BlackBerry Software Roundup for October 31st, 2008!

BlackBerry Software Roundup
By James Falconer on 31 Oct 2008 02:19 am EDT

Happy Halloween everyone! Be sure to check out all of the Halloween BlackBerry Themes we have in-store... They're sure to give your Berry the spooky look you're after for the holiday. As per usual, lots of cool apps to check out for your BlackBerry this week. I've got a free app, some cool new titles added to our store, and the usual selection of new and updated applications. Covered this week are:

New BlackBerry Software: Slydial Beta, EZ Stopwatch, myBoxTone Expert, viigo Launches NBA Service, Qik for the BlackBerry

Updated BlackBerry Software: Vlingo 2.0, Aerize Email Alerts 1.1.0, BBAssistant 0.6.7, Google Calendar Sync 0.4.7, Google Maps 2.3.2

Free BlackBerry Software: A Personal Assistant

Cool Stuff: SMS Eraser, Nintaii

New BlackBerry Software

Slydial Beta for BlackBerrySlydial Beta

Slydial is a service that lets you 'dial in' to someone else's voicemail and leave them a message direct! It's great if you're short on time or just want to leave someone a note without taking the chance of them picking up. The app isn't for everyone, but I could see it coming in handy from time to time. It is also add supported, so keep in mind if you check it out that you'll have to listen to some short ads when using the service.

To get started you can download the beta OTA from

EZ Stopwatch for BlackBerryEZ Stopwatch

I wonder what EZ Stopwatch could be all about!? That's right, EZ Stopwatch is a new, and extremely simple to use stopwatch application for your BlackBerry. Straightforward features include pause/resume, stop/restart... Just like any typical stopwatch. You can also run it in the background so that you can run other apps while the clock is still running.

Get EZ Stopwatch at for $3.95 >

myBoxTone Expert for BlackBerrymyBoxTone Expert

myBoxTone Expert runs in the background on your Berry, and continually monitors any problems that may arise on your device. If the app detects one or more problems, a little icon will change from green, to yellow... and then red to visually show you that something is currently going wrong... Or that something has seriously already gone wrong! Click the icon to view alerts and view suggestions on how to fix the problem. A cool app indeed.

For more info, check out this great post from Craig... The app will not be 'officially' available till November 10th, but you can get on the pilot at

viigo NBA Serviceviigo Launches NBA Service

viigo users will be pleased to know that a new NBA service is now available for the popular app. Users can now get NBA schedules and live scoring updates from their Berry any time of day or night. You can also get standings, general news and more. To add it to your viigo, go to Sports > Add Sports > Basketball.

More importantly, if you don't have viigo installed yet, get the Edition here!

Qik for BlackBerryQik for the BlackBerry

Qik has been available on Nokia devices and even the iPhone for some time now. Qik is basically a streaming video app made for your device that allows you to record videos using your devices built-in camera! You can then upload them live to How cool is that? Friends and family can then even login to watch a live streaming feed, or watch a saved feed or even download the video right to their computer. The app is now compatible with the BlackBerry, and should work find on the 8120, 8230, 8320, 8330 and the Bold. 8220 compatibility is reportedly coming soon, and OS 4.5 is a must have. I've heard of some installation issues, so do be sure to let us know if you have any problems.

To get started, you'll need to create an account here.

Updated BlackBerry Software

Vlingo 2.0 for BlackBerryVlingo 2.0

Vlingo has gone to 2.0! That's right, the app is out of beta and is ready for public consumption. If you haven't tried Vlingo yet, you'll want to now that it has gone to 2.0. The app is available for free for Pearl, Curve and 8800 series BlackBerry users. US & Canadian users can go to to download. Users in the UK can go direct to And of course, for more info head over to

Aerize Email Alerts 1.1.0Aerize Email Alerts 1.1.0

Aerize has updated their popular Email Alerts app to 1.1.0. The app lets you preview each email with the senders picture and name, and a brief preview. No matter what app you happen to be in, Aerize will give you a nice little popup notification that allows you to see who's emailing, along with the preview... all without you having to exit your current app. There are some cool new features in the update, including a re-designed main menu, and adjustable message body preview.

Get Aerize Email Alerts at for $10.00 >

BBAssistant for BlackBerryBBAssistant 0.6.7

BBAssistant has updated to version 0.6.7. With this app you can do a whole bunch of things. Set it to vibrate when outgoing calls connect, and give you a voice notification when a call is disconnected. It also has a handy 'add to address book' function that lets you create new addresses from your phone log and more. A number of small tweaks have been added into this new version of the software.

Get BBAssistant for $10.00 at >

Google Calendar SyncGoogle Calendar Sync 0.4.7

Google Calendar Sync has gone to 0.4.7. No changelog has been made available, and as far as I can tell so far nothing seems different. Do let me know if you spot any obvious changes or updates here.

