BlackBerry to announce First Quarter Fiscal 2015 results on June 19

By Sam Sabri on 5 Jun 2014 05:49 pm EDT

Mark your calendars for June 19. That's the day BlackBerry has set to announce their fiscal 2015 results for the first quarter. The first financial quarter for BlackBerry just ended last week, on May 31.

BlackBerry reported their fourth quarter and year-end results for fiscal 2014 in late-March. They reported a balance of $2.7B at the end of that quarter (compared to $3.2B the previous quarter), with an adjusted Q4 gross margin of 43 percent, up from 34 percent in the prior quarter.

We saw 3.4 million BlackBerry devices sold to end users in that quarter, of which 2.3 million were BlackBerry 7 devices.

How do you think BlackBerry will fare this time around? Sound off below.

On June 19th, a conference call and live webcast will be held at 8 am ET and can be accessed by dialing 1-877-974-0445 or by pointing your web browser to the following link:

We'll of course bring you live coverage when BlackBerry announces their Q1 results.

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BlackBerry to announce First Quarter Fiscal 2015 results on June 19


It's not going to be, people arnt just gonna drop thier iPhones and Android and all their paid apps and got to an ecosystem that might not be there in two years.

Sales will be bad, money will be burnt, BGR and Engadget will spin stories about Death and Decay, average everyday consumer who reads one of those sites or ha friends that do will read the lies and spread them more.

BlackBerry just needs to say f*** it and spend 1 Billion Dollars telling the world that BBOS of the old is dead, gone and that the future is the new BB10. Tell the world what it does, tell the world BB has phones that arnt, 6 year old Curves, Something needs to be done.

I want to buy a BlackBerry in the future, not the same iPhone or Android Jane Smith and John Smith have.

Totally agree the results will not be good or very bad.

We ll see how much money they burned from the 2.7 Billion that was reported in fourth quarter.

How many BB 10 handsets sold

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Dude....seriously I've been saying this for the longest time ever, bbos is actually hurting them they should have dropped it as soon as bb10 was available, when the word BlackBerry gets tossed around the only thing that pops in people's minds are those Olde curves that hang horribly, when you say you go all in, you have to go all in they should have ditched bbos, by today's standards it's antiquated and BlackBerry is paying the price of not have gone with the times sooner.
Bb10 is probably the best OS in my opinion currently available, but it means nothing if people don't know what it is or what it does.

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BBOS is all that holding BBRY up right now. I agree BB10 needs more marketing and aggressive.

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Yep... and that says something about BB10. Should have been released with BBOS capability (features, customization & control) and then some.

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I ha e noticed recently that the major Canadian retailers I was at last week have removed BBOS handsets from their sales displays, so that will help.

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But have they got any bb10 handsets? There are very few carriers even selling bb10 so it's obvious the sales are going to be bad!

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It's all direct sales now to enterprise and government customers, the hardcore fans will find a way to buy them but most consumers already consider them extinct. BBOS is still selling to certain customers in developing nations thanks to data compression. If the plan was to make BBOS go away they should have included the important features from BBOS in BB10 instead of making what is basically another android device with a few things that look like BBOS and a lot of bugs.

Agreed im sick and tired of BlackBerry's shitty marketing and the shitty few that ppl have on us. Blow some money and try to bring ppl in, if it fails, the company folds. Who cares. I'm tired of this company not being successful and if the world doesn't want blackberry anymore then screw it, give up then. Go down trying by all means but i hate how conservative they're being.

All Chen cares about is making the company profitable again through enterprise and whatever else that no one cares about. Realistically they will never be better then iPhone and Android ever again and Chen even admitted that isn't his intention. I'm happy with BB10 and i love it, I'm just sick of other ppl not even knowing wtf BB10 is and just how ignorent and oblivious ppl are to the product

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BBRY is not going to spend 1 billion to do that, that would make them bankrupted in like no time.

They had to gave up to compete with iOS and Android, from now they only focus on the niche markets where they still have and edge, end of the story - no mass marketing for consumers, forget it.

Also thank god they didnt drop BBOS devices, it's the only thing that kept them alive with the big revenue coming in from BES and BIS subscriptions from BBOS.

Agreed!!!!! BB07 says...."we're just not sure BB10 is any good". If Blackberry doesn't have confidence in BB10 then who? Get rid of BB07!!!!!

True and while BIS is not important for some, in many developing countries it is still very much used.

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Had a bold 9900 and the 2 previous models. When the Q10 came out it was half backed and was inconvenient. But now with 10.2 it has many of the short cuts that bb07 had. I was one of those people......people that don't like change......they will love bb10 after a couple of weeks. The 10 is a beautiful phone.

You have to understand the structure of a business to understand the ills of your post. A company that makes bets on their existence as per your suggestion is irresponsible and believe it or not behaving illegally. Yes, illegally. They have a fiduciary responsibility to make decisions in ways favorable to the owners.

I love BlackBerry too but what you are saying simply is not feasible.

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1) - no. Making long term planning decisions, vs. short term sales does not violate their fiduciary obligation to shareholders.

2) Most likely not enough time with any new devices on any type of large market to make any dent in the free fall. And the end could grow 'neigher.

3) However,if BES, BBM and new Foxcon built devices have stopped the arterial bleeding and BBRY burned through less than $5M last quarter, the stock should rebound nicely maybe even to $10. The John Chen turnaround specialist stories will start to be written. Tech sites will look at OS 10.3 with fresh glasses and the media story will start to turn. But...first the results.

