BlackBerry Soft Shell Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Review

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Aug 2011 01:12 pm EDT

I'm absolutely LOVING my BlackBerry Bold 9900 and have been testing out and putting to use every case and accessory I can get my hands-on for this beauty of a BlackBerry. I've never been one to worry too much about my BlackBerry getting scuffed, but with its stainless steel band and iconic styling this is a BlackBerry I really want to take care, as will you.

For everyday basic protection without sacrificing usability, the BlackBerry Soft Shell Case for the Bold 9930 / 9900 is a great option. Available in Black, Translucent, Green, Brown and Indigio color options, it securely fits the new Bold while providing access to all ports, buttons and the camera. This isn't your typical rubbery BlackBerry skin. Rather, the Soft Shell case is made from a high-performance, flexible, plastic-like material, which gives the back and sides of the 9900 / 9930 a protective barrier against accidental bumps and scratches. The case is pretty minimal in thickness, keeping the overall size of the phone as close to original as possible. Overall I've found it to be a really nice case. It feels nice in the hand, doesn't mess with the usability, and you definitely feel better knowing you won't be scratching up that carbon fiber battery door when you put the phone down on a table or counter. It's a really nice, tight fitting design - unless you're looking at a cut out for a port, you almost wouldn't realize there is a case on the phone.

The BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900 Soft Shell case has a list price of $19.99, but you can get it for less at! Keep reading for more photos and details surrounding this awesome case.

BlackBerry Soft Shell Case Final Thoughts

Overall I'm really happy with the design and quality of all the new BlackBerry brand cases for the Bold 9930 and Bold 9900. Just as the hardware quality on the Bold 9900 is really top notch, the same goes with these new cases. Compared to the cheaper rubber BlackBerry-brand skins we're more used to seeing on a Bold, the new Soft Shell Case (and Hard Case too) really live up to quality expectations set out by the device itself.  The two-textured materials in the Soft Shell case really give it a touch of class as opposed to if it were one material, the design tolerances are really tight - there's nothing sloppy here - the case feels like part of the phone. That said, it's still fairly easy to remove the case if you want to put into a BlackBerry Charging Pod. Overall, I give the BlackBerry Soft Shell case TWO CrackBerry Thumbs Up!

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I can't wait to get mines, I ordered 2 and waiting for shipment :)


You can get a 2 pack of this at Future Shop for $25. At my Future Shop, it came with one black and one translucent OR one black and one green.


You can get a 2 pack of this at Future Shop for $25. At my Future Shop, it came with one black and one translucent OR one black and one green.


I discovered that as well. After buying the same case in a single at a Rogers store for $20 and throwing away the receipt because it's a silicone case and it's not like I could break it, I discovered the same damn case in a two pack (two different colours even) at Future Shop for $25. Same company, same packaging. Was not impressed.

Now, if they could just come out with this case with two metal contacts on the bottom, a desk charge/cradle that fits the phone in the case, and a belt holster that fits the phone with the silicone case, life would be grand.

I used to use the OEM skin on my 8900 with the official leather holster. I had to stretch the leather a bit to make it work but after that it was fine. Am I the only one who wants to use a soft case with the holster and with the charging stand?

the brother

no sir, you are not alone.

please enter me to win a black case!



Like the white one and green one, probly order the white one because the green one looks a little more feminine


Black so I can keep it classic and keep it safe!!


Black please. Have to protect this gorgeous phone. Will be keeping this one around for a while.


oh me please.
black to go with my ninja outfit.



Black please.

Also, does the phone still fit in the holster with this case?

Kevin Michaluk

Good Question! Will check when I get back home tonight... i haven't been using the holster... the Bold 9900 is so thin I've just been sliding it into my jeans pocket


i'd like a bottle brown one to keep the phone looking great for the long haul, awesome phone. thanks!!


I think the indigo case would do me just fine!


Translucent one looks the best. Still waiting for the white hardshell case from BB7 Fannight Kev!!!


Good review. Would love to have the green case.


I am loving the soft shell in clear asyou can still see the stainless band :)
Would love a black one to complement it though


I absolutely love mine...I went with the black. Feels great and slips in the pocket real easy. Highly recommend to anyone. Looking forward to picking up the hardshell in white as well.


The black one as it looks quite sexy with it on the phone. Meets my expectations for protection.


definitely looks like a more harder, tolerable rubber than the one we are use to seeing. i would like the black skin, and the reason for wanting one is so that i may take a break from always purchasing new skins whenever a new bb model comes out. always upgrading my bb, therefore, i would like to take a break, for once, and be given something for free :)


Gotta go with classic black.

