BlackBerry Software Roundup for March 7th, 2008!

BlackBerry Software Roundup
By James Falconer on 7 Mar 2008 01:35 am EST

As always, it's been another busy week here at Lots of new apps and themes to talk about today... Some available in our software store, others out and about on the web! Lets get right down to it!

MLB Widgets for BlackBerryNEW SOFTWARE

Major League Baseball Widgets for BlackBerry

Baseball season is upon us. If you're a big baseball fan you're going to want to install this on your Berry. The new Major League Baseball Widgets for BlackBerry allow you to follow all major league teams in real-time, on your Berry.

Installation is easy. You can install OTA from your BlackBerry... Simply go to You can choose from the general widget, or install the widget for your favorite team.

FindMe Application for FaceBook and BlackBerryFindMe App for Facebook and BlackBerry

From Electric Pocket (makres of FlipSide Music Player and Ringo Ringtone Manager) comes FindMe. It's a free app you can install on your Berry that lets you 'tag' your location. No GPS is required as the application uses cellphone towers to pinpoint your device much like Google Maps' My Location. Once your location is mapped you can share it with your friends on Facebook. In fact, if you keep tagging your location, your Facebook friends will know where you are at all times :) (move over 'big brother', FACEBOOK is now watching you!)

At any rate, the pre-beta is now complete and ready for more beta testers. Try it out, and let us know what you think!

Real World - Business Theme for Curve/8800/8700Real World BlackBerry Theme

Enhance your Berry with a new Theme. It's full of new, fun icons that you will enjoy if you're tired of the same old default things installed on your device. Designed by professional designers, it is one of the best new themes added to our collection in-store.

For more info and to purchase for only $7.00:

Jott for BlackBerryJott for BlackBerry

Jott is an application that allows you to reply to emails on your BlackBerry using your voice! You can reply by speaking into your Berry, or by using a Bluetooth headset device. It is seemlessly integrated into your email app, and claims to be 3 to 5 times faster than typing out replies the 'old fashioned' way :)

Jott is currently in limited Free Beta. You can download Jott OTA by visiting from your Berry.

If you're a compulsive driver/texter than I highly recommend you get this app for safety's sake!

Updated Software

BerryTunes 2.2 MP3 Player & Streaming RadioBerryTunes 2.2 - MP3 Player & Streaming Radio

This latest version supports custom radio stations, bluetooth and wifi! With BerryTunes you can turn your Berry into a portable sound machine! Transfer MP3 files via USB and listen them through the speaker on your Berry. The BerryTunes browser allows you to easily select MP3 files you want to send to your device. You can even preview songs in the browser before you transfer them!

You can also listen to over 100 streaming internet radio stations with BerryTunes 2.2. Choose from 20 categories, including Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz, News and more.

The list of features goes on and on... read the complete list here

A free trial of BerryTunes 2.2 is available. 

BerryTunes 2.2 is available now in the store for $19.99

MobiPocket eBook Reader V.6MobiPocket eBook Reader V.6

The BlackBerry beta version 6 of MobiPocket eBook reader is now out of beta. Some are reporting problems with the upgrade. If you're happy with your current version, might be best to stick with it as-is. However, if you've just absoulutely got to have the latest version, then go ahead and pick it up OTA at :)

Viigo - EditionViigo - Edition

Good news for Viigo users. Last Saturday Viigo completed their planned server upgrade. The growth they are experiencing demands that they continue to upgrade and expand! Good on 'em! With the upgrade complete, things are moving along just great at Viigo.

If you don't have Viigo yet... You should get it now! It's free, and is available in the recently released Edition. Get your copy here.

Aces Texas Hold'em - No LimitAces Texas Hold'em - No Limit

Aces Texas Hold'em - No Limit has some of the best AI of any Texas Hold'em game available. Try and pick up on the human-like instincts of your opponents. Pick up their bluffs and dominate the table.

Play up to 22 Hold'em opponents at a time in this amazingly accurate Hold'em simulation.

Get your copy of Aces Texas Hold'em - No Limit in the store for $14.99

Coming Soon

BerryDialer Update Coming SoonBerryDialer

BerryDialer is an app that lets you use calling cards on your BlackBerry. If you're making a lot of IDD calls this can save you a ton of cash. The current version (1.4) is rumored to have an update coming in the very near future. Look for it coming soon!

Until Next Week..

Have news on BlackBerry software? New software, upgraded software, free software... it's all good! If you have any software news tips send them to me at I can't do it without your help!

Of course, we also have many more New BlackBerry Software, Updated BlackBerry Software and Free BlackBerry software titles available at Be sure to visit our software store for more great deals on BlackBerry Software!

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BlackBerry Software Roundup for March 7th, 2008!


I could care less about MLB. What I want for my BlackBerry is software to follow the Nascar race on Sundays. Doesn't seem like there are very many BB owners that share my passion for the sport.

I respect Nascar, but I LOVE Formula 1. Aside from BlackBerrys, that's probably my next biggest Passion.

The first race is next weekend in Melbourne, WooHOo!!!

whats point watch car racing in circles for hours how is it a sport when theres no sweat or running around ?

Have you ever been in a race car? Have you ever worn a fire suite in the middle of summer in a car that doesn't have air conditioning? I have. If you've never been in a race you would understand. I've always liked racing but after I did it myself I had a whole new respect for those guys.

Sun, I agree. We need something comparable to RaceView or TrackPass. To Anonymous NASCAR basher, you think there's no sweat or running around in NASCAR? You're wrong. You don't believe NASCAR is a sport? You are completely wrong and naive. Have you ever driven a car sideways at 200+ mph? Try it out and then you can have an opinion on whether it's a sport or not. What's your favorite sport, ya yuppy?

Dude, no matter how you slice it, IMHO NASCAR is NOT a sport. For sales and revenue purposes, sure they'll slap a label and call it a sport, but really aside for the hope of a sweet 40 car pile up, I'd rather watch paint dry. Same goes for golf, its fun to play...sorta, but other then that a buncha middle aged white guys chasing a little white ball around, where they could have plopped a nice houseing development, or shopping mall.

"Major League Baseball Widgets for BlackBerry" Anything like this for the NBA??

I dont care for NASCAR but Im not going to sit here and say it isnt a sport. It's damn hard to control a car going 200+ MPH w/ that many g's forcing your head to one side. It's just not my thing to watch em do 200+ laps in a circle. Now F1 racing is fun and exciting to watch, can't wait for the season to start again.

yeah... this a software round up...not a "is it a sport or not a sport thread. save that for the Off Topic in the Forums.


does anyone know why i can barely hear when my phone rings with my downloaded ringtones? i have the volume turned up high and i barely hear the phone ringing.....HELP!!!