If they burned through less than $5M last quarter..

I assume you meant $0.5B or 500M? If they only burned $5M per day last quarter, it would be impressive!

It is a fact that BlackBerry has been MISSmanaged for a quite long time. But I wouldn't blame just CEO's. The main problem is Board of directors. I'm afraid that Board is hiring executives who aren't allowed to effectively market hardware, OS and other BBRY products.

No matter if the name of the CEO is Heins, Chen or Mickey Mouse, BBRY is simply NOT supposed to compete with Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung or HTC. At least in the consumer space. Because funds/investors owning substantial part of BlackBerry want so. Sad but true.

That's true, people are not going to drop iphones and android phones as they all have nice and free apps, which blackberry don't so this year is not good for blackberry and will struggle, I am sorry and have to say this it will fail.

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I agree. But, I'm not sure anyone should spend the billion in advertising before the new devices offer an exclusive feature or features that really benefit their core market. Right now, I love my Z30, but I have trouble explaining to people exactly what my Z30 does that their iOS or Android device can't do at least almost as well. With the large hardware/software ecosystems, support, and other advantages, BB10 is a tough sell right now... even with a billion in advertising.

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BlackBerry 10 offers an exclusive feature, its called HUB, PEEK and FLOW. Can these 3 be enough to convert the masses? Its hard to tell, because BBRY's marketing pretty much stinks.
But people that have used BB10 do get the WOW factor, something you will NOT get from an iPhone or a Android device.

BlackBerry needs to take the cash they have and stay acquiring cheap profitable companies and become a conglomerate.

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People are willing to change and start all over again. I have many friends and contacts that are pretty much frustrated with iOS, ever since they've had a taste of BB10. People are willing to change and start all over again.

There's software where you can pretty much import everything off your iPhone onto your BB10 device. To get people to change, BlackBerry needs creative marketing, something that they've lacked the most.

That would make things so much easier. Apple (and to a lesser extent Android) do a great job of making sure people don't leave. All of your photos, music and all that get synced and basically trapped by iCloud, many GBs worth. Also the fiasco with iMessage affecting future texts only makes the fear of leaving stronger. BlackBerry doesn't have a type of trap like that to convince people to stay. In fact, if I wanted to take everything off my BlackBerry and put it onto a competing handset tomorrow I could, quite easily. The process wouldn't be nearly as smooth for an iPhone, and I think that could have a lot to do with it.


A lot of people I know are tired of Apple now and intend to change when their contracts are up - unfortunately they are all planning to go to android. Nobody even considers blackberry as an option!

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True my feelings are the same sometimes forwards BlackBerry. I truly wish that things can only get better but, still the world have already predicted BlackBerry doom from all sides BlackBerry is under attack the berry is no longer sweet.

The man with executive ability wins always in business.

Agree. They need to bite the bullet and spend some serious cash advertising BB10. There is no other way. Raise the money somehow and do it. Or else there seems little chance.

Not now, let the new phones drop first, unleash Z3 LTE on prepaid and Shop BlackBerry! Followed by Windermere, Classic and flagship all-touch.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I was at my daughter's commencement this past May and I pulled out my Z10 to snap some pictures with the time shift mode. First off, people were surprised that BlackBerry still made phones, second they were also surprised that the phones that they did make were up to date, and then they were amazed at what you were able to do with the time shift mode. I may have converted a few people, but unfortunately I'll never know because I'll never see them again. So BlackBerry definitely needs to do some serious marketing, because word of mouth will only take them so far.

They are already with ecosystems that might not be there in 2 years because that describes every ecosystem.

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"I want to buy a BlackBerry in the future, not the same iPhone or Android Jane Smith and John Smith have."

So you want to buy a BB just to be different? Brilliant.

IMO this decline will continue for at least another year.
There is no apparent increase in profit centers.
1) Handset sales will be approximately level for the quarter.
No known developed market networks are promoting the handsets. Low cost handsets being sold in Indonesia will not bring immediate cash in.
2) BES are being given away for trials and should have no increase in cash flow.
3) The new heath and auto software incentives are still in trials with the providers.
4) Cash in hand will continue to decline due to the above, maybe 10%

On the other hand, the BB stock is up about 14% for the year, so, the players (mostly institutional stock holders) apparently feel there is a positive upside. Perhaps their idea is that there is a long range positive position.

Bad news and the stock goes down. I'm in the U.S. and have never seen a BB10 phone. Some people at my work have old BB7 phones. These are the less tech savy people. The more tech savy are getting Samsung S4 or S5 and some get iPhones. If you break it down without apps being natively in the BB store (android apps) you only have a small niche of people that can benifit greatly from the hub. Normal people don't need to check email all the time. When an email comes in I click the notification and I deal with it. I get only 3 or 4 times a day notifications on email and im's are in my notification shade so all in all BB10 maybe great for business but there must be something that is making business not select them. Either the apps they want aren't there or maybe it's easier to find a coders for iOS or Android or something. Currently I think normal people are out. They want apps. I would be shocked if BB didn't spend loose 500 million this quarter unless they just didn't produce any phones. We'll have to see.

While under ordinary circumstances the BB stock will go down on a poor showing, in this case the cause for alarm is known. The adjustments have already been made. There is no short range plan for the business to increase. The President already said that the gains will take until 2016.

