BlackBerry shipments on the rise under John Chen's leadership

By Bla1ze on 15 Aug 2014 03:23 am EDT

'You have to bear with me a little bit. We still have a lot of work to do, but I'm very hopeful.' That's what BlackBerry CEO John Chen told investors and analysts back in March about BlackBerry and now it appears their (and his) patience is starting to pay off.

A new report from IDC has now pegged BlackBerry shipments as being up approximately 15 percent from the previous quarter, especially in key markets such as Asia/Pacific and Enterprise users within North America and Western Europe. Going by the numbers from IDC, BlackBerry shipped 1.5 million units compared to the 1.3 million in the first quarter.

It's not all peaches and cream, though, as the report does note that's still 78 percent lower than shipment levels from a year ago. But with new devices such as the BlackBerry Classic and the BlackBerry Passport on the way and sales of the BlackBerry Z3 having reportedly gone well, plus all of the internal restructuring done, it looks as though Chen's plan is slowly being realized.

Android reached a new record for market share during 2Q14, nearly doubling its share from just three years ago. Samsung once again led the charge, accounting for 29.3% of all Android-powered shipments, down from its 40.0% share of two years ago. Since then, competitors including Coolpad, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Xiaomi, and ZTE have all grown their respective volumes are jockeying for position in the rankings behind Samsung.

iOS may have reached its lowest quarterly volume for the year, if history is any indication. For the past two years, third quarter volumes received a boost from shipments of its new devices towards the end of the quarter, resulting in slightly higher volumes compared to the second quarter. Whether or not this happens again this year remains to be seen, especially with the anticipated arrival of large-screen iPhones.

Windows Phone volumes declined from a year ago, but compared to the previous quarter, it showed slight improvement, making it the clear number 3 smartphone platform. The list of OEM partners has not changed significantly from a year ago, but that could start to change during the second half of 2014 when numerous vendors within key emerging markets come on board, including BLU, Micromax, Prestigio, Yezz, and others. These join Foxconn, Gionee, JSR, Karbonn, Lava, Lenovo, LG, Longcheer, and ZTE.

Following three consecutive quarters of sequential decline, BlackBerry volumes have rebounded slightly from the previous quarter, but remain 78.0% lower than shipment levels from a year ago. In keeping with its strategy, BlackBerry saw improvement within one of its key markets, Asia/Pacific, as well as some gains among enterprise users within North America and Western Europe.

Combine all the announcements that have happened over the past few months such as the partnership with Amazon, the acquisition of Secusmart, BlackBerry investing in healthcare IT firm NantHealth, the launch of Project Ion, over 1.2 million licenses issued for BES10, including more than 10% of total licenses traded in from competitors' Mobile Device Management platform, the launch of BBM on even more platforms such as Windows Phone and of course, the launch of BBM Protected with this news and you start to get a different outlook on BlackBerry. Sure, the process might be slower than we'd all like it to be, but at least there is a process and a plan now, which is much better than before when everything was up in the air, including the sale of the company.

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BlackBerry shipments on the rise under John Chen's leadership


It's not a whole lot but progress is progress. Slow and steady wins the race said the tortoise to the hare.

It is important to remember that these numbers include SHIPMENTS, not sell through. Blackberry is still working on lowering their inventory from shipping too many phones last year at this time. I bet actual sell through numbers are much closer from last year to this year than the shipment numbers indicate. Once inventory levels are down to a point where shipments equal sell through, we will see a sharp uptick in shipments to keep up with actual sales.

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It's gonna be a very slow journey for BlackBerry with all the competition from Android, iOS and Windows now.

Everything that has been happening under Mr Chen s leadership is definitely boosting BlackBerry's confidence among its current customers, existing customers and potential customers that's that thinking which MDM vendor to go with or ones that chose Good, Mobile Iron and etc.

Definitely improving themselves by focusing more on a software and services company will help bring in more revenue than just depending on selling handsets.

