BlackBerry Service Update Press Conference at 10 AM EST Today - Listen Live!

By Adam Zeis on 13 Oct 2011 09:07 am EDT


Following up on yesterdays short but sweet service update press conference, RIM is again holding a call today at 10AM EST. We're sure to hear more of the same, but after this mornings statement from Mike Lazaridis, we may see some more big names on the call. Stay tuned as we'll be bringing the latest updates as soon as they happen. You can listen to the call from the link below or listen live along with us.

Tune in to the BlackBerry Service Update Press Conference

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Service Update Press Conference at 10 AM EST Today - Listen Live!


Announcing that they are dumping a tonne of money into upgrading the servers?

I'm assuming they are already doing this but it will calm some people to hear them say it.

I don't think Blackberry was ever down, I think it was just the antenna runs around the outside of the phone and we were all holding it wrong! ;)

Mike's vid was great but he didn't focus on the big positive that they're not dumping the backlog, that everyone will get all their messages. I hope the press conference nails that point home. Rim needs better PR people at the healm.

But at least theyre listening to us and are now communicating better.

Anyone having issues sending attachments with e-mail? I can send e-mail no problem - attach a file and it doesn't go through regardless of filesize.

Now that speach I can go along with & hang in there with them. By saying that we have screwed up & let you down is a big step in the right direction. When a company admits we screwed up then don't mind waiting a while for them to get back on tract.

bit more empathy would have gone down well. I think they need to invest in there systems to ensure there isn't a repeat.
I for one will not seek compensation, I would rather Rim spending the money investing in itself.
if we all sought compensation it could contribute to the downfall of the very company I would be more excited about growing and blossoming!
we all learn by mistakes, give them there chance.
PS, can BB get some stocks of 9900 out to Vodafone UK so I can have mine please?