Regarding the phones, BB will continue to introduce the high value phones into the future. IMO they will cut their losses on these new introductions when they have confidence in the new relationship with FoxConn. In the past BB took losses on unsold units; the FoxConn folk seem to want to take the risk. They know that there has been a steady shift away from short time replacements of high value, high price iP's. They need a replacement for their production.

While the BB10 units have lagged, there is a continued in interest in the BB7's, mostly the work horse 9900's. The main reason why the BB10 has not been a hit is that from a Enterprise standpoint, the IT's don't have a current need to upgrade their BES to BB10.

However, in the long range they will have an incentive to install BB10 when there is an established need for the broad range of integration that the newer BES provides.

I'm just stunned that the Q10 wasn't designed to Sheppard people who used BB7 phones. What I mean is if you look at how Apple went from iOS6 ot iOS7 they came out with a who new OS and even though it looked completely different it worked the same meaning within minutes you could figure it out. The Q10 being the next gen version of the true BB7 keyboard phone should have been programmed to work exactly like the BB7 devices except have a new look and many new features. I think the Q10 turned off a lot of BB7 users and I'm not sure where those users went but it doesn't seem like many of them kept the Q10 and probably returned it. I think BB10 esp on the Q10 was just like Windows 8 on the desktop. It was too different and people liked how it worked before but wanted to added some of the next gen features. I think BB really screwed themselves on the Q10. They should have came out first with the Q10 and it probably still should have had the direction ball or a direction pad for navigation.

I know for sure people are going to come here and complain that BB7 still outsells BB10. Get over it.

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Well at this point in it's life cycle, there's no reason why bb10 shouldn't be outselling BBOS phones.

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Wait for classic to come out, I think company's like the one I work for will upgrade.

Triple D's 4G on BB! 

Some in finance already upgraded to bb10, I hope the rest will follow . They better call classic BOLD 10 or something like that too. It would be foolish to kill it off after os7 .

Triple D's 4G on BB! 

BB7 is a mature, stable and proven platform.

BB10 is still a toddler, built by people who were handed a pile of Android & iPhones and told "build a BlackBerry out of these"... those same people had NEVER in their life used a BB7.

Imagine where we would be if the initial build team had used, or known about the BB7's and all their goodness.
A BB10 with a dock, keyboard shortcuts, smart enough to have holster profiles... this list could get long. really long.

Bring on the classic, let the healing begin.


Birdman, the reason we know the BB10 build team never used a BB07 device is because that's how it was reported in the Globe and Mail 6 months or so ago.

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Dude, really.....bbos is stable.....i admit I'm a huge BlackBerry fanboy...bbos almost made me jump ship...stable my ass, that thing hanged more than a sailors cock in a whorehouse, mature...more like over the hill, bbos should have been put to sleep years ago, I love Chen and he seems to really try, but you need some sort of advertising marketing in the least, they have the goods, but can they hang on until everyone else notices before they die out....they have to push bb10

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This. ^^^ The co-CEOs of RIM declared in 2009 that the BBOS was "long in the tooth" that it could not handle the requirements of a modern ecosystem. They were very concerned that the BBOS could not efficiently or effectively address more than 256 megs of memory. BBOS was built in the age of DOS. Hence RIM went out and bought QNX. And when they built a Tablet, they utilized the new OS and not BBOS. And then they built two more generations of phones based on BBOS before they ever brought the QNX platform (now called BB10) to handsets. I think you will find that Windows 98 is very stable at this point, it is also not going to sell in this marketplace.

I had a 9530, 9550, and a 9850 with OS 7.0/7.1. They were outdated and clunky at their release. The app ecosystem is essentially dead. No major apps are released on the platform and none are available like in BB10 through 3rd party app stores. App memory is limited to a max of 256 megs and is shared with the RAM requirements of the device.

This is true but BlackBerry is not alone on this. My wife has a new lumia 625 (Z3 not available in Canada) . This windows phone 8 OS is no different in its lack of maturity when I compare it to an old HTC windows phone I have not used in 6 years.

Despite their massive resources, Microsoft did a poor job with windows 8 even when compared to BlackBerry OS10 when it was first released to the consumer. Windows phone 8.1 release will still be behind the current BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

When compared to what Microsoft has done, I am happy with what BlackBerry has done but I would still like to see them return to a profitable business model.

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And that's the frustrating part of all this.
BB10 is an amazing OS/platform, but there isn't any buzz around it, come on even the great apple had to steal ideas from bb10 (yes I know they all steal from each other) but the last iteration from apple was to damn obvious
It would be a shame to lose such an amazing OS, simply because of poor management, because in the end that's what it comes down to...the product is solid and can go toe to toe with the best so there is no reason for it to be where it is, if not for management.
The mountain that Chen needs to climb is unfathomable, but this thing needs to get out there in hands of more people

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The problem currently is what are they going to advertise? The Z10 is over a year old and not sold in stores anymore. The Z30 has also been out for a while now. They absolutely need to get the word out, but they need a new product to push. People have already said no to the Z10 and Z30, hopefully something like the Z50 or whatever they call it will get the push it deserves. Nothing I have ever used matches the Z10 I currently have, they just need to get it right with the next one or just forget it. Who knows how long they can keep sliding along like this. They need to take a risk or stop getting all of our hopes up.


