BlackBerry should start nicknaming its OS releases

Android OS Nicknames
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jan 2014 02:19 pm EST

Android likes the sweets with Gingerbread, Jelly Bean and Kit Kat. Windows Phone has gone fruity in the past with Tango and Mango and is waiting on the color Blue. Heck, even if less celebrated externally, internally Apple gives ski resort names to iOS, with iOS 7.1 honoring the upcoming Olympics with Sochi.

How about us BlackBerry fans? Well, we're looking forward to the release of BlackBerry OS 10.2.1. TEN DOT TWO DOT ONE. Trying saying that tens times fast.

I realized the nerdiness of it earlier this week when telling one of my in-laws that 10.2.1 would hopefully solve the issues she was experiencing with her BlackBerry Z10

Over the years we've seen BlackBerry use no shortage of codenames as relating to BlackBerry phones. Kickstart, Javelin, Gemini and Onyx have been some of my favorites. On the software front, we have just never really had that. Or, if BlackBerry has been giving their software releases names, it's never really made its way beyond the company's walls.

We're at the beginning of a new year. It's a good time for change and to form some new habits. Maybe there isn't enough time to give 10.2.1 a cool consumer-facing nickname as it's feeling like it's going to drop any week now (check out this forum thread for some 10.2.1 excitement), but maybe for future BIG BANG OS releases they could start putting a little nickname love into it.

The question for the community is... if BlackBerry began nicknaming OS releases, what kind of names would you like to see? Drop your thoughts in the comments!


Update: Well this is fun. I just received a nice little tweet from BlackBerry's Michael Clewley stating:

@kevinmichaluk fun fact we actually had names drafted up at one point. Won't say what type as that's "secret" but who knows what will happen

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BlackBerry should start nicknaming its OS releases



Props to Android Central's Phil Nickinson on this one... he gave me the idea for the post. Though his actual words to me were "if you're going to rip off Android, at least rip it off all the way". Funny guy. :)

Pretty sure I lobbed a few F-bombs, too. :p

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I feel the OS should have kept the name QNX and not BB10... would have had a much better acceptance from the non BB users IMHO.... but too late now to complain... GO BB10!!

Agreed. But there is no harm in giving it a unique kickname the way that Android does. But the underlying name should just be QNX, and not BB10 I'm thinking.

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Let's give it girl names.... like Alexis... or Kagney... or Asa... or Jenna.... or... uhhm ya know >:D :p

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Actually they did try it but there were legal problems with the name so they sticked with bb 10

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Hey, Phil!
Thanks for dropping by.
We're not ripping off Android - just legitimizing it, making it useful, and, most importantly, bringing some civilization to the Wild West!
(insert F-Bombs as appropriate)


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I don't consider using the runtime of Android to download it's apps is considered a "rip off". At least we aren't like Apple who went out of their way to "rip off" the Android OS with iOS7.

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Exactly. The bandwagon of proven effective marketing techniques. I know it'll be a first for the company, but maybe it could the start of a new way of thinking there.

Ok, we should just make touchscreen only phones and make our OS open source too while we're at it. Hey, what else is considered cute and cool that everyone else does that BB should do?

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Your response is not relevant to my comment. I did not say anything about manufacturing, and open source is hardly marketing, let alone profitable. I also said nothing about either cute or cool; just because other companies use stupid names, that doesn't invalidate the concept of using them. BB is free to use non-stupid names; I would encourage it.

When I think of city code names, I think of Win95 and its internal M$ codename, Chicago. And I shudder to remember the ever-lengthening period of embarrassment Redmond went through as the release date was missed, and missed again, and missed again... Too reminiscent of past BB embarrassment; let's try something else.

This "actually" would have been a good contest, Kevin... some pretty "creative vibes" bouncing around up in here...

CB from the Z30

I have two suggestions for naming the OS versions.
The first which I like more and I don't think we will have an issue using those names is using the Periodic Table and use the names in the same order.

Second suggestion is using the Comic Super Heros: Batman, superman, iron-man and so on. This is of going to cause some trademark issues which I believe BlackBerry can take care of.

What do you think?

This is seriously nerdy...I like it. Sheldon from Big Bang would no doubt agree.

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I actually like the first idea. BlackBerry 10.2.1 QNX Platinum or Gold (or should we go with Pt 78 or Au 79). The elements make it sound scientific which reminds me of Mike L. who is a quantum mechanics engineer.

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That is an awesome idea. But use them like a thread below suggested: Keep BlackBerry in the name. As in BlackBerry Hydrogen, BlackBerry plutonium, etc and keep it in atomic weight order!

