Another BlackBerry slider concept hits the forums. Would you want to see this form factor return?

Slider concept
By James Richardson on 26 Feb 2014 07:04 am EST

We've had some pretty sweet news on the BlackBerry front this week thanks to Mobile World Congress where the BlackBerry Z3 and Q20 were confirmed. As I'm sure you are aware - the Z3 is an all touch budget device, whereas the Q20 will be a flagship hardware keyboard handset featuring the return of the trackpad and 'toolbelt'. 

Over in the CrackBerry forums another concept has been created, thanks to Andreas Kimishis1, but this one sees the return of the slider form factor. Whether a slider is on the BlackBerry roadmap is anyones guess and if it is I don't suppose we are likely to hear about it anytime soon. However, I for one would love a BlackBerry similar to the above image. I was a big fan of the Torch 9800/9810 and rocked them both as my daily device. 

If BlackBerry can combine a wonderful large display with a keyboard similar to that on the Q10 then it will certainly get my vote. It would need to be a big device though to compete with the ever growing slurry of smartphones hitting the market, but that's fine by me. 

If you weren't aware we have a dedicated forum for concepts. Head on over and air your views on the selection of creations in there. 


Hit up the CrackBerry concept forum.

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Another BlackBerry slider concept hits the forums. Would you want to see this form factor return?


I would love to see a slider come about. The Torch 9810 was my favourite legacy device. I just love the form. 

A lot of ppl liked having the keyboard but also having the bigger screen too.

Also had the 9800 was my first BlackBerry. After a few days never really used the keyboard ever again lol.

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9800 and 9810 were my favs - but blackberry kind of sucked back then for decent touch support. So you had to have a keyboard.

I'm not sure how I would feel about it now that I'm used to my z

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Blackberry is most likely not going to make a slider since they aren't doing a wide selection of phones.
But I have an idea. We all know typo for the iPhone. Why doesn't Blackberry make a bluetooth typo like slider and regular for the Z30, Z3, Z10. Since typo has no patents they can just basically steal it and modify it they put some blackberry finnesse. Which would cost much for R&D and makes everyone happy.
I would 100% buy a Z30 the day it came out.
Here's my thread for more info

was thinking the same thing. the demand for the typo would be solid imho. i would definitely buy one!

Piggy back a decent second battery-pack module with a bluetooth keyboard and I agree it may be the best option. The one advantage of a slider, though, is when the keyboard is stored away, the phone fits into pockets more readily. I'd go for a slider before a separate keyboard - the extending battery would make me consider the add-on.

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I remember the last slider, it kept opening up most of the time when I didn't need it to.

Keep it simple, key pad on a z10, awesome

Posted by the Crackberry Pirate

If they could fix that fault would you consider it as a viable way of having keys and a....... say.... 4.2 inch screen like on the z10

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No, because I would guess that the phone would still be a little thick in order to integrate the slider and still be sufficiently strong between the sliding console and the main body

Posted by the Crackberry Pirate

This is actually a very sensible and good looking device. This is coming from a person who has never been into sliders

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That looks good..i do miss the keyboard sometimes.. and with an awesome design like that i would definitely buy it..

Commandment No 11 "And a Blackberry owner you shall become" :D

I'm not really happy with any of the slider concepts I've seen so far...

-Posted from CB10 via Z10-

From an ex cellphone technician, wouldn't waste my time with one, fault prone with extra parts to fail... not just a Blackberry issue but all handset manufacturers.

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I never had any parts "fall off" Torch. Nor did anyone I knew who had one. In fact, the friend I sold mine too is still using it. That phones got a lot of miles on it!

...we are all connected...

Never had a slider.

Starting from Javelin, then Onyx II, Z10, now Z30

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James. Are crackberry going to a piece on all the pole results at some point so we can see what the trends are amongst blackberry users.

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The Slider form-factor with the 9800/9810 Torch was sublime - it needs to come back. Will BB do it? That remains to be seen.

If it were possible, for me at least, if they threw the guts into the body of the 9800/9810, I would be the first in line for it. Great size for a communications device, great weight, and I just found it to be a great overall device. Anything larger I feel would not be good for me. Of course that is my opinion and I expect many others would be wanting the 10" screen with slide out keyboard and 4 USB ports, extra monitor port and such. Sounds like a netbook huh......

