BlackBerry shows off the Z3 in Indonesia with two commercials

By James Richardson on 30 Jun 2014 01:36 pm EDT

To compliment the BlackBerry Z3 hitting retail outlets recently in Indonesia, BlackBerry have released a couple of videos over on their YouTube channel which I can only presume are headed for TV or the big screen.

We know that Indonesia is a strong market for BlackBerry - hence why they released the Z3 Jakarta edition here, but additional marketing is always welcomed. With the device hitting the shores of Malaysia and India and soon to roll out in a further selection of countries, with a LTE variant to follow at some point, the Z3 is hopefully going to put BlackBerry back in the 'low cost' smartphone wars as it battles against rivals from Android and Windows Phone.

When exactly we will see the BlackBerry Z3 hit other regions such as Europe and Africa is still unconfirmed at this moment in time but fingers crossed the marketing will be as strong as it is currently in Indonesia.

Not speaking the local language I've no idea what they are saying in the commercials so if you would care to translate please feel free to do so in the comments.

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BlackBerry shows off the Z3 in Indonesia with two commercials


Better advertising than anything that Thorsten and Frank Boulben came up with for the entire BB10 launch...

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I have a not so popular thread going on in the Forums about a commercial for the Passport and what you think it should be like,jump right in and give us your ideas,Pretty Please,hahaha!!!...It's ...Oh!! Is that a passport??

I agree. It's simple, sleek, and fun. I hope similar advertising with make it to the US--especially regarding Android app compatibility.

FIRSTEST I wanna say that I am happy to see ads.

The buzz is rolling. Now Windermere and Classic ads. For productivity.

I wanna see the product pages too. BlackBerry fo fo fo life.

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NO FIRST FOR YOU, so we can see that you clearly tried to rush reading and tried to be silly posting first, now don't you feel silly?

Burn... and you know he'll just suck it up because it's you.

"Classic" better be called "Bold Q20" or "Bold 10" 

We been having burgers and brews in waterloo with rest if the crew!

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Seems they are planning too... by then it will be around $350.

I agree they ought to go ahead and build the LTE Model and put it on shop.blackberry..... but I don't really see any carriers adding the Z3 when they have the Z10 at the same price.

Great they are finally advertising

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Yeah hope this is just the start of a string of ads yet to come

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Yeah BlackBerry!
That's the right way!!!!

Now bring commercials like that to the European and American TV!

That's the biggest thing what's missing to bring success!
People won't buy it, because they don't know about OS10!!!!!

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Spot #1: I had grabbed my Micro HDMI to HDMI cable so that everyone could continue watching football on a bigger screen :-P

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I was thinking the same thing! Any phone can show a game, but how many could hook up to the TV in hd? I'm not sure what other phones have hdmi, I'm sure there are a few.....but iPhone isn't one of them. On the other hand, who carries an hdmi cable to a bar with them!

Next BBM update....BBM Peek

Don't need a cable. I have an adapter, micro-HDMI, size of a coin, fits in the wallet.

Most TV nowadays usually have a standard HDMI cord dangling somewhere...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

HDMI ports not exactly needed nowadays when you could share yer screen to the TV via wifi. BlackBerry phones could do that as well, except that samsung TVs make it a bit harder to do so

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Wow that is way better than what we got in Canada for the Z10. They are actually showing the phone and people using it

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1st ads is related to the screen and make people happy and connected each other and 2nd ads also showing the power of bbm to connect people

i know because im Indonesian...hehe

from my awesome zed3

The USA will never see that phone or a BlackBerry commercial. They have forgotten about the biggest market in the world... :-(

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Lovely comment, full of substance. Here now, I have some Prozac and some Zoloft leftovers from the troll pharmacy. Don't be shy, it's on the house.

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Wow lol was there really a need for that? Unless you want people to start saying what they really think about you?!

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Wrong actually, Japan bought it from China. So now it's Japan.

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God made all the people in the world, and he doesn't make ****.

We might not agree with their (PR China's) current government, but if you ever visited other countries you will find the average Joe Doe there is not much different to you yourself, is a human being, needs love, wants to live, wants a wife, kids, a house, something to eat, good friends and usually also likes to be left alone, doesn't support a bully government. That's why wars are so shameful to the human race once you discover this.

China is a huge market, and they have overtaken the US and even Germany as the world's largest exporter of goods.

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Seeing this ad changes the way I feel about the phone. I am in Canada so have never seen the phone "live" before and these ads actually make me think this is a nice, cool looking, phone. I hope it has the same effect on people who are not BB addicts!

I also hope that BB in North America can put together some ads in this spirit for the release of the new phones, especially the Classic. I think the Classic is a phone that can be aimed at the youth, highlighting BBM and the other social aspects of BB10.

Feel the real BBM in the true device and OS, different feels if we using BBM in others platform. This is BlackBerry!
Thank's has released Z3 in the 'home' of it.

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Well, basically it is telling us there is always more ways than one you can connect to your friends via BlackBerry. First advert is showing off how it is connected to the streaming ball game while the sat dish at the pub lost connection.

Second advert is basically showing off the power of BBM, the guy about to do a stand up comedy show, calling his friends out for support. They turn up in time for his show, and gave him the standing ovation.

Here's a simple question- If you have never seen or heard about BB10, would you buy this device based on these commercials?

There is pre_order in Uae for z3, 899 Aed (246$)
I do believe it's quite expensive, hope they will drop the price

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Interesting how they are also advertising Android support as well. Think we'll start seeing more of that soon enough in North America.

CB10 by Z30

I havent seen the commercial yet. But it should be interesting if blackberry cut the price for z30 because its holyday season here in indonesia.

Happy fasting ramadan.

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So what app can we use to stream the World Cup?? The official one from Snap runs, but the video never plays.

In the first commercial buddy should have zinged his data feed of the game to the TV using miracast when the TV feed went down. That would have been sweet

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BlackBerry is running radio commercials now for BBM in the UAE along the same lines of connecting with friends and sharing you location. Heavily emphasizes at the end that BBM is available on IOS and Android.

it is pretty self explanatory, but I'll give you guys some translataion anyway:
1st commercial: one guy sitting in a cafe by himself (lone supporter of the team), then send some bbm to his friends to come over to watch the game with this dude. they came, happy ending
2nd commercial: one guy is going upstage for his standup comedy debut but worry that there's too few people around, so he bbm his friends. and they came, happy ending.
the message: " there are more ways to connect ." "Introducing Blackberry Z3, Jakarta Edition."

That's the point!

Btw i'm from indonesia too. It's nice to see another BlackBerry ads. And I have seen a lot of peoplr starts using the BlackBerry Z3

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In my whole life rhe only Blackberry commercial I've ever actually seen was the Superbiwl ad for the z10. Blackberry needs to put some serious effort into advertising.

What if the Z3 is never sold on the European or US market, since those markets has had poor sales?