BlackBerry simplifying error code messages in BlackBerry 10.2

By Bla1ze on 18 Jul 2013 10:41 pm EDT

Remember with BlackBerry OS devices when they were having issues they'd spit out some random java code error messages that left you puzzled as to what exactly may be going on? They were always rather nondescript and sent many folks on hunt to find out their exact meaning. With BlackBerry 10 there is still some weird error messages that can come up, especially if you like mussing about with leaked OS' and different radio files.

When BlackBerry 10.2 rolls out though, it's looking like the error messages will be improved to offer up a better understanding of the issue may be. In addition to that, a recently published BlackBerry knowledge base article indicates BlackBerry will be setting up a specific site to further educate customers on the error messages should they happen to appear. Instead of just spitting out an error, should a device be having issues customers will see a URL with an error code.

The BlackBerry 10 smartphone will not startup and displays an image with where XXXX is one of errors listed in the Cause field below.
The following errors can cause this issue:
  • 0001 or 0002 - The currently installed BlackBerry 10 OS version is not supported on this smartphone.
  • 0003 - A critical error was encountered while loading the BlackBerry 10 OS.
  • 0004 - The currently installed radio software is not supported on the BlackBerry smartphone.
  • 0005 - The BlackBerry 10 smartphone radio software is missing or invalid.
  • 0015 - A fatal file system error was encountered.
  • 0016 - A fatal file system error was encountered.
  • 0017 - A fatal file system error was encountered.

According to the knowledge base article, the resolution in those cases would be to hook the device up to BlackBerry Link and restore the OS back to it's factory settings. I expect more will be added eventually as well and while it's cool BlackBerry is helping make error messages better, I hope to never have to actually make use of the site to figure out what exactly is going on.

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BlackBerry simplifying error code messages in BlackBerry 10.2


That will be good, as now u have issue where after restore my z10 to another z10 all my apps that is not fully developed for bb10 cannot run.

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Fatal file system error has occured.
That's as informative as the "APPCRASH" reason when something stops responding on Windows.


Wonderful, because the hardest thing to do is to trouble shoot malfunctions on a new computing platform... especially when we haven't fully understood it's strengths and weaknesses

Someone working in IT such as myself will be very interested in feature to help with troubleshooting corporate user base

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Good thing to have implemented. Too bad 10.1 still isn't out for Z10 on Verizon.

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It is cool plus great to know BB has improved it's communication to the cell owners and I hope I NEVER see any of those codes on my phones!

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Oh gee that message is so uninformative. What caused the fatal filesystem error Herr Heins?

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The problem is that RIM/BlackBerry has ALREADY "over simplified" error messages in BB10 to the point where they basically don't exist for all practical purposes.

I could list over a dozen common examples how people are left in the dark by the BB10 OS when something happens that causes some task to fail, and in the interest of trying to emulate Apple with their "don't worry, be happy, don't think about that complicated technical stuff under the hood", they have gone too far and cause unnecessary frustration with the product because people don't know why something is failing to work as expected.

Improvement is always good, but I had my Z10 for a few month now and NEVRT had any crashed software.

So I never had weird messages :)

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I'd rather have a BSOD. Ugly but if you know how to read it, it usually helps out the troubleshooting process.

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I have been having issues with text messages on my Q10. Messages sent to me are not delivered on time. At times I have to switch the phone off and switch it on again and then the messages start falling in. Any remedy????

Delete all Facebook & Twitter accounts from your device, then do a full reboot. If this doesn't work, try a security wipe & don't re-add Facebook or Twitter accounts afterwards. At least that's what worked for me on my Z10 running official .2312.

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Well, I remember when starting basic programming that its important to add a meaningful error message rather than just throwing generic error message. Good thing BlackBerry has passed the basic!

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Goes to show that BlackBerry actually likes the leaks. I think they purposefully let some of the leaks out to bypass the stupid carriers that never approve updates.

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The improvements listed in this article are helpful.

Among 3 biggest disappointing features according to MEGA survey one was contact/calendar manager sync.

There are 2 ways to improve machine to human communication issues on contact/calendar sync via BB Link:

a) for sync via BB Link, the only way to see the sync process is to leave the mouse cursor over the device tab in the lower left corner of BB Link. Even then, there are numerous times the "status" report states sync successful when the sync is not even complete, and sometimes the mouse has to be moved to see the pop-up screen that requests permission to delete device items before proceeding, without this "approval" sync stops. With BB DM there was a pop up window that provided such details: fix this tab in BB Link so it also pops up automatically and displays the correct message and facilitates user responses. Also,

b) for the MANY individuals who are unable to sync contacts/calendar fully for unidentified reasons (if you're one of the lucky ones who don't experience this, be grateful for that, because this is a known reason why some RIMM devices users are leaving the platform), there are several observations that this flaw in sync is due to corrupt/unreadable/bad text field data for an individual contact record. (The SAME contact records, that, by the way, sync'd just fine in BB DM or still do with iTunes). This kink in the BB Link sync mechanism halts the sync and the frustrated user either gives up (a friend turned in old RIMM device for a Samsung a week ago over this), contacts wireless provider support and if lucky is able to work through sync log to sometimes find offending record, or has to go through contact records 1 by 1 and look for "bad" data with a hope and prayer it will work (eg email address somehow ended up in phone field). The sync process would be greatly benefited by identifying the corrupt contact record that will halt the sync after only a few names transferred and will save enormous time for end user in resolving problem.

Contact/calendar management is a cornerstone of BB function that many have identified as a MAJOR problem. Make the major problem go away not just for the techies who have time/energy/interest in dealing with error codes, but also those who are less sophisticated and/or don't have access to corporate/in-house IT support. With a background in software development, it should not be hard to address both of these issues and help improve BB10 OS device enthusiasm among both frustrated current users and the masses. Fix BB Link communication during sync and provide not just error code but also whatever contact/calendar record halted the sync process.

so wait...they STILL havn't fixed the major contacts issues plaguing so many users?? I am looking all over the forum and no notice of this being fixed yet :-/

This is getting really depressing. I was really hoping to make use of OS10 for my new business, now it seems the only RELIABLE option is OS7.1 or (God forbid) a different platform :(

I had the problem with the error code 0015 on my BBZ10.. After reloading the phone work on the second but it freeze again and suddenly my BBZ10 totally died.. This my first and also the last to use BB product.. Fucking BB..

The same problem with my BBZ10 few hours ago error code 0015. Don't have any idea if the service center can fix it....Didn't expect this error!!!