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Like this idea or even BBX Plutonium, BBX Gold, BBX Mercury

Internal names so no trademark issues with BBX

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I do like it but some elements don't flow well when you say it (BlackBerry uranium, helium, um um um).

How about geology: obsidian, jade, granite, marble; and yes, throw in some of the elements that sound good: silver, carbon, iron, gold, etc.

My five cents (penny is not good anymore).

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I like the idea of naming the OS with superheros, but limit it with the x-man team names such as "wolverine", "gambit", etc since bb10 can also be "BB-X".

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Best idea so far.... +1000

using super heroes would be cool, but going the periodic table would just make it geeky.
i think i would support superheroes more as it gives it a more fun feel

Wait till blackberry releases its update. Then we'll see if it's a BB10 tortoise or a jaguar update.

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Maybe BB can name it after cars from fast cars (aventador,enzo,murcielago) up to the fastest (veyron).

LOL. Whatever OS name it is it should be worth updating.

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Without even going over the article I have to say NO. Regular people does not know the difference between kit kat, jelly fish or ice cream sandwich. It's just confusing. It's just so much easier to see 10.0 or 10.1 or 10.2...

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Agreed. BlackBerry people are logical, after proper phones, rather than toys. Silly names for the BBOS don't sit pretty for me. Let's be more grown up about it all. There's no point trying to follow the others - they lead their world; let's carry on leading ours!

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The only numbers that I will be looking at is seeing how many comments this blog posting generates. Ever since Kevin started actively blogging again, the comments have blown up! Did you see the "How's your Z10 treating you" (paraphrasing) article???

Well, I think you could still keep the numbers. Android keeps the numbers too. You need them for version tracking.

But for BIG releases, the first decimal, you could give them a name.

Knowing BlackBerry's quite "mundane" naming schemes, I won't be surprised if they decided to name it after towns...

But then, if they have a twisted sense of humour, they can name their releases after star constellations. Wasn't it Jim / Mike in the interview when asked "what's going to happen if you can't shoot to the stars anymore?" and he replied "we'll just crash and burn"? Or something like that?

Yes like instead of BlackBerry 10.3.2 for example call it BlackBerry Platinum .2

I've been wondering what would happen after BlackBerry 10.9....

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Ignoring the fact that the marketing effectiveness of naming a business phone (or any phone) after a criminal drug figure is extremely debatable, let's not forget the other two drawbacks to this name: First, that it's associated with someone who knows they're going to die a painful, ugly death soon, and second, that it's associated with the word "uncertainty." I can't think of a worse idea. (Except maybe the entire SNL skit "Smuckers Jam" -- it's hard to do worse for a product name than "Painful Rectal Itch.")

First thing that came to my mind too. Popular comic/cartoon characters. Certainly would be cooler and more appealing than the dessert names Android uses.

 Aquaman
 Batman
 Cyborg
 Doomsday
 Echo
 Flash
 Green Arrow
 Harbinger
 Impulse
 Joker
 Krypton
 Lex Luthor
 Martian Hunter
 Nightwing
 Ozymandias
 Plastic Man
 Robin
 Superman (I did this only to get to the "S")

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The names would be fun and would help people identify it but they still would need to follow up with some coverage so people aren't left wondering what new features are there. BB kind of waits till someone stubs their toe on a new feature.

Keep it edible!
BlackBerry Syrup
BlackBerry Jam
BlackBerry Cobbler
BlackBerry Pie
BlackBerry Cake
BlackBerry Sorbet
Sorry, made me check the fridge for some Blackberries right now.

The issue with naming it with BlackBerry food names, or any other food names... is, by the time the US carriers release it - it would already be spoiled... :-)

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And then Kevin will have a cooking competition with Phil to see if Android or BlackBerry make the better deserts :)

I was thinking the same thing. Name them after spirits/cocktails. It would make for great hybrid os names when the leaks come out that take the best parts from all the os'sthat have been released already. Just think, bb screwdriver, bb bloody Mary, bb martini etc.

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and then start getting silly with the edible names... Blackberry Pizza, Blackberry Tart, Blackberry Steak and Eggs

Hey I Like it!!! That is pretty funny. But I also like the periodic table.
As in BB Hydrogen, BB Helium, BB Lithium, etc and keep it in atomic weight order for ease of tracking.

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BlackBerry Nile, BlackBerry Amazon, BlackBerry Volga, BlackBerry Zambezi, BlackBerry Mekong, BlackBerry Danube, BlackBerry Ganges, BlackBerry Yangtze. i like.