I never got a case for my 8900, and the paint in the middle of the battery cover is completely rubbed through from setting it on the table.


Looks really nice, just wish it didn't mess with the charging pod. In any event, I would love a Black one!


I want the translucent one!


its actually kind of smokey grey.


i would love one to accompny my new 9930 either brown or green. i have always had my blackberries in a case now all i need a holster either big enough or with enough stretch to house a cased 9930


You can get a 2 pack of this at Future Shop for $25. At my Future Shop, it came with one black and one translucent OR one black and one green.


Black one would definitely suit my 9900! :)


If I won, I'd pick black. I believe the other colors would get dirty quick for my line of work.


Black! Please! Please! :)

EDIT: Kevin? Is it still possible to use the leather holster with the soft case on?


No it won't fit in the original holster. However if you have a 9000 holster it will fit, I tried :)


The 9000 holster has the correct position for the sleeper magnet?


I thought these were like the old soft cases, glad to hear they are better quality. Will definitely be picking one up . . . or would love to win a black one!


I'll take a clear one cos that's how I roll!


pretty nice - I was looking at future shop, but didn't pull the trigger. Considering this of the casemate barely there -- does anyone have that one? Black please!


Have a Barely There case in black and one of these in clear. The Barely There case is thinner, harder plastic on the sides and clear hard plastic on the bottom. It's snaps on easy enough but it's a bugger to get off in a hurry. It's also slippery on the back so it doesn't stay on a car seat. The back is also prone to scratches, as it's clear, hard plastic.

The soft case is super easy to get on and off (to put in holster or desk stand) and not as likely to get scuffed up. It is a smidge bulkier but neither fits in the holster. If you can get to a Future Shop, they sell the soft case in two packs for $25. Wish I new that when I bought mine.


I'd like Indigo, I think it's cool looking and neutral.
Does it work with OEM BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster?


Would love to win this, thanks CrackBerry!


I just switched from my Droid X last Friday and am loving this phone so far!! I am very OCD with my phones and I would really like to start protecting this beauty of a phone! I think WHITE would look killer, thanks Crackberry!!


Would like to try this case, seems to fit like a glove. Would like a black one, thanks :).


Looks like one of the must have accessories for the blackbbery bold 9900! Indigo is the way to go!


this case looks awesome. id love to have a clear one so i can still see the awesome bold but still get max protection.


translucent would look good on my new 9930! :P


The holster is what I was looking for! I'll be curious to see if it fits in.

A green one would be awesome :)


Black so I can keep it good looking! :)


I'd definitely love a case considering I dropped my 9930 already (not much damage except 2 small scratches on the bezel) ... Ill trade my bbm music invites to grease the wheels even to the blog readers & OBV Kevin... I'm assuming @KevinMichaluk already has bbm music but if not PM me and ill invite you or whomever else on the CB team needs 1... A black case would look pretty baddass along w/ the privacy protector that's on the way. So how about a case KM? Pretty Please?




Sweet! Black would be cool!


BlackBerry Black for me!


These cases look great!! I'd love an indigo one!


the black looks very sharp!


Transculent has my name all over it...


I'm convinced..I need this case in black please!


green is definitely my choice! love this case cos it doesn't add too much bulk to the 9900 and its not too rubbery either.


That is a nice case. Since I cant get my hands on a white bold yet a white soft shell case will have to do.


Black would be awesome! Thanks!


black. it's simple, sleek and sexy.


black for me please.

Black is always stylish, professional looking and classic or all the things the 9900/9930 represent hehe


The fact that it slightly shows the metal border is genius! I love the the black one it has soo much class! would love a black one


I am awaiting the Noreve leather flip case. The one on my Bold 9000 has protected it for 3 years and the phone looks brand new.


I saw Blaize with a white shell/case on his 9900 ,.. anybody know which case it was ?


This case looks awesome! it looks like it would add a lot of protection without adding bulk or taking away from the phone's sleekness. I would love one in Black for my future 9900 :)


I would like to try this case in black please. Thanks!


I just paid too much for a black one although it is a good case. It does not fit into the holster the 9900 comes with. I thought maybe I could get it to fit and got my BB stuck in the holster. It took some real effort to get it out.


