BlackBerry services still down EMEA, North America, elsewhere... [updated]

By DJ Reyes on 11 Oct 2011 10:05 am EDT

Bold 9900 sleeping 

Another Update: You can stay on top of official service updates from RIM/BlackBerry here. The latest from RIM is as follows: 

Wednesday 12th October - 9:45 (GMT-5) BlackBerry subscribers in the Americas may be experiencing intermittent service delays this morning. We are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and we apologize to our customers for any inconvenience. We will provide a further update as soon as more information is available.  

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Update [7:30am ET] from Kevin: Well this just SUCKS. Apparently things are getting worse before they get better. Waking up in Canada this morning my BlackBerry services are still down (lost service last night). No updated message from RIM yet on on what's going on. Looking at some tweets from BES Admin friends, we're hearing as of two hours ago that "Limited service expected for at least another 8 hours for BIS and BES Email, no word on BBM, BISB and Push API." Hopefully we'll get an update from RIM this morning and things will be back to normal SOON.

Update [Wednesday night] Canada / Mexico / US and more are now starting to report slow / delayed BBM messages.

Update [4:42p EST]: While services seem to still be down, RIM had this to say on their Facebook page:

The messaging and browsing delays being experienced by BlackBerry users in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Brazil, Chile and Argentina were caused by a core switch failure within RIM's infrastructure. Although the system is designed to failover to a back-up switch, the failover did not function as previously tested. As a result, a large backlog of data was generated, and we are now working to clear that backlog and restore normal service as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we will continue to keep you informed. 

Following yesterday's crippling outage in Europe, Middle East and Africa, it seems that the BlackBerry Internet Service may be down again. Although service did resume late last night, there have been signs that the service is down again already today. I for one have not received any emails on my BlackBerry in the past few hours and BBM messages are not going through at this time either.

Are you in the EMEA region and currently having BIS problems yet again? Hit us up in the comments and let us know where you stand. Hopefully today's outage will not last as long as yesterday's one -- we'll be sure to keep you updated if we find out more. 

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BlackBerry services still down EMEA, North America, elsewhere... [updated]



Same for Bell, Montreal, Canada.

I'd like to hear from my friends across the pond.
I hope their services are back up soon :)

Melbourne, Australia, on Optus. my BBM service is starting to resume, even it's still coughing in sending messages. Receiving BBMs is normal just like usual. But something strange is happening to my wifi now, it seems since the global outage confirmed yesterday, it's been so difficult for my 9900 to connect to be BB server over the wifi, the connection keeps on cutting off & on & off almost every minute. I hope soon after the backlog is clear & all service books are reinstated then the wifi will be back to normal. But for now, RIM, JUST CARRY ON, FIX IT WELL, TAKE YOUR TIME, BUT USE THE TIME WELL.

the problems have been caused by database corruption in Slough. Though the teams believed it had been fixed on Monday, the problem reappeared on Tuesday, effectively disabling the network operations centre. The Guardian also understands that RIM's staff now hope to have the problem fixed by 8am BST on Wednesday.

Het this is RIM, they didn't say which Wednesday. Seriously, just what this company needs more bad press..... :(
On radio this morning a special on cloud computing because Apple is doing iCloud. How many millions of Americans will now think Apple invented cloud computing.... American media SUCKS!

Make that all of Canada. I'm on WIND mobile and all services have been disconnected. Can't BBM, can't use any of the messengers, nothing.

Was chatting with my wife overseas too... FML... bad timing too...

fone was down for a while yesterday...tried to log into yahoo im this mornin and problem is back again!!..connection error (65)..vodafone uk is my provider...come on BB sort this out!!...

RIM is NOT going to be dead/out of business/finished because of an outage that has occurred. RIM will NOT be out of business even AFTER the outage is solved/repaired/fixed/settled. These people need to take a HUGE chill pill and relax. You shouldn't sweat over it either. Things happen, there are other alternatives of communication such as computers, MID's, tablets, phone calls, SMS. These alternatives can be used until this outage is over. Also, the same type of outage occurred last year for a week. I didn't sweat or rage over it, I just waited until it was solved, over and done with. As soon as it was solved and over, a flood of e-mails came pouring in. That was the signal for me. IT WILL BE THE SAME FOR YOU!!! :)

So... RELAX and... Just be patient. It will be solved soon. Human error happens, somebody likely did something stupid which caused a backfire. It could also be DDoS, power outages, Hard/Solid-State Disk failures. There are a variety of ways things can go wrong. Nothing, not even software, is perfect.

