BlackBerry Software Roundup for January 2nd, 2009!

BlackBerry Software Roundup
By James Falconer on 2 Jan 2009 06:37 am EST

I hope everyone out there had a very happy holiday season, and that New Years' was fantastic for all. 2009 is here, and to start off the new year I've got some great new titles to tell you about in this weeks' roundup. They are:

New BlackBerry Software: PhoneBAK for BlackBerry, e-Mobile Planner,  picPuzzle, WhereRYu?, DistanceAlert, CallAssist

Updated BlackBerry Software: BerryTunes 2.5.13, trackIT: Vehicle Edition 3.7, AutoStandby

Free BlackBerry Software: speedOmeter, RideCharge BlackBerry Taxi and Sedan Booking

Cool Stuff: MiaPuzzLe for the BlackBerry Storm, TouchBubbles - Bubble Breaker for the BlackBerry Storm

New BlackBerry Software

PhoneBAK for BlackBerryPhoneBAK for BlackBerry

PhoneBAK for BlackBerry is the ultimate security tool for your Berry. Use it to wipe your device of sensitive or confidential information if your device is lost or stolen... You can also use it to track down a lost or stolen device via SMS text alert, email, IMEI, IMSI and pinpoint the exact location of the device. There are simply too many features packed into this app. It's one powerful application that is a must have, especially if you've ever lost or had your Berry stolen... or simply want to protect data from getting into the wrong hands.

Get PhoneBAK for BlackBerry for $29.90 at >

e-Mobile Plannere-Mobile Planner

e-Mobile Planner is a new and powerful all-in-one agenda and task management tool. Use it to view and manage daily appointments, calendars, tasks and more. There's a powerful agenda view built-in, which will help you get organized and get more out of your day. Using e-Mobile Planner is simple, and the interface is clean and colorful. If you're looking for an app to help you organize your life, you might want to give this one a look.

Pick up e-Mobile Planner at for $19.95 >


picPuzzle is a fun game that transforms your pictures on your device's main memory or SD Card into fun and challenging puzzles. There are 2 modes, a small and large puzzle, and an option to play the game in challenge mode. picPuzzle works on most BlackBerry's with OS 4.3 and newer.. with the exception of the Storm (I have a few Storm titles for ya in the 'cool stuff' section).

Try picPuzzle for $2.95 at >


WhereRYu is a simple app that lets people find your current location. Use it to track employees, find a lost phone, or track the location of family members and children. Once the app is installed on your Berry, all anyone has to do is write an email to you with 'Where are you?' or 'WhereRYu' in the subject line. The app will automatically reply to the email with your current location on google maps. Cool!

Get WhereRYu at for $9.99 >


DistanceAlert is a new app I just happened to notice today. The app serves one simple purpose: to alert you when a Bluetooth device is no longer in range. Simply set yours and other bluetooth devices you want to track to discoverable mode... and that's all you need to do! DistanceAlert will notify you if a device goes out of range. Handy for keeping track of friends at a busy mall or concert, or to help you keep track of the kids when out and about.

Pick up DistanceAlert for $4.95 at >


Use CallAssist to call abroad without having to remember your calling card details. Once installation and setup is complete, simply enter your calling card details, and that's it! Making calls with your calling card is seemless, and there's no need to use any menus... this makes dialing really simple. This is a great app if you use a calling card a lot... Makes the whole process a little bit easier and more convenient.

Get CallAssist for $4.95 at >

Updated BlackBerry Software

BerryTunesBerryTunes 2.5.13

This latest version of BerryTunes supports streaming podcasts and stereo bluetooth. If you haven't used BerryTunes before, you should give it a try! There's a free 7-day trial available, so give it a shot by clicking on the link below. With BerryTunes you can listen to audio files, internet radio, podcasts and more. Output the audio through speakers, headsets or even a bluetooth earpiece to get the most out of your listening experience.

Get BerryTunes for $24.99 at >

trackIT: Vehicle EditiontrackIT: Vehicle Edition 3.7

trackIT: Vehicle Edition is the most extensive vehicle tracking system around for both business and personal use. Use it to track your maintenance costs, fuel, mileage, and anything else for that matter. You can use it to track an unlimited number of vehicles, schedule maintenance and repairs, and a whole lot more. A must-have for any professional that spends a lot of time on the road!

Pick up trackIT: Vehicle Edition for $24.95 at >


With AutoStandby you can automatically put your Berry into standby mode when idle for a period of time. Standby mode saves you a ton of battery life by putting your device into a semi-sleep like state... Oohhhhh, semi-sleep like state, sounds so relaxing! The good thing about standby mode is that you can still receive emails, texts, phone calls, alerts and more. Save your battery life, and still get those important messages and calls as they come in.

