BlackBerry services still down EMEA, North America, elsewhere... [updated]

By DJ Reyes on 11 Oct 2011 10:05 am EDT

Bold 9900 sleeping 

Another Update: You can stay on top of official service updates from RIM/BlackBerry here. The latest from RIM is as follows: 

Wednesday 12th October - 9:45 (GMT-5) BlackBerry subscribers in the Americas may be experiencing intermittent service delays this morning. We are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and we apologize to our customers for any inconvenience. We will provide a further update as soon as more information is available.  

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Update [7:30am ET] from Kevin: Well this just SUCKS. Apparently things are getting worse before they get better. Waking up in Canada this morning my BlackBerry services are still down (lost service last night). No updated message from RIM yet on on what's going on. Looking at some tweets from BES Admin friends, we're hearing as of two hours ago that "Limited service expected for at least another 8 hours for BIS and BES Email, no word on BBM, BISB and Push API." Hopefully we'll get an update from RIM this morning and things will be back to normal SOON.

Update [Wednesday night] Canada / Mexico / US and more are now starting to report slow / delayed BBM messages.

Update [4:42p EST]: While services seem to still be down, RIM had this to say on their Facebook page:

The messaging and browsing delays being experienced by BlackBerry users in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Brazil, Chile and Argentina were caused by a core switch failure within RIM's infrastructure. Although the system is designed to failover to a back-up switch, the failover did not function as previously tested. As a result, a large backlog of data was generated, and we are now working to clear that backlog and restore normal service as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we will continue to keep you informed. 

Following yesterday's crippling outage in Europe, Middle East and Africa, it seems that the BlackBerry Internet Service may be down again. Although service did resume late last night, there have been signs that the service is down again already today. I for one have not received any emails on my BlackBerry in the past few hours and BBM messages are not going through at this time either.

Are you in the EMEA region and currently having BIS problems yet again? Hit us up in the comments and let us know where you stand. Hopefully today's outage will not last as long as yesterday's one -- we'll be sure to keep you updated if we find out more. 

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BlackBerry services still down EMEA, North America, elsewhere... [updated]



UAE BBM down for 3 days, emails only comming every 4 to 5 hours with massive delays...............................................thinking......................Iphone 4S??????

Has anyone noticed that here in the US noticed that their has been no real reporting of the outage? I mean RIM is a major company and I have heard nothing, not even from CNet which is very unsettling to me. I just have to wonder if Rim was hacked. But if so you would think that someone unofficial would have said something by now which makes me think this is more than what it seems. I dont know.

Most of the US news locations haven't heard that there is an outage - their BBs won't relay the message.

Cape Town South Africa down and out since yesterday morning 10am GMT. Intermittently receive an email or BBM but cannot respond or even use what;s app as an alternative.....all data servcies it seems grrrrr

Maybe a hard upgrade to BBX software or an hackers attack after giving access to encrypted data to uk police?

I have had one email get through whick i sent as a test, this is odd though as it hasnt been sent from my handset yet.

I think things are slowly gettin through the network but it is no good, Have even offered some space in our data centre for future resilience. :)

CANT HANDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIS down in South Africa ever since Monday 10th October 2011!!!!!
BB Better work & work hard to get this sorted! *life without my bb SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Some of you are retarded, All of you saying "loyal to the end" need to have your heads checked. We are not in the year 1912 and there is really no need to go down with your ship especially when you're the ones paying for the service.

It's not great and yes a lot of people are considering alternatives which is expected, I am now in category.

Considering that RIM prides itself on their business like infrastructure and serious approach as opposed to Android and Apples that are 'just toys'. The lack of honesty and contact with their core users is astounding.

its a personal preference who people are loyal too.... in this day and age not many are loyal to anything.....everyone saying they are switching to an iphone/android, if they have a outage are you going to switch again??????? let people switch it is there preference, also let people be loyal they are paying there own money its their choice

when your car breaksdown do you go out an switch manufacturer?

I swore I would never do drugs or become addicted to anything.... Thanks RIM for making me a liar, I can't put this bitch down lol

With regards to communication, surely its down to the individual network providers to communicate with their customers? RIM have never provided support DIRECT to users - they always refer such enquiries to the network provider. SO, shouldn't Orange / Vodafone et al be badgering RIM for updates then passing them on to us?



