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BlackBerry Shows Apple Who is BOSS!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2009 09:39 am EST

Dang... first it was the BlackBerry Bold punching the crap (literally) of an iPhone in that hilarious College Humor video we posted a couple weeks back. Now it's the team from Guava having the BlackBerry take a chomp out of Apple. NICEEELY done!

[ Guava via BerryReview ]

Reader comments

BlackBerry Shows Apple Who is BOSS!


There's no way a Storm will ever move that quickly. By the time it decided what to do, waited, locked up, received the battery pull and took 10 minutes to start up again the apple would have been long gone :)

I am using the Curve 8900 (Jav), and a co-worker has the 9530 (storm). and we've never had that problem. always seems to be lighting quick and super easy to use. Not to mention the iBone (Which my sister has) feels like a flipping 1989 Nintendo Gameboy.

How come I cant see the video? When I click on it, it says "movie not loaded". Now that I think about it - I dont remember EVER being able 2 view any of the video's that regularly get posted on here! What gives? Wld it b because the video's are uploaded onto youtube or something? (my work blocks youtube)

The iphone is far superior than any Blackberry could ever be. I know because I have a Storm and ran it side by side with an iPhone and could not believe what a piece of crap I bought. Hopefully Verizon will be offering the iPhone in the near future! Apple is the leader not only with the iPhone but in computers as well!

i didn't know the iphone could copy and paste!
i didn't know the iphone could change themes!
i didn't know the iphone had a landscape qwerty keyboard!
i didn't know the iphone could travel the world!
i didn't know the iphone had Superior email capabilities!
i didn't know the iphone could record video!
i didn't know the iphone had a camera flash!
i didn't know the iphone had a 3.2MP camera!
i didn't know the iphone had tactile feed back!
well to tell you the truth i did know shall i keep going?
EDIT: opps forgot to mention apple macbook pro you know the "greenest notebook" sure it may use better materials to be made but its the same hardware with a different shell,and oh yea it will cost way more greenbacks to buy= less tree's because you had to have an apple nice.

Nice list! You forgot to mention that even without all of that, it still makes the Storm look like cack-in-a-pouch. Imagine the type of handset it would have been *with* that included? I'm sure you'd still find some way to slag it off to defend your precious BlackBerry Sludge 9530.

Why is it so hard for fanboys to admit something their beloved company does is rubbish? That video was never aired because RIM are now to embarrassed to show it.

I mean I love my 8900, it's a great work phone, but iPhone > Storm, and everyone knows it, even if they can't admit it.

I remember when RIM were like 'pffft, yeah right, typing on glass? What a joke!'... so what do they do? Typing on moving glass! Genius! May their returns and faults figures strip some moron off his job.

"i didn't know the iphone could copy and paste!
i didn't know the iphone could change themes!
i didn't know the iphone had a landscape qwerty keyboard!
i didn't know the iphone could travel the world!
i didn't know the iphone had Superior email capabilities!
i didn't know the iphone could record video!"

My iphone has all these and more... what you dont know is alot.

Funny how they say you cant touch their touch-screen phone?!? I think they call that Irony. BBusers may not get what Irony means... you may have to look it up, keep in mind it will take awhile if you look it up on your phones...

Your iPhone does NOT have cut and paste.
Your iPhone does NOT have themes.
Your iPhone does NOT have a landscape QWERTY keyboard.
Your iPhone can NOT travel the world (and work).
Your iPhone does NOT have superior email capabilities.
Your iPhone does NOT record video.

If your iPhone can do any of those things, then it's not an iPhone, it's a BlackBerry. Double check the logo!

I'm not even a fanboy, you're just an idiot.

"far superior"? in what sense? useless apps?
i owned an iphone for 2 weeks it was a piece of shit!
i actually traded with some1 for an 8310 straight up!
mind you it is cool but that wears off quick, and it will not do what blackberry does period. i now own a storm and even with the problems i still get real time email which the iphone does not! my browser is fast enough for a mobile phone while the iphones internet is faster who really give a rats ass!
video says it all! take that apple! :)

Great commercial but the animation is totally off. The animation depicts an explosion from within the Apple and then the Blackberry flying through it.

I'm a huge Apple fanboy (I do think the Storm is better than the iPhone at least for my purposes, but everything else Apple I love), and its true the animation is weak, but still love it.

One of the most subtle adverts I've seen in ages, nicely done. Nice to see ad companies using a bit of creativity again :)

this so cool.. i think all of us blackberry users should get a free app to shove it down the Iphone users faces...