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Aye. But BlackBerry can never again become complacent like they were after the iPhone and Android came along, or they'll be dead. They need to be constantly innovating and competing. I like that they're taking on rivals like "Good" Technology. BB came close to death. The patient may be out of the hospital but isn't back to full health. Fortunately, we have John Chen working on that.

Don't know why but I also had those figures in my mind somehow.

Z10 STL100-1, OS

Like I mentioned in my comment above, you are quoting how many phones they sold to end customers vs. How many phones they shipped to their retailers. They shipped only 1.5 million to retailers, but sold a lot more to clear inventory. It still isn't mire than windows phone, but it's far from considering them dead.

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Yes, I find it interesting that no one uses the right stats. Using sell through as a number, he's doing even better.

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I wouldn't call a 78% decline in sales from the previous administration last year and a horrible 0.5% market share an improvement but whatever makes you feel good! Chen really hasn't don't anything good, hopefully he does something to save his job/company this fall with the new devices even though he decided to release devices that people don't really want instead of new full touch models.

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Well so has the competition. Microsoft are asking huge gains in developing their enterprise side and it certainly looks more attractive then blackberry atm.
I can honestly see Microsoft eating into blackberry. And let's not forget that blackberry had to chase the consumer market because they were losing the enterprise market. They haven't addressed the issues that led them here.

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Did you guys read the article? BlackBerry is GAINING in enterprise, not losing. They're also gaining in Asia Pacific, due to their newest ALL-TOUCH phone. And yes, going from 1.3m to 1.5m shipments q over q is significant, and sales of bbos devices are about to be replaced by bb10 devices this fall, which will move shipments into the 2.5-3m range needed for profitability. New all-touch phones are on the way an LTE version of z3 and a new flagship (z50).

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I updated my wife's windows phone from OS 8 to 8.1, it still sucks, maybe even worse than 8.0. Far worse than my Z10 on OS 10.0

She and I can't wait to dump it. She can have my Z10 on OS 10.3 and I will have a passport or classic, or maybe one of each.

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Absolutely agree on WP. 8.0 really stank and 8.1 isn't really much better. BB10 is worlds ahead in nearly every respect. Sure, WP has some cool features, but they don't save the package...

The title of the article is BlackBerry shipments on the rise under Chen which isn't the case. They rose slightly since last Q but that was under Chen as well. Just saying he really hasn't done anything in almost a year as ceo. Giving away free BES licenses doesn't really count as real growth in enterprise either. Why are so many people ok with complacency? We should always be demanding more as BlackBerry fans.

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They didn't give away free licences. They gave away free upgrades. Big difference.

It's a way of protecting market share. I wish they had of done something similar for consumer devices to encourage user base to stay and to lure away competitor's users, just to try BB10. Maybe then, people wouldn't think BlackBerry is still making Pearls and Curves.

Sorry playbookdrew but things take time. To expect a new CEO to turnaround any company within a year is completely unrealistic.

Remember he just finished restructuring the company months ahead of schedule.

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I think your missing the boat. Chen is not giving BES for free. It's free upgrades with a maintenance of the per month free. Fairly standard business practice to maintain your customer base. Second, I finding it interesting that shipments went up during a quarter when their retailers are eliminating inventory to make room for new product lines this fall. Actually a positive sign given that the ISC report doesn't fully capture Z3 sales.

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I think the playbook diehards will never be happy until they get their pound of flesh ie a new software release. I still have mine but it mostly gathers dust.

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PlayBook is dead dude, no point in upgrading now BlackBerry already missed the boat on that opportunity. I have a few newer tablets and my playbooks are now recycled in tablet heaven somewhere.

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You're wrong again as usual. EZPass is free licenses, I had BlackBerry sales guys in a few months ago offering to replace all our existing CALs and competing product CALs with free licenses. We had to upgrade from BES 10.1 to 10.2 which is also free.

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It's not 78% in sales. It's 78% lower shipment than last year.

As for Chen, he's done more than you think so far. Much more than heins. Heins left a huge mess for Chen to clean up.

So far, chen's eased a lot of mind as to which direction BlackBerry is going. He continued to make smartphones, is slowly gaining a better reputation with enterprise, z3 apparently doing well, and what I think is really awesome is the acquisition of secusmart. So before you go off on material that the article just verified, define "nothing?"

