BlackBerry Startup Jam helps entrepreneurs and developers on their way to success

By Adam Zeis on 2 Dec 2013 03:22 pm EST

BlackBerry has been trotting the globe looking for new ways to help developers get started on the platform, but thanks to Startup Jam, they also lent a hand to prospective entrepreneurs looking to get a foot in the door. The first event opened as over 200 developers and entrepreneurs spent two days engaging with 20 top mentors on their ideas that they hope to come BlackBerry apps or services. Attendees learned all bout getting started in their business from idea to finished product including validating their ideas, prototyping and even learning how to pitch. 

Check out the video above for a look at the action. It's great to see BlackBerry going above and beyond with events like this. Well done!

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BlackBerry Startup Jam helps entrepreneurs and developers on their way to success


Awesome! Keep going forward and leave the past behind. Learn from your mistakes and stay positive. I believe in BlackBerry and in Mr. Chen!

Keep The Faith

I just don't get this. Why is BlackBerry investing in developers that don't even speak English! How will they make apps for the international market?! Or BlackBerry's main focus is now Brazil?
They canceled BlackBerry Jam Europe but they hosted this event. It looks like BlackBerry is forgetting good old developers in Europe. Sorry to hear this...

Excuse-me, but do you think no one in Brazil speaks English? And do you think we don't take part on development for international markets? Your comment is, at least, uninformed (not to say full of prejudice). Startup Jam was a prototype event held in Brazil before the event in Europe was canceled. So please, if you have baseless prejudice, avoid making comments, because they will likely be senseless.

Dear Deepseas,
Your comments make me conclude that are words from someone very ignorant and unaware of what is going on around the world, closed inside his own box and very jealous. Unfortunately you don't know the high intelectual level from the Brazilian developers (I'm not considering only in programming skills) and yes, Brazilian developers speak english and can export to international market, but I can't generalize, as you did and you're wrong.

The Brazilian model of working and production in different levels at the BlackBerry Tech Centers in Brazil will be replicated around the world not because it is beautiful, but because it works and we are really generating great results. The results I'm referring to, I will let you research about them because I will not lose my time to explain something to someone that is isolated in his own box. But if you do, I'm more than sure that you're very limited, considering your poor comments, without a basic reference. This does not mean that you can't do the same or even more, but please, don't say something without knowing the reality -- this is ugly. BTW, where did you read that Brazilians don't speak english? Please, provide refereces and proof. How did you conclude this? Statistically speaking, I suppose that you just conclude this because tried to talk to a Brazilian (or to a small set) closer to you, and don't get a proper answer or any answer, what made you conclude in a generalized manner, what is really a wrong approach. How many people you know in your country that speak Japonese or Mandarin? Think about this and take your conclusions... it is not because the language, when they want to do, they will strive and do because there are more aspects to be considered (and you don't see them because you live in a closed box that prevent you to watch around).

Your comments and behaviour just make me think that you are weak, not able to do your own job and get your space. You don't know how to watch around, get the good experiences and do something better to improving your environment.

Please, don't be so jealous, this is not good for you and this will impact only on you, because we will continue our great job and producing great results, while you will be there, continuing to watching inside the box and forgetting to look to your own nose.

Just to clarify I never said anything like no one in Brazil speaks English. Where did you get this? It's just so strange that this video is in Portuguese. All other developer promotional videos that BlackBerry hosted are in English, even in Asia:

The Jam Europe Event was announced in May. It had a date and a location. They canceled on it two months before the start. Faithful developers had hotel bookings and flight tickets for that event. But that's another story...

As I said before I just don't get this. Who is the audience of this video? Probably not the international developer community since it was never announced in the BlackBerry Developer Blog. Why is this video not in English if they plan to launch more events like this? Why don't we hear about other possible locations?
This video just raises questions in me. And just to be clear I never made any statements just asked questions. I understand that it was a great party for you guys and you had a great time there but other developers (in the rest of the world) would like to know more about it's outcome.

And @leandroal thanks for your vituperation! You can get a lot out of information ("you are weak, not able to do your own job and get your space") from just one comment. :)

Make no mistake, blackberry offers these programs in Canada, US, etc. They tried very hard to get me to participate in one - but I am a hobbiest with blackberry. And have no interest in over dedicating myself for a hobby.

They do put major effort in for all devs though. Compared to iOS, android and win mobile - its a staggering difference.

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Brazil is the future and it is as simple as that. Having had the pleasure of visiting Brazil, the people are bright, energetic, entrepreneurial and forward looking. Europeans could learn a lot from the South American crowd. Time to broaden your horizons.

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Hi, thanks for your input. I don't really understand your statements could you please elaborate?


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Wow,is it really in Portuguese what a sham, to bad it doesn't have sub titles. I've never heard about any of these events in Toronto, but hope to hear of something soon.

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When are they coming to south africa. I am looking forward to such an event and be able to obtain the necessary training and start my own BlackBerry Support service.

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There's a weekly BlackBerry development programme at JoziHub in Milpark, Johannesburg.

They run development workshops and support budding entrepreneurs.

They had a Jam Session in July/August throughout the country.

They also have a development programme with the University of Pretoria.

Both places should be able to help you out

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Yes they probably should put subtitles, but if Brazil does have a large BlackBerry community and they are adopting BB10, then it makes sense to have it there.

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This is a good move by BlackBerry, I am based in the UK, work with IT falk around the world and can see BlackBerry tapping into knowledge and skilled resources where we in Europe and North America have been led to believe that we are still leading the way when it comes to entrepreneurial achievements while at the same time not producing much in the way self fulfilment.