To get Google Calendar Sync 0.4.7 head over to from your BlackBerry browser.

Google Maps 2.3.2Google Maps 2.3.2

Another update from Google this week is Google Maps. The app has gone to 2.3.2. Once again, no changelog has been made available. The previous update added the new 'street view' feature, so this update might address some bugs or fixes to do with that. Your guess is really as good as mine!

To get Google Maps 2.3.2 point your Berry's browser to

Free BlackBerry Software

A Personal Assistant for BlackBerryA Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant is a new, free app in our store that, um... kind of stays true to its namesake! The app lets you get all of your personal online accounts password-free from the palm of your hand. Monitor your banking, credit card transactions, investments, cell minutes, air miles... You name it. Accounts update automatically and there's no need to manually input or update any data.  The app was built specifically for BlackBerry, and should work great on all device from the 7130 through the new 9000 series. Check it out for yourself for more info... it's free, so it's worth a shot!

Get A Personal Assistant for FREE at >

Cool Stuff

SMS Eraser for BlackBerrySMS Eraser

Have you ever wanted to share sensitive or vital info that you don't want distributed or spread to anyone else, ever? If that circumstance has come upon you, you might want to give SMS Eraser a look. The app is essentially a self-destructing text messaging tool. It will let you send self-destructing text messages that can be programmed to self-destruct after a set amount of time, or a set amount of views. Once the message is deleted, it is gone from both the senders and receivers devices. As long as my device itself doesn't start to smoke and 'self-destruct'... I'm cool with it.

Pick up SMS Eraser at for $29.95 >

Nintaii for BlackBerryNintaii

Nintaii is a great little strategy game that I've actually played on some other devices under a different name. The game is a brain twister, and the object is to roll your block through each stage and get it to fit into the square hole at the end. I hope you have patience, because as you move through the 100 unique stages, you'll need it! 'Nintai' actually means 'patience'... So be prepared to get your thinking cap on to progress through the game.

Get Nintaii for $9.99 at >

Until Next Week..

Have news on BlackBerry software? New software, upgraded software, freesoftware... it's all good! If you have any software news tips send themin to me at I can't do it without your help!

Of course, we also have many more New BlackBerry Software, Updated BlackBerry Software and Free BlackBerry software titles available at Be sure to visit our software store for more great deals on BlackBerry Software!

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Software Roundup for October 31st, 2008!


i just got back from the blackberry bold release party in beverly hills on cannon dr. (it was 2night 10/30) celebs ect...why dnt u have nything posted about that haha jus an update...

Now, before I go dogging it, which I AM going to, does someone know how it works.

I bought SMS Eraser ($30) and my opinion... IT S U C K S! Because it doesn't work like it should.

Either I am doing something wrong or it just doesn't like me. I have sent text message after text message and to no avail, nothing.

ALL the text messages for some reason come in 'www' format, meaning one has to have a internet plan to look at a text message.

Why, if I just sent a "text message", do I need an internet plan? You have to click on the web link to read the text message. Also, it does NOT work with regular phones.

I sent one to my wifes phone (Nokia), it looked like some kind of enkrypted message, it was unreadable. Never got the actual text message, just the link information to retrieve the text message. No internet plan. I would think for $30.00 I would not need the internet to read text messages.

Now, like I mentioned before, unless I am doing something wrong, or have a setting set incorrect, it does NOT work.

So please, someone help me, I really want this to work.

When I did click on the link (on my Blackberry) and read the "test text" it opened it for the (2) times I selected, then it destructed and would not let it open again. "that part was cool"

I really hope there is an answer for it...


I am using a 8130 Pearl with the OS (my carrier is Cellular South). Let me say that it does work with my phone, but I have an internet package.

I can click on the link and open the text message. My problem is I should not have to open a link to "read a text message." What is the point of text messages if there is internet charges... it is pointless and to me... a waste of money.


What's the difference between the A Personal Assistant app from Pageonce and the Pageonce application downloadable from the Pageonce site?

Or are they the same thing? A Personal Assistant certainly looks different to what I have installed as Pageonce on my Bold right now...

PageOnce application is something I have been seeking for a while.. not only does it prevent me from constantly having to use the blackberry browser to view my financial information, but its FREE! ... setting it up via a PC is a pain but whatever, its FREE and looks awesome (no cheap GUI).

Does anyone know how to get your Netflix account to show on PageOnce? It says you need to do something through the Netflix site to allow it to be added, but I don't know where to find it!

Qik is not working for my 8330 on Telus. I open the app and all i see is a thing to sign up if not already registered and then a place to sign in. when i sign in it says registering in the top left then changes to connected but nothing else happens. the menu button is no help. does anybody have suggestions