They might have said no to the Z10 but haven't even had a chance to see the Z30 let alone judge it. My last visit to the states people kept looking at me like I'm some of alien when the see my Z30.
When they see it they go like wooooooooow that's awesome......they don't know it exist...sadly this was in a sprint go figure they should know about phones

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yep ^^. Can anyone who has used BBOS ever picture a BBOS device with a non-removeable battery ala Z30?

That would be an absolute nightmare. I used to love my 9930, but after using my Z10 for over a year now I couldn't go back. I don't want to switch to an iPhone, so hopefully they have an upgrade for me come May of next year. I'll absolutely use it on a new BlackBerry if it exists.


Mature, stable, and proven platform? If by mature you mean ancient, stable you mean it can't go anywhere and do anything because it's so old and creaky, and proven because it's been around the block a few times, then you sir are right!

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A lot of features had to wait because of the lack of time. Classic is what will adress this.

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As an investor, that is also my thought. If john can convince people that the future of the company doesn't solely rest on phone sales, they stock price will be OK. I'm thinking that things will be in a 'vaporwear' stage until the services start to ramp up.

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It doesn't need to be good news... it must be better than the bad news that are expected. something like: not so bad news.

În the end it is all about the cash that they have at the end of the quarter, everybody knows that once the cash is gone, BlackBerry is done.
Chen just tries to slow down or stop the depletion of cash. If he can prove he is doing that, a new BlackBerry will rise!

Powered by BB

Fingers crossed that they are on the right track to profitability! BlackBerry long!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Hardware sale is declining.
BES10 (free) is doing great.
BlackBerry is just floating but that's better than sinking.

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It will interesting to read the number of Z3's sold. Hopefully they mention something regarding their medical industry plans.

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We all hope good news but good news will be not doing as bad as the other quarters, something that shows a trend to profit in the time Chen has established. Will we see black numbers this time? I guess not yet, but if the loses gap is smaller it will be good.

We're looking at stability at this point. They'll still lose money this quarter we just hope it less than before. Until their BES 12, classic and other new business ventures are out this fall there isn't much hope for growth. Z3 is just released and only in Indonesia so far.

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The only company that actually can sell android phones is samsung. LG and all those others barely have a dent in the market. In reality the battle should be samsung (galaxy) vs apple (iphone) vs windows (lumia) vs blackberry (bb10)

Not true. LG is starting to break through. Their G3 is getting rave reviews and is outselling the Samsung S5 so far. Not in total sales because it's still coming out in places but the amount they have sold in the same time period is what matters. LG is going put a dent in Samsung this year.

Also lets look at it this way. In the end EVERY PHONE is trying to sell against every other phone. Lets not kid ourselves that because BB has their own OS they are in a better position. If BB did have an Android phone what would make people buy it would be ....1. App ecosystem. 2. advertising. 3.advertising. 4. carrier buy in. 5. carrier buy in. 6.features that BB has made for their phone. This is what matters. This is what drives PROFIT.

It could work to switch but without money they either are programming / updating BB10 or killing it and moving to Android. I can't see BB having anything unique without them spending 6 months to a year designing their add on to Android that makes it a BB. I think the road already split in two directions and they took the wrong one. It's to late.

Numbers will suck but I hope that at least they announce something about 10.3 and new devices.

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Revenue stabilization or growth is key for this quarter. Have we hit bottom yet, I sure hope so.

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Yeah, I think so also. Cheap Z10's, steady Q10's, increasing awareness of Z30 and first wave of Z3 should move a little stock.

most carriers in Europe stopped distributing BlackBerry phones and services, sales in Indonesia also was disappointing.

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That is really the killer... the phones are not in stores. how can the sales ever turn around if there are no phones to see in the store?!?! The customer must dream them or something...

Powered by BB

I doubt there will be "good news". That being said, I expect the financial will be what John Chen has expected and will be in line with his goals.

...though hopefully, the numbers (especially the phone sales!) will be up.

Posted with no typos using the Q10

They haven't released anything in so long. Plus the z30 wasn't even marketed at all. I see bad news coming

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"But there was only 25000 units" => ... of the Jakarta edition; not the regular Z3. Let's wait for the figures, if any.

Right. Chen doesn't seem to share Thor's commitment to competing in the device arena, at all. I mean, it's not a question of poor execution this time, but whether our CEO wants to play at all. Although, he says he does... for now. The other areas he seems to love are far more of a crapshoot than devices, too. And his take on BlackBerry owning enterprise is just factually incorrect, maybe a straight out lie.

Yet, the guy is universally loved on CrackBerry because he gives Kevin access and tells him what he wants to hear. Kind of sad, really.

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The fact that..BlackBerry has been playing catch up for quite sometime to actually compete with need to take a big leap forward..for which you need a good cash reserve... Now what Chen is trying to do is..he is changing the game! And that's definitely better than going bankrupt trying to compete!

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How is he actually changing the game???if you don't innovate and compete as a tech company you die.

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Thursday 19th of June is a very good sign, since it leaves the people time to buy BBRY Shares on the following Friday, assuming the numbers will turn out to be good or at least quite promising. Otherwise BlackBerry would have announced this event for Friday 20th..
Got the message?

Good, Better, BlackBerry Z30

There is nothing to worry about; John Chen said lately that BlackBerry chance for survival is 80/20. So from the next quarter on, it will be improved every quarter there after. Repeat, John Chen said chance of surviving is 80/20 now.

No. They need about 5 billion more $$. They need a do over and jump back in time about 3 years. This is if they care about being a phone maker. Without either of the two things above I just can't see BB being in the phone business at least with high end phones.