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Heins didn't leave Chen without anything, he left Chen with one of the best mobile platforms to date (BB-10) and 3 superior handsets to go with it and that's the z10, q10, and the z30. Good strategic marketing and strong app development was the only ingredients that was missing from that equation. After the BlackBerry z10 aired on Super Bowl Sunday, the next morning there was a big buzz going on about BlackBerry that died out fast do to the lack of Marketing. Most consumers believe that if you have commercials running a lot your product must be doing great and we all know that everybody wants to be apart of something great not just average. Another point is how can you sell anything that no knows exist? To me personally I believe that the 9900-9930 Bold series was the phone that kept most of us loyal to blackberry and the Z and Q series gave us hope for the future, so again Heins did leave Chen with a strong platform to stand on and build on.
Rant Over... Lol

Bidagreat using the magnificent Z10

False, this made up fact about the models people really want is total fabrication. Do you think that the announcements about how BlackBerry will be focusing on keyboard devices more then full touch going forward is because the market shows the want of full touch over keyboard? How about the the fact that there is still stockpiles of Z10s and the sales of the Z30s is not doing BlackBerry any favours. I do see a lot of people that complain about not getting a new touch device from BlackBerry don't even own the Z30. Well I am sure that a Z50ish device will be released. I just wouldn't hold my breath for it to happen any time soon.

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A recent CrackBerry poll indicated 75% of loyal fans are waiting for a new full touch instead of keyboard models and 100% of ios, android and WP users use all touch. Where are you getting your fabricated opinions?

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Also, there are likely more stockpiles of Q10 compared to Z10. Remember how Thorsten said he expects to sell 10s of millions of the Q10? Most people I know with bb10 devices have a Z10. Again you have fabricated facts.

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I have been predicting the smart phone market will become a commodity. This is the same as happened with PC's and Flat Screen TV's.

Companies that produce high end smart phones, like Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhones have fast become minority players. Blackberry is in the the same position.
Market share of these makers will continue to decline. Yes, there will be a nitch market for these makers, but I can not expect any of them to regain their share any time in the near future.

Blackberry is perhaps in a better position than the others, having a secured system that is essential for Enterprise and Government users.

So, when we look at market share of all products and services of the top players, it is best to look at the gross sales as opposed to smart phone percent of market.

Bingo, you hit the target. Anyone who thinks that average consumer is going to 700 dollar for a phone that has no improved experience is living in la la land. This is the very reason Apple has been sucking wind big time in China.

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Have you noticed, Apple in their recent ads no longer show off their phones tricks (which are also available on most other maker phones).
Rather, services they supply, like apps and iTunes from their market places.

Ok CB you need to stop spinning the BlackBerry press office line sometimes and quit the brown nosing too. You did the same for every CEO to date and it is probably the main thing about your writing that annoys me. This going in blind brown nosing that the CEO is a god. The executives are there to answer to shareholders. There is no need to brown nose on the off chance you'll get passed an exclusive. This report was awful looking for BlackBerry. Just leave it at that. These industry summary reports are not that important to BlackBerry anymore. We have a different focus now from competing with Samsung and Apple in the numbers game. Enterprise and prosumer. However, I'm glad you did say there is a bigger picture at the end of your piece. But the way you went into the article was ridiculous.

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Sorry what? Windows three is the clear number 3 platform even though both windows and BlackBerry are down year on year but up quarter on quarter? I'm not disputing that windows may currently be in a better position than BlackBerry, but the article makes it sound that the stated 'slight increase' from their last quarter is the definitive confirmation of that 'fact'

Haters gone hate

Check Out [URL="bbmc: C0008DDD1"]TechCraze[/URL]

Wow optimistic spin on a bad situation. Why are the shares not being shown. I expected better from crackberry.

