BlackBerry Service Update - Letter from Robin Bienfait Chief Information Officer, RIM

By Bla1ze on 12 Oct 2011 07:23 pm EDT


To All BlackBerry Customers:

I want to first apologize for the service interruptions and delays many of you have been experiencing this week. I also wanted to connect with you directly, give you an update on the service issues we are trying to solve, and answer some of the questions and concerns you’ve expressed.

You’ve depended on us for reliable, real-time communications, and right now we’re letting you down. We are taking this very seriously and have people around the world working around the clock to address this situation. We believe we understand why this happened and we are working to restore normal service levels in all markets as quickly as we can.

Here is the current status of service and issues for the various regions that were impacted:

For Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA):

  • Email systems are operating and we are continuing to clear any backlogged messages. Support teams are working to minimize the impact on our customers.
  • BBM traffic is online and traffic is passing successfully
  • Browsing is temporarily unavailable as the Support teams monitor service stability and continue to assess when this service can be safely brought online
  • Support teams have added capacity to help with message delivery between regions and continents

For Canada and Latin America:

  • Email systems are operating and we are continuing to clear any backlogged messages. Support teams are working to minimize the impact on our customers
  • BBM and browsing services are online and traffic is passing successfully (except for three carrier networks in Latin America that are serviced by the EMEIA infrastructure – browsing is temporarily unavailable for those three carrier networks)
  • Support teams are investigating reports of BBM delays

For the U.S.:

  • Email systems are operating and we are continuing to clear any backlogged messages. Support teams are working to minimize the impact on our customers.
  • Support teams have added capacity to help with message delivery between regions and continents
  • BBM and browsing services are online and traffic is passing successfully
  • Support teams are investigating reports of BBM delays
We will provide regular updates on, and via our social channels. We are doing everything in our power to restore regular service everywhere and to restore your trust in us.

Yours sincerely,

Robin Bienfait

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BlackBerry Service Update - Letter from Robin Bienfait Chief Information Officer, RIM


I think you're confusing this message with your wireless carrier's bill. To THEM you're currency. Check your text/data/picture/voice fees lately?

My data fees are being waived this month and I get a really good deal as I've been a customer for a long time? So.... Bye

Of course. People bitch because RIM is "silent" and yet when RIM makes a statement, people bitch because it's "pathetic." Typical.

This is Crackberry you know, where the number 1 moto is "let's bitch about RIM"

Honestly Crackberry team you've resisted "like" and "dislike"( into oblivion) buttons on here for so long that it is becoming obvious that you prefer to make $$ from the eyeballs of bitchers and complainers more than you care about RIM/blackberry fans.

If you don't like what you just read go look in the mirror you have no one to blame but yourselves.

Maybe peopple wouldn't bitch if they do it in the first place. I'd rather have somebody tell me something straight away than when the problem is over

well i do not like the outtage either but really? a CIO writing a letter to the customers means he/she doesnt care? are things falling upwards in your world?

hey you camera guy, take a good shot of this guy i want his comment to feature in my latest ad: how RIM is big enough to make the world stop turning.

He/She might not care but you still bought BB phone so stop Complaining you should have thought about your feelings before buying the phone. But I know why you bought the phone it wasn't about your feelings and how RIM was going to treat customers You wanted to be just like everyone else here and that was having the BB Phone you wanted to part of the movement So shut the fuck Up.

BB hang it there. All will be good. We love what you do and stand behind. Canada stand up for Canada. Be a little patariotic you guys. There is no better smart phone than BB.
My husband lost it on highway, a car drove over it and it still worked. Can you emagine if it was iPhone? We love you BB!

"Investigating reports of BBM Delays" indeed. BBM is still not working and I can throw a rock and hit RIM1 from where I'm standing.

He/She stated that emails are working now in the middle east, while my device can't even connect to the NOC and once it does, nothing work.

..... Its 7:30 pm here in Toronto on the Rogers network and I have no bbm and email is only sporadic.

My Services are up and running... Really, what is going to happen when iPOSCloud from Apple has an outage? It pisses me off that all you people are acting like fools... Apple can get away with "Antennagate" and tracking you illegally and all you guys want to do is Bitch and Whine and say I'm getting an iPhone. Are people Brain-dead around here? Quit your whining... They are working on it and addressing it for CHRIST SAKES!

Just like no one said a word when MobileMe was losing emails every day and messages were just getting lost. MobileMe fell flat on its face and never recovered. You don't read about that anymore? BlackBerry goes down and all comes to an end? iPhone users are FORCED to put on ugly cases on their phones just so they can make phone calls, and again, no one cares...and now god forbid 1 BBM message takes 3 seconds to deliver rather than .05 and all comes to an end. And lastly, look what's trending on Twitter right now, iMessage. Every iPhone user that bashed BBM for years can't wait to try iMessage. Why?? Does anyone see what's going on here?

