BlackBerry Slider Rumormill Continues: Final Device Model Numbers to Be 9900/9930? 9930 a Sprint Exclusive?

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Mar 2010 10:43 am EDT
BlackBerry Slider
BlackBerry9999 and 9650x are both new to our analytics this week...

Gotta love BlackBerry Slider talk.... and there's so much left to be known about the device. The Boy Genius dropped a "whisper" over the weekend with a couple new BlackBerry slider tidbits gained from one of his "solid connects".... here's what he had to say:

According to them, the device actually failed in early diagnostic testing a whopping 4 out of 5 times (which is supposed to be extremely rare for RIM devices). The only other handset that failed, we're told, is the BlackBerry Pearl Flip. What's even more interesting, is that the BlackBerry slider our guy saw was Sprint branded. Want to go one step further? We've been told there is also a GSM/HSPA version and that the model numbers are BlackBerry 9900 and BlackBerry 9930. Lastly, it looks like the HSPA version of the device will support 850/1900MHz UMTS bands which would make it compatible with both AT&T and Rogers' 3G networks. 

BGR also noted it's likely that Sprint is aiming to get exclusivity on the 9930 and his contact mentioned he hasn't seen the word "Bold" anywhere in relation to the sliding device. 

Good stuff here and none of it really goes against anything we've speculated on yet. Looking back at our last BlackBerry Slider Rumormill Roundup, we put out some theories based on the best info we had at the time. Finding the UAProf document for the 9700a on BlackBerry's website proves there is a 6.0 device with a 360x480 resolution out there (in this case on AT&T we know for sure based on app world reports) and we had heard prior from some of our connects that at least some of the early sliders were branded 9700a on the operating system. We never thought the 9700a was the actual go-to-market device model # (so 9900/9930 are completely plausible), but at least 9700a is what some of the earlier models have had and it jives with the what the actual UAProf doc shows. Our "Bold theory" came about from the fact we know the slider is not a Storm and it seems these days RIM is trying to fill out their product families vs. create a new product family for every single device. The look of the slider is more Bold-like than anything else thanks to the keyboard - just swap out the plastic back for the faux leather one and etch Bold into it and you'd be done. But that was a theory - not backed by intel. So we'll have to see on that. But maybe RIM/carrier partners do want to introduce the slider as a totally new product family - I'd be cool with that. 

Heading back to our Google Analytics for CrackBerry, which as you might guess attracts a lot of visits from people on BlackBerry Smartphones, including pre-release ones, it's interesting to note that just over the past week we've seen two new BlackBerry device models pop up, including the BlackBerry9999 and BlackBerry9650x. Maybe the 9999 is the test CDMA version of the slider (AT&T's being the 9700a) prior to us seeing the 9900/9930 in final form? Or 9700a is just older and has moved onto 9999 for now? And maybe the 9650x is the revamped Tour2 which is now a Bold. Who knows. But it's so crazy it might just be true. One thing is for sure... there is still a lot more we want to know about this BlackBerry Slider.

Source: Boy Genius Report

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BlackBerry Slider Rumormill Continues: Final Device Model Numbers to Be 9900/9930? 9930 a Sprint Exclusive?


No wifi then? In any case its about time Sprint got some exclusive love. We do have the best $69.99 deal around, might as well take advantage of that. (I say we as a Sprint customer)
Thanks for keeping us up to speed!

Where does it say no Wifi???

According to Sprint, every Blackberry phone after Tour is going to be Wifi capable.

If this isn't wifi that would suck--but i'd still get it!


Where does it say no Wifi???

According to Sprint, every Blackberry phone after Tour is going to be Wifi capable.

