoard (Built for BB10)
-Google +
-YouTube(BB10 has web,some$1.99app)
-Kelly Blue Book

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If this happens want the incentives for developers to continue creating Native apps in the BlackBerry world?

Posted via CB10

Is there any now? If there is the developers don't seem to know about it. The content of BB World is pretty bad. There are some good devs out there but 99% of the content is garbage.

My thoughts exactly. There's a big difference in performance between a native app and a port. The idea is great and all and, I'm sure BB10 has the ability to one day handle that, but I would also worry about security in addition to quality.

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yes, there won't be incentives but this may get the numbers to support Blackberry hardware, if this number becomes solid I'm sure native development will come, maybe just paid native apps on the beginning. I guess the native apps will still have some OS preferences, will be better integrated into the system and for some developers that may be an incentive to have their app native.

BBWorld remains the primary source.. reading between the lines, Playstore will be integrated in BBWorld. Just my 2 cents..

I will pass on the Play Store garbage. BlackBerry has the 10 core apps I use (like most people).

Posted via CB10

Sorry but you are not most people. The 95 percent of the market that have android and ios enjoying a bunch of apps. If you personally don't use that many apps then that's fine, but don't act like you're in the majority with that way of thinking.

Posted via CB10

The picture shows a Z30 running Android OS, not a Z10 running Play Store app...
It`s all fishy to me...

The contrast between the comments here and in the forums is fascinating. In the forums, many people are still holding on to hope.

It's not clear why someone couldn't load the play store app on a BB10 and have it work. It may require components of the framework but that may be coming anyway.

Loading apk still need to be sideloaded? Am I understanding it correctly? I don't think that will be a problem for those who are already doing it. It is one step shorter

Posted via CB10

Although having access to a lot more apps would be great. I for one want nothing to do with google. Its just creeping me out how much the "do no evil" company keeps track of everything. I like the security that blackberry has and is most important to me. Sure I don't have to install it.

With that being said I do see how it could drive app creation for the blackberry. I would rather see native apps over ported ones. How much sense does it make to put in competition store inside your own building. To me it would be like look you can down load a few apps from world or have the option of dowloading google play store and installing an app that might or might not work snoothly because of your phone. Don't think people would get pissy and really show them what their phone is missing?

Easy Tonto. I have all the apps I need. Heck, my z10 does everything out the box that I need to. I do understand however, that blackberry doesn't have all the "cool boy" apps. Check the username. IMO thomas jefferson would have said if he lived today "those who sacrafice security for apps, deserve neither". I want blackberry to be successful just as much as the next crackhead. Let me ask why do you own a blackberry? Even to this day? Even though they don't have "apps"? To me if a product doesn't suit your needs put your I'm sure hard earned money to what will give you what you want.

No. People like yourself, who either leave BlackBerry, or choose not to buy it because it is not Apple, or doesn't have a seamless method of acquiring Android apps, or who would rather all mobile phone platforms be almost identical app-wise, thus complain all the time about BlackBerry needs this or that, instead of embracing the fact that it is its own unique setup = $1 Billion in write downs. How about facing the actual truth of the matter instead of trying to make fun of somebody who may very well have all the apps they need, on a platform they are actually satisfied with. Face it, both the numbers, and many of the comments here daily, prove that BlackBerry isn't for everybody. It makes no sense that many here claim they have a passion for BlackBerry, yet you beg for Google/Android services, instead of patiently waiting for a platform still in its infancy to improve on its own within itself. It makes you look silly, and confused. You don't have the internal fortitude to buy, or stick with, such a device. There in lies the problem causing a $1 Billion write down. Not someone who has all the apps they need, and are satisfied with their device. I like the way you think. (sarcasm)

Posted via CB10

Blue Heel, I would tend to agree. Most consumers also tend to go with what is cheaper and Android equivalent hardware is almost priced $100 cheaper than BlackBerry. But with that extra 100$ we are getting a different OS that doesn't make it's money by selling us advertising and/or tracking our behaviour.

Better hurry and find some solution to the app problem or kiss BlackBerry good bye. Lack of popular apps is the main reason OS10 is failing to attract new users.