The media, blogs and ignorant users are just there to fuel the fire.

With an iPhone one can make use of MobileMe or iCloud, but one doesn't have to. With a Blackberry you have no choice. You're dependant on RIM's network. Without it your BB is near useless.

Sent from my BB over wifi because browsing is still pooched.

The new and improved Mobile me is coming.. iCloud... run on Windows Azure servers.. while the media world prostrates itself over Steve Jobs all I can say is thank God for Bill Gates, someone who really knows something about computers.

I don't even know what's going on, I woke up this morning and my Pearl 9105 is dead! Tried another battery, and no show :( I noticed that during the downtime of BIS my battery drained very quickly? ODD??? My brother, also a 9105, same issue, except his device hasn't died, but his battery drained quicker than when services were available. Another thing, he reported his Blackberry heating up unusually high - and when I noticed my BB was dead, it was very hot as well. I really really really want to blame my phone dying on RIM - because hell everything is pointing toward them.

Had similar issue. Was browsing and blam, random reboot. After reboot fully charged batt was comp dead. Happened yesterday at about the same time. Wonderin if it's related to spike in traffic on overloaded BIS?

That's my case too. Anything I try to run that accesses BIS or my BB ID just hangs, but something keeps running because the battery is <20% and I have done nothing all day.

I am not ready to blame RIM here though. This is the price you pay for having the secure infrastructure that RIM has. I will take a temporary outage over a poorly secured server system any day. Remember when your dialup internet would go down? We survived that, we will survive this and the service will improve as they learn from it.

Some strange stuff going on here now. In Toronto on Telus

Have 5 emails that keep getting delivered to me again and again and again every couple min. I delete and back they come. Logged into my email through opera mini (only way I can get the web to work on my torch atm) and the emails have been erased.

Bbm messages are leaving my phone. Getting the check mark now but no D or R's yet.

As my friend said when I txt'd her( so strange having to txt ppl with blackberries us-to using that for the like 3 ppl that I know that don't have blackberries). Its like some one chopped off my hand with bbm not working haha.

This redelivery issue happened to me on a daily basis when I had an iPhone. It seems everything has to go wrong for RIM to come down to the standards of Apple.

I'm not happy with the outage but at least it is only once per year or so and not a daily delay and repeat with other devices.

BlackBerry is still the one.

Apple antenna gate got swept under the carpet.
Apple is only now trying to get as good at e-mail/messaging as BlackBerry.

I love my Bold 9930 and RIM is still the most reliable in communications. This was just a reminder of what it is to live without my BlackBerry. It basically sucks.

Here in Jamaica i get the same 5 messages appearing a couple hours each time, about an 1-2 hours i got all messages from last night to present, haven't received new messages to see if that is working.

I'm in canada... And my BbM messages are NOT "passing successfully"... What a load of bullonie.

We'll see... Maybe by tonight or tomorrow morning things will be back... Fingers are crossed.

I sent one email that hours later noticed was not going through and my battery was almost at zero. From 100 to zero in a few hours.

+1 schmittdog. Still, people like me who love BB but who are enticed by Android look at this as yet another strike against RIM. Of course the same thing could happen with AT&T or Verizon, except it wouldn't be worldwide.

I'm in Dubai UAE and my BES service is still not functioning well, only email is working, bbm browsing whatsapp are still dead.

Maybe instead of complaining we should realize how much we use, need, and depend on BIS/BES and that it does work 99.9% of the time? Just a thought

This is life without the reliable BlackBerry services we take for granted.
I had an iPhone and it drove me crazy how the e-mail worked. I switched to a droid and it was a little better but the battery sucked so bad it did not work for me.

No system is perfect but I know the one I miss the most when I don't have it is RIM's.

Still the one. I'm not happy with RIM today but I'm unhappy with iPHoney every day.

Actually, the last I saw the real numbers BIS/BES has a service level of either 4 or 5 nines . . . that's 99.99% or 99.999% (can't remember which), pretty damn impressive anyway.

It sucks when it is down, but we should all be thankful for the great service when it is up!

I had the issue today with battery drain. Many BB users are reporting this today. Could it be the phone repeatly trying to connect to BIS drains the battery?

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

That would actually be about right.

Think of it like your Wi-Fi being on but unable to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Or your bluetooth connection constantly searching for something or constantly listening for something to find it.

When the device can't connect to the service... it tries again. And again. And again. And... you get the picture. Those multiple attempts to connect to the BIS server drain your battery down pretty quick. Not as fast as if there was no cellular service whatsoever and your phone kept searching for the tower, but... pretty close. I noticed my 9810 battery is lower than the norm at the end of the day today.