If this isn't wifi that would suck--but i'd still get it!


i hope this phone flops hard and RIM gets out of the LOLslider phone business as quickly as they got into it. leave the slider phones to the children.

would be interesting to know if CB`s analytics show the OS level of a device too? just wondering because mine shows both the OS level, and vendor ID as well as the device, so could inform of leaks ahead of time?!

either way im still not totally sold on the slider, but im up for a look when it comes out

I don't understand why they don't increase the resolution. RIM's competitors are not just the iPhone, and maybe the Pre; what about the Android? It comes with 480x800. Why wouldn't 480x800 be the minimum resolution on a new phone?
It's practically a standard now.

Notice that I don't consider WinMo a competitor - Windows Mobile is failing fast. Linux and Apple are the only true competitors. Add a slider keyboad to a Storm, like this, and kill the Pre. Increase the resolution to 480x800 and knock out the Androids and bite into the Apple's margins.

Hello? Is this thing on? RIM?

The resolution as stated will work just fine. I bet most people wouldn't even notice the difference. I'd be leaving BB if it wasn't for this slider. I'm waiting to hear more before deciding.

You are not alone in your thinking and logic, believe me. I have recently began seeing the light as well..I have been following the HTC Desire, HTC Legend, and HTC Incredible from Android like hell lately, and I can not fathom in my little brain why on earth RIM are acting like is, quite simply, insane. RIM has gone insane. There's no other way to put it anymore. When I think of the company behind my 9000, lately all I can think of are very, VERY old, senile men with white hair and wobbling canes they can't hold straight, walking at a turtle's crawling pace. I think Blackberry's are wonderful devices...if you know a lot of other people with them (Hello BBM), are at a company where you need your work e-mail integration with BES, or just love the amazing keyboards RIM puts out.
But I don't know people with Blackberry's anymore, I don't work for a company to require I get my work e-mail on my phone flawlessly...I'm just left with my incredible 9000 keyboard that I don't want to give up just yet.

Oh my god, guys, I'm holding on simply because of a keyboard now. Someone please help me.

The Storm2 should have been 480 x 800 like all the other new phones out. Even LG and Samsung are putting out non-smartphones with 480 x 800 resolution screens. I want RIM to explain how they can justify a 3.3" inch screen in the Storm2 having the same resolution as a 2.4" inch screen in the 9700 (both 480 x 360) and it sounds like the new one will be the same resolution. I know that it makes things easier for application developers but you can't stay as 480 x 360 forever when all the other manufacturers are upping the ante. The Droid is 854 x 480 resolution so that it has the same aspect ratio as HDTV (16:9).

Well, the model number won't end in "30" if it has wi-fi ( and wireless N is rumored ). No previous released BlackBerry's that model number ended with 30 had wi-fi ( 9630, 9530, 8830, ect ).

I sure hope one-off special devices like this don't become carrier exclusives. I say this more as a developer than as a user. Its bad enough that we have to handle a whole separate UI paradigm for the Storm (which is only on Verizon in the US). This sort of awkward fragmentation means that 3rd-party apps will never universally support anything but the standard keyboard-only devices, or will continue to take longer to support special UI devices.

Sprint? It's barely a brisk walk! J/K. I'm all for Sprint getting this phone IN ADDITION to vzw, but I'm not diggin' this exclusivity talk. As a disclamer though I don't like that the Storm I/II was exclusive to VZW either (even though I'm on VZW), spread the love, don't let one carrier hord it.

If there is any truth behind the Sprint exclusive on this phone I would more that welcome it. I work for VZW tech support and to this day the #1 phone for return/replacement that I see is the Storm 9530. Let Sprint be the guinea pig for this POS.

I literally fell off my stool when i read this about the storm being a POS.

Honestly, no sweat of my back. i dont like this ugly/beat phone. im waiting for the pearl 3g or another powerful android phone.

I hate all of these vendor exclusives. Why not make a phone every cell carrier can use. RIM is not the only one doing it but they should step out and be the first to stop it!!

I really want a BB Slider but I cannot leave big RED...