Posted via CB10

There're lots of swing doors worldwide Sparky --- when one door closes (Blackberry) another one opens (Android/IOS)

We all have an opinion
And mine is if you want Android apps on your BlackBerry just go get a Android phone. Let BlackBerry be BlackBerry and Android be Android . I went from Android to BlackBerry for the privacy and that's the way I hope they stay.

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately for bbry there aren't enough of you out there for them to stay alive. Closing the all gap will be a huge win and personally I don't care how they do it as long as they stay alive

Posted via CB10 on my z30

I think there are enough for BlackBerry to stay alive. People just have to realize that at this point in time, they are only going after a subset of consumers who are not that interested in all of the media consumption apps that it does not have and are very interested in staying connected, either with work or friends and family.
And the main stream media has to stop acting like it is a failure if they do not have 10% of the consumer market.
Also, I think you are falling into the trap that smartphone sales are the be all and the end all of BlackBerry's success. They have other areas that they are trying to develop to earn additional income.

How much sense does it make to be able to load an apk file without sideloading or converting when we can't install a bar file without sideloading. Hmm....

Mixed feelings, sad because we will going to be far behind others, other side build BlackBerry World with quality apps

But BlackBerry should do something about it other wise, we will sink,

Buy or sponsor dev company to bring apps fast as much

Posted via CB10

So, to do this there is an agreement with Google, this is like "sideloading" made legit source, or am I wrong?

They can add the apk stuff and support 3rd party stores just fine, but it will be a more complex situation for google play.

Of course not- Blackberry is too stupid to go through with such a brilliant idea. And to all saying they wouldn't want Playstore is so full of crap, the app situation would be cured IMMEDIATELY. "Oh, I'd rather have the devs build us native apps." Newsflash morons, devs aren't trying to build for BB10, that's the whole problem! It really pisses me off how folks on this site continue to be in denial

"And to all saying they wouldn't want the Playstore is so full of crap..."

May I ask how it is that you know all of us personally/well enough to know what it is we are "full of?" I don't recall ever meeting you. Just remember, ASSuming makes an ass out of everyone who does it. Know the facts.

Posted via CB10

Its a shame tthat this isn't true. I would have gone back to a Q10 in a heartbeat if it was running Google Play Store. Sideloading was/is a joke way of saying you have big name apps. I hated having to load the Pinterest app on to my Q10 from the computer and getting a buggy, outdated, laggy version. Sideloading isn't stable at all.
BB10 are great devices. Capable of so much. But restricted by stubbornness.

It's all about bringing the newest and hottest apps to BlackBerry when android and Ios get them. By the time BlackBerry World gets instagram and Netflix there will be the "next thing " out and we will be waiting again. I say bring the play store for 2-5 years and hopefully BlackBerry users build up again and developers see the need to develop native BlackBerry apps.

Posted via CB10 on my z30

If APK files could be downloaded and installed directly, perhaps even via BlackBerry World, why would we want a second app store?

Z10 STL100-1 /

Precisely. No need for conversion, side loading or hooking up to a PC. Just search for the apk you want from your phone's browser, save to your phone or SD card, open file manager on your phone, long press the apk and up pops the install command. Hit install and you good to go.

I stated yesterday I though it would be good news, but I see the advantages of not doing it as well. Plus this helps me justify buying a another device for dabbling in all the major platforms. :)

I'm of mixed opinions on this news. There's no doubt, running Google Play Store natively on BB10 would have resolved the "Apps Issue" in one swoop. The price paid for that would have been a significant loss of control over the BB10 platform and an logical "on-ramp" to Android. Further, Blackberry World would end up as a ghost town.

That said, I'm not sure Blackberry can continue to think of itself as an independant player with a full offering to all customers.

Maybe i'm missing something here.....My Z10 told me that Google play is for Zombies!

.....and we all know what to do about zombie infestations..RIGHT?!

How about a deep fried Z10? ...Eat it! Fatty

That's too bad. I thought it would be a good move for those who like a lot of useless apps... I'm fine either way but I wouldn't mind kijiji app.

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

The disappointing issue here is that many of us wanted to side-load Google apps and put leaked versions of Software upgrades on our devices. Lets go BlackBerry give us something to talk about!