In my opinion the BlackBerry Blade concept design would be ideal for those wanting a large screen and a physical keyboard especially if Corning Willow Glass and a carbon fibre body were utilised. With a flatter yet larger non-removable battery the effective use-time would increase despite the larger screen. Of course the BlackBerry Blade would have to offer micro-HDMI, Miracast, WiFi, Bluetooth, and FM Radio...maybe even AM Radio.

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I'm not a fan of the slider phone, but I am a FAN of BlackBerry doing what it takes to grow it's user base while keeping current users happy, so if the demand is there, than I all for getting it in the hands of the consumer's.

Posted via my BlackBerry Q10 or Z30 on VZW from Philly

Its all about choice. Also nobody does a slider better than BlackBerry. Yes I would love to see once of these sexy devices in action.

Slider is expensive from a hardware perspective and price point is where most people are concerned. I'd be interested to see if those that said yes would pay a premium for it.

Some days I miss my Torch but now that I'm used to my Z10 I don't think I would bother again.

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Yes, but with the "Belt".
I carry two phones still, 9900 Bold and a Z10. I wish it was a slider with a "Belt" and I would be down to one device.

Is there anyway that someone at Crackberry can make the poll choices larger for old eyes and large fingers?

Any help in this regard will be appreciated by myself and countless other people with the same issues as myself.

Thank you (whoever you may be).

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Great design. I'm not so much a fan of sliders but this is well done. I'm not sure that space bar looks good there on its own. I do like the 3 rows swipe concept in recent news as it keeps a simple design clean.

I never liked the sliders. For me, they are too bulky, cumbersome. I would likely never buy one, but if there is a market for it that BB can gain..., then go for it.

I would certainly consider buying a slider if it had a 5" 720p screen, was only marginally bulkier than the Z10, no heavier than the Z30 and had something like a 2900mAh battery. Not sure how achievable that would be, at least without compromising on performance, materials and/or build quality.

Z10 STL100-1 ( and PlayBook (

I would slide if it came out the side, but I'd rather Z30 it with flicking motion keyboarding.

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My GF now has the Q10, but I've had the 9810 for over two years now and it's a really great phone and a great form factor. So I'm holding out until a BB10 slider comes out. To the person who said it's too fault prone, I've never seen a single 9810 with a cracked screen, broken slider mechanism, or any mechanical fault whatsoever. Despite the movable part, and dropping it in a construction site and on concrete floors, it's got some scuffs at the corners but it is otherwise in perfect shape.

I was on Android before getting the 9810 and the sheer excellence of this product has made me a BB client for life. all respect, you were using Android in its much earlier releases. I wouldn't make sure a comparison. Android is great now but back then it was just a clumsy everything.

Well, it's important to state that I had an Experia mini Pro running Gingerbread 2.3.4 (also a slider). The OS was released in April 2011 and the device was released in August 2011. Meanwhile BBOS 7 and the 9810 were both released in August 2011. So both devices and OS were released at almost the same time, so it is perfectly comparable.

+ The Android had better apps, hands down. The most useful app was an offline multilingual dictionary so that I don't need to use data while roaming.

- However, but the BBOS 7 didn't need any apps, it had everything I needed. I remember when I first got my 9810 and was trying to find an app to access my POP3 email, not understanding that on a Blackberry you had it built right into it with BES. Gmail worked great on Gingerbread but any other provider was a pain in the ass to work with. Also the battery on the Experia was terrible, and you needed to be inside the email app to write email and not a native app like on Blackberry, which drained the battery to the point I was afraid to ever use it. Also, without a trackpad I kept having to point at the tiny screen somewhere hoping to be where I wanted, which never worked (on a 9810 I have a trackpad, touchscreen, virtual keyboard and hardware keyboard, and *I* get to choose which one I want to use). Call handling was a disaster on it, and it felt like a mini computer with a crap audio mobile phone tacked onto it. Contacts management was a joke now that I compare it to my 9810: on the Experia I couldn't even change someone's name. Also, I can't say how many times I lost the call dialer icon because of inadvertently moving it away from the launch screen, and had to play Where's Waldo across a dozen pages to find it again.

My general impression from having had an Android as my first smartphone is that, yes, I can turn it into a Tricorder Star Trek, and yes that is really cool, but when I need to get down to business, it's useless junk compared to a Blackberry. The messaging part of a Blackberry is its core function with everything seamlessly interconnected together right out of the box.

Ironically, the reviews of the Experia were generally positive, and the reviews of the 9810 were less positive. So I went with general consensus. Yeah, never doing that again. The 9810 isn't just a superior device, it's just no comparison.