I have an iPhone, a Blackberry and a Droid that all have Wi-Fi and can honestly say that I have NEVER used it on any of my phones. But you are correct the Curve 8530 does have Wi-Fi. Another armchair analyst failed!

That's nice.

I used wifi everyday, at work AND at home - for data and voice (UMA). I would not get a phone that didn't have it, in this day and age.

There are rumors floating around that this new device won't even have wifi. If Rim goes and builds a new device that is really ground breaking for blackberry without putting wifi in it then they are really dumb. IF They want to keep up with the new phone market they better push the limits on the extras this device will have. It must have wifi, 5 meg camera, big time memory plua a memory card that you can download and run apps from. Throw in a front camera for skype and let's not forget great quality on the build. FM radio, better browser to help with the new OS they keep talking about and then you have a great device. It might sound like allot of extras but during the build process it is just pennies to ad these extras. People will pay for these, as long as it's a great quality phone people will buy it.
PS - It should be made so ALL carriers carry this, it should have been built so all 3g bands are built into the phone. It's not a big deal to add these, if these extras are included in this device then this will be a killer phone, just get in line because people will flock to buy this phone, I will. JUST MY OPINION.


While all of this sounds awesome, I can't even imagine how horrible the battery life would be on a phone packing all those extras once you use any of them.

Honestly, I don't care if it's exclusive or not, if it comes to Sprint (like its rumored to) I'd be on it like white on rice.

That's easy for you to say! Some of us don't get Sprint coverage where we live and would love to have this device. Please have a CDMA version!

I would love to be in the RIM's workplace and see what they were doing in developing their smartphones and the OS..I wonder if they even read this forum. Do they even care? Or are they being too ego to read/listen their customers' complaints..lalala~

Been awhile since I posted a comment on this.
But yea everything seems correct.
As for the wifi the 9900/9930 model will be for sprint and hopefully vzw with wifi. as for a gsm model will have to wait and see what rim has planned. Is this the first AWS, how will UMA be incorperated. Or will UMA will be an option for TMO?
It's time for the waiting game.....

well i have the tour and not having wi fi has never been an issue i like the blackberry net better than wifi actually its consistent unlike my curve was and most of my apps work better so when is this supposed to come out

When my Bold 9000's trackball siezed up, I called AT&T and they said I could choose an HTC Pure instead. The Pure has 480x800 resolution, but only a 524Mhz processor, and it is running Windows Slow-bile. It was a step down. But I considered it, for the resolution alone. I like to watch videos on my phone, and that resolution makes it clearer.

I already have the same resolution of the iPhone on my Bold. I want to step up. I will be eligible for an AT&T upgrade this year, so I hope RIM knocks it out of the park. If not, they will wish they had.

My co-worker has a Droid and he is loving it.

That giving an exclusive phone to Sprint is not a smart business decision. Palm gave RIM the Pre and Pixi and their sales weren't that great because hardly anybody will switch to Sprint to get a device from them. Sprint might be the lowest cost of the 5 major carriers but they were bleeding customers for a long time. I really wish these exclusive agreements would go away or be at most 3-4 months.

480 x 360 is fine with me if the battery life is better than the Androids out there. It seems like all of the 800pix phones will die mid day with anything but the very lightest use. You want to use GPS? You'll get 3-4 hours before dead battery. No joke. Good luck getting though a movie without killing the batter first.

I'll take RIM's idea of lower res. and better battery life any day!

p.s. my girlfriend's iPhone screen looks damn good at 480*320.

@Sam: I think the problem with the Pre is that that phone was/is super slow, horrid battery life, and feels like a cheap toy. The problem with sales was not Sprint's fault, IMO.

"the device actually failed in early diagnostic testing a whopping 4 out of 5 times"

Yep, it's a Sprint device, you betcha!

I find it slightly odd that people still believe the rumors that this phone is going to end up on sprint, given that we know this is going to be on ATT from non-rumor info that has been discovered so far, doesn't that make it more likely that the sprint device is an entirely different one from this because otherwise all they would have would be a cdma exclusive while a much bigger rival in ATT would then seem to have the main version.

