BlackBerry smartphones already running Android apps?!

By Bla1ze on 24 Feb 2011 03:40 pm EST
BlackBerry Smartphones already running Android apps?!

Yes, we've all heard the rumors about the BlackBerry PlayBook possibly having the ability to run Android apps but have you heard that BlackBerry smartphones are already running them? If the data from ShopSavvy is in anyway accurate then they'd have you believe it's already happening. As noted on their blog they have been tracking devices checking out their services via Flurry, an analytics service and according what they found within that is that at least three BlackBerry devices have been running their Android app:

  • BlackBerry 8300 ran ShopSavvy on January 31, 2011
  • BlackBerry 8600 ran ShopSavvy on January 17 and 24, 2011
  • BlackBerry 8520 ran ShopSavvy on February 7, 2011

That's all fine and dandy but -- what is a BlackBerry 8600? Previously and during testing, the BlackBerry Curve 9300 was named the BlackBerry 8600 but that has long since been changed as the device came to market. So that really only leaves a few conclusions. Either RIM is working on making Android apps run on the BlackBerry Platform and they are using a really old pre-release BlackBerry for testing or -- someone is having some fun with messing around with their browser identification strings and making it look as though they are using a BlackBerry device when indeed, they are not.

Source: ShopSavvy, Thanks, everyone who sent this in!

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BlackBerry smartphones already running Android apps?!


This could be huge.... Just a slap in the face of the Andro fan boys.... "yeah, we got that too..." Not like we need it. Just saying!

Given that RIM is working on it, I think RIM would disagree, they believe they need it, otherwise, why work on it?

So the public wouldn't be the first to hack it and tell them about their own product. I bet Apple hates when someone hacks (jailbreaks?)the OS and tells them about their insecurities and how they could do their business better. Just saying.

Sure. It has nothing to do with the fact that Android has 150,000 apps Blackberry would like to take advantage of, given it's small market.

I mean, BBs are good for some stuff, but apps, even diehard fans have to admit, are not their strong point. To boot, Android has its own problems in terms of quality vs. iOS, but apart from iOS it's the fastest growing app market out there. BBs being able to run Android apps is awesome b/c it means that now, devs only have to worry about writing one app for two different ecosystems. This benefits consumers as well, b/c for BB users it opens up a whole new world of apps, and Android users, b/c now there is a big incentive for many devs to choose Android over iOS in app development, since that means also reaching BB. For both of our ecosystems, it's a win win.

I agree the amount of apps on android sound nice but the issue I have is that half of them a games and I'm not a child. Proballly wrong in the amount but just saying androids in my opinoin are great for teens they have no appeal for me if I wanna gaming device I will play my xbox with kinect.

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The chances of it being true are slim to none, even here on CB we see some weird stuff in the logs if we go looking for it. We've even seen a BlackBerry Tardis in the past... 99% sure it's just someone messing around IMO.

Its comming were all smartphones will be able to do what every other one does. This is a giant leap to conquering the divide! First android next apple. I felt all along exclusiveness is a path to self destruction.

lol. Apple will never share any of their properties - including 3rd party apps - outside of the Apple platform.

For the record, I'm an Android smartphone user, and I'm damn glad to see Android apps MIGHT one day work on BBs. I hope it happens!

If Blackberry smartphones can successfully run Android apps by having access to their market, as well as had a decent browser, I would switch back almost in a heartbeat.

If RIM is going to support Android then why bother with QNX. Why not just dump the QNX and jump on the bandwagon like anyone else. RIM dont need to run stinking Android apps.

Are you serious? Rim doesn't need Android Apps? Wake up guy, apps are a defining thing in the market. People are leaving BBs to get phones that have apps. This is the smartest thing RIM could ever do.

Apps are a thing of the past. The new thing is to just go on the internet and view everything on a professional grade full flash device. I.e playbook. You don't use "apps" on your desktop computers, because they are able to do everything without them, the next generations of phones will be the same way

Really? People don't use apps on the computer? So no one plays games, use video editing, sound editing, photo editing, iTunes , word processors, etc, on computers, and just use it it for the internet?

To be fair, most of the stuff you describe here are programs not apps. ITunes might be an app but it's more like a whole website.

Apps really are just repackaging shit off the internet to make it fit on small screens. People should distinguish games from apps but leave it to apple to screw that up.

Having said that, given that Blackberry phones by design have less screen space than most smart phones (because they have great keyboards!!!) apps are good for BB and I see no need to shy away from Android apps.

Programs is more or less the code. App is short for application, which is what software you are running, doesn't matter of screen size. According to your definition, I download an instant messenger application on my pc or mac, isn't the same as the one downloaded on my phone, even if it is from tje same developer, works exactly the same, looks the same, etc?