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Actually, when you put things into context the company's prospects are improving. Let's look at a year ago. I don't have the exact dates but BlackBerry had the equivalent of a corporate heart attack. The former executive announced a strategic review, a massive writedown and then a sale process. Now if that didn't kill sales, nothing would. And that's what happened. Sales went even further into the tank. So the new team's job has been to get the corporate patient out of intensive care, start taking a few steps and move on to rehab. It always takes time to recover from the equivalent of a corporate near death experience. That now seems to be happening. So given the context of the last year, there is some reason to be cautiously optimistic.

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When compared to itself yes. But blackberry has thrown away the 3rd position. And it's starting to look like it may scrap for 4th place.
The Amazon deal is going to bite them. Amazon gains in that deal blackberry does not.
Yes there is signs of improvement but the company is not making the progress it needs.
Microsoft has been working on taking over the enterprise market and it's not looking good for blackberry overall

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It hasn't had third position for a while now, and it doesn't need to gain a lot of sales to start doubling and tripling it's numbers. The doom and gloom is last year. My advice would be to buy shares.

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No it doesn't need a lot to double and triple it's numbers. That in itself is a bad thing.
Blackberry can triple it's sales and still not make 3rd and you see that as a good thing?

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Windows phone are picking up in the corporate world due to their ease with exchange but BlackBerry to some still had the image they are dead in the water what this company needs is aggressive marketing. Quality is the key for me and I believe blackberry has this edge over other smart phones

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Really? I'm willing to bet that it's Android and iOS in corporate interacting with an Exchange backend.

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We want to believe so we believe but I doubt it. Has BlackBerry completed rolling out the Z3? What phones are they shipping and where to? Indonesia

Yes, and I think it sells really well here. Available for pre-orders at 1.999.000 rupiah, the phone is now sold at brick and mortar stores for up to 2,800,000 rupiah. Now that's brave, if a phone is not selling well, the vendors wouldn't sell it far above the pre-order price.

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Marketing is the key. I absolutely love everything about BlackBerry, My Z30 is a beast and I spread the word to family and friends whenever I can but people just don't see it as a contender to Apple, Samsung or Windows phones. Obviously they don't know what they are taking about but if BlackBerry invested quite a bit of money in some aggressive marketing tactics I believe people would start to realise how great the phones are and how awesome the BlackBerry 10 platform is.

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Ask people on the street about BlackBerry.
They probably don't know anything about the BB10 lineup above... at least here where I am.

One word------- Advertise..... it needs to be done. In order to make money you have to spend some.

www. carm. org

BBRY can swiftly move to the 3rd position overtaking Windows phones without being pulled back to the fifth position by Amazon if proper marketing strategy be put in place while they unify energy to focus and fine tune BB10.

My first BlackBerry Z10 (wall hugger) will soon be replaced by its successor Z20

Swiftly? Blackberry haven't got a handset capable of swiftly overtaking windows coming out for a while.
The next two handsets are the passport and the classic. Both are designed to appeal to small niche parts of the markets.
There is no other handset imminently coming out that can eat into windows lead and at the rate that blackberry are able to release handsets there is time for Windows to build up a hefty lead.

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Actually most Windows OS sales are a result of cheaper Nokia, and I would argue that the z3 us already eating into those sales in Asia pacific.

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I want to see your figures then. Earlier you advised to buy shares so if you're going to advise that, where is the figures that you are using.

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Releasing myriad of handsets is not the key to the right position but producing a device that people love to use, a device that is compelling. The one who cares about consumers won't throw devices to the market and watch which one is gonna stick.

My first BlackBerry Z10 (wall hugger) will soon be replaced by its successor Z20

The enterprise solution Microsoft is developing is looking fairly good and the fact remains simple. Blackberry has not got a device coming that the majority will adopt.

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I have a lot of trust in BBRY these days. So much that I just put a good chunk of shares in my depot. So I guess I am part of the company now ;-)

" During the first quarter, the Company recognized hardware revenue on approximately 1.6 million BlackBerry smartphones compared to approximately 1.3 million BlackBerry smartphones in the previous quarter. During the first quarter, approximately 2.6 million BlackBerry smartphones were sold through to end customers, which included shipments made and recognized prior to the first quarter and which reduced the Company's inventory in channel." ( from actual report)
Why is that you said "1.3 million in the first quarter" ?

