BlackBerry set to celebrate the US Z10 launch with special fan event in New York

Janelle Monae
By Adam Zeis on 14 Mar 2013 11:12 am EDT

BlackBerry threw some pretty amazing fan event launch parties for the Canada and UK BlackBerry Z10 release - and it looks like the US won't be left out of the fun. Scheduled for Thursday, March 21st in New York, the BlackBerry Experience will celebrate the US launch of the Z10 with Janelle Monae, Young the Giant and DJ Z-Trip taking the stage. The event is invite only but the Crack Team will be there in full force (NYC HQ here we come!) to help in the celebration so rest assured you'll be in the know even if you don't get to attend. 

Don't forget you can preorder your BlackBerry Z10 on both AT&T and Verizon if you haven't already :)

BlackBerry Experience NYC

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BlackBerry set to celebrate the US Z10 launch with special fan event in New York


Not to be a glumy Gus but they're holding a fan event before the phone launches in the US? Why not wait until people actually have the phone in their hands? I'm on vzw so I'll have to wait an extra week (already pre-ordered a white one!!) but at least the people that attend can have one to show off to others that want one. The date they have now no US "fans" will have one yet.

because every fan that attends probably gets a z10 or something.. assuming it's a paid entrance event.. who knows.


I would like to go as well to the official launch :) Kevin please pay my flight from S.A to U.S but by the time I get my visa and crap it will be too late

Hey BlackBerry WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE US...ny gets all the love Come on man, NY had the Jan 30 event, let's keep moving and GET OUT OF NY... They should have 1 in LA 1 in NY and 1 in Miami... Let's make them aware.. Let's spread the word... This NY thing is BS , only so many people can fit on that Island lol. I'm feeling left out ONCE AGAIN. Can we show love to all ends of the US??. That's the only way to make a splash

1.6 Million of us crowd this space...

Though born right here, I've lived in London, Tokyo, Madrid... No place beats NYC...

Where else can you get great pizza and a very dirty vodka martini at 4am?

Awesome place to be... !!

No place beats NY ONLY applies for pizza. It's cold stuffy smelly and cramed up against buildings on a tiny island. Did I mention the smell trapped between all the buildings, NYorkers can't smell that because they are use to it... 4am Pizza is stale pizza and not all places are open like it use to be... NY has changed. To much hype

And Secret release party with invites only NICE BlackBerry.. I did not expect nothing less..... This is CRAP... It should be open to EVERYONE also it should be in more then 1 place. This is typical Old BlackBerry and they better WAKE UP AND KEEP MOVING...All i ask is you freaking show your TRUE FANS SOME TRUE LOVE...IM DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS

wld be nice to hv a jazz festival event in montreal and our free tickets wld be activated via nfc on ourZ10 and we could hv free PASTA' haha

What a perfect idea a Z10; a ticket is downloaded on each phone during the activation process and you use NFC to tap your way into the venue. Alicia Keys would be the headliner. You can buy one other ticket for your other half, but it would be through BlackBerry World and is also loaded to your phone. This isn't rocket science, but can you imagine the press - a completely ticketless concert?
Alternately, if you aren't into concerts, your could download a few Alicia Keys CD's instead.

with Janelle Monae, Young the Giant and DJ Z-Trip taking the stage.

All this and no Alicia Keys..... tell me again how she is supposed to be associated to BlackBerry.

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And yet 1 more comment lol... Leave out the die heart fans and The people they will invite r press that will just leave negative feedback like always, at least having us their we might be interviewed and asked what we think of the new OS. They don't think do they?

Someone at a news website was asking why events like these are not held in Silicon Valley, the home of high tech. I think that's a valid question!! I guess New York is a big-named city known worldwide, that's why it's held there.

New York has the largest collection of media firms in the US. If you want to get the word out, you want to have the people who can spread the word at your event. And they will show up to something in NY. San Francisco is fine, but it is not the same thing.

You are aware that the media has the ability to travel, right? And that all major media outlets have "hubs" throughout the country. This NY only thing is BS! It's just laziness from BB and a lack of forward thinking when it comes to the US.

The LARGEST Set of bashers on the planet earth in NY, everyone bashs this company left and right, a lot of it comes from the media, why hold an event when it's just gonna be bashed, why not FOR ONCE let the public join.. BAD MOVE, they need to change this and Keep Moving

I guess because it is a launch event, the product doesn't necessarily have to be available on that day. But that just doesn't even sound right. Too bad I have to be in Buffalo, NY for a wedding around that time.

Not that I'd get an invite to an event like this, but I still think it would be a good idea to do something in Los Angeles. It's not like we're some random town in the boonies...

Hmmm I've met Janelle and her team before a few times. They were all religiously on iOS. Would have rather liked to see someone who actually supports BB10 like Alicia Keys. Oh well.

Yeah, I've seen her at Brooklyn Bowl a couple times for 'Bowl Train' with DJ ?Love (Questlove)....

Kevin, that's where the CB NYC meet-up should be - very nice!

You know that there will be Z10's in their Bling Bags in the dressing room. Hopefully they don't just give them to someone else.

Janelle Monae is one of my favourites! She has a James Brown vibe to her, really wish I could go but I'm in Canada and I've got school :(

Already Pre-ordered!! ATT site kept me from finishing the order, but eventually with the help of their annoying chat function, finally got it!!

want so bad.

You would love to go???? Man u ALWAYS have something negative to say, the last thing BB needs is u there, every time someone has something to say u are always negative, U are a Negative person sir SO please sit tight :p

Janelle Monáe is the most dynamic performer in the business right now. She is perfect for Blackberry! She is elegant, versatile and powerful. +10000000 for BBRY!