Is this a bunch of 14 year old boys trying to redefine standard programming terminology? Without bothering to refer to any trusted sources of information. Just "It must be right-another boy who knows nothing told me".
Listen to a programmer - I'm one.& originally worked on operating systems.
App is short for application. An application may consist of one or more programs. These can be either interpreted or compiled into a binary.
A game is an application (or app) and so is a word-processor. Flash is about as much use for anything serious as a chocolate toaster. It's an application which runs code specifically written for it. There's nothing special about it-indeed it's horribly buggy, unreliable and VERY inefficient with CPU & memory.
Java, on the other hand IS proper code (actually a subset/specialization of C++, compiled on the fly by the JIT compiler). Java can be used to do most jobs & also works-which is rather the point. Flash crashes too often to be trusted & is only designed for presentation with a minimum of data access and user input. By no means are these toys capable of anything serious.
As for the comment about not using apps on desktops. Let's see-Windows Media Player are app-as is Blackberry's version. Everything you see on a Windows system, IS an APP (with the exception of Explorer - which is a front-end to the OS). Office is a suite of APPS and so is every browser ever written (no matter how tightly integrated-they remain apps).
Unless the rules have changed and as soon as I release software some 14 year old tells the world that it's actually not software - it's really a tangerine

Even if it isn't true it won't be long before it does happen and BlackBerry will take over again . Bye bye itoy u piece of xxxx .

Fingers crossed it is true.

Oh ya by the way guys.

Excellent job on the mobile site update , looks brilliant .! When an app is usefull on a BlackBerry, BB has it. There isn't any functionality to added of Android apps. Its the hardware (ie processor, accelerometor, magnometer) that make apps usefull ad different. But all the duplicate apps on android exploiting the same thing with a differnt color will not benefit BB one bit. When we BB gets the hardware or should I say if they build it apps will come. Apps arent what brought me to BlackBerry anyway

On balance I'd say it's good to run Android apps but not have to run the Android OS. QNX seems to dominate Android even honeycomb but running the apps would just mean that developers could skip a step.

The crucial thing will be how easy it is to port (if that's the right word) those apps to QNX once they are made for Android. If it's dead easy like a couple days work. Then BB will have all android apps anyway. If it too hard and developers don't want to take the extra time then it makes sense not to close the door on this option.

Maybe Google and RIM are going to join forces? Or maybe Google's going to buy RIM? There's lots of possibilities here, and none of them good for Apple :-)

If google buys rim maybe they will get better marketing :P. Still am waiting to see anything about the playbook on tv. But if they are joining forces apple better pullout all the stops, with the shear potential both of them have iphones won't last. It will become a one horse race with. You choose a blackberry or android for what one fits you rather than what has the best apps.

Hmmm don't really see that. Actually the two have very little in common except google actually "makes" (contracts out) a smartphone.

However I don't see them as competitors at all and I think Google prefers consumers have lots of options and not play in Apple's walled garden so there is no reason for google not to want RIM to be successful.... just not too successful.

Also I think google would be really happy with RIM's view that you should bring the web to tablets and phones. This is actually better than Google own Android strategy which relies on apps. Google owns web advertising so put the web everywhere suits them just fine.

Wow! Look at all those accesing device!! It's all from the Curve Family!!

Anyway, it's actually will be a great move if ever BlackBerry (RIM) will be joining forces with the green robot (android)! BlackBerry are great device from it's physical keyboard, while Android is a great mobile OS with it opensorce capabilities!! Imagine on AndroBerry taking on Apple!! Steve would be dying by then :P

running Droid apps is solely to appease aka shutup the semi-blind consumers who just say "but look how many more apps it can run" and buy whichever phone that is not realizing that Blackberries can do most of those things without apps or at worst, with a equivalent app...

and RIM isn't dumping QNX cuz they know it's a winner but running Droid apps might slow the defection from RIM to Droid phones til they get QNX on their phones in addition to the playbook...

Here is my opinion :

I'm French, back to BB with a torch, and I had a Desire HD and many android before. I love my BB but the blackberry market is really bad : less apps (, apps cost MUCH more (almost 8$ for a theme ... are you serious ?), many times apps are not available ...

the android apps catalog could be very good for BB, apps market IS THE FUTURE of smartphones, I'm missing my TV guide app, my yellow pages app, my angry birds game ... and I'm missing FRENCH apps ...

What if they are really the new blackberrys and if that's true it means that OS6.1 could be QNX based???? Just a thought. Don't think QNX as in the PlayBook, that is just an fancy UI, it's the core QNX that could be used with the familiar OS6 UI.

Slapstick comedy! I have a suggestion for the RIM guys, make their systems Android based with a RIM Sense, just like HTC and add the BBM to the Android market but only works on BB Android phones. That'll be the perfect mix, they should try contracting with Google some time.

I think this could be very cool and good for rim.
I'm the only one left in my family with a BB (everyone was bb 2 years ago) why? Android apps and fast hardware. They don't need what bb offers.( I do)

Now if bb could run android apps that could bring them back as most miss bbm and a true keyboard that rocks.
I have debated getting a android phone just for the flash support and the 4 apps I can't get on BB. Please rim save me from myself Let bb run android apps.

This would be a good thing, except for developers. I have always had a BlackBerry phone and currently have a BlackBerry Torch. I've also always had an extra phone, usually an Iphone but now a Motorola Atrix. The 9700 was my favorite, but when I got into iphones I realized what i was missing in terms of apps. I was excited about the torch, but quickly found that except for BBM, it really sucked. Slow, laggy, and replicating common business apps was not possible. Android is pretty fabulous, and offers all of the apps that it took weeks to put on an Iphone (requiring jailbreak). The tone of CrackBerry and the entire Blackberry experience for the last couple of years is akin to rooting for a losing team. "We'll be better next year." Pitiful. So android on a blackberry? Sure. But I wouldn't want to be backberry app developer, and can't imagine why anyone else would want to be either.