I think RIM / Blackberry should have information regarding the matter on their website hompage. Sure its bloody awful for marketing but at this stage its about keeping your customers surely.

Correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I'm aware the Android and IOS platforms dont depend on infrastructure servers like BES / BIS which means their users would never find themselves in the same situation as all of us?

With outages spreading across the pond, it seems we've all been spun a load of bs from Rim about a backup switch failing. No word on the status of how long to expect the problems to continue is dreadful pr from RIM. Makes you question whether they value or deserve loyal customers.

I'm on Rogers in Ontario. E-mail took a REALLY long time to get from my Bold 9900 to my work account - on the phone it shows as still waiting even though it came through. I'm noticing the battery drain as well. Things that don't go through RIM seem to work fine - I'm assuming that WeatherEye (from The Weather Network) doesn't use RIM's infrastructure.

Im in Orlando, florida, with t-mo. Everything is ok here. Me and wife bbming each other with no lag. Internet is doing good.

with Koodo...same issue since last night. i am starting to get real tired of issues with blackberry (other than service outages) one more time and i am out i'm afraid....trying to keep hope alive. shame i got way too many devices and a playbook lol

while RIM is once again trying to figure out this massive outage, I'll be calling Rogers to check my eligibility for an iPhone 4S! iMessage is here people! 3 outages for RIM within the past 5 weeks over here? It's unfortunate because I love supporting Canadian products.

still no BB connect in my country. Will have to start looking for alternatives if this doesn't get resolved until tomorrow at the latest...can't afford to not being connected any longer, it begints to hurt my business....

Annoying: no communication from RIM.

Scary: a switch failure CANNOT be the (only) reason for such an outage. Looks more like a severe SW problem, or a hack attack !?!?

In SW Ontario and I have no native browser, BBM or Twitter but Opera mini works, and text so, really, my BB still does what I need/want.

London: Wow just received an email on my bold as I type this from my work pc!

Dedicated BB fan here so I'm gonna put a positive twist on this debacle - this is all part of BBs marketing master plan (no such thing as bad publicity - yeah right) to put the focus of the whole world on BB before they launch something spectacular at upcoming DevCon. Anyone remember DevCon... no thought not, anyone buying this marketing spiel... no thought not.

It appears to be spreading. Email down in Rhode Island and intermittent in Ohio. I think Jaguar is to blame.


Lagos Nigeria still down, this is an emerging market for RIM, no other service works as well so RIM will not lose any customers over this......

A few emails have come through on Orange UK, but the service now seems to have dropped out again. An honest update from Rim would be helpful at this stage, seeing as we are now on day three of the outage.

no bbm, no email but i could browse the internet and use the bridge for my playbook.. so far its been on and off for bbm and email well mostly off.. im on t-mobile US and yes i wont switch to any other devices out there, i got so much love for my new bold 9900 n knowing that 7.1 is coming out (crossing my finger) i love it even more.. so yall blackberry haters out there.. GET UR OWN WEBSITE instead of trashing crackberry.. !!!

Been down here Rogers Canada since last night around 8pm local time. A few bbms came through but couldn't send any. Let's see how long this takes

agreed that loyalty is personal choice. i hate bashing as all platforms have issues BUT being pretty loyal over the years, lackluster devices, aged OS etc etc there are other choices rather than BBM to keep people. thank god i am not in contract and will get unlocked iphone or android if i switch back to use on koodo. such a let down RIM. will give one more chance and see what the newest updates come thru this month. if nothing special than adios!

The unfortunate thing is most of us are trapped by the service provider into extremely long contracts. "Our" Service Providers should act on our behalf and push RIM. I have been with Telus for 10 years and RIM for 5. I will continue with Telus if they serve me well, regardless of platform. Perhaps Telus/Rogers/Verison etc can use their considerable weight to push for resolution. Android/Iphone looking very attractive right now. My only tie to BB was reliability, quality of phone call quality and battery life. So other then Battery life......

My opinion albeit an Optimistic one is that BB is selling and working so much that the servers went down. I know lame and wishful thinking but what other explanation can you think omf? A human error or server problems are a bit unlikely due to all the backups they would have. Just a thought

this is bordering on ridiculous, as a RIM shareholder and BB user (PB too), I am apalled by RIM's lack of customer service, I understand there can be service disruptions beyond their control but to keep its customers in the dark is simply unacceptable. This may be the last straw for Mike and Jim, I think I will be heading up to Waterloo this July for the AGM enough is enough.