This device is trash. If RIM would just make an updated Bold 9000 (NOT A 9700) they would hit a home run as far as I'm concerned.

A BOLD 9000 with
*More application memory
*Track pad
*Better camera
*A touch screen would be nice but RIM's touch screen os is worst than the non-touch os
*Keep the dimensions of the original Bold 9000
*A Snapdragon Processor would be sick
*Stop putting sh*tty speakers on your new devices. One of the best things about my Bold 9000 is the quality of sound produced by the speakers/acoustic setup. All new devices sound like straight sh*t. From the 9700 on down they all suck. My old Curve had better speakers than some of these new devices.
*I'm probably skipping something but you get the point.

I hope I don't come across as a BB hater b/c I love my Bold but RIM seriously needs to get some fresh faces in there R&D and Software departments.

RIM STOP F*CKING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If not I know a ton of years long RIM consumers, including myself, who will soon be iphone or google users.

I think this one will flop.Firstly because if it is a Sprint exclusive,that in itself will take away from the phone. Secondly if there is no WiFi then many will not want it because they depend on a faster connection when available. I always leave post from my point of view, so it may not reflect all users as a whole.

I never thought I would want a slider phone either, but when I saw the Pre, I thought I'd give it a shot. I switched from my Curve 8330 to a Palm Pre, and I hated the OS/UI/customization. I did, however, love having touchscreen AND a full keyboard. I returned the Pre within four days and stuck with the Curve until the Tour came out. I said at the time, "if RIM were to release a BlackBerry with the same/similar form factor, I'd buy it in a heartbeat."
So, RIM, thanks for listening to my suggestion. ;)
And I don't care if it's a Sprint exclusive, but hopefully it is on Sprint.

Sprint sucks...remember guys you get what u pay for...therefore...AT&T has been, is, and always will be the best network out there. We got rated the best 3G network in america this year so far(by "we" I mean all AT&T customers) and the Bold 9700 is the best blackberry device introduced to the market. With that said, if you're looking for a reliable network with an awesome blackberry, you know where to go. :)

Look - ATT is NOT the best- its good when it works. Thats the key. Im in the NJ/NYC area and I have an Iphone and A tour on Sprint. And since having both phones, Sprint has it hands down. THe IPHONE suffers from poor coverage, call drops and slow data (50% of the time).

Im in Hardware Infrastructure and the IPHONE is a nice "toy" with great apps and games. But from a business stand point, every conference call my clients (when I use my Iphone) complain of sound quality.

Just that problem alone doesnt ATT doesnt have the title "Best Network".
I have clients on 9700's on ATT and have similar issues, not as apparent as the IPHONE,but they are there.

Bottom line, this Slide phone rocks so far, if it was WIFI and World Phone, then why complain???

My coworkers - there are 20 people here that have ATT and plan on switching cause of the issues with quality and coverage :-)

I just switched from AT&T to Sprint because 1)we were unhappy with lack of 3G and poor coverage in our area with AT&T and 2)we save a whole lot of money with Sprint. I was a total flip-phone girl and my husband was a total slider-phone dude before we became Berry users (with AT&T); but we have been very happy with the candy-bar style and both upgraded to new 8530's with Sprint. However, we both played with the Pre and the Pixi at the Sprint store and said "oooh, touch screen AND keyboard? Kinda cool, but....not a Berry, so no go." I'll at least go look at the new slider when it comes out, but I'm very happy with my Curve. I've always thought that sliders seem harder to type on, like the screen gets in the way of your thumbs? Is this true or just my imagination?

I more like hope this phone comes to Verizon. I know they have their issues but they just let the Storm 1 go and the tour just isn't for me. If i'm going to get a NEW phone I want whats fresh on the market. I mean who the H*ll has sprint these days? Let the push to talk tour go over there.