I agree here. Well I don't think it's simple with the numbers. There is a reason why the Android ecosystem (naming, developing, anticipating etc...) works for them. It arose out of the culture they made for themselves. I don't think BlackBerry has a culture like that. It's still, unfortunately so, confined to their staff which is much smaller now and still very much dev-based. I will say this has changed a tad with Chen.

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This is the last time I will say this, but BlackBerry really needs to utilize the word Pheonix. Rise from the ashes and all that. It also works out with naming the devices after cities.

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Some tech company already uses character names from X-Men for a pruduct line. Think it was Nvidia, but not sure though...

Like they aren't using the name of cities for the codename of the phone, they could use that: London, Paris, Barcelona ( could be cities or just capitals).

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about time but make them more vogue and professional like Porsche , Quantum , Blue X , Scale etc...this number crap has to go if a slight version is required you can add 1 , 2 . 3 . 4 etc if required

The Curve 8900 was my first BlackBerry. Saying I had the "8900 Javelin" was very cool indeed.

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But BlackBerry isn't a giant parasite whose business model depends on convincing people that isn't what they are.




Larger sample group...Also, the symbols would work nicely to put under the About section for OS.

Like it! Plus there's no copyright naming issues to worry about. Keeping with the nerd theme, how about using particle physics terms : Charm quark, Neutrino, positron, Higgs, Quantum entanglement, brane etc.

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Change it to "forces of nature" theme and you may be in to something. Would also increase number of possible names, typhoon, elnino, tsunami, etc etc

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i've always been ok with the numbers, but if they really need to number blackberry os releases, in the spirit of the crackberry (comments section at least) they should just rename bb10 "first" and then bb10.1 "second" and so forth lol.

Good idea! People remember names, only nerds remember numbers.
I think they should go with something big, like names of Egyptian/Roman/Greek deities. Or general awe-inspiring names like Sovereign, or Goliath, or Leviathan.

On a sidenote, Kevin is on a roll! I almost can't keep up with his recent blog posts. But don't slow down!

Well, since Michael Clewley is a Star Trek fan, I'll recommend Star Trek nicknames, like "Bones", "Enterprise", "Voyager", "Galaxy", "Intrepid", "Data", "Neelix", "Worf".

A guy could only wish

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Off topic, but I still think comments by the staff of Mobile Nations should be uniquely coloured similar to comments by the article's author. :)

I don't care what they call it, as long as they get the updates released to everyone.

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I think nicknames are a quite infantile idea.

Aside for this: bad names - and it differs from person to person what a bad name is - reflect on the product.
I would never use Jellybean: I find jellybeans disgusting.

I support this :) The average user can't remember numbers. The old RIM used to have devices named 9320 - what the hell was that? Real people react to names not numbers.

I'm sure some of the posters here would like to call the OS "First" to drive everyone batty.

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Nice +1 

Or something like, Number One or Make it So, Engage, Warp, dylithium, energise,

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

I really liked when they used to name their hardware after planets: Saturn, Jupiter, etc.

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Maybe the user community should just create and use the names, if it catches on then it might get adapted?

Tongue in check hear but I like 10tative for the next release.

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I hate nicknames. How can you know which is the latest version jelly bean or ginger bread or another cookie? Number are easy to follow.

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Because they go in alphabetical order: cupcake, donut, eclair, froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, ice cream sandwich, jelly bean, kitkat, etc . . .

I agree. But I think most people would prefer the faster roll out of these os' over a fancy name?

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IMO, i think naming the os updates is not just a great idea, it will also save these guys from running out of numbers, cause when they reach BB10.9.9 whats next ?

So naming OS updates will be a solution,

BB10 - Apollo
BB10 - Hades
BB10 - Poseidon
BB10 - Zeus

Maybe curea meant that you get the sex position you deserve...

There's also a huge "what goes around comes around" joke in there.

This is a pretty poor post really, why does updated software need a silly name? To appeal to a younger audience or to simply make less educated users smile...blackberry needs a fresh new app development team to compete with those on other platforms (a quality app will pay for itself in sales so this should be a the very top of the priority list), never mind messing about with inconsequential titles, that's child's play, literally

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BlackBerry needs to up its cool factor game! With the best OS and phone on the market they need to sell it in the same way!

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What if the community just started nicknaming the updates themselves and as it becomes more popular, Blackberry has to join in on the fun. I vote for topographical names since BB needs all the love ''in the world ''.

Well, for release 10.0, it should have been called hiroshima, followed by 10.1 aka chernobyl.

All joking aside, I like named releases as they can be fun. The same way that our company servers at one point were, Dipsy, Tinkywinky, etc. I'd go with something fun, along with tools, not toys.