You sound real nervous! Reality catches up to everyone, eventually! Even RIM! They're down to only $1B in cash-flow, after their recent purchase. Now, they're making obvious cuts in services, meaning they'll let go workers in key areas. It's not surprising they're having a service problem after the events of the last year. Sony recently faced the same problem after they made cuts in services. They faced more than 3 attacks on their servers in a week & didn't have the resources to deal with the problem effectively. RIM has another area of their business facing a lack of innovation & foresight! Anyone with a brain realizes this is BAD for RIM. Plain & simple!

Things like this happen ALL the time. It's a part of life, but it has nothing to do with RIM's "cash flow" issues. I work for a billion dollar company and our servers crashed and it took 3 days for them to fix it........And nobody has been fired or let go from our IT department for the last 5 years

Those alternatives don't always apply. For instance, I am trying to communicate with my wife who is currently on the road on a long trip. She doesn't have a MID, Tablet, or Laptop, and doesn't answer her phone while driving. At least with BBM I was able to send her a message and she would get to it when she was taking a break. At the moment, I can't count on SMS as I don't have any idea if it is working. I usually receive a couple of those per day and haven't gotten any since this outage started affecting me.

Hmm, I'm on Virgin Mobile Canada, and my e-mails via BIS seem to be coming in, but BIS browser is down. WAP browser and Opera browsing however are working fine on my 9700 running on OS 5. Long live BB 5 ;-)

%90 of Turkey is affected from today's collapse too! Since 1 pm no bbm, no service books shown on HRT or no e-mail service.. As a summary No BIS at all in any of the operators, in fact it was working without any problem after solving the problem at yesterday midnight. Just hoping that it wont last as long as yesterday!

Yup, service is down again. No BIS, no BES, no BBM. Internet connectivity, which was down yesterday, is still working at the moment though. Unbelievable. And no word from RIM - not even the pathetic Twitter message they put out yesterday.

Looks like Steve reached heaven & switched off Blackberry server. Plz turn them back on? I promise I'll buy ur ipods & never use windows again. -- it has been down (again) since approx 12:00 local time, the Netherlands

the service came back here in Lebanon in the morning
I noticed today at 3:00 pm local time that it stopped again

Yikes! Common RIM - you got enough bad publicity to deal with already! Lets get these service disruptions resolved.

Down in Scotland , i find it strange its the second day in a row at 11am its went off are blackberry lying to us saying its crashing ? just seems strange the timings were both the same

iOs 5 is launching tomorrow.. With iMessage.. This blackout is really the WORST time to happen for RIM for the second time!

Im never going to have a problem with blackberry anymore once the new iphone comes out. Fuck you blackberry your shit sucks.

BIS down in the UK for a while now - I first noticed around 1200. As usual the communication coming out of RIM is shockingly poor quality - don't they realise that it would be far better to actually say what has happened and that it will take X hours to fix - at least people would know then rather than just wondering....

Yes, I am in Spain and it went out around midday. I haven't checked recently as I turned mine off, but looking at all the Tweets (search Blackberry) it is not sorted yet. Oh well, just use my Samsung android for now - sadly.

BIS on Orange and Virgin Mobile in England doesn't appear to be working. Why can't RIM put some sort of message on their website, e.g. ? Their website implies it's business as usual, but alas it isn't. *sigh*

UK O2 - down. Chatlog as of 15:18 BST with customer support.

O2: RIM have reported a major failure within their environment, resulting in a loss of service to both internal and external Blackberry customers world wide.

Me: Ah thankyou - I had believed this had been sorted out this morning as my phone was working for most of day just fine.

O2: It started again
O2: As its a BlackBerry Server issue

Yes. T-Mobile Czech Republic down. Last e-mail received 1 hour ago. But internet connection works, problem is just with e-mail (and maybe BBM). DAMNED!

Yep been down again...finding it quite strange as to why its happened again 2 times in a row...ive been using BB for the past 3 yrs and ive hardly ever had this issue before...think maybe once or twice since ive been using BB's ive had an outage but nothing to this extent.


Service down and confirmed so by Swisscom (Swiss carrier) in Switzerland. No Internet, BBM and Email.
Do they not have any redundancy??? Probably only in US and Canada? Well, that sucks...

I'm paying 5Euro/month for a working bb-service!

So RIM 2days of no service means: 33Cents back!

Give me back my money!

This is certainly not a great time for this to happen... I love my BB, mainly for it's real keyboard.. but even I am finding it hard to fight BBs corner these days. I'm the guy everyone texts when their phones dont work, so i've been bombarded yesterday/today. This next QNX job has to be an absolute game changer or it's over for RIM imo....