Been receiving emails to my work account from o2 UK approx every hour since this started, this is the latest one.


Following our previous emails about the Blackberry Service we have been advised by RIM that they are still investigating the issue with their engineers. The service remains severely degraded at this time, there is currently no estimated fix time for when service will start to recover. Regular conference calls are currently ongoing.

Sorry for any trouble we’ve caused you.

Kind regards
The O2 Incident Analysis Team

Email and BBM down in Toronto. BBM has sucked lately. If not down it's slow. I'll be switching to Iphone 4S. Don't need this constant bullshit with RIM.

KEVIN, You are 2 days behind us here in Europe. Imagine another 2 days without sevice that does suck not just a few hours! This is getting so crazy, HOWEVER it will make RIM stronger as they will have to learn from their mistakes and will make them stronger once have a fix. Will I be jumping ship......NO BLOODY WAY I JUST LOVE MY BB AND PLAYBOOK...........

this damages their reputation big time, the one thing Blackberry is(was) best for is reliability, you can't say that anymore.

Your loss. But thankfully for you there are rock-solid alternatives like the HP TouchPad that doesn't get discontinued or the Apple iPad with MobileMe that never goes down. Ever.

Get real. If you don't want a PlayBook so be it, but to base your decision (which I don't really believe is anything more than hot air anyway) on a service outage is absurd.

Little bit of a difference there.

1.) Don't recall a time where MobileMe outages were measured in days.

2.) When you have an iPad you aren't locked into to using MobileMe like you are with a BB and having to use BIS/BES.

I don't think a lot of people are talking jumping ship based solely on this (pretty significant) service outage. Most of the talk is just the culmination of the negative slope RIM has been on for some time now. The service outage (for some) is just the tipping point.

On the joking side: RIM responds to the Apple i4S announcement by blowing a fuse - literally.

One of the biggest advantages for RIM is their push services and infrastructure. It's also their Achilles heal. It doesn't go down very often, but when it does, it usually makes headlines. The fact that it has been out for days and hasn't hit major headlines tell me that most news locations still use BlackBerry - they just haven't received the message yet.

I think if this continues then RIM will have to come to a deal with the carriers to do a freebie re data charges to win back those who have a bitter taste in their mouths.............give someone something for free and they feel compeled to accept and be loyale to the cause, FACT! .it's a marketing ploy that just works..the answer lies only with you RIM my still very good old friend. XXXX

I think a better option is to give people some credit in app world. This way people will purchase something they might not have in the past. The user wins, the developer wins and RIM saves some face.

I second that option. First RIM needs to actually acknowledge that they have a problem. Many times with them the silence is deafening. A BBM message (once they're up again) to users who have been down, with link to a $5 App World app or game (appropriate to the users phone) would be a nice gesture and would get RIM some positive press. When Sony went down they sent me a link to download 2 free games on PS3. I don't even play games but I thought it was a decent gesture.

15.37 PM The Netherlands

Still no BB service. Received some mail again, unfortunatly old mails, so no news ;-)

Things are as they are. Hope BB will resolve issues soon and we wille regain our 'freedom'

virgin mobile in toronto - no email, bbm, newsfeed, twitter, facebook.. native browser works fine though... how can a company be this brilliant and so stupid at the same time?

Thats it i have defended blackberry for the last time....I am keeping my playbook tablet but getting rid of blackberry phone and moving to android. This terrible service from blackberry is affecting my business and I can't have that. They are down too often and the technology is always lagging behind others....I am gone

RIM just lost a business customer that was with them for 8 years!

Today is a THIRD DAYS i'm having a problems with my BB.. NO BBM, NO MAILS... NO YM... NO FB.. NO TWITTER... NO GPS... NO.. NO.... NO... & NOOOOO... here in Doha, QATAR. (GCC)



My operator just offered 10% discount on monthly rental to all BB users :D. There is always a silver lightening in the dark clouds :)

Nothing brings the community together than an outage when we can all compare what services are down and where

Dominican Republic is down as well. In here lies the problem with such centralization. All our services are screwed by the NOC. A regular smartphone has separate services that work with any connection and not relying on one central system. Basically this outage turns our BBs into one of them old nokias, make and receive calls.

