BlackBerry Service Update Press Conference Live Blog! [Now Ended]

By Adam Zeis on 12 Oct 2011 03:04 pm EDT
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BlackBerry Service Update Press Conference Live Blog! [Now Ended]


Did they mention anything about when AT&T will finally release the 9900?? :p Lol just kiddn!

Hope this gets resolved ASAP, i already can't stand my Applebee friends bugging me with this - they now say iPhones have a option to make there phones work just like a BB....yeah... It's called "Airplane Mode" ... Lol!

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So RIM tested the fail over system and their tests said it worked, but in real life it didn't? Sounds like someone had better come up with a better test or system.

Can't tell you how many calls I have gotten from people wondering why I haven't responded back to messages. RIM needs to really send out messages to their customers or do the press conference alot sooner.

well that was a quick conference, lol.
RIM is doing everything they can. Hopefully it won't be too much longer.
I hate these media guys (like the guy from the Globe & Mail) already asking for RIM to make amends somehow. Just say want RIM to say they will give you free stuff. What a baby. These guys aren't reporters, they are drama queens.

Really love how questions that were asked got answered, I asked three questions that were ignored.

I want to know why there has been next to no updates coming from RIM, are they going to keep us updated from now on, and thirdly, seeing as part of the money we pay our carriers for BIS goes to RIM, are they going to compensate us for this.

Been without email for last 3 days, first 2 were ok as i wasnt going far, but was out all day at meetings and had no email.

Going to suffer this out, but at end of month i am jacking in blackberry for good and going to iPhone.

OMG!!!! could we get some smart people to ask questions instead of just repeating what was already said? for that I can just liten a second time!!! what about ETA for resolution? are there plans to avoid one problem region take down the rest due to backlog? will users need to do anything once service is restored? would it help to clear that backlog if people avoids using the service until fully restored? backlog is going to be delivered but, is currently everythig going into backlog or is the system currently dropping messages? etc, etc...

Freking dumb people...

This conference would hurt RIM more than do anything good...we already know PR of RIM is awe full but it has hit a new low now..

oh really the folk holding the press conference are now on their way back to sort the problem aye right !!!1

Lol, yes, I'm sure their PR people and management is hard working on the servers to fix the problem, not just waiting for the engineering team to fix it and asking every 5 min "is the core Witch fixed yet?"... lol...

My email and BBM is back up. Still can't update some things, but I expect everything to be working again soon. Thank you RIM for getting this resolved.

Blackberry forever baby!