BlackBerry Sponsoring the U2 360 Tour

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Mar 2009 02:08 pm EDT

BlackBerry Sponsor U2's 360 Tour

Any U2 fans here in CrackBerry Nation? If so, this announcement may give ya cause for excitement... it was announced at today that BlackBerry will be sponsoring U2's upcoming 360 Tour. Produced by Live Nation Global Touring, U2 will kick things off in Barcelona on June 30th and visit 14 cities across Europe before jumping over to North America in September. On the topic of the BlackBerry sponsorship, U2's manager Paul McGuiness commented,

"This tour announcement marks the first stage of a relationship and shared vision between RIM and U2 that we expect will lead to new and innovative ways to enhance the mobile music experience on the BlackBerry platform for U2 fans. We look forward to sharing more details as the relationship unfolds." 

Coool. If I recall correctly U2 has previously been hooked up with Apple (they had their own iPod) and Dell. I'm sure Rene over at the TheiPhoneBlog will say RIM is getting sloppy thirds, but I like to think of it as the third time being the charm!!

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BlackBerry Sponsoring the U2 360 Tour


Having seen every U2 tour since the War Tour, I don't care who sponsors the tour, U2 is one of the best shows live you'll ever see!! The fact that BlackBerry in sponsoring the tour hopefully that means us BlackBerry Salespeople can get freebies!!

Why not? He is making money off his competitors. I get your point. Pre is not coming out till the second half of the year and the tour would have been well under way by that time.

After seeing them free last week at my school, its great to see a full tour announced. Giants stadium sounds good.


Because I think U2 is horrible, I'm showing my age? You grow up and realize that people can have opinions other than your own, and that they can express them however they want.

I think Queen is awesome, how old am I now?

I'm a big fan of U2, always have been for many years. I've got all their albums. I think it's awesome that Blackberry is sponsoring them. Maybe we us diehard U2 fans should get some freebies. ha! I'll keep my eyes peeled on this and will def start checking out their touring calendar.

Although I tout myself as being a big U2 fan, I think their new album is not that great (that's putting it nicely). I believe with their previous two albums they brought back what people loved about U2 (epic soaring melodies) and with this new album they started experimenting again, which wasn't that great.

Anyways, since I plan on going and seeing them whenever they come here to Toronto, I am excited to find out what more does being a crackberry owner have to offer :P