BlackBerry shopping apps head to head - Shopper takes on OurGroceries

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By Kerri Neill on 5 Oct 2010 09:12 am EDT

With five people in our household, someone always needs something from the store.  I tried the magnetic “Grocery List” pad on the fridge but invariably something was always left off because one person or another forgot to add it.  When I originally saw the shopping list applications in BlackBerry App World, my only real thought was “Yay, no silly piece of paper to carry around anymore.” I only have two hands and my BlackBerry is usually in one of them anyway.  When I found out the lists could be shared between devices, I was sold. My only real decision was which to choose from.  I’m an advocate of free apps so I tend to try those first before any that cost money.  In this review I selected OurGroceries by HeadCode and Shopper by MidCentury Media.  Both applications claimed to be great for organizing multiple lists and allowing them to be shared on numerous devices.  Since both were free, I wanted to see which gave me the most options and if they were as easy to use as they both claimed.

OurGroceries by HeadCode – Version 1.2.0 (224 KB)

Upon opening the application, it immediately takes you into your shopping list (a sample list is there when you open the app for the first time).  You can add or delete items from this screen as well as email or text your list to others who may not be using OurGroceries or have access to your list.


Going back to the main page of the application you have the option of emailing, renaming or deleting the list and changing any settings for the application.  The main page is also where you can add favorite recipes that you may use a lot. Adding the recipe to the app will allow you to add ingredients for that recipe straight to your grocery list in one click instead of manually entering each one.


I used this app for almost a month before I decided to give the other one a try because I really liked how easy it was to use. This application is available for download via: or BlackBerry App World.


  • Easily share with other OurGroceries users
  • Updates in real time
  • Very easy to add items and edit quantity
  • One click crosses an item off the list or adds it back on the list
  • Allows users to create multiple lists for even greater organization
  • Has an option to add favorite recipes to the application which then allows the user to add all the ingredients with one click
  • All lists are backed up online automatically
  • Can see and edit lists from the PC as well as your device once you create an online account
  • Works on BlackBerry and other Smartphone devices:
  • It’s FREE!!!


  • Banner ads running at the top of the screen
  • UI is very basic
  • No pre-loaded lists
  • No option to save lists

Shopper by MidCentury Media – Version 1.3 (246 KB)

When you first open Shopper, again you have a sample list that you can either rename or delete.  You also have the option of creating new lists, sharing them and changing your settings.

Shopper for BlackBerry

Shopper comes with a preloaded catalog that has almost everything you might possibly need already in it (including things like Acetaminophen/Tylenol, underwear, furnace, bath mat etc).  This screen is broken up into tabs that allow you to see what is on your list already, search the catalog, view the entire catalog and see what is in your “cart” (items you’ve checked off).  


You can add or remove items just by clicking on them. To change the quantity or aisle that it’s located in at the store you simply press the menu key and select edit item.  You can sort your list by alphabetical order or by aisle.


I’m glad I saved this application for last or I may have been tempted to never try the other.  Shopper is just as easy to use as OurGroceries but the pre-loaded catalog really did make a difference in the ease of use for all of the members in my household (no more trying to decipher my son's additions to the list with his less than stellar spelling abilities).  Available for download via: or BlackBerry App World.


  • Great UI
  • Allows list to be shared with other Shopper users
  • Can build lists by a search option or browsing through the pre-loaded catalogMoves checked items to user’s “cart”
  • Easily add items and what aisle they are located in
  • Re-use lists
  • All lists are backed up online automatically once you create an online account
  • Can see and edit lists from the PC as well as your device
  • Works on BlackBerry, IPod Touch and IPhone devices
  • No banner ads
  • I’s FREE!!!