As of late last night, in Eastern Canada, BBM servers only receive messages but are not delivering them. There must be a huge backlog at this moment. No big deal, we still have email in our desktops don't we?

Proximus in Belgium DOwn since Monday noon CET. They only started informing customers, through a phone message if and only when one called helpdesk. No assistance, no word of cause just that you may experience problems...
As usual Proximus is the one who doesn't care for its customers!

Could the current MAJOR problems with BIS/BES be a result of a security breach/hack of the RIM network? Could this be why we are not getting any updated information from RIM?

The very nature of the outage, especially as to how long it is lasting and how it is spreading, plus the lack of information from RIM, just seem to be highly suspect!

I got nothing but internet on wifi at the moment. No calls, no bbm, no sms, no voicemail, no anything. I really don't want an android but this and a few other nagging little things like no UMA on the 9900 takes a little of the luster off of BB's every time.

Still a silent phone. However if you have opera mini installed on your phone you can still use basic web data as it does not go through the same servers as bbm email etc.. (That's how I am posting this right now)

I am running two BES servers, both are physically located in Canada but one services the our USA clients and so far all services are running as per normal for anything BES related. Some users are not getting personal emails but others (including myself) are perfectly fine. BBM with-in the BES group seems fine, but externally is hit or miss.

There must be other BES users out there in the same situation as my company.

I find it interesting that Apple is launching its iChat service in a few days and this happens...........

Draw your own conclusions.

15.25 uk time
Vodafone UK
No connection to BB server or Pin-Pin

This is getting silly... can't believe there is no system for Rim to inform us. I wonder if this will have a significant long term effect on RiM's prospects

Ive got connection on Movistar (ES) (BIS) and GibTel (Gibraltar)(BES) and am getting emails through on both, seems to be delayed by 5mins though...

Both devices are roaming..

It's weird, I have had zero issues with service being down. Received message during the night, and have been receiving them instantly throughout the morning. Are they prioritizing carriers?

North America - T-Mobile - Bold 9700

3rd without BIS here in germany. sometimes it works for 5 or 10 minutes...this SUCKS HARD!!
i need my mails to work..

I live in west Hollywood,ca and my wife and I have blackberry's 9780 and we are having issues receiving e-mails and BBM. We r receiving the messages but they come laebor really slow.

Bell Mobility - Montreal - Canada 10:32PM EST

BBM still not working

Email is taking a few minutes to come in. Nothing going out

Not worried at all about this. I've had stellar service in the past and this hick-up (although s#*tty) is not un-heard of. Besides, I rather stay positive and remain hooeful that this down time is related to updates on their end and getting things ready for announcement next week. The lack of communication DOES suck, but I'm sure there's a reason.

Here in Peru have the same problem!! I cant use any of the services from blackberry....Its down!!!

The Playbook isn't playing so well in Northern, N.J. Oh, I forgot, the POS doesn't have an email client anyway. Fear not! RIMJOB promised email in 60 days.... 6 months ago! And no Internet too? Can't even look up the million plus Iphone's Apple sold today. A mere bag of shells....I'm sure RIMPIRE kept up with their currently deserved pace.... selling at least 50 Torches and 3 Curves, maybe....Worldwide!

You guys need to chill out, it's just data services and they will be back soon enough. There are people in the world that have far greater troubles than not having data on a cellphone, quit being princesses and get over it. We live in such a spoiled nation.

Honduras, Central America.

Troubles since Tuesday afternoon (got worse during the night)


- Average browsing
- Incoming emails slows, no outgoing
- 0 BBM service.

BBM, Emails and other services wont work, does this mean were going to get delayed msgs?

stopped working last night around 10PM

@djdnz for some people its more than just data. I have a phone that at the moment is an expensive paper weight because I have no services what so ever.

According to Anthony Payne, RIM's Director of Platform Marketing, interviewed by Rob Kerr of One Mobile Ring, RIM hopes the service will be "corrected before the weekend, but can’t offer any commitments or guarantees because it is important not to underestimate the complexity and scale of the service”.

Well I'm sure all of us are thoroughly reassured by the thought that things might be back to normal by the weekend, but may well not be.