Try working for one of the network providers now, the last few days has been totally and utterly insane. Keep up the great work RIM!

have to agree with JasunX. My battery died very quickly today!! was on full charge over nite,
by the time i came home which was 6 hours later , phone was dead!!! Not liking my experience with my BB7.

It is 3:46:15 PM local Alaska time. I have not received one email on my BlackBerry all day. BBM is not working. It hasn't worked all day today. The only thing that has worked has been Internet. And that has been slow.

This is a pretty good response. Unfortunately, it's also a bit late and not completely accurate, but it's pretty good. It's certainly better than Sony's handling of PSN , but it falls short of how Amazon handled the EC2 outage: the took too long to admit and didn't get communications and status updates out until it was far too late.

The real telling will be how, or even if, RIM compensates it's customers; I'm not sure how or if they even can, but at least they got the tone right, here.

Mid-western Ontario here, on Rogers. My services are NOT ok. Sent myself an email from another account 7 hours ago and still haven't got it on my BB. Sent my wife a BBM 2 hours ago and she hasn't got it yet.

Services are back up and running for me here in Boston. BBM is up, email is up. Both were down since 8AM EST until around 5PM EST. Oddly enough, the internet browsing has been working for me the entire time. I have a Bold 9930 on Verizon Wireless.

So the person hired by RIM to fix their network issues presides over the worst ever outage.

Will Ms. Bienfait have a job next week?

Ms Bienfait was head of phone networks at AT&T before she joined RIM. Phone networks that stayed active when all others failed during hurricane Katrina.

All bb service
s working for me here in Burlington Ont Canada. Actually got some work done today. No one was bbming all day ...hehehe.

Well my bb is officially useless except for calls and texting. Service has been spotty all day and just went out around 4 here in California. Using my bfs iPhone right now to check for updates.

for what the statement said about Canada? hmmm well all of the above haven't and still are not working since last night. Incoming n outgoing calls work, as well as texts message but with sporadic delays...
Im on Telus, and i do not know what else to say... Glad to see Telus has been responsive to me as a company, at least as updating clients is concerned..NOT! PATIENCE?

In MA, sporadic emails...supposedly backlogged messages. BBM, not sure. Internet was down as of an hour ago. Need to check.

May do a battery pull and then reassess.

I, for one, think it is good that this message was sent out. Personally, I would have liked to see an interim update sooner, but I'll take it.

my bbm has worked all day and email was back by 2pm (CT). whats the big deal? its not like i couldnt have used the browser to check the email if it was urgent. or a computer if it was company email, for like 8 whole hours out of how many years ive been using it without problems?

i do work in a carrier is insane, we pass the info to costumers, but they some get it others don't, the worst is listen to a person high in the chain of comand in a company not complaining of the bb service in total, but complaining he doesn't have facebook imavine that.

RIM we know you will work it out

Up and running in Chicago on Verizon.

The outage caused the battery drain. Went to a verizon store to pick up a car charger because of it (needed one anyway). The guy at the counter said a lot of BB users were coming in complaining of malfunctioning units and dead batteries. He had no clue about how the PB worked and the bridge was a mystery to him.

Everything seemed fine today until I tried to access BB traffic and the server couldn't be reached.

Im also on vzw and work downtown, and battery drain was obnoxious today! But yeah service is still sporadic even now for me.

at least now we have someone from RIM to announce what's happened on the outage. Robin, thank you for your explanation, at least you have relieved some of our stresses. hopefully your team at RIM will restore the service back to normal in a timely manner and hopefully, this outage won't likely to happen again in the future.

Melbourne, AUS on Optus. still experiencing a "check only" on every BBM sent from my 9900 without any "D" or "R" displayed. slight delays are still being experienced for every BBM sent. receiving BBMs is alright, other BIS services are relatively okay. Intermittent wifi connection is still happening until this time, not sure whether it's from the firmware or from the service book itself.

Worked for me all day today on Bell in Montreal. Stopped working as I left work at 6PM and then things have been appearing with some delay.

RIM has done a great job talking about this on twitter, facebook, conference call and now this announcement.

Frankly I was disappointed with the conference call. Did no one aside from the Brits have any real questions? How about, how are they planning to avoid this in the future? It's software. We all know that software has bugs - I'm sure they'll learn some important lessons from this.

I hope #teamblackberry members aren't as fickle as they seem to be today on twitter.

Still getting major issues in Edmonton, AB on Rogers; same with my girlfriend - she just got a 9360 so I'm trying to reassure BlackBerry offers good service.

We can't add each other on BBM - getting annoying password entered is incorrect message - and her BIS for email hasn't set up properly.


Hurry up RIM!!! Glad you're working to restore services for us. :)

Between london and Windsor, e-mail working, BBM sub 5 min delay.
lucky enough the battery in my Curve 3G is rockin' like a real champ.