  • No recipe option (have to enter ingredients needed one by one)


After using both applications during my shopping trips, I would have to say that the Shopper app is the clear cut winner.  The pre-loaded catalog is a definite time-saver and I loved that even though it is a free app, there were no banner ads.  OurGroceries is also a great app and I loved the recipe option that allowed me to add all the ingredients for in one click.  I was able to keep track of items my boss had already purchased for a party as well as items I needed for home all without a single piece of paper.  

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BlackBerry shopping apps head to head - Shopper takes on OurGroceries


Great review. I've been looking for apps that do this, but haven't found anything I liked so far, so hopefully shopper does the trick

I love the App but it freezes up my 9700. Cannot use tast switcher once it has been open until I do a battery pull

Not sure what could be going on. Have you tried to uninstall and then reinstall? I connected with others who ran it on their 9700 with no issues...

Man I've been using Shopper for over a Month now and I love it. Way better than Groceries by a milestone and a rock... ahaha. It had its little problem with the fact that I couldn't save my list and other people were having problems logging in, so i contacted the support group and told em fix this problem. Because its creating a bad rep for a great app, they replied back and upgraded it as well... how cool is that???... Download it and stop wasting your time with Groceries and Shop... lol

I have a list for the supermarket, bed bath and beyond, target, electronic stores, pharmacy and many more... Shoppers is where its at.

HoneyDew is also another shopping App but only for Blackberry. I switched from HoneyDew to OurGroceries primarily because of its online and cross platform capability. I'm not a big fan of the UI in OurGroceries so I will give Shopper a try.
Hopefully Shopper will add a recipe option similar to OurGroceries in the future.

I used shopper for quite some time on my 9700. It worked fine and I loved it but then there was an upgrade and it kept the shopper app continuously running so after numerous battery pulls I decided to delete it and then found OurGroceries which is ok but boy do I miss Shopper. Does anyone know if it is available for the 06?

I used to like Shopper, but in the latest version (1.3) they changed it so it runs continuously in the background and can't be shut down. It also restarts automatically if you do a battery pull. I don't consider a grocery shopping app to be so critical it needs to run all the time, so I won't use it again until they change this behavior.

I contacted their support when that started happening and they told me they were aware and working on a fix for it. That's why I'm wondering if it has been fixed and is now for 06. I'm going to give it a shot and dl it to my 9800. Will report back.

I contacted their support when that started happening and they told me they were aware and working on a fix for it. That's why I'm wondering if it has been fixed and is now for 06. I'm going to give it a shot and dl it to my 9800. Will report back.

SplashShopper. I have tried many of the shopping apps and so far SplashShopper seems to work best for me. I like that I can sort my list by aisle. I mostly grocery shop in one store and thus sort my 'needed' list by aisle, and I get through the store very quickly. Plus there is a desktop app to quickly build new or modify the pre-existing lists.

I clicked on the Blackberry link on their site and SlashShopper is $29.95 (includes desktop). Looks like a nice interface and all but $30? That's like 10 years worth of those little tiny spiral pads that can fit in your shirt pocket or purse.

I will definitely have to try Shopper. The app I'm using now, Upvise (, is excellent and has additional capabilities, but I'm always looking for the next great app.

While the grammar can use some improvement, I'm definitely loving the review of these apps. And to think I've been using MemoPad all this time for all my shopping/grocery lists. I just got Shopper, and am looking forward to making use of it. Thank you Berry Kerri ;-)

I'll have to check these out. I used Handyshopper on my Palms, but have never found a replacement for it. Gotta try it.

What's wrong with just using Memo Pad app? I use Memo Pad and keep a running list for groceries. It doesn't take up any more memory and I don't have to add another app to my BB. Seems pretty simple to me.

HoneyDew is the best shopping app - full stop. Syncing between two BBs is a must when shopping on the go. Nothing comes close for me. Easy to use, saves lists, remembers previous items, seriously convenient.

but it only syncs with two BB's and is a paid app where Shopper syncs with multiple devices as well as being FREE :)

Installed application works fine until you try to leave. Then it makes like the Hotel California, killing any task switching abilities and forcing a battery pull. The application is running constantly, even after a reboot. I can think of no reason why I would need a grocery list program to be running constantly, using resources (this is the same reason that LinkIn got removed from my Javelin).
Even if I could live with the app constantly running, locking my phone up and forcing a reboot is sort-of a show-stopper.