Choices are good. I am more of a Bold 9900 fan, but I know that there is a demand from some users for the slider.

Zed 10 with 1925 leak

What's with bad concept phones those couple of days, first the Q20 concept and now this one... or its just me

Posted via my Q10 | LG GPAD 8.3

I would love a new slider. I(a klutz) had a 9800 for 2+ years, my wife(a paramedic) had a 9810 for 2 years. And we loved those phones.

For the people that don't want a slider, run as they force you to buy one. Or just don't buy one. And let us who do want one to buy one.

Of the very few sliders that are out there, the old 9800/9810 are the best hands down build wise. But they can't run BB10. So I say if Foxconn can build one as food as BlackBerry did or better, watch it sell.

Ps put a squircle in it. :)

A BB10 slider with the power of the Squircle

I would love if my Z10 had a real keyboard that I can slide out when I am in need of something better than a virtual keyboard. Just like the torches from back in the day!

(a flip like the Style would be nice too)

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

I'm all for a slider phone! As much as I love the virtual keyboard, I do miss having a physical keyboard.

OS on Verizon Z10

I loved the torch, but with the Z30 in hand, I am not feeling the need to go back to the slider. I type faster on my z30 than on my q10, but that's just me. I could never type under the table anyway.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I love my Q10 but since they're putting such a focus on android apps it would be nice to have the 16:9 screen.

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Get thectoughest steel that hilds the slider. The slider can get easily broken and the keyboard or touch screen is not functioning

Posted via CB10

I've dropped my 9810 a number of times on hard floors, even had it slip out of my hands on a construction site with an unfinished floor and it fell a few floors down... a cuff in the top right corner and the battery popped out, but that's it; touch screen perfectly intact, slider mechanism intact and going strong after 2 years of usage. Meanwhile there's a guy in the office here with a cracked Galaxy S3 who dropped it in the kitchen. Just saying, they're not that fragile, not at all in fact. BB knows how to build them tough.

If they make a slider I would like them to do a landscape slider. I would definitely look into getting that.

Posted via CB10

Almost close to perfect. Only thing lacking is the track pad.

When I first saw BlackBerry z10, I said Wtf Idiot biggest mistake no trackpad. I would never buy this. it has become s;?*; like Iphone.

Fate has it my 2 year phone contract was up the same day my BlackBerry 7 shutdown and never turned on again.(power user) Following day I went to store thinking now all the phone is the same S$:+! Different OS. I was looking to get windows phone.
I tried out windows, android and BlackBerry 10.

Even without the trackpad BlackBerry was the better phone better OS.The only reason I got BlackBerry 10. But I still say then and now */+;$ idiot Without trackpad it's not perfect.

People used to iPhone and Android would not feel something is missing from BlackBerry. But former BlackBerry users sure do know.

BlackBerry Lead

Do not Follow

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Personally loved my 9800 while it lasted. After two and a half years the screen went black. Same went for my gfs' 9800. Guess sliders are not meant to last. :(

Posted via CB10

They should make a BlackBerry 10 Slide Phone it would be Amazing and the out of all the BlackBerry 10 Series it and the Q10.

Posted via CB10

Wow, I can picture me having this. nice screen real estate with a physical keyboard? I.assume one could.choose either screen keyboard, or physical keyboard..

Blackberry just admit its you having these "Concepts". And seeking feedback for the next phone.

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It's a Q10 and a Z10 in one. What else do you want?

Oh, yes quad/octacore. And the Z30 features. To please the crowds.

If I got such a device, I'd probably only slide it out when needed, to preserve the slider mechanism a bit, and for long texts.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

This would be a great return... I had the 9810 and it was one of the best phone I ever own!

Posted via CB10

Very much, impatiently, waiting for a slider. Imo Blackberry was the ONLY one who did a solidly built slider. I"ll be more than happy to pay a premium for it, wouldn't have it any other way.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

No to the Slider.

It is all about the market and sales figures.

How many 9800 and 9810 were sold worldwide?

We can all wish for a BlackBerry slider but the reality is that BlackBerry is no longer an industry leader only a Follower.

It's a touchscreen world at the moment.

By all means keep the concept until BlackBerry can quadruple it's market share.

But until then it is a waste of precious dollars which BlackBerry can't afford.

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Because the Z10s & Z30s are just flying off the shelves. Blackberry can't make them fast enough because consumers keep buying thousands every day.