I'll be ADDING Android to my pocket next week.
I've had Android on my desk and night table for four months. I can't say I'm sorry, but I will keep my Z.
I will still be able to swap phones when I feel the need for a smaller device.

I said this from day 1. BBOS is leaving a bad taste in people's mouths. BlackBerry should have ended support of it and commenced a trade in program. A destroyed reputation is difficult to recover. And BBOS has spoilt it. After so long people are still telling me the spinning clock and slow browser of the phone. Even judging BB10 based on it.

Posted via CB10

BBOS is what has kept the company alive the last 12 months...

Or would you shoot yourself in your leg???

From a perception point of view you may all be right, but from an earnings point of view they would've gone bankrupt by now...

The problem was not BB10 in itself but the first release of BES10 lacking to many functions and support for both BBOS and BB10 on one server installation...

Ferrari ZetaTrenta - STA100-2

Yes, but BBOS hurts the brand a lot. At my work place you see a lot of people really annoyed at the company issued BBOS phones because they are crap. Keeping BBOS phones may keep you afloar now, but will hurt the brand in the long run

It won't be good. I've been trying to help this company but they don't want my money. AT&T doesn't offer Z30 and I'm not going through to buy when the radio won't allow me to consistently get LTE. This is the longest time I've ever been with the same phone. I'm surely not going to drop $2000 on 4 Z30's 9 months after its been released. I'll keep banging on my Z10 in the meantime.

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Until the Cdn and USA fed govs start approving and distributing BB10 devices sales are going to stay low.

Once they start using them then sales should increase.

Currently these governments only use bb07 devices. Maybe BlackBerry should stop selling bb07 devices to FORCE the government's to implement BB10 asap.

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This won't work anymore. In the past BB sold very well to consumers because they could do (basic) stuff no other phone could do. Today this is not the case anymore.

They should just focus on the enterprise, cause BB is dead in the consumer market.

I have no idea how device sales will be for the quarter and I can't even guess. What I'm interested in seeing is if the cash burn is slowing and the overhead costs are more in line with revenues. If Chen has done his work properly then the bottom line should be improving. That's what is important at this point. And I'll be interested to see the service numbers i.e the number of BES licences installed. This is what is important to BlackBerry right now, not the consumer market (though they still need to sell phones). If all this works and stocks begin to rise then people start believing in the company again and it's long term fortunes will improve. So less cash burn and smaller losses per share are what matter most to me from this earnings report.

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Thank you. An intelligent post in this thread. People clamoring for big cash to be spent on consumer marketing don't understand where this company is headed

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

BlackBerry needs to create a unified desktop management system that is called BlackBerry Unity.

This would not discriminate against legacy devices and would actually help people to switch more easily from BBOS7 to BB10.

Then you would see those numbers go up.

While there is two different device management systems there will always be this problem.

The design language is very dated. A company of BlackBerry's stature. There is an urgent need to revamp the look and feel of the devices.

I for one have been advocating a design refresh. Use the just the BlackBerry symbol to the power of 10 in the start up sequence and on the back cover... that's it.

Save a fortune on lettering. Save it for the packaging.

You can have the best operating system on the planet, but it is no good if the look of the designs are stuck in 2004.

HTC is the one company that has got the design language just right (not bad for a struggling company) .

Those product design department have had it too easy. Time to whip them into shape. I would 'ride their ass like Zorro ' until they come up with designs that will give the brand the WOW factor.

When someone pulls out their BlackBerry I want the consumer to do a double take and shout 'WTF '!!!!? Is that a BlackBerry? WOW!!! I'm getting one of those!!!

BlackBerry is becoming a technology myth. Product design and execution have been it's weaknesses . Time to turn them into strengths.

I understand that focusing solely on Enterprise is necessary because it is BlackBerry's 'Bread and butter ', but to ignore the consumer market is a dangerous gamble.

What will be the point of re entering the consumer market when there might not be a market for BlackBerry. You HAVE to stay RELEVANT!!!!

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!!

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Even though Chen has neglected the consumer market, I think he's doing a pretty good job in the enterprise side of things. For example, QNX is becoming better and more well known than it was when Heins was around. I think that Heins dicked BlackBerry over, and now Chen has to clean it up.

Because the previous success of BB in the consumer market was when they could do (basic) stuff that no other phone could. That is no longer the case. BB for now is dead in the consumer market.

Hope all goes well for Blackberry! Best OS out there but most of the kids using Apple can't commit... too bad

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With the huge staff cutbacks and cost cuts they should have right sized things and stop the bleeding. Once the BlackBerry classic is available os7 users can comfortably switch over. It may take a few more quarters but things should start to level out - as soon as they stop bleeding the stock climbs back up and the shorts will be forced to cover causing the price to spike.

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My dream to hope for this quarter is to see :

A). Cash burn slow down
B). Service revenus had stabilize
C). John Chen annonce another joint venture or a M&A.

It will be Redberry Day, however not as bad. The key to running any business is expenses have to be less than revenue. Only then you make a profit....even if it's $1.00. That is what will turn heads. A profitable company has a future. I run a business and that is the only solution! Confidence in its future is what everyone needs to hear!

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I wonder if Kevin and Crew are going to do another podcast. The one they did for the last earnings report was kind of a bummer...

I love those podcast. It's the only time they do one anymore. Remember when they were weekly? This site is going the way of their WebOS site. I wonder what if WebOS was bought by BB what would have happend? WebOS powered by BB. Palm was to to HP in 2010! Another path BB could have went.