Shame on you RIM... 2 days in a row... you guys are really loosing it...

TMN PT DOWN!!!! Again...

UK Vodafone has been down since this morning around 11am. It was up and running around 9am as my emails and BBMs were coming and sending but they have not been since then... Come on! I find half of my day trying to get into email accounts to resend service books... Hurry up!

Having said that, I still would never leave BlackBerry. What is a day or two in the grand scheme of things?

Holy shit...rim is basically done - It cannot recover from the negative's all over the news here in europe!

Complete and utter joke if you ask me. RIM have said so little about it, no wonder its causing such anger amongst some users. Blogged my thoughts on it here
This needs to be explained NOW, if not resolved.

The services are badly hit in India as well. The mails do find their way to the device every now and then. So do the statuses but everything else are at a halt. The worst part is that the customer representatives over here have no clue about the downtime and they say that the services will be up and running in the next 4 hours, which doesn't look like the case here. This is definitely expected from RIM.

The upside is that, with this downtime you'll actually know the number of loyal users.
Cheers to that ;)

Wow - I was willing to forgive one day of problems but going down a second day is very poor. Oh, and do a search on twitter for blackberry - there are a lot of negative, mad people out there. And of course you have the ISheep loving every minute of it. Children these days.

The worst thing however is receiving broadcasts about getting the connections up again, everytime theres a window for the msgs to come through.. Thats freaking annoying !

Please can someone allay my fears that this is indeed NOT a hacking issue or some sort of DoS attack? Furthermore, has there been any official announcement on what the cause of this issue is?

According to BBC, “The problem appears to have originated in a datacentre in Slough,UK which handles Blackberry services for the affected regions.”

* I think it's from the BIS 4.1 update.

this is crazy! T-mobile also down! funny how its come not long after iphone 4s becoming "official"! talk about encouraging people to jump!

I'm at Sicily now (vacation). BIS services don't work at all. Fortunately Italian TIM gives unlimited internet and BIS for 2,5€ a week, so I can do most of actions :)
But if I were at home, working, I would be furious...

It is a shame that it has happened, but I am sure RIM didn't plan it. Sadly we are populated with a world full of those who want instant gratification and anything that slightly inconveniences them means they curse and threaten to stamp their little feet and hold their breath until they go blue in the face.

Inconvenient, yes, the end of the world as we know it, no. It will get sorted and we will all be back to normal.

BBM and BIS down in BELGIUM (proximus), I second Robert22 outages happen, RIM manages to solve it fast...

Germany as well - T-Mobile is down too!!
First the Battery of the 9900 and like i said days before, Rim is the new Windows - always way behind and words words words... and the only action is getting things on the market while others are a step ahead.

@ the two heads of Rim... time for a change and i don't mean the products!!

Bold 9900 (yet-waiting for the postman with a nother fruit in the box)

Blackberry ?More like Crapberry !
What a joke all this is eh when we need our emails like yesterday when were out installing across the uk ( MaxsoundCarAudio Uk ) so now we have to log into our laptops just to receive an email because our happy shopper rubbish crapberry`s won`t receive emails !Think it`s time to go to android myself !

Really thinking to order another phone. those problems are just too much!
every other phone could get the mails with pop3 or imap, but we can't even decide :(

yes! BIS out in Nigeria also. worked briefly this morning but it's total blackout right now.

Outage started at 12.45 circa this afternoon, Central Europe Time, and it's still going.
It lasted 11 hours yesterday, from 11.30 to 22.30....
VERY disappointed.

Oh, and I got 2 texts from my carrier (Vodafone IT) telling me it's not their fault and don't complain with them....

Blackberry has been down since 11:29AM GMT At my end very unhappy thank god the iphone 4s is out this week time for a change

Bought a 9700 a year and half ago, because it "just worked". I understand that things can go wrong, but the BB is sold on the idea of reliability...

I'm paying 9€/month for BIS only, +data, so they'd better earn it and restart their servers now

If you're going to demand that all your phones require a single sign-on server in order to function, you better damn well make sure that the service stays awake 99.9999999% of capacity. My Blackberry right now is a brick and has been since yesterday.

I was waffling on changing over to the iPhone 4S as me and my gf can replace BBM with iMessage. These outages made the decision for me. I'll be selling my 9700 and picking up an iPhone for me and my gf to replace our BBs.