The news is good. We need to see what is the total contribution of legacy devices vis a vis BlackBerry 10 in the total sales. BlackBerry 10 devices Z3, Z10 , Z30 sales figures hold the key for the company in the future. Also launch of Passport is bring eagerly awaited in all the markets.

We shall have the real picture once BlackBerry 10 devices establish themselves in the key markets.

From my Z30 Device using

Yes indeed BlackBerry will be soon in the top. " Form is temporary but class is permanent " BlackBerry has all the potential to reach the top.

From my Z30 Device using

Sorry but that won't happen anytime soon, they sold 1.5 million last Q compared to 255 million android. While I don't really like android OS but you can't deny it's dominant position for the foreseeable future. Getting back to 3rd is a more realistic but still very challenging aspiration.

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That's some decent news. But I wouldn't get excited about it though. The consumer side of things is probably down a lot in Europe and North America.

Posted on my Z30

John Chen said he needs to sell 10 million phones to be profitable. (around 2.5 million per quarter)

..."the acquisition of Secusmart"..

Don't count chickens before they are hatched, Blaze.

I highly doubt German government will - due to national security reasons - approve Secusmart sale to an American company - which I believe BlackBerry already is.

No matter what CEO is in charge, BlackBerry does NOTHING to get gain back lost market share and increase sales.
Making Passport flagship is just another sign that last thing - present day - BlackBerry needs is to compete with (aka take back profits from) Apple and Google.

Ummm American company? They're Canadian, but I understand what you're saying, but I think the deal will go through given how much faith the German government already has in BlackBerry

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That's a good start. The numbers have to keep going up with the classic and passport coming soon!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Actually a funny thing happened today, a leading e-commerce site in the UAE put up the PlayBook as a new item, at under 100USD, it seems they have some stock to offload, I mean at that price you would just buy one for the no reason.

Android is on top for one reason, and that is due to super cheap plastic devices being sold for next to nothing.
On a side note, I heard there is a Z10 replacement coming also, as a surprise. Slight design changes and higher specs with a larger battery. Something the Z10 should have been like from the get go.

So when IDC says something good about BlackBerry they are credible. But when they say BlackBerry will have 0.1% market share in 2018 they are hacks -__- imo they are still hacks just check their "methodology" page on their site.

B1aze will the new CB10 update include bbm emoticons? Definitely needed for this post.

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I love all the positive news...even if it is small steps, it is steps in the right direction. A year ago the news was going the other way. The momentum is building!

Posted via CB10

Change is not immediate. I would give it some time. It was never said that BlackBerry would be no. 1 again in a year or even 2. But progress is a good sign of things. It was said that they would return to being stable and start to profit.

Very welcomed news. Any positive change regardless on how minute it may seem is always a good sign.

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I was in a Rogers store last week and someone came in and asked for a BlackBerry. Great I thought. The salesperson was so misinformed however, it made me feel sick. She talked about everything from antiquated hardware to no apps. Until they fix this, sales will never grow. Makes you wonder if they get a bonus each time they persuade someone to NOT get a BlackBerry!!

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This is why BlackBerry needs a very aggressive marketing campaign. It makes no sense to compete with other platforms that aggressively market their devices while BlackBerry remains a relative unknown.
Most consumers only see the negative media in relation to BlackBerry & even if there is new products they gravitate toward products that they can identify with. Products that are shown as innovative popular & successful from companies that are not perceived to be failing.
No one wants to buy a device from a company that they have no confidence in.
Chen is not as smart as you all think he is if he does not place any importance in giving his product the recognition it deserves.
Until BlackBerry wakes up they are doomed to fail.
Perfect example is that the Passport is due to launch in a few weeks yet there is no hint of marketing in any mainstream media........this is unacceptable.
Chen should know better or at least have the balls to say that he is out of his league.......

Posted via CB10

I think it has more to do with Blackberry not informing the Carriers about the features. How many people (normal consumers) know they can side load Android applications. Non.