Read more:

Canada Rogers network..............I just got a backlog of emails dumped onto my 9900 from last night. Still no bbm though. Texting works when I send to some people, not others, weird.

Are BlackBerrys still encrypted? I heard from a mate that since the riots/looting over here in England, they aren't. :-/

How in the world is crackberry giving an outage promotion in the top article? If there is an outage, plenty people can't even crackberry because of the wack! Promotion should go on until the end of the day the outage is resolved.

In Belgium still down for everyone. worked for some people overnight with massive delays. But since the early morning down again. BIS BES BBM seems to work if i connect over wifi however this is not the case for internet browsing nor maps using etc?

FB and twitter app work on and off, emails work fine in WIND Canada and BES in bell Canada is working, a bit slow but still moving, just bbm is not working at all.

Some tv station in asia is speculating about sabotage, that would be hardly surprising if this is the case. it could be an employee that got a termination notice, the hackers that broke into the blackberry blog or someone trying to affect wall st. execs, take your pick!

I believe it was something wrong with the new BIS that caused a cascade reaction in the system not sabotage.

Everything except email... Its a personal phone so I can live without that for now, can just use web to access it.

Only two months with my first BB (a Torch from Vodafone Spain) and I found myself getting random email updates with hours of delay.

The main reason that made me choose BB instead of iPhone or Galaxy SII, RIM's reliable push mail, is blocking me from answering work messages on time. I hope this is the exception to the rule. I can live w/o my personal emails or messages as I've lived until this sumer, but if my work gets affected, that's serious!!!

I'm very disappointed with RIM, and their handling of this situation...

Orange Switzerland: I am sending e-mails without problems during last three hours, receiving them with up to 15 minutes delay. Surfing works fine, I don't use BBM.

Just got a load of emails after nothing for 5 hours, might be freeing up a bit. Nj - USA Verizon

Still no joy here in Ottawa, Ontario on Rogers. I received a couple of emails a few hours after they were sent, but E-Mail, FB, Twitter are all not working. I haven't tried BBM - I don't have anyone to test it with!

Who ever said that service outtages by RIM are becoming more consistent must live in an alternate reality. RIM service crashes are rare and few. But people seem to forget that in their eagerness to bash them. Bandwagon sheep are being revealed on this board. I hope the Mods take notice and get their "Thank you and goodbye messages" ready.

What are you talkinga about? We've been having consistent outages in the past month or two. I'm not saying they are happening everyday but they are happening more than often.

been using Rim for the past 4-5 years and this is the 1st major outage i have had, had very small ones for a few hours but that was a few years ago.... it is technology and technology has faults,

I swore I would never do drugs or become addicted to anything.... Thanks RIM for making me a liar, I can't put this bitch down lol

I hope RIM gets this up soon, my last incoming was about 5 am.

At least my phone and web browser is up. Gmailing that way for now.

I've been on BB for over a year now - this is the first issue with it. Other than this, the service has been fine. I have no plan right now to switch to another type of device - especially considering I paid over 500 for a new Bold 9900 just a couple of months ago!

No incoming or outgoing Emails since 3:00 AM Central Time. BBM Down, Web Down, Verizon PTT appears to be down, but voice seems to work.

Just got a phone call from CNN International… looks like I might be going live in a few hours to talk #blackberry service outage
32 minutes ago


Data outages happen, we've seen Google & Amazon clouds services go down, and I'm sure Apple's Cloud service will have issues eventually, but for RIM whose main selling point is "bullet-proof messaging" for people who need connectivity 24/7 this is a disaster. If RIM's centralized services start being seen as a weakness rather than a strength that will add to negativity. Hopefully people remember doing the recent US East Coast earthquake it was RIM that was up while other cell services crashed.

12 30 pm in Ottawa
BBM has been out all morning, just came back now..hope it stays am going thru withdrawls

Feel bad for all those who've been out for a day or more

Iusacell in Mexico still down... A friend of mine reported that Telcel is down too...

Today Apple is launching iMessage an all my friends that are Apple Lovers are making fun of RIM.... Way to go!!!!

RIM is making some baked up excuses.