Posted via CB10

I would just like to see BlackBerry really open up the Android apps on BlackBerry World. Get Netflix to just port the Android Netflix over and be done with it!

Posted via CB10

If Google Play ever gets on my phone, is the day I say goodbye to blackberry. There is a reason I am a blackberry user and not on a Google phone.

I don't want to comprise security for apps I may use once or twice a month.

Posted via CB10

Android is an old OS full of flaws. Don't forget that Android started in early 2000. Samsung S4 would be 3 years ahead of other devices if it runs BB 10 OS.

I used to say BlackBerry's weakness is software. Now I say BlackBerry's weakness is hardware manufacturing. Sorry, I just don't see the build quality of Z30 meets BlackBerry brand standard.

Now, while BB 10 OS and dev tools still have a lot to be desired , they are a generation ahead of iOS and Android. But the hardware manufacturing quality deteriorated since 9900.

While I think BB without BB phone/tablet/bigscreen is not BB, I am not sure how to fix the manufacturing department. If I have enough money I would rebuild the team - not the whole hardware but the manufacturing sourcing group.

There are many issues to talk about in terms of hardware manufacturing quality. Just so everyone sees and understand. I pointed out two. The bad job started with 9900, when then cannot align the trackpad. A lot 990 trackpad are not strait. Fast forward to Z30. They cannot make the frame seamless. Then, they cannot align the metal frame on the left side.

These you can see. These should not be tolerated for the BB brand. I don't know why Z30 go. Although TH did a not bad job. This alone could get him fired.

I'm pretty fine when my Q just have the ability for sideloading and running Android Apps as in .apk straight away!

Posted via CB10

Even IF Blackberry wanted to run the Play Store, this is NOT up to Blackberry, this is up to Google.

Please read up on the very specific requirements that allow a manufacturer to access the Play Store. It is not available to any manufacturer that forks Android.. it must be sanctioned by Google. And they have absolutely no interest in allowing any competitor, even as anemic of a competitor as Blackberry is, to have access to their store. The few million users it would bring to the Play Store is MINISCULE to the Android userbase. There is absolutely ZERO incentive for Google to allow this, and to even suggest that this "decision" is even something Blackberry can "decide" is positively absurd. LOL

Ohhhhh, here we go!

The incentives for BlackBerry devs to develope native apps may taper at first, but because BlackBerry can now do this with Android, it will lend relevance to the BlackBerry name, and thus, I believe that outside devs will pay more attention to a brand that shows that it is here to stay. With popularity, comes income, so BlackBerry could then just pay higher prices if need be (like MS does).

As long as Android is kept in a controlled secure environment inside of BB10; that won't expose it to any security risks, then I'm all for it. Kind of like running Windows using Parallels on a Mac. I feel safe knowing I can "kill" Windows if something goes haywire, and not have it affect my Mac. It'd be the best of both worlds really.

Posted via CB10 in California - 2B61DB17

BB needs to get with it and do this for reals. People are sick of waiting for the right things to show up. Dont do this for yourselves BB do it for us, the consumers, getting left behind. why not have a conversion tool in Link or some way to access Play within Link and have a partnership with google to facilitate it.

I'm ambivalent. From my pov BlackBerry seems to have archaic business practices. Others have mentioned further up here that BlackBerry should stop giving people what it thinks the market wants and not what the market begs for.

Sadly, when I read any statement from BlackBerry these days I immediately think Bullsh*t. So I'm no further convinced one way or the other either.

I have an android tablet and have the choice to install a zillion apps - so what, most are crap and none that i have any use for.
Same on my ipad....crap and more crap.
Everything I needed was already on my playbook and now on z10.
So why do people equate quantity with quality?
It is childish to want more just because.
Is it people feel better?
And at least, my kids can play their games without ads popping up all the time.

Posted via Virgin Mobile Z10

Thank you Blackberry for giving us a well curated, 140,000pure Spam, S4BB apps. We would rather have those than any Google Play store.

Long live S4BB Cr@p and Blackberry World!! hip hip, Hoooray!!