Looking at the lack of marketing campaigns it is fair to say it is Blackberries fault no to educate people, retailers and carriers. So stop blaming everybody else but Blackberry.

BlackBerry has a long way to go to become a significant player again. Up is better than down though.

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If compared to last year, I would say that at the very least things look more stable and sure footed than last year at about the same time.

There has even been some marginal and incremental progress. Not nearly enough, and BlackBerry is not out of the woods yet, not even close, but at least there is something more tangible to look forward to than a year ago.

As a consumer, I can say that I'm cautiously optimistic, but fully confident...nope, not yet, not even close! There is still a long and difficult road ahead and Chen and co. have to keep their feet on the road and not stop until the journey is complete.

But, yes this is certainly not looking like the BlackBerry of Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsilille, and not Thorsten Heins Ketchup and his merry band of fucktards!

As for Applesuck-n-fuck and Scumsung it's not surprising. What goes up must come down, and no matter what numbers they still put out, their time of reckoning will come, regardless what some kiss-ass media types and acolytes keep blabering about...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Does anyone know the geographic of where most Windows phones are being sold/shipped? I'm in a major Canadian city and I've never yet encountered or seen anyone use a Windows phone. I'm very curious where most of their market share is situated. I'm assuming the US?

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Steve Ballmer's immediate and extended family. Other than that, maybe people who have a job interview at Microsoft and want to be seen with one to make a good impression.

All the people that are demanding more this, more than, better this, are the same people that cause the downfall of blackberry. Takes longer then 1 year to turn a next to dead company around. You think after you break your back or legs, you'll. Be up and running in a week? B/s.
There will be a full touch coming. You think they are going to announce it prior to the passport and classic launch? I'm sure the morons do.
They've restructured, got rid of the virus's and anchors to the company, hired the right people. After another year of steady progress of getting themselves out of the hole, BlackBerry will then start going exponentially. Those who think Chen hasn't done much, can stay in their office chair as a parking attendant.

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This is all nonsense.
The major problem problem that BlackBerry has right now is a major perception that this company is failing.
Can you ame anyone that does not want to spend their hard earned dollars on a product no matter how good is perceived as doomed.
Chen has done absolutely nothing to change this.
The Passport is due to launch in a few weeks yet no mainstream media carries any marketing......why???
Great product but consumers will see it in the stores with no previous knowledge of what it is.
This is completely moronic on the part of Chen!!!
Simple rule of business.......produce a great product that people want then market the hell out of it!!!
All the other platforms do this yet their products are vastly inferior to any BB10 device yet their sales remain at the top of their segments......but why is BlackBerry still unknown when they have superior products???
Chen is dragging his ass & needs to wake up & do some aggressive marketing

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry is on the verge of something huge - this is great news!

I just feel sorry for all those android users that clearly have no idea what they are giving up for their cheap phones and Google apps.

Posted via CB10

That's a somewhat misleading headline. Device sales suck, but apparently they are getting slightly better. But, the headline seems to imply that sales are growing under Chen as opposed to the previous leadership. That's not true. I don't think that's going to happen until the Passport or maybe the Classic are released. And, it's not going to be because Chen is awesome.

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Chen hasn't done crap as far as marketing in the US. A lot of people complain about US carriers and BlackBerry. Blackberry expects the carriers to do all the advertising and selling. The most noteworthy thing he's done to get BlackBerry in the spotlight in the US, is to get into a childish twitter spat with Tmobile. The stock has been stale. He's putting a lot on the line with the Passport. The Z30 could have been a great sell if only people actually knew about it.

Posted via CB10

Not only in the US dies Chen not do any marketing but here also in Brasil & for that matter the entire world.
I had a conversation recently with a BlackBerry employee on a flight who was surprised to see me using a Z10.
This man was absolutely frustrated with the lack of advertising by BlackBerry & lack of vision by Chen to understand that some basic even social media marketing would propel the company from obscurity to a player in the handset device market. As per him there was no reason given for the lack of marketing.
In 2014 with 2 devices almost ready to launch is unacceptable & demonstrates that Chen is so much of the same old guard that let BlackBerry fall into the hole that it is trying to dig itself out of.