I work in HA systems architecture and if you have money you can have 100% uptime. It may not be affordable for SMBs but for RIM, it's definitely achievable. *ESPECIALLY* when RIM controls the clients. There should be a 20+ long list of server farms around the world that messages can get routed to if one fails. It's not like they're dealing with a ubiquitous protocol like HTTP, they can control their destiny.

And if it is a BIS upgrade, this deployment should have been tested 3x over and have a fallback to something that works for clients if shit hits the fan.

It's absolutely unheard of to have an outage for more than 24 hours with technology services. Not even companies based in Tokyo that got the worst of a Tsunami AND a nuclear meltdown were out for that long. When's the last time your Google home page didn't show up for longer than 24h. Or Facebook? Goodness, even MySpace?

In general, with the technology industry, if you have an outage for more than 24hours, things are catastrophically, atomically, apocalyptic bad. As in, BES/BIS services are not gonna be up for another week. You can quote me on that.

I wouldn't be surprised if they're manually typing in the incoming data into the BIS servers. Or possibly sacrificing goats and chickens because they effed up their backups or corrupted the database with the BIS migration.
















BBM and full bis is back on in WIND in Ontario Canada, BIS is coming back on on bell canada, in sw ontario, bis/bes still a little slow

my bbm withdraw is over!!!! yay!

The playbook of Blackberry tells us that the enemies of the Blackberry will show no mercy in their attempt to lead us astray from the true path, likewise we must attack with all the strength with which we have been given.

All companies experience outages. People seem to forget that Apples flawed implementation of a Blackberry messenger wannabe will pass through servers and if those servers go down those messages will not be delivered. The same goes for those notifications, which pass through Apple servers.

I have been a RIM customer and user for a long time and will continue to do so. The Blackberry device is one of the most secure devices on the planet. Android is riddled with security issues as is iOS devices. iOS social apps are nothing more than a pedophiles playpen. Android, and it's master, Google, is doing nothing more than using your data; e-mail, instant messages through Google talk, etc, to target ads at you and to warehouse your data.

Apple was run by a tyrant until the tyrant died. He did not believe in philanthropy. He did not have a problem doing business with companies like Hon Hai though, which treats its employees like slaves to the point where they feel the need to commit suicide. He also felt that the government should be able to make jailbreaking illegal so those individuals wishing to free their iphones from the Apple tyranny would be arrested because he claimed it was a "national security issue".

And I need not comment on Google and "Scary Larry Page" with his crazy, almost psychotic ideas of what Google can do with your information.

So let's see, between the three companies, would I choose RIM, run by Mike and Jim who have donated countless millions of dollars, Apple, a company who was run by a tyrant that loved to park his sports car in handicap spaces before he was even ill, micromanage his employees and yell like hell, or "Scary Larry's" Google.

The best choice seems obvious to me. Outages happen. Get over it, and as the younger crowd says, haters are gonna hate.


today is worse than on Monday and Tuesday!

I can't even use the browser which had still worked before.

O2 Germany

So I was really cut off today :/

Not even via mobile-email websites... RIM sucks, really I am really pissed.

Especially this poor communication.

Sometimes I have the BB icon and 3G or EDGE but still nothing is working. MiniOpera seems to work but it is soooooooo slow that even a mobile website is not usable.
BB browser does not work.

I received 5-6 emails in the morning - from yesterday forenoon to early afternoon.

No emails were send, I have 10 not sended messages here as in the morning the bb icon was there again but it's not working.

I demand one or two heads to be cut off. Who is responsible for this mess?

How's about one of the two CEO's? It seems both are not capable to do their job(s)

Still down in the Netherlands, using Vodafone NL. I received some e-mails earlier today... Ubertwitter is not working. Does someone knows a app, I can use?

Millions of Blackberry users in the world today have walked the streets looking forward and not down.


From Vodafone UK site:

"BlackBerry subscribers may be experiencing ongoing issues with BlackBerry services in the UK and other countries.

Research in Motion (RIM) has identified the issue, is clearing the backlog of data and is working to restore services as quickly as possible.

12 October 2011, 4.45pm"

From Vodafone UK site:

"BlackBerry subscribers may be experiencing ongoing issues with BlackBerry services in the UK and other countries.

Research in Motion (RIM) has identified the issue, is clearing the backlog of data and is working to restore services as quickly as possible.