SoCal here, haven't had any problems today. I even bridged to my PB (bootlegged version that keeps me from being charged by AT&T) and was able to check stocks during a useless meeting. I'm posting off my old 9000 since AT&T is being a jerk.

This is a consice and informative letter that is appreciated. It is still pretty pathetic that there is obviously no workable backup system in place and this severely hurts any confidence many people still have in RIM.

Also, anyone want to break apart what her name means literally? Bienfait...isn't that [Good-Do/Do-Good] or something similar?

Hey I am on a UAE carrier roaming in Lebanon. Email and BBM just seamed to work again, they have been frozen for more than 3 days.
Browsing was always working.
Currently BBM is working, email is working, and browsing. But apps like whatsapp, twitter or facebook are not connecting

O2-UK. Everything is working now. About time. Let's hope it stays up & all the stupid "this is it for RIM" talk ends

The media are apple friendly.

The outages is one thing it happens. The Epic fail here is RIM's Public Relations. The company is in a great position to make a huge comeback with QNX and the direction they are headed in with the new devices including the Playbook. With all the negative press and all the doubt people have in Blackberry, it is absolutely necessary to protect the brand image. How is it that RIM allows people to post all the negative comments on their own social networks and not stop it? Social networking sites are where people have their conversations and share opinions with each other. These conversations then become the trends that people follow like sheep. They should have closed the profile pages to public comments and just posted their own reports and progress. In my opinion this is an Epic Fail and whoever is in charge of managing new media and the Blackberry social networking profiles should absolutely be shit canned for this.. Way to go RIM.. Empowering people to dig a bigger hole for Blackberry to dig itself out of.. Please can we have a 100 million dollar ad campaign to boost the brand image and sales instead of an acquisition that won't make a difference when the company folds. Just my opinion don't know if it matters at this point.

my Email services are working fine now "in UAE" but still No BBM, browsing and other instant messaging ( W.Live, Yahoo and Gtalk)

lucky you for sporadic email. I'm in Montreal (well Laval...) as well and i haven't gotten a single email or bbm all day. I'm on the Virgin Mobile network.

On Bell Mobility in Canada, in Windsor and can see the Canada-USA boarder. BIS is still down. E-mails aren't coming in. Random BBMs are passing through. No internet surfing. This is on my 9630. My GF is on Rogers with a Curve (not sure model number) and she has the same problems. So clearly when RIM says its fixed in Canada, it isn't on at least 2 of the carriers.

The letter is well done. Now RIM needs to make a second statement once all is working and confirmed. Horrid timing, to have BB issues plastered all over the same day Apple launchs a competitor to BBM. Still Apple's iOS5 release is having issues too, it's not international news (which actually says something)

Hmmm... It looks like e-mail and BBM are back on in Portland Oregon.

Good God! I had forgotten what life without blackberry was like. I actually had to open my outlook on the PC today. Talk about trauma. It took me back to my iPhone days (an older one-probably all fixed now) where I kept getting the same e-mails over and over and over downloaded to my phone. I eventually gave up on the e-mail and the iPhone. Nice multi-media though.

Ughhh.... Thank goodness this only happens once every year or two with RIM. Wow, when you think of how plugged in we have become it is shocking.

I need my little blinking notification light. I just do. I am realizing what Crackberry really means after just a short withdrawal.

would rather have been told we are restoring services as quickly as possible instead of canada you are good to go cos ITS NOT WORKING STILL!

Not sure what is going wrong, but suspect that RIM does not yet know for sure all of the aspects of the problem. Perhaps we users could help them, or provide some useful information. My BB is set to shut down at night. On Monday morning when it opened, it downloaded 176 E-mail messages, all of them originally from back in August. I erased them all, but wonder if this might be a clue to the problem. If everyone were to get what at least in my case was more than ten times the traffic I usually get first thing in the morning, this could well overload any system. Did others experience this? Is it possible that the basic problem is some sort of hack, or is caused by something similar? Anyway, RIM has a serious problem, and needs all the help we can give them.

Ideas anyone?

I'm in grande prairie alberta canada and my browser if fine and I randomly get bbms and emails but for the most part they aren't working. My ubersocial has been down since last night and I even reinstalled my twitter for blackberry but it's not working either.

I miss twitter the most right now and looking forward to it going back to normal!

Rogers network in Toronto here. 9:25 PM EST, no BBM / e-mails are going / coming, browser / fb / twitter not working. Friends in the GTA in the same boat.

I'm on Rogers in Toronto and everything is good and has been for a while. I have full email and full BBM. I did notice my battery drain was higher than usual today, but I did get all emails and BBM messages. My browser is still not working. Not that the phone matters but I'm using a 9900 and typing this message on my playbook using the bridge. Still a RIM fan but fully appreciate others frustrations.

Funny thing is, I don't have a problem with the outage. These things happen. What makes me angry is when they outright lie to us. On Telus here in Canada, 9:