Good thing I went through the comments because I was going to ask the same thing. This is an Umi article, but I guess since this is just an announcement and not actual analysis, anybody could have done it.

Wonder when they have to start making payments on the 1.25 Billion they borrowed? It's never mentioned, most still say "Blackberry is debt free"

Device sales will be terrible in U S. Not as bad on Asia. Spending will be much reduced. MDM in industry will show some promise. Overall cash will be not falling like it was last quarter.

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Are they expecting a tax refund from some of the previous right downs?
There was 500 million due this August from a September right down, which they had asked to receive earlier.

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My bet is that the bottom line number will be actually not bad, we'll get an initial bounce in the share price, but the handset volume will be lower than last Q, which will eventually lead to an overall decline in the share price. I'm saying this because of the extent to which Chen has telegraphed that they are ahead of schedule return to profitability wise, but he has concurrently consistently downplayed the importance of device sales as the key metric to watch...

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They can count on me being a BlackBerry OS10 fan for a while. Most of my close friends want one now that they've seen mine and how it works. A few already bought one. It almost hurts me navigating through my mother's Moto-G with Kit Kat and my girlfriend's Windows 8 HTC. Navigating through iOS is more pain than it's worth. I'm really looking forward to the BlackBerry Classic and Windermere. Got to check those puppies out.

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I expect a better quarter compared to the previous. I expect slightly better device sales. I estimate 2.5M BB10 devices and 3M BB7 devices. BES10 adoption increase, cash balance of at least $2.5-$2.8B and so on. And I would expect to be ahead of schedule for Profit.

BlackBerry is not going anywhere, they are here for business and will continue to strive as a new company. Its not all about devices anymore, its about 1) Enterprise, 2) QNX, 3) Devices, 4) BBM.

The Quarter to look out for will be the next one after this one, with the introduction of the Z3 in more markets.

Let me help some people here.. I work for ATT in a store as a consultant. I have chosen to use a z10 for a work phone cause I love it! My first blackberry and I think it's legit! But... when you have people who want an easy phone to use with all the apps it's not a matter of what I like, but what meets their needs. explaining to a customer how to side load snap should be needed if they want Instagram. Most don't care about BBM or privacy. Even corporate blackberry users get iPhone for their personal devices. For blackberry to succeed they HAVE TO HAVE APPS. And more importantly be able to access them easily.

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Went to 3 verizon stores to try and pick up a new phone, nobody carry's them in the store. I needed it that day so had to get another option.

I can't wait 2-3 days to order a phone online

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I think they will be at break even point now, quarter after that maybe also break even or slightly into profits

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

Blackberry so going to do amazing. They've pushed hard when times are tough. They haven't given up and they deserve a big win and I know they'll show just that on the 19th. GO BLACKBERRY !!!!!!!

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My bet is revenue will be terrible and cost cutting may be ahead of schedule everything is geared towards the last quarter of 2014. New devices,bes12 and probably some release of bbm as well as10.3 OS that's the big gambit. Its why the full touch device hasn't been announced because if all this fails the handset business goes away. Let's hope cooler heads prevail.

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I think Chen's focus is on the enterprise period. The phones that he will be pushing will be for the enterprise, some high end devices and a lot of Z3s for Asia, Africa, Mexico, Central and South America. He hasn't exited North America and Europe consumer markets, it just a high priority.

Can't really blame him. The US consumer market is android and Apple all the time. Why overspend there when you market to the places where you still are the dominant player.

I expect as many have said, they will spend the majority of the call discussing what they are doing in the enterprise and what they are doing with qnx. The phone numbers will be only mentioned in passing.

What doesn't help is that most carrier stores I go into don't even have a blackberry 10 Display. How are people going to know if they like the new Blackberry 10s if they can't play with or see it?

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Advertise what? They have no phones for sale here in the US. 10.3 better offer something unique and compelling. Otherwise it's more of same: catch up and no unique value proposition for consumers. You have to give folks a reason to migrate to your product or brand. BlackBerry's salvation lies in services with tied hardware. Not the other way around. We need to see major orgs like the DOD signing on to Bes 12 with BlackBerry handsets. This will go a long way at instilling faith in a brand that many believe dead

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I think Amazon is launching their smartphone on that day, or the 18th, hopefully it will steer the attention away from the earning results.

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Yes, BlackBerry has to market. That's a given. This is completely different situation now though. Mr. Chen has made his plans clear and so far, he has followed them to a tee. If he continues to follow them, you will see a huge marketing push when 10.3 hits. Marketing 10.2 and the devices that failed to gain traction wouldn't make sense. Actually, it's a death sentence.
Through Mr. Chen's actions, he has given BlackBerry a chance to breath and refocus. By the time 10.3 hits, there will be a full six months of positive headlines under the companies belt. (QNX/ BBM/ BES12 etc.) By then, people should be at least willing to take a look at the new high end devices at launch. They certainly wouldn't right now. Part of this strategy is changing perception. It's not something you can just do over night. This whole process is deeply thought out and so far, Mr. Chen is on a better track than most could have imagined.


Funny to read that in the US they have no phones to sell and in Europe no media to sell in the app world. Other competitors are selling prepaid 25€ coupons for their iTunes or Appstore...directly into grocery stores...