Posted via CB10

Slow progress is better NO progress. Keep it up BlackBerry!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

I'm honestly glad that #BlackBerry is doing better. I want this company not only to survive but to thrive again. I love their service and products and will continue for the foreseeable future. Long Live #BlackBerry!

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Well in Dubai BlackBerry devices ate out of stock in most places and they are waiting for shipment, especially the z3. It's embarrassing right now for the BlackBerry store, they have nothing at all they can sell customers coming in wanting phones.

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

Slow and steady and continue to build on the only strength Blackberry has over the competition and that's security. The have to keep focused on this and keep this as their USP. One day there will be a huge infection most likely of Android that will cost the users real money, that's when people will realize security is very important. That's when Blackberry will shine again.

BlackBerry did not get where they are overnight. It will take time to recover. Any positive movement is a good sign. Things are turning around slowly, but they are turning around. Great to see the success building.

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My question is whether activating those cheap Android tablets are counted in their totals ?

Those devices are proverbially a dime-a-dozen. (Heck, I bought one for $29 to use as an alarm clock.) Their price and lack of a service fee (or income) certainly skews how these numbers are interpreted.

This process is as slow as it has to be: it's not going to change overnight, but the slow and steady erosion of the negative brand association will continue and as it does, the merits of BB10 hardware and software that are already evident will be considered without the "...but they're going bankrupt so it doesn't matter" overtone.

As this continues, BlackBerry's fortunes will rise further, a steady upward trend.

It is very important that BlackBerry make its devices avaliable on all carriers. The bbZ30 is a great device but only Verizon carries it. Sprint doesn't even have to bbz10. And T Mobile. Make the deal. Sign the dotted line. BlackBerry for every one in every market. Sell sell sell. If you don't sell how can anyone buy?

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You know what I saw on TV, and online, and in person?

People selling Samsung devices. I see no blackberry ads, no carriers giving a crap. BlackBerry needs to be bold and show the general public that they make a good product. My word of mouth alone is not enough to save the company.

People need to know more than one person running it for them to think of buying a bb10 device. Hand people phones for cheap. Everyone I know likes the OS once it's in their hands, but NO ONE will pick it up on their own accord without some external motivation.

Do work BlackBerry. I want to see you take some market share back.

I'm gonna buy the passport for sure but I want the classic to and the Z 3 and I love my Q 10 wtf should I dooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I thought BlackBerry was concentrating on business market in North America and Europe right now, and was going to go after the consumer market later.

If that is still the case you are not going to see a lot of advertising. Business to business marketing is done upfront and personal by salesmen calling on CIOS, CEOS and other decision makers.

Commercials are all well and good but if I am not watching that particular channel at the precise time I will miss it. Same with print ads. I have to be reading the magazine or newspaper to see the ad.

Samsung, Apple and Microsoft can blanket the market because they have deep pockets. Blackberry doesn't.

When is the last time you saw a commercial for HP or AMD. IBM commercials are about a smarter planet instead of their mainframes and services business.

We know carriers aren't going to push the phones. It is going to have to be the businesses and Crackberry addicts untill the numbers turn around.

The fact that it is up 15% is huge to me. I think that BlackBerry is worth it. All of my friends literally say "EWWW" when they see me with my BlackBerry. Not even realising that my Q10 is more powerful than their computers.

Ojani Noa

Well according to the Android Central article Blackberry's shipments went from 6.7 million in the 2nd quarter of 2013 to 1.5 million in the 2 quarter of 2014. How is that up 15% ? That's more like down 78%. CB needs to check their facts before posting such articles.

BlackBerry is only, I consider as phone. But still find hard days... BlackBerry will rise with passport and classic

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Every time I here positive news about BlackBerry, I buy a minimum of 10 shares. I have accumulated over 500 shares just within this year. I'm long $BBRY BayBee!

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Whatever it may be progress is progress guys. Like my esteemed friend said slow n steady wins the race.

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I think it's great blackberry's sales are up imagine how good sales would be if they advertise more often?

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