BlackBerry sponsors free journal skins and badges on DeviantART to promote Neil Gaiman's Keep Moving Project

Neil Gaiman Deviant Art
By Michelle Haag on 2 Mar 2013 01:07 am EST
Neil Gaiman is making progress in his work on a Calendar of Tales for the BlackBerry Keep Moving Project. The user-contributed work is a collection of stories - one for each calendar month of the year - and the ideas and stories have thus far all been collected on Twitter and through the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub. Now, it appears that Neil and BlackBerry are reaching out to artists through DeviantART.

Neil is looking for short films to accompany the readings of his 12 tales and what better place to find talented artists than the world's largest community of artists and art lovers? Not only are DeviantART members able to contribute art and film through the site, for a limited time BlackBerry is sponsoring free journal skins and custom Neil Gaiman badges! If you're interested in participating, you can find full details at the link below.

More information from DeviantART

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I don't think I've ever seen a tech company hit so many fields/areas of interest as BBRY has with marketing this BB10 launch. (The closest thing I can think of is when Microsoft had a Windows 95 banner hanging down the CN Tower before it launched the OS.) You can tell Boulben has his signature all over this.

Can't wait to see Neil's finished product!


one of my fav sites besides crackberry!


That's really awesome! I'm loving how people outside the bb community are also being intrigued.


My son and I just read the January Tale. Great short story Neil! Thankyou! He`s doing short stories in school so it was great reading something appealing to young males you know military missions, weapons, monsters to defeat etc. and connecting it to school.


This is just brilliant. :)