BlackBerry sponsors journal skins and badges on DeviantART to promote Robert Rodriguez's Keep Moving Project

Project Green Screen
By Michelle Haag on 10 Apr 2013 05:21 am EDT

As part of the BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects, director Robert Rodriguez is making a short film with the help of BlackBerry fans. Dubbed Project Green Screen, the film will add in photos and ideas from fans to create a final product. For the next portion, Robert is asking fans for their crazy ideas for a weapon that will appear in the film.

For Act 2, we need a creative genius with just a hint of madness. Watch Act 2 and you’ll see a villain-slaying weapon, still partially in green screen. Tweet your wackiest ideas for what the weapon does, and you could help shape the story.

You can tweet your weapon ideas to @rodriguez using the hashtag #KeepMoving. The ideas must be submitted by 05:00 pm (GMT) today so if you're interested you need to act quickly, as there are just under 8 hours left to get entered (at the time of this writing). As with Neil Gaiman's Keep Moving project A Calendar of Tales, DeviantART has teamed up with BlackBerry and is offering free skins and badges to help promote Robert Rodriguez's project. Find out all the details at the link below, and get to tweeting your weapon ideas!

Project Green Screen on DeviantART

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I will have to get my son to help me with this one!!! Creating weapons would be his dream job!! lol


They are barking up the wrong tree with this "Keep Moving" stuff.

You know where they should be? Maker Faire, Instructables and other similar sites working on integrating the phones with every day life.


Clearly the "monster" in the video should be a big Droid that takes a bite out of apples and throws them at the hot twins...
I think it's time to let these projects die.


Seriously? Why discontinue projects that promote blackberry? I don't see it ever "dying".