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I don't expect good news. BlackBerry is in big hole:

-nobody is buying bb10.....wait lest confuse the market selling old bb curves that we are not improving anymore ....

-not enough native apps for bb10......wait let's discourage native developers by allowing android apps that do not work as good on bb10.

-no gadgets for bb10 (smartwatches, home automation, car starters, etc).......wait that's a fad and it will go away soon.

Seriously, I don't see how marketing will solve these problems. Even if we address above issues, the phones are that far ahead of the competition to make a difference.

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BB10 is awesome but I think they don't have much money for advertising & marketing. Many people don't know how wonderful the BB10 is.

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Too stressed-out to even comment.

Sick of these ER's that make me wake up the morning of the announcement with my bed sheets stuck in my keister while hugging my pillow.

Today I saw a Q10 in the wild. LA area

Visit GTR Lifestyle @ [URL="bbmc:C001247FA"]C001247FA[/URL]

I can view it from my blackberry playbook. Awesomesause!

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Am I missing something? Why has Blackberry not made ALL its devices available for direct order off their website and offer free shipping anywhere in the world? Surely the savings of not having to pay carriers commission fees and such would be more profitable and then anyone and everyone who wanted a Blackberry could easily get one.

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How can a company with little to none marketing and not the slightest idea how to promote and sell products ( making money) survive?

RedBerry Z10 #00167  OS10.2.1.3175

Well we are used to bad news, no big deal.

But I think blackberry has to stop the BBOS support at some point in time and completely renew the image with BB10.

They could make a huge advertising campaign for stopping BBOS and urging people to step up to BB10.

Or exchange schemes, discount it if people surrender an old BBOS device and upgrade to a BB10.

And give the same trackpad or full touch device whichever they prefer.

I dont know but I feel BlackBerry classic will be a great hit.

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Im not sure what should blackberry do to turn things around. I think that people are willing to switch from their android and iphone phones.the main problem is that in europe maybe excluding UK nobody knows that blackberry still exists and has new OS. But people actually like once I show them.even my sister which is hardcore iphone user owning iphone,ipad and mac likes it. Her boyfriend also and he would be willing to switch from iPhone due to features iphone lacks. (something about car connectivity,dont really remember). So the thing is what to do with cash blackberry has. Save it a die slowly because im convinced purely enterprise focus is not a way. Or to spend money for marketing which is horrible and like I said people don't know that blackberry exists so obviously nobody buys it. Or to spend money and make bb10 better and hardware better or unique in some way so blackberry could differentiate from the others because right now it really cant. Make a better camera and add new unique features. BlackBerry is a tech company so they should spend their money in R&D rather than marketing.

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Let's just raise our expectations to a reasonable level and see how BlackBerry performed in their new strategy. Main topics to follow are IMHO :
- BES sales (EZ pass program has now reached the 1 million CALs mark) and revenues (give me a margin ratio !)
- QNX division perspectives; present (automotive, industry) and future (IoT, project ION)
- CORE (and follow-up) execution + Foxconn partnership ("in real life") => operational costs reduction weight
- EPS and available cash (incl. Fairfax debenture "news")
If those topics lead in the right direction, I'll be a happy camper. And we may see the SP poping
And, oh, yes, Z3 sales ... but for the record only.

Let's just confirm the EPS will go positive by the end of the fiscal year ... and we might see a bigger pop.
[discl: I owe share and I don't suggest you buy nor sell: do your homework !]

I support you, BB10. Hang on to your last breath till everyone know you are the best OS.

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I think the results will show us much more BB10 handsets sold then previous quarter. Price drops will have effect. In Romania price drop heavily, especialy on Z10. For many weeks Z10 was hard to be found. Now Z10 is cheaper than 9810.

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Well I have recently brought a BB Q10 and absolutely loving it!! Also I agree with most of the people here BB10 OS is in many ways an excellent product better than the most competitors but BBRY need to pull up their socks and improve the marketing which I find most vaunting especially here in India.There are virtually no 'ads' in any media whatsoever of BB10 products.Also, I am not very sure what John chen's strategies are w.r.t handsets.In a recent interview he spelled out that the market should tell him about the future of handset Biz & he is not emotionally attached to it This I feel is not correct thing to do many people are still willing to buy BB devices like Z10( Key board devices are for aficionado's like me!) Products like BB devices come packaged with a lot of emotional fervor. Out here in India BBindia simply does not make effort to market Z10 & Z30 even though the demand is pretty much there.All said and done lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best

I would expect to see stability setting in; some real signs of growth in BlackBerry 10 albeit small compared to the competition, and continued cautious optimism. Still have faith BlackBerry will kick into high-gear but they're not quite there yet.

Overall: the company is no longer on death-row.

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BB 10.2 is the best smartphone OS on the market. BB 10 phones have Peek, Hub, and Flow, a time shift camera, and are easier to use and all around more slick than other smart phones.

The issue is one of public perception. People don't even know that BlackBerry even makes new smart phones, much less superior ones.

Mr. Chen, hire the best marketing guy in the business, and after 90 days let him name his own salary.

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My prediction: Revenues will be down. Units shipped will be down. Units sold through will be down. Operating expenses will be down (and gross margins will be up). BBM total users will be up. BBM active users will be down. QNX revenues will be flat. Service revenues will be flat or down. Cash flow from continuing operations will be a significant bleed. They will book a large tax refund (or project a large tax refund) that will make cash flows look far better than they are. Chen will be upbeat. The stock will pop 5-10% on Thursday and then give back 15-20% over the following week. Bottom line: it is still way too soon to predict success.