Yup! A business-black case would definitely complement the phone well, particularly when carrying the phone around in a formal environment where the holster would be too bulky! ... "say is that a BB9900 holster in your pants or are you just REALLY happy to see me?" hee hee :D

PS - just expressing an opinion - I already use a sleeve and holster and would see no need for another case. Should my name come up as winner, please pick another contestant. TY :)


black please !


Translucent is what I ordered, I just hope that it is gonna fit in the leather holster with this case. I don't like to carry my phone in my pocket so it always stays in the leather holster, but I want protection when it is out. and being that this case is so thin I am hoping it fits.


I have a transclusent case & it works like a charm... Wanna try out a white one now


I would like a black case to protect my 9930.


9930 black case to avoid scratches.


Black for my new 9930. It's the classic look. Who wouldn't want it?


Would love to win this in black please!


Black case because it matched the feel of the phone ;)


just a heads up. i had this case as well as the hard shell and i found that dust gets trapped behind them fairly easy and it scratched my phone.


What's your take on the hard shell besides what u said there? What about the feel n quality? Is it slippery? Is it as good u feel as this soft one here?


Black or translucent for my 9900 I'm waiting on from Canada!


This case in black would be awesome for my future 9900!!


I would love to win a black one! My otterbox comuter case doesnt look soo hot :(


I'm a first time BlackBerry owner. I've been very loyal to my old Motorola Q9c running a copy of Windows Mobile 6.1 that I installed myself (Verizon isn't big on updates).

I've been researching new phones for more than a year and it was a difficult decision, but I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a Bold 9930 from Verizon Monday morning.

I would visit the display phone at Verizon stands any chance I got to make sure I really wanted it. I watched every video and read every review. I'm so proud that it's coming in the next day or two.

I don't replace my devices until I need to and when I do, it has to be the best quality for the best value. That's the 9930. Now I need to take good care of my new device so it can last like my Q9c did (it's dying a slow and painful death as it slowly slips into hardware purgatory).

It is very important for me to protect this new investment, and the new soft shell cases are the best way to do that. As a resident of Cleveland, Ohio, I'm a big fan of the Cleveland Browns, so that bottle brown colored case would fit my color preference perfectly.

I really hope I win the case because this new device isn't just a phone for me, it's an extension of myself and reflects my personality, individuality, ambition and intelligence.

Thanks for being there every step of the way so far, CrackBerry! The Smartphone Experts Network has been an awesome resource, and none moreso than CB.


A black one would be most awesome. I'm digging the fact that RIM is now making a case with more of a TPU feel to it. Some of the best cases I had for the iPhone 4 were TPU so it seems logical to me that the same would be true for my precious new 9930!!!


green would be awesome!


Translucent! Why cover up what makes the Bold 9900.. Well the Bold 9900? [;

Love Love LOVE this case from the looks of it Kevin! Hope I win :D


I'm thinkin as well..but does the transparent version match the slickness n definition of this black?


I'm thinkin as well..but does the transparent version match the slickness n definition of this black?


i wan the black one because it looks cool ^^


Black please, for the soon to be mine 9930 =)


How easy is it to pop the case off and on for battery pulls please?


I bought the hard shell version of this case, but I don't have it in hand just yet. I'd definitely like to see a review on the hard shell. What do u say Kev? Please some feedback from anyone on the hard shell. Thanks. Anyways this black looks so slick n svelte: very fitting for one beautiful device. By the way I wanted the transparent version so all my finishes could show - bezel, door, etc, but I'm now wondering does the other colours have this svelte slickness as this black version? Especially around the bezel, this looks gr8 and very fitting to show up all the curves of the device. Love it! Kev could u plzzzzz do a follow up n comment on the other colours?? Thanks.


I just got the Hard Shell today. The base of the case is hard but the plastic surrounding the edges of the device is a kind of hard rubber. Anyway, it fits well and looks nice!

It seems that the soft shell has hard plastic around the edges and rubber at the base. Am I right?


I believe the soft shell is all hard plastic as they say. If u knw TPU soft shells u knw wat this case is like. I'v never seen 1 physically but its looks slick in this review. I like the sound of this hard shell; I suppose its slick and defined. NICE. I'm sporting a TPU clear soft shell right now but the side keys could be more defined and easier to press; also the lock button doesn't give an easy press so I definitely want my RIM shell. How do u find pressing the side and lock button?


I believe the soft shell is all hard plastic as they say. If u knw TPU soft shells u knw wat this case is like. I'v never seen 1 physically but its looks slick in this review. I like the sound of this hard shell; I suppose its slick and defined. NICE. I'm sporting a TPU clear soft shell right now but the side keys could be more defined and easier to press; also the lock button doesn't give an easy press so I definitely want my RIM shell. How do u find pressing the side and lock button?