I've had no issues like this. I'm able to close app without any problems on all my five devices thus no running in the background. I'm curious if those of you having problems have a hybrid OS that may be causing some bugs?

I have a Javelin 8900 running (the latest for my phone). I do have OurGroceries installed. Don't like the tiny screen left after the adds, so was looking forward to Shopper. Still waiting for someone to write anything even approaching HandyShopper that I was using on my old Palm Pilot back in the 90s.

Same problem here. I am running the standard OS on my Storm 2, and when I close the app it is still running in the background. If I use task switcher and select the icon for shopper, the phone is locked up requiring a battery pull. I really wanted to like this app, but I will have to wait for the next version before trying it again.

I'm a bit surprised that nobody else here seems to prefer OurGroceries.
I had been using MaraTick for a few years, but it was single-user only, there was no easy way to backup/restore, and it hasn't been updated in a few years.

When my wife got a Blackberry, I decided to look for alternatives, and took a look at three free options: Lister, Shopper, and OurGroceries.

Lister is really easy to import and export, and has a nice interface, but is really designed as a single-user app. There is no web interface for it.

I tried Shopper, but I found the interface hard to navigate, and updates weren't automatic between the devices and the website. I found the web interface hard to use, and doing all my initial data entry from the Blackberry was very cumbersome.

I tried OurGroceries last. I have been a big fan ever since. It is very easy to use, and updates happen within a few seconds across all devices and the website. I can enter items via the website just as easily (if not easier) than on the Blackberry.

When we run out of something, either one of us can pull out our Blackberries (I keep mine on me around the house, she doesn't), or just use the computer, and add the items to the list.

My wife will call me on the way home, and ask me to pick some things up at the supermarket. Since I am driving, I can't write down her list. Instead, she just tells me to stop at the supermarket, and check the list. By the time I get there, she has already added everything we need to the list. If they are out of something, I don't cross it off, and she has it when she tries a different store the next day.

I love the recipe function, too. Rather than using it for specific recipes, we use it to keep items that we frequently buy at specific stores. For example, we often find ourselves preparing for a trip to Costco, and asking ourselves "What else do we buy there?"
Then we get to the store, realize we didn't check to see if we need certain items, and buy them "just in case". We have a LOT of trash bags as a result, because we forgot that we bought them the last time.
I created a "Recipe" called "Costco-List", and added the things we usually buy to it. Before we go to Costco, we can easily check the items on the list, and add them to the shopping list if we are out, or running low.

Thank you for a thorough reply to a much appreciated review. I lived with my Treo 680 on my hip the way I do my BlackBerry. Handyshopper could serve as the list king for anything--movies I wanted to see, Costco list, shopping list--everything. I tried Mara Tick, but with having to reload the BB Desktop Manager so many times, I'm tired of losing all those ingredients I've patiently put in for months! Handyshopper was so easy to back up.

Thanks to your recommendation, and the problems reported by 9700 users (my phone as well), I'll try OurGroceries first.

WOW - Thanks for such a great review. I currently use OurGroceries and like it but I think the preloaded list and the ability to organize based on isle location would be a huge plus. I'm going to download and try it. Thanks Again!

Installed our groceries and within the first 5 minutes of using it, my 9550 storm2 crashed. Restarted and the program loaded fine. Once in the program, I started to populate a grocery list and after my first selection, the list disappeared. I pressed the back button and it came back with no selections made. The shopping list did the same thing. When I selected an item to say that I have it, the list disappeared! The functionality just isn't there.Now I’m using Smart Shopping List and happy to have it without any just outcast our groceries and the shopping list with its functionality.