12 October 2011, 4.45pm"

From Vodafone UK site:

"BlackBerry subscribers may be experiencing ongoing issues with BlackBerry services in the UK and other countries.

Research in Motion (RIM) has identified the issue, is clearing the backlog of data and is working to restore services as quickly as possible.

12 October 2011, 4.45pm"

Its kinda strange, here in northern VA, my wifes 9810 is cruising along at full speed on HSDP+ and my 9000 is running slower on 3G than I have ever seen it. WTH?

In my opinion the troubles are caused because of the BIS 4.1 upgrade. Now RIM has to shut down server after server all around the world and restore the old BIS on them. During the shut down the other servers have to work for the shutted down and thats because of everything is slow, the servers are to busy. Thats the only explanantion, why all regions in the world have got the outage.

BBM still down in Germany.....emails come in sometimes,but you can't send any! 3 days is a very long time and I'm pretty upset about it!

it´s a shame, especially the communication of RIM. I´ve one German and one Swiss BOLD 9780 and both aren´t working since Monday 11.00 CET. I´m permantently on business trips and nothing works, no mail and no BIS. On Monday I´ve been desperate cause I thought I changed by accident a setting, so that wiped it and installed everything new. The result - nothing changed. On Tuesday I got some mails from time to time but in the evening again nothing and veeeery calm since this time. What damn shame for the "communication specialists"

21.00 Moscow time.
MTS operator
All services down. Got a few e-mails with a delay of five (!) Hours.
In order to do something about this situation, I use Nokia.
Fucking Nokia!
Looks like the situation is out of control.

"NEW YORK — Sporadic outages of BlackBerry messaging and email service spread to the U.S. and Canada on Wednesday, as problems stretched into the third day for Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

The widespread problems added to the woes of Research In Motion Ltd., the Canadian company that makes the phones. It's struggling with slowing sales and a tablet that's been a dud. Its shares are approaching a five-year low. "

I am a 9930 owner and what a POS this is.....BB is dead to me now. As a 23 yr old BB user who has utilized these devices since I was 18, I am gone. None of my friends have BB's and Im about to join them as a NON BB User....what a joke RIM has become!!!!

This is such a shame. What is it about the UK and computers. They never seem to be able to make any large system work. The NHS, Fire Service and now RIM systems have all failed in the UK. I mainland Europe, computers - even home ones and email - just seem to work. I know because I lived there for over 30 years. Now I am back in the UK it seems that nobody seems to understand computers and they either just ignore them or develop overcomplicated no-workable systems.

Also regrettable is that this is just about the best advert for the heathen hordes or Apple and Android.

As of 1115 MST my 9800 has begun to come back to life. However slight that's what the deal is. Most of my third party apps are up and running although my whatsapp and bbm are spitting and sputtering at the moment. Ill say this I LOVE my bb but I'm not a fan boy. I have made a contingency plan (APPLE, I know I know "BOOO and down with the sheep lol)JUST IN CASE this outage is not the last. For now I'm still on board. I want to see what happens with the QNX generation.

I was completely down for a total of 15 hours yesterday (that I am aware of. I don't know how long I was completely without service). Somehow, I was still able to post messages to Facebook and browse the web on my Bold.

I was wondering what the EFF was going on with my BBM today. BF and I are on the same account...his BBM is slow but still sends...I'm receiving his but mine aren't sending. FB is slow...everything else seems to be fine. Even got some game app upgrades yesterday. His email is down though.Thank goodness I only use BBM to talk to my BF or I'd be lost lol. Still loving my BB though :)

BB Styles in Texas on the Sprint Network

outage for Rogers out here in Toronto since around 8pm last night. Just had about 1-hour of normality with BBM and emails pushing through, but it's now 2:21pm and it's all back down again. beat me to it.

Just discovered that Dallas, TX area is down.

No email... no BBM... no internet!

I can tell you, its a bummer when you are out on the road and expecting important mail. Nearly missed a big one (business, that is)... thankfully I got to a pc in time to get the mail.

One of my friends BBM me this message to broadcast so that my bbm will work '062345877#REP broadcast this message and your bbm will work.', so I broadcast this message and it really worked. So far BES is already working on work phone but Facebook on personal phone is still down. I was able to log in to Yahoo Messenger on personal bb.