16.05 Hrs. T- Mobile UK. BBM came back online last night just before midnight but has been down again since early morning. As of this 'typing' BBM on T-Mobile UK is still down. However, I have been sending and receiving email all day and web browsing is also working.

Not only BIS service but also literally RIM collapsed down for me for two days. I was thinking to buy an android device for a while, after these problems, RIM pushes me to buy an android.. Unfortunately, there are so much BB users thinks in this way around me. Well done RIM, you've completed your mission by disappointing us one more time.

blackberry service down since yesterday afternoon and worked little while in the morning and now down again like yesterday :(
I am in Kathmandu, Nepal.... hopefully this problem solve soon.... :(

Still down(T-Mobile The Netherlands), Everyone is talking about getting an iPhone.
lol once upon a time smartphones didn't even excist come on people don't be so dramatic.

This is beyond ridiculous, how professional can a company be if they cannot keep a service running. why offer a service if you not able to sustain it?

Come on tecchie of RIM! Get with the dam beat! NO excusde you should havwe the best minds on this, get to it!!!!! Use you spare cash to hire the best of the best! COME ON you are loosing me money, am trying to run a dam business!

BIS in Poland also down :-( (I'm on Play)

Come on everyone screaming and holing... Technical problems can happen. And I am sure RIM is working to have it all sorted out.

Not working for me in Northern Ireland either! Lost connection at around 11am this morning for the second time in two days. Not very happy with the situation!

Woke up this morning and got all emails and apps working!
Left the phone for about 3 hours and when I went and picked it up no email or such was there! Thought something was not working AGAIN! Pissed of RIM really! Thank God I have an iPhone I can use as a back up device...

BIS in Nigeria experiencing the same issues since yesterday. People here are very used to crappy service so the complaints are not as deep as i see here. Just hope that RIM fixes stuff soonest.
by the way, anything that is man made is open to failure, and this isnt a consistent occourence, so i dont think jumping ship to iPhone because of these 2 days is rational thinking.


Was down most of the afternoon to late night yesterday, and is out now for almost 4 hrs. Muscat.

wow lucky me that my BB service is free in my contract ....but still the last couple of days ... it sucks ....

Why has there been no announcement of any kind from RIM? What sort of a service business lets down 20 million customers twice in 24 hours without making any kind of public comment? This is a BB enthusiasts' web forum, and the general tone is one of frustration, even anger. It is quite incomprehensible that RIM's senior management hasn't emerged from their Waterloo bunker since this all began yesterday.

Российская Федерация.
(BIS МТС и БиЛайн) - лежат плотно и в обнимку....Ждемс...

Getting tired of no BIS. South Africa down as well, yesterday and today. starting to forget why I love my Blackberry

Day 2 of using bb curve 9360 on O2, nice but too small a screen for me, just ordered a bb 9900 should be in next week on O2 otherwise a shitty day to re-join bb outage is just out of order!

Ive had no bb services for 2 days in ireland. I love my blackberry, but with devices like the nexus prime coming out its hard not to change to android

BB services in Lebanon down as well since 2 p.m local time! Commoooon RIM this is not the time ! Very bad advertising since the only advantage RIM has over Apple and Android is security and reliability and now that's gone.....

That's the best part of two working days I've been without the service I pay handsomely for. What's the chances of seeing some compensation?

Down again in Holland, Worked good in the morning, but after 12.00 hour, no mails, internet, bb-messenger..........

Damn RIM. It's not that your CEO died or is it? No excuses! Yesterday down all day. Today again from 11.30 CET+1 and now 18.00 CET+1 still down. However now it says: "SIM not provisioned:2" Vodafone NL on a T-mobile NL device. And.... I'm still waiting for the big OS update for my PlayBook. Just wondering, in Canada when do you have your "late summer"?

Different outtage for me today, internet working but no bbm and app world etc is dead. This is a really poor show with really bad communication.

Guess it shows you how much we use and rely on BlackBerry. They just upgraded BIS, so some problems could be expected.

but a downtime of almost 2 days is just too much for a company like RIM. Every other phone could have switched from push to imap, but we have to relay on the BIS and BES!

It came back on yesterday and seems to have worked for half of the day today in some places. All I'm saying is that this doesn't happen often, so 1 or 2 days of some problems with BIS once a year or so isn't worth jumping ship.

In Croatia was problem yesterday till late. And again today. Now, few minutes again start working again. But erraticaly. Not all messages are going now.
It is VIP-Vodafone operator.

Down in Czech Republic again. Everything started working when i was sleeping i guess haha.

I can browse and use some apps like bloomberg, but can not bbm, no email, ect.