Get AutoStandby for $5.95 at >

Free BlackBerry Software


This simple and free app uses your built-in GPS to display speed, distance and time right on your Berry's screen. This is ideal for workouts, especially if you're running or cycling! You can also set low and high speed alerts to help you pace your workout. You can download this app OTA at or use the link below to get started!

Pick up speedOmeter for FREE at >

RideChargeRideCharge BlackBerry Taxi and Sedan Booking

With RideCharge you can book taxis (and most other types of road transport) right from your BlackBerry. Get price comparisons for your next taxi ride in most major US cities. Once booked, you get immediate confirmation, an outlook calendar reminder and real-time updates to let you know when you're ride will be there. You can also punch in your credit card information online so that you never need to carry cash to pay for your cab. Handy!

Get RideCharge for FREE at >

Cool Stuff

MiaPuzzLeMiaPuzzLe for the BlackBerry Storm

Time for a few games for the new BlackBerry Storm users out there. MiaPuzzle for the Storm is a simple puzzle game much like the picPuzzle game I reported on earlier in the roundup. You can use images on your device as the source images for the puzzle... and the game uses the touch screen technology built-in to the Storm for easy gameplay. Choose from 9, 16 or 25 cell puzzles as you progress and get better at it. Not a bad little puzzle game!

Get MiaPuzzLe for $4.95 at >

TouchBubbles - Bubble BreakerTouchBubbles - Bubble Breaker for the BlackBerry Storm

Another new touch screen app for the Storm users is TouchBubbles - Bubble Breaker. Pop as many bubbles as you can by lining them up by color. The more bubbles you pop, the more points you get! Simply touch the screen where groups of similarly colored bubbles sit, and they'll pop. There are three levels of difficulty, and you can play with three to five different colors of bubbles.

Get TouchBubbles for $2.99 at >

Until Next Week..

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Software Roundup for January 2nd, 2009!


This program seems like it could be useful, but also invasive at the same time. I could see someones boyfriend or girlfriend requiring them to have this in their phone, LOL.

I can see how if would be really useful to put in your kids phones, or to find a stolen phone.

Im gonna put it in my Bold just to see how well it works.

This app reminds me of the iPhone app called Loopt. I like to call it iCreep! Though with the Loopt app I think it's like continuously updated so you can basically watch where your friends are headed at all times...much more invasive then having to send an email and receive a map every once in awhile...Still a pretty creepy app, though I would agree if you ever lost it you could have one of your BB friends locate you...if it can give that precise locations.

Any word on the new Facebook app? This month last I heard from you guys. Any word if it will be optimized for the Storm? Gotta hand it to the iPhone FBook app. It's definitely better. 1.5 or 2.0 for BB should be pretty sweet.

Your report says that WhereRYu is $4.95 yet it's actually listed at $9.95 in the store. Which is correct?

I'm very interested in purchasing this being that my husband lost his Blackberry a few months ago at grocery store. But luckily he has insurance to get a new one but still, something like this seems very promising and good that we can still take control of our own personal stuff even when it's been stolen.

I lost mine together with all my data when it was snatched getting out of the metro going to a meeting. Curse that thief! A day later got it back from his number at the text message.

I know speedo says it's not compatible with the Bold but it works. I downloaded it before I saw the warning that it doesn't work on the Bold. Doesn't matter because it does work.:)

I bought the e-mobile trial version paid 20 bucks
Looks slick but it's VIEW only...Terrible not worth the money...

The speedometer isn't available for the storm that sucks. It would be so sweet if Blackberry had adobe or some sort of flash player!

Some of these applications like AutoStandby, PhoneBAK for BlackBerry, should come as default with the machine. Really neat!

Thank you Crackberry!

Maybe I am wrong but somehow I have difficulties with the product advertising of AutoStandby: As far as I understood my BB automatically enters Standby mode (not to be mistaken as key lock!) as soon as I put it in the holster.
So, the battery saving effect does only occur if someone does not use the holster.
In other words: Everyone who uses the holster and who buys AutoStandby would pay for something the BB automatically supports from the beginning.
But, honestly, please correct me if I am wrong!

Not everyone uses a holster or sometimes their holster doesn't have a magnet in it to put the phone into sleep mode. If one has a cheap jel case on their phone, they won't be able to put the phone in the bb holster that came with your phone.

Well correction if you have the bold you can and whats great is that you dont even have to "make" a ringtone...if you have the song on your phone you just have to click your menu button and click set as ringtone...i believe its the same way for the curve phones too...

Has there been any information as to whether RIM will make the Blackberry Curve 8900 (sold in Canada)available for sale in the U.S.? If so, what is the scoop as to who will get first rights to sell it (Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.)

I can't get it to ring more than three times. And if it is in my holster, only rings twice. As soon as I get to it, too late gone to voice mail. More rings help!