BB 7 and older smartphones are gradually sliding in sales to end users as under :

2013 Sep Qtr - 4.8m
2013 Dec Qtr - 3.2m
2014 Mar Qtr - 2.3m

But BB 10 smartphones are steady in quarterly sales of 1.1m since launch !

I am confident we are on the cusp. So BB 10 will outsell BB 7 smartphones for the first time ever. Also, new BES 10 installations will remain steady at 5k per quarter (total 40k).

I think that there will be a small amount of improvement in the numbers.


I may not be BlackBerry's ceo but any dumb dumb can figure that on out!


BB didn't fall overnight and it want come back overnight...people love android and ios so they aren't going to leave and come to blackberry in takes a few successful handsets to start changing folks mind set...for example HTC last 2 hand sets m7&m8 have been 2 of the best android phones ever made but still Samsung is king but people are now slowly giving HTC a look...Blackberry has to think long term we aren't going to wake up at the end of the year and everyone has left ios android in groves people tend to stick with the devil they know...the only chance Blackberry has is to make great hand sets and sell them at really lower prices than ios and android...because if you have $700 blackberry $700 iPhone $700 android folks aren't going to take a leap of faith to blackberry they will stick with the devil they know...

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Results won't be good. People aren't gonna buy 18month old z10 or q10, old z30.

Android has HTC m8 and s5 out recently

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I don't think things will change over night. I travel lot from east to west I can say almost everyone has samsung Iphone less. Nobody with blackberry really almost no one luck of advertising maybe almost no one knows Z30. For many blackberry does not exist anymore !

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Implementation in the corporate world is slow. Remember how long it took for a new version of Windows to be approved and distributed. I.T. people need to know how the software is going to work, where are the weaknesses/exposures. ATM's still run on software so out of date it's pathetic. Adoption of a new system will mean adoption of it's corresponding hardware. Yes, it will take time. The question is does Blackberry have that much time?

I don't know... I'm loyal to blackberry, but here in Argentina all BlackBerry users are moving to android. There are no intermediate choices, or a very expensive Z10, or an old fashioned os7...
Matías from Z10

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BlackBerry will show better results this time. BlackBerry 10 devices sales will definitely show good numbers unlike the last quarter.

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I'm visiting Los Angeles from venezuela, and i dont see any blackberry device in Verizon, t-mobile MetroPCs and any other mobile Store. :-(

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Hub is great, and BBM is great but as events have shown features in the tech space can easily be reversed engineered and stolen. What can't be stolen is mission. Google's mission is to be skynet, and put its handsets as surveillance devices in the hands of as many people as possible. The people become the product. Blackberry is never going to recover its footing trying to gain handset marketshare against a company that sees them as a loss leader for the data they provide based on easily duplicated features.

Instead, get Edward Snowden as your spokesman, make a series of television ads, one of which launches and is seen with the Super Bowl and sell Blackberry security. Keep the features up to date, but sell security.

"A serious phone, for serious people."

Let me put it this way, Apple is going to give a 7 for 1 stock split on Friday making its stock more affordable. Google should be doing the same. BlackBerry can't get to 8 bucks. I'm a Q10 user and a personal investor - outside of the retirement funds...but at some point I have to stare reality in its ugly face. I really don't know what we can do folks. I will always have a spot in my heart for BlackBerry. A fanboy for sure. If BlackBerry can survive, I hope it continues to make handsets.

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3.4 million devices sold, of which 2.3 million were BB7 devices. That's 68% of devices sold were still the old OS. Something's definately wrong with that picture. You don't see Samsung selling the Galaxy S1 alongside the new S5 and having the S1 outsell the S5 by a margin like that. BB really needs to get new BB10 devices out there that offer a user experience like a BB7 handset, at a similar price point, to get everyone over to the new OS.

I didn't much of an issue because my Tour was so outdated that the Q10 without a belt was still one thousand times better than what I had.

That is not the case with people who were and are using the last of the bb7 devices. For them not having the belt and the keyboard shortcuts was a deal breaker.

But even in my case with the upgraded os I rarely peek and flow anymore to get to my hub. I just hit the hub icon. I think this is what Chen was talking about with the learning curve and why the next iteration will have a home icon.

I think a belt for the die hard bb7 holdouts and more intuitive os for the rest of us will help make the new os the preferred option for BlackBerry users.

Having said that BlackBerry is not going to supplant iOS or android. It has a fighting chance to win market share from windows.

But everybody should realize high-end phones form BlackBerry will not be sold as consumer phones in the US market. These phones will be for the enterprise and those individuals who value quality secure communication devices.

I think once we realize that we will understand that success for BlackBerry will be most of their consumer hand-sets being sold in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. The European, American and Canadian market will be sales to businesses.

In this scenario BlackBerry will thrive with hand-set sales of less ten million annually which in the good old days before the iPhones was considered a blowout year.

I was curious about the Thursday release. It didn't seem to make sense. I read other financial posts regarding IPO's of Mobile Iron. Mobile Iron is starting it's IPO on the Wednesday night, before BB announces it's results. Since Mobile Iron wants to be a player in the MDM,M2M and "Internet of Things", it makes sense. I feel Chen will show the Enterprise growth he has been working on has done well. Now comparing the two, who do you think is going to have a few more dollars in the bank? I am in NO way a financial person. Just drawing a conclusion.