BlackBerry has just reconfirmed to me that they are still circling the drain. I don't like Android devices and refuse iOS on principle and wouldn't buy a Windows for a penny but the world has moved on. BlackBerry never had the consumer marketshare and while when smartphones were primarily owned by business people BlackBerry was the market leader, when consumers jumped into the game, Apple (and later Android) beat them about the ears to the point where Apple sells more phones in a month than BlackBerry does in a year plus they have tablets that everyone owns and an ecosystem that locks you in. They've dug a very deep moat around their fortress and they only have 20 odd percent marketshare. Google has managed 65%.

BlackBerry has a shot to take advantage of (and then improve) the Android application framework but they are too damn stupid to see it. If it isn't invented in Waterloo/Ottawa, then its no good and they will (in three years after lots of broken promises) develop something that is going to be way better (than the three year old technology it was designed to replace). BlackBerry/CrackBerry needs to get over the fantasy that the way back is to out innovate 2-3 years in the future the competition. The market has spoken. Open up to the Android applications, people will come to love BlackBerry for it's own merits (security, hub, best browser, great multi-tasking, best virtual and physical keyboards, etc). and THEN start to write applications that leverage that. This is a chicken vs egg thing. BlackBerry is trying to redesign the shell.

If u can't join them, den try and create better apps for the BlackBerry 10, cos I need Instagram for my z10, oops

I'm want to buy note 3 for Christmas but, if we can install Google Play in BlackBerry 10 devices, i'll stick to my BlackBerry then! I'll wait...

Posted via CB10

Have there been any official complaints from developers about the legality of side loading? (Just curious)

And what prospect is there that this is because BlackBerry are considering developing a BB10 experience built upon Android as their future?

I try to side load "Google Play". Icon was there, but, when you open it, it closes by itself! I try many may version which one will work. But nothings work.

Same as "Moboginie". The apps works fine but, when you try to install some apps, it redirected my in "BlackBerry App World". It's say, "No result found". So, maybe, we wait and try... let see...

Posted via CB10

Why can't BlackBerry build their native apps??? Ugh!! I don't like the android style...fkc this!

Blackberry claims "There is no planned support for Google Play on BlackBerry", it's probably true and is only an "unplanned support" where Play store can be side-loaded. Once play store up and running, whatever the user does in definitely not planned by Blackberry!!

Is this official can I find the official statement from BlackBerry on their website? If it's not officially posted by BlackBerry than your statement whoever MAY have said it isn't official, it's hearsay.

The only way Google Play officially gets on a BlackBerry is if it is running Android as the OS. I doubt Google would grant access to their ecosystem without their Google Framework back end running the platform.

The Android Player would have to support Google Framework, Google Services, and Google Accounts to work with the Play Store, and that is only licensed by Google. It is more feasible that it can use apps from Amazon's Appstore, which has a similar setup (no Google Framework). There is a lot more to it than just an unlocked runtime.

C but native apps just seem like imitations of the real app so it b good to bring Google play I'll boost up sales Cus u know if u get any BlackBerry u can get same apps as all other carriers and not have to worry about saying wen is it coming and b so behind by the time Instagram comes out on BlackBerry.

It like 3 years later really if Google play comes it b good Cus will have the same apps to communicate whit all platforms same as iPhone and Android 2 different platforms but same apps example words whit friends both can get it but BlackBerry don't have it.

But won't b another android or iPhone in that case iPhone is an android lol

Posted via CB10

Now that Blackberry is on the verge of getting more cash, they should increase in incentives to the point where it would pay to developer to create native apps for Blackberry. Yes they do offer incentives but they are paltry, they need to sweeten the pot as they say.. Of course they won't get all apps they want, but if they succeed getting most or all of the major apps, that will be a big step forward. For the remaining few apps not available you still will have the option to download directly Google apps. If you really want access to Google play store then buy an android device (that's if you don't care about the security holes). That's my take anyway.

I would love google play, let's face it the apps we already have in the the blackberry world are infact a bit shit. I'm a bit of a game geek and too see the crappy games blackberry have really piss me off. I had an android phone and I admit some games couldn't be loaded with google play, but I was hoping blackberry would have caught up with everyone by now and given their customers what they want, wernt they rumoured to be going under??? Perhaps its time they listened to the users rather than what they think we should have huh.