Translucent is the new black, something different for a change.


I think the transculent for a 9900 would be great.


Thanks for the review! I just got my 99, and I'm jonesin' for a good-looking case to go on it. How does it fit in the OEM holster? I usually stick with black, but red might be nice for a change.


I would LOVE a new case, in Translucent, to protect this baby :) I'm ordering my 9900 at midnight tonight as soon as it's released with T-Mobile!


I just want this blackberry to be the first that I don't scratch before I put a case on.


I would like one. Thanks.


I'll take translucent. Will need this berry to stay scratch free!


Just ordered my new 9930 from Verizon yesterday. Would love to have an indigo case to protect it out of the box....looks like a great product.


Oh this looks fab! I would love a black one please!


I am crazy clumsy and would love a black one for my new Bold 9930!


I gotta go for the green case for my 9900 (which is still waiting to be shipped and on backorder )-: ). I'd like to some cases like this with designs on them as well.


I got my soft shell BB case the same day I bought my Sprint Bold 9930 at The BlackBerry buddy Nathen at the BlackBerry Store recommended me getting a case for the carbon fiber backing for the Bold 9930, and with my Sprint premier 25% off credit, it came to $12.00 :) Like Kevin said, it fits great on the Bold 9900/9930, the flush of it meets the stainless steel band around the device gives it the extra elligance. Very happy buying this case. I'd highly reccomend anyone who is getting a Bold 9900/9930 make THIS your first accessory purchase.


Looks like a really nice case. A nice fit, indeed. Black would be my color choice.


I want a black for me :)


Black case would match best. Would assist in some places where otter is too large.


i've been all over trying to find one of these cases for my 9900. no luck!


These look really nice, I would love a translucent one for my wonderful 9930. Thanks CrackBerry. com, Kevin and RIM for these covers and contest.


nice pictures, clear review, actually I didn't expect it so long :)
I love black, so, in case you pick me... black :)


I followed your site for weeks. Laying awake at night. Waiting, desperately waiting for the release of the new Blackberry Bold 9930. And when it went on sale, I pounced. Immediately calling Verizon and ordering one. I have been using the device for a couple of weeks now and I love it. I would marry it, but the Republicans in Congress might frown upon that. It is easily the best smart phone I have ever owned. Unfortunately though I tend to be clumsy and have already dropped my baby, I mean my Blackberry several times. I would love to win the BlackBerry Softshell Case (IN BLACK) to keep us together, till death do us part.


My wife has been looking for a black one. would be a nice surprise for her!


ok i would love a soft case for my 9900


Yes please! A black one. At the price I paid for my device with no contracy, I have to keep it safe!


a black one for my bold 9900 please !

Big Spartacus

I got my 9930 a week ago. I got my 8330 about three years ago. Following this model, I'd like to take care of my phone, seeing as how we're probably gonna be friends for a loong time. Black please!


i want black please for my "black"berry (lol)


Would love to win this?


translucent would look good on my new 9900! :P


This case looks great! Would love this for my new phone, pick me please!


Very infomative review. I wolud like a black color soft shell case to find a comfort home for my new baby Bold 9900.

Steven Friedmann

Basic black for me, please!


Great review! I am always looking for thorough reviews of accessories before I purchase. I would like blue!!


Great review. Would love to have a black case to protect the BB. Hope I get lucky!


That's a sleek looking case. Probably the best that RIM has come out with. I love the black one!


Black will look nice to keep the bb safe!

Good luck everyone! :)


Would love this in black! I need protection for my new $400.00!!! Tmobile blackberry! they def need to lower that damn price..


Would love this in black! I need protection for my new $400.00!!! Tmobile blackberry! they def need to lower that damn price..


Nice case. I like how the case fits, and makes the back of the phone look great. Black for me!


Pick me please pick me
______ and BlackBerry Rocks


Need to protect the new love of my life Blackberry Bold 9900. I am sure she would look sleek in black dress :)


The BlackBerry Black one looks awesome, would love to win one. thank you CrackBerry for this chance!

Good Luck everyone


Aw snap, I missed it!


I'd LOVE the white hard shell or a translucent soft shell ! i'm getting my bold 9900 TODAY !!! never been so excitedd in my life :D


will NFC work the the soft/hard shell on? just a thought