I'm sticking with my bb. I think this is the best option of all the platforms. Technologies are just us, humans, not perfect and will never be perfect! It's just bad that this happen to RIM where every bad new is blown up and broadcast 1 million times. Hopefully this outage does not happen to Apple soon as they just announced the new IOS5. I've never recalled since knowing BlackBerry to be down before. In everybody's case there will always be a first time for everything. At least when there's a natural disaster like earthquakes, my BB is still standing, able to communicate and not fallen just like other platforms.

People should not Broadcast this message as it doesn't work and will only add to the backed-up data on the RIM servers.

What's really pissing me off is the fact that I don't even have voice right now. I can understand outages in data happening but when the outage affects the core purpose of the device, which is to be a phone that upsets me. I can only access web and twitter through wifi, so why isn't my UMA working? It's just too many sketch things about this outage. I too think sabotage could be the reason behind this. Either way I hope this is fixed soon. I need my phone to work to make calls at least.

All my old phones are BB's as well so guess I'd be SOL in switching my sim too.

T-Mo user NYC

RIM is having a press conference at 3:00 EST. Go to there website and you can listen in when it starts. Hope they get this fixed soon.

Vodafone UK: I just got loads of emails through... Hopefully BIS is all back up and not another intermittent breakage!

There's talk that the first QNX device to be released by RIM will not have BES. So there's nothing to worry about. It will probably be a Pearl Flip2. Maybe Keving can start a blog.....Why do you think RIM sucks so much?

Layoffs never work, as I've said over and over.

This and many more problems are entirely predictable.

This is just how it goes when you run scared instead of going bold, getting rid of the actual problem, and making dominant moves.

The companies that survive bad times don't cut off their hand to spite their face.

RIM is in colossal trouble. I'm not buying a thing from them until management is replaced by a true turnaround pro.

So thanks for the 10% off goodies and gadgets guys, really generous, but hell no.

"+1" so true. they got me with the 9900 but it I was really close to leave. Actually one month. I ordered the 9900 beginning of September as my old device was almost finished. If the old bold had still worked I probably would have bought the Moto pro+ especially with this mess. Cut off the two not needed heads of RIM. 9900 is a good device - keyboard almost perfekt, but I really not see me buying my next device from RIM.

it´s a shame, especially the communication of RIM. I´ve one German and one Swiss BOLD 9780 and both aren´t working since Monday 11.00 CET. I´m permantently on business trips and nothing works, no mail and no BIS. On Monday I´ve been desperate cause I thought I changed by accident a setting, so that wiped it and installed everything new. The result - nothing changed. On Tuesday I got some mails from time to time but in the evening again nothing and veeeery calm since this time. What damn shame for the "communication specialists"

I feel your pain. I am a small business owner depending on my push email to speak with clients. Since this debacle has happened I don't know how many clients emails I have not received and not been able to respond to. This is costing me not only time but a lot of money too. BBM and email still is not working here in S. Dakota too.

BBM and BIS completly off since tuesday midnight,..... its 13th oct 1.00am and geting the !st msg since 3 days

Some things are working now here in Ottawa (Rogers) - both FB and Twitter have updated. I haven't seen my e-mails start working yet, but at least it looks like things are headed in the right direction!

This is impressively BAD for RIM. A few hours of downtime is an entirely different matter than three days of downtime with what seems to me like a questionable excuse. My services have yet to be affected, as far as I can tell, but I am beginning to regret purchasing the phone and all of the accessories that have just arrived.

This is impressively BAD for RIM. A few hours of downtime is an entirely different matter than three days of downtime with what seems to me like a questionable excuse. My services have yet to be affected, as far as I can tell, but I am beginning to regret purchasing the phone and all of the accessories that have just arrived.

Mails are working again in Miami... only BBM is down here...
Stop talking about RIM's end... it won't happen...
If you are not happy with your BB then move to whatever @#$% and leave the forums as well...

Not saying I'm happy, but nothing is 100% perfect.. sh@t happens to everyone.

Verizon in Tampa,FL reporting. Web browser was at a snail's pace this morning.Zero e-mails until 3pm,then they all popped up. My internet is still crawling though.

Hellooo once again posting my BB seems to b alive now :) thanks RIM love ya! Back to my BBM hahahaha

All my apps work :)
Huntington Beach,CA