Basically i have a different phone besides a blackberry. It's annoying.

Its down here agsin as well, apparently across all 3 major networks. Sorry if S.A. has been mentioned already, but I'm feeding the baby and cant read through 4 pages. Again sorry.

Still no BIS in Amsterdam, Netherlands since 12 noon till 18.30 local time... (Vodafone and T-mobile)
According the local news the problem has expanded from europe.middle east and Africa to south america as well :( not berry good...

One server in UK is down and half of the world is without RIMs services. Thats the famous strong Blackberry infrastructure? OMG..

Yep no BIS in Pretoria, South Africa. Worked fine this morning then slowed down to a halt after 1:00pm...Come on RIM sort it will ya :(

I am sorry RIM. But now is my SIM Card on Iphone. And now is question. Why can come back to BB? Nothing.... Bye bye BB...........

In Czech Republic still nothing...

It's 6.37pm local time and no service. Funny things is web browser works though on MTN Nigeria. Not sure about other networks. Would confirm and update soon. Funny how everyone is pissed, most of us would have refuted claims that we rely so much on blackberries if asked 2days ago....

There is a much more serious problem behind this huge outage. It cannot be a simple server error. But RIM is still keeping silent. They dont care about the customers to much...

Hmmmmm. Currently part of a BBM session between my sister in Papua New Guinea and a friend in NSW. I'm in US. Everything seems to be OK in our locations.

Sux to be elsewhere, I guess.

Fake!!!! Maybe this is cousing all the problems when everyone broadcast at the same time..... to much data at once.. picture millions of users do the same to all there contacts at once... CRASH

Started To work in Saudi Arabia just now 9:00 local time 6:00 GMT

since 1:00 it was stopped No BBM no BIS no nothing

UK - TMobile. Had 1 email 4 hours ago on BIS. Have not received the waiting emails in my account. No internet connectivity currently. Problem started 8 hours ago.

still no excuse, one of the things they should do IS TELL YOUR CLIENTS WHAT THE ISSUE IS...............they are going to loose thier fanbase......very bad business RIM, I am a big BB fab BUT this is no way to run billion dollar business................get with the beat RIM......

It's been down here un the UK since around 1200 GMT. Vodafone sent me a text saying RIM are workoing on the problem as quicky as possible.

Dubai via Etisalat: Today BIS not working since maybe 3pm-4pm..., just 2 mins ago suddenly received BBM from wifey in KL which she sent 6 hours ago then nothing again..WhatsApp started working at 9.35pm..then down again at 10pm..this so "BIG F-UP".... I hope somewhere out there far far away, somebody is trying very hard to restore the service...

insane in the brain

Seems that its DOWN again. Netherlands KPN carrier.

Had a small BBM conversation with collegue but gone now...also email not working.

I can open google now, other site's that are to big won't i will see what a battery pull will do. All without WI-Fi ofcourse.

Vodafone Netherlands over here!!!

Orange UK down again. Really is a pain in the a**e. No BBM & no Email. Makes me wonder how I ever managed without Email to my phone. I must say I'm far from happy by the response from RIM. This at a time when they are going through a tough period & could do without upsetting their loyal customers let alone trying to attract new.

Still down Orange Switzerland...

this is disheartening. I havent had my blackberry for more than a day after going 5 wks without it, and rim pulls this shit :(

Sad panda. Hopefully they'll fix it soon! I need my bbm!

well something is going on here worldwide because i just went to Email account management and it would not let me it said:unable to open email account application setup contact your wireless service provider..I live in the U.S on the east coast is anyone else having this problem?

If nothing else this whole episode illustrate quite well why we should NOT go down the Cloud route.

I'm sure RIM will sort it, and I'm not going to throw a tantrum and get rid of my BB because on the whole it works so very very well.

What I do hope is that RIM take a lesson from this and add some Fallback strategies to their network as next time I might not be so patient and forgiving.

@20:11 Amsterdam Time - I got the 'Recent updates'. @20:12 Amsterdam Time - I send a message via BBM to a colleage, with the content 'test'. @21:09 Amsterdam Time - that message still showing the 'red clock' icon. #FML

RUSSIA: 23.30 Moscow
Mail, facebook and twitter are down again. BBM was always banned due to national security.
Come on Blackberry! I believe u can!

Bulgaria - BB services down... almost 36 hours without my BB and I'm getting suicidal already :)

I just called up Vodafone India, they said they had contacted RIM and the response was 6 more hours from now! Does anyone know what the hell is wrong with the RIM servers?