BlackBerry stands coming to a train station near you

By DJ Reyes on 2 Jul 2011 05:46 pm EDT

BlackBerry Stand 

BlackBerry UK has announced that it will be hitting several train stations with BlackBerry stands offering up services to help you get the most out of your device. If you can make it to a stand between 2-3pm you can also be in for a chance of picking up some goodies too, including tickets to see Tinie Tempah and Wretch 32, amongst other special guests. You can also get yourself a free cup of coffee.

The stands will be popping up in train stations around London, Manchester and Leeds, starting Monday 4th July until Tuesday 12th July. It looks like the main focus of these stands are to help customers update their BlackBerry devices. Probably most beneficial for those average Joe consumers who don't hit up sites like our very own CrackBerry, where we have a whole host of BlackBerry 101's to help you update your device's OS. Of course, you can still drop by and try to bag yourself some goodies. I am little disappointed that there will be no stands making their way across the border, it would have been nice for BlackBerry to have at least come to one train station in Glasgow.

Below is a list of the train stations the stands will be visiting:

  • Free coffee at BlackBerry Stand (London St Pancras) - Monday 4th July
  • Free coffee at BlackBerry Stand (London Waterloo) - Tuesday 5th July
  • Free coffee at BlackBerry Stand (London Liverpool Street) - Wednesday 6th July
  • Free coffee at BlackBerry Stand (London Victoria) - Thursday 7th July
  • Free coffee at BlackBerry Stand (London Paddington) - Friday 8th July
  • Free coffee at BlackBerry Stand (Leeds Train Station)- Monday 11th July
  • Free coffee at BlackBerry Stand (Manchester Piccadilly) - Tuesday 12th July 

Reader comments

BlackBerry stands coming to a train station near you


I was just wondering ... (if anybody knows the answer to this) ... When NFC kicks in soon, and people begin using their BB's for payments instead of credit cards, who gets a portion of that transaction service fee? Is it the carrier, or the maker of the cell phone?

This is so darn cool! I miss living in a big city. Reno has all the crime with less of the fun. Gosh I'm such a BlackBerry fanboy.

Some will say this is some sort of ploy or a diversion to draw attention away from the questionable emails. Others like me will say this is freakin awesome.

no native email but free coffee. sorry I trolled a bit there, but I don't know between the BB tour and this I think they are putting interests in the wrong place. I mean these will more likely get scoffed at mostly, the should work on making a better product then setting up kiosks with free coffee. it won't help their image.

Put one in Southern Cross Station in Melbourne showing playbooks and selling coffee! That would be sweet in Winter. Oh that's right BB Australia couldn't give 2 figs about promotion of ANY product down here. I saw a few BB Torch ads on trams last year that's about it.

BTW: St Pancras Station building is the one of the must seen buildings in world :) When I was there I took 200+ photos. 800.000.000£ for restoration?! O_o HUGE!

I go there about 5 times a week on my commute to work and back. I find it as 'just a station', though they have done a good job at restoring it, I must say. Lol.

Any Londoner knows the regular outbreaks of traffic and commuting chaos going on right now on central London's roads and train stations. Virtually every day it seems many of the mainline railway stations get clogged to the gills with commuters stuck on the concourse for various 'reasons'. Most of these are related to rush efforts to upgrade infrastructure in time for 2012, by which time everything will be fine, of course. Anyway, things have the potential to go at least slightly wrong for anyone wanting to promote products in the stations!

As a regular London commuter and employee of the railway infrastructure, I feel the same way. The Southeastern Railway (SER) are putting the 2012 plans as priority, pushing back the customer's needs to the back, which isn't fair. Plus, poor train planning in the office I work in is part of the problem due to the cut back of staff and insufficient concentration to the end user by managers.

Still, the BlackBerry stands won't be out of customers indefinitely!

(Please read in your best muffled train driver voice) 'Ladies and Gentlemen, we'd like to apologise for the late arrival of the Bold 9900 to market, this is due to the wrong kind of carriers on the line. Our engineers are working on the problem and we hope to have the handset with you soon.' ;)

It would be nice if big companies acknowledged there are customers outside of London ... or even outside of England.

When are the Wales or Scotland visits

Ha ha, Wales, as if wireless telephones have reached there yet, you do jest (rolls eyes)!

With the plethora of problems Research is Motion is facing right now, the best they can do is set up a free coffee stand in a train station to help subscribers update the software on their phones. That sums everything up right there.

They really need something like this or stores in the US. Obviously relying on carriers and the Best Buy clown core is not a winning strategy.