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

Before I got my Z10, I wanted a slider. But I can type about as fast and probably 98% as accurately on it as I could on my 9900 and I really only miss physical keyboards when I'm walking. So now I feel like carrying the extra heft for a keyboard wouldn't be worth the very small gains to me.

i like the edge-2-edge screen but for me, a virtual & physical kb on same device is redundant,,, i could see where it'd be nice to have say, a website open & also emailing in another tile,,, you wouldn't have to keep bringing up the keyboard...

I'd love to see the return of a slider, based on styling cues of the 9810. I loved that phone! Go high end and entry level models. Octa-core, 8GB memory, 32GB storage and dual microsd slots.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

New BlackBerry, filmed by JJ Abrams!

That lense flair... :)

Magnificently composed using CB10 on my BB Z10!

As long as they don't compromise on the keyboard. There are many ways to attach or reveal a keyboard. They just need to do it right.

I want one bad, I tell anyone but you folks this and they're like don't you already have three phones? What's wrong with you? And I'd still do it in a heartbeat! And I'm not the only one

Flicked on my Z30 or crushed on my Q5!

I would give away my Z10 and by this slider TODAY if it existed. I love my Z10, but sometimes typing can be a chore.

I've found that the hub works way better for me when using a keyboard, as does posting to the various social networks.

Put simply, it's the best of both worlds. When I'm in business/messaging mode, I slide up and bang out emails/BBMs etc. When I'm in relax mode, I close that bad boy up and fire up Real Racing, Plants vs Zombies & Cut the Rope.

I want a slider. I want it now!

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

I would actually prefer a detachable keyboard, using damages from the TYPO suit to develop.

Posted via CB10

I love the form factor I still miss my Torch 9800 I'd only go for it if it came with a 4" screen and the Q10 keyboard

Posted via CB10

is it wrong to say that this mock up gave me a chubs? i would love a bb10 torch device! the 9810 was my favorite legacy device, i even switched carriers just to get it.

I was an adamant Torch user, had both the 9800 and 9810. LOVED THEM, was severely disappointed when they never surfaced for OS10.

However, after a year with the Z10, I don't think I'd go back. The swipe virtual keyboard has my allegiance.

What are currently well selling android sliders?
Hardware tech is advancing all the time so I. Guess sliders should no longer be too bulky, but at the same time touch keyboard learning curves seem to be not that steep...

 Q1O

Yes, yes,yes -pleeease!
It's the best of two worlds brought together. I would instantly buy it!!!

Posted via CB10

Would love to see a slider as slick as that one. It would be the best of both world's. 100% yes...

Post via a very smart Q10

Ooooh! Nice one!
I Love the Design!
Definitely would buy!! :drool:

Powered by BlackBerry® 10 ✱

It is only reasonable to presume that if BlackBerry is going back to their true roots,
that they have a torch device under BB 10.

PS -he's missing the button belt. Lol.

In my opinion the Torch was the most inspired and practical form factor BlackBerry ever released. It solves forever the tradeoff between keyboard and screen and just makes perfect sense. To me it is a no-brainer to bring it back. The fact that it wasn't part of the original BB10 lineup left me shaking my head. I hope they do add one, and not some reduced keyboard version either. Full keyboard, belt, basically an updated legacy Torch running BB10.

Posted via CB10

Yes I wouldn't mind having a slider. I was hoping back in the day that BlackBerry came with a slider room and they did, but I then became intrigued by the HP Pre and its OS. Sadly the HP Pre I think it was a second generation one didn't come to AT&T And I ended up with the HP Veer.

My wife did get the Torch which was her first BlackBerry .

Posted via CB10

What I know most about any slider or flip phones is that the ribbons give problems.

Posted via CB10

This! And dare I say it, bring back a 9670-style model too.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

The idea of having the best of both worlds is pretty cool but I'm not sure if those devices are good as the one we already have.

Does anybody has experiences with older devices? Does it work as long as other BlackBerrys?

I'm a little bit unsure in terms of quality.

Posted via CB10

Another blast from the past. A slider would just be another nail in the coffin as who, apart from a few diehards, would want one? Sliders were only ever a niche back in the day and a blackberry slider now would be a niche in a niche. It's a touch screen world we live in whether one likes it or not. Look forward not back my friends.

Tapped out on my fantastic Zed 10.

Posted via CB10

That would be nice, just as long as the keypad doesn't have that ridge around the perimeter like the last slider. That keyboard was just to small.