Hammer, Ratchet, Spanner, Jackhammer, etc.

Z10 until Z30

They should first rename the whole OS to something like QNX1 or QNX10 then make nicknames, will be good for marketing and easy tracking.

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I say let's give proper respect to the founder Mike Lazaridis and give them Greek alphabet.

Starting with Alpha , Beta, Gamma, Delta each for 10.2 - 10.9.

Each incremental update can be Alpha.1 all the way to Alpha.9

The only downside is that Beta is already taken from testing area for applications.

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"The only downside is that Beta is already taken from testing area for applications."

As are alpha and sometimes gamma.

Old Transformer names.. Did you download BlackBerry Megatron.. it's bad ass. No, I'm still running Blackberry Optimus Prime.. haha

If naming is childish might as well go all the way.. haha

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I think they should name it after porn stars, like "Buck Naked" from Seinfeld.

Or maybe even give them a Jersey Shore nickname.

Blackberry OS Star Wars / Blackberry OS Galactica / Blackberry OS Universe / Blackberry OS Justice / Black Berry OS X

Would like it to be related to declassified secret missions. Or anything related to privacy and secrecy.

"Iron curtain"

CB10 on ZED10

10.1 - BlackBerry Wait
10.2 - BlackBerry Waiting
10.3 - BlackBerry Hope
10.4 - BlackBerry Hoping
10.5 - BlackBerry Kevin's Box

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Further suggestions :

10.6 - BlackBerry US Summer
10.7 - BlackBerry 7:00 ETA BBM
10.8 - BlackBerry Jakarta Winter
10.9 - BlackBerry early 2025

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Coming soon, sooner, nearly there, almost, berry close, inches away, ....

(not serious about it, too lame maybe... haha)

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I definitely think they should name this it gets people to remember then easier and they seem more important.

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I like Greek mythology

-Hermes etc...

Maybe it's too serious because BlackBerry means business.

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Hmm not a bad idea, since they are already using city names as codes for phones.

Since they are going with the enterprise customers, it could be something linked to "action"

Something like
BlackBerry 10 Bull
BlackBerry 10 Bullet
BlackBerry 10 Rush
BlackBerry 10...

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Or animals:
BlackBerry T-Rex
BlackBerry Lion
BlackBerry Fox
BlackBerry Viper
BlackBerry Wolf
BlackBerry Tiger
BlackBerry Panther

Or mythical creatures:
BlackBerry Centaur
BlackBerry Unicorn
BlackBerry Pegasus
BlackBerry Hydra

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People don't rralise the android software updates are named alphabetically. So the next android update is gonna start with the letter L.
Blackberry could use planets and stars tho. E.g "the Jupiter update" :D

I'd use radioactive element names.
Or star wars character names.
Maybe doctor who related names.

Z30STA100-2/ powered cb10

I all in favour of the nicknames. Maybe they can recycle old ones in an homage to the past.

Posted from the awesome Z30

I think in general the older people like the numbers and the younger people like the names. I'm fine with either, though I think that giving names has a certain cachet. Linux names their OS versions too. Of course Android is a Linux derivative, so that follows.

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Perhaps they could use a similar naming scheme as their devices? London, Jakarta etc.

Posted via CB10

I would go out of my way to destroy every BlackBerry ever if one of the OSs is ever called "TGIF" or "YOLO"...

I hope this wasn't the hold out article......Gingerbread....really. Childish like no? I prefer the sequential numbering scheme. Jelly Bean and Gingerbread does not define the latest without you knowing.

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How about Roman numerals?
Blackberry I
Blackberry II
Blackberry III
Blackberry IV

That would confuse everyone profusely too haha.

I'd go in alphabetic order, but using a team name of the 4 majors sports... Argonauts Astros, Bruins,Bills, Canadiens Cowboys , Devils, Expos etc...

Posted via CB10

@Playbook007 I actually really agree with this. Isn't BB supposed to be going for the security niche, the enterprise niche, the scholar's niche, the hacker's niche...? The "prosumer"? Do we need a cutesie name like "ice cream sandwich" for our OS? Not a lot of 12 year old girls using Blackberry's these days, am I wrong?

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A friend had a bad idea: take names of sexually transmitted diseases. Even if most people avoid them, they will stay forever.

I like radioactive elements a lot more xD

Z30STA100-2/ powered cb10

I think that you never gain anything by following or copying anyone else. And since BlackBerry seems to be keeping their business's profile, things shouldn't change.

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BlackBerry should name their OS releases after curry.

Easy to remember and great with a beer!

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