Posted via CB10

Absolutely yes slider, but not the concept shown, ergonomics of torch was superb, want the bb10 torch + " THE TOOLBELT"

Posted via CB10

i would definitely appreciate a slider phone, but the problem is that the slider mechanism should still work properly after two years heavy use.

I was an adamant Torch user, had both the 9800 and 9810. LOVED THEM, was severely disappointed when they never surfaced for OS10.

However, after a year with the Z10, I don't think I'd go back. The swipe virtual keyboard has my allegiance.

Loved the 9800..could email and text in the dark...have the it a lot..but typing skill needs work on the glass

Posted via CB10

I want a slider!!! Had a Z10...loved it. now a it even more, but miss the big screen. miss my of both worlds.

Posted via CB10

My Palm Pre/HP Veer/HP Pre3 were my favorite phones ever in terms of form factor (rip, webOS) because of the slider: comfortable in the hand, easy to type on with physical keyboard, and the keyboard is out of the way when you don't need it for easy one-handed touchscreen operation. A BB10 device with slider is my phone ideal.

Posted via CB10

I'm amazingly happy with my Z10, but I had a Torch before and I know I was also very happy with that. I'd want to have one if this ever becomes reality.

Posted with my Z10 via CB10

Would love to have a slider, if the keyboard is as good as the Q10 or 9900 (loved this one somehow more) and the phone is thin.

Bring it on, BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

The BlackBerry tosh was my favourite legacy device. I would love a BB10 slider phone for sure. Best of both worlds

Posted via the CB10 App

Should have been the first BlackBerry 10 Device. It hits both markets and it's not that dumb 1:1 screen.

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

Blackberry you are moving very fast forward, back to back product launch is not good for business, keep things eazy and cool and focus on developing and maintaining OS, example app store flip the appworld into google play store.

Posted via CB10

If you want Google Play, get an Android. And if you had an Android then you would know there's nothing special about Google Play.

Posted via CB10

Honestly, I want the OS to get better before I need to start seeing crazy phones that make them lose track of what the real task at hand is.

Posted via CB10

I would never drop a large screen for physical keys anymore. iPhone 5 screen size is the minimum, Z30 the maximum for me. However, if I could get a large screen coming TOGETHER with physical keys AND a seamless & senseful interaction between the two, then I would love to buy that device.

Definitely want one.
Interesting that it's over 3 to 1 in favor of one at this point. Obviously some bias because people who are interested in BlackBerry releasing a slider will be drawn to the article. Still ... solid numbers.

I would buy one of these for everyone in my office if they were an inch thick.... as long as all of that extra thickness went to a battery and quality mechanism. I thought my torch was a piece of crapola.

I voted yes, but I'd like to reiterate what I said in another poll on Crackberry, and that is that I would like it to also have the toolbelt, but that would NOT be a deal breaker. I owned both the 9800 and 9810 Torch, they were awesome phones, and I loved the ability to use the physical keyboard as well as typing, scrolling and selecting what I wanted directly on the touch screen. I would love to see that dual functionality on a BB10 device.

Really, a slider will present the best of both worlds: on something about the size of a Z30, one can choose either the hardware keyboard or the screen keyboard. In the former, it provides precious real screen real estate while the latter gives it the best interpretive keyboard. The add-on bluetooth "typo" style keyboard may work as an option, if it also provides added stamina through additional battery capacity. The problem with the Torch was it had a shrunken keyboard and it wasn't a large enough screen - a Z10 by today's standard wouldn't be large enough. For me, I find I get a lot of eye strain and found a 5" screen size ideal since it still fits in a pocket easily. If the slider could rotate for a landscape mode - even better. I'd say the functional keys are a necessity with the larger screen for easier navigation/editing when typing with the physical keyboard. I'd love the Blade concept for design, but functionality wins hands down.

Posted via CB10

Yes please!!! I'd love a S50!!! Loved the form factor of my 9810.

 Z10STL100-3/ on ATT 

All thats missing is the tool bar... and that could be located at the bottom of the display so it lands above the keyboard when open.

This is an amazing idea.... I have a Z30 now and absolutely love it, but adding a slider keyboard onto a screen like this would be icing on the cake! A little chrome trim around the slider phone would look pretty sharp ;)


Wow!! That device look phenomenal. I wouldn't buy it though, I like my Q10 way too much(i have two of them, one in white and the other in black). But I'm sure that BlackBerry slider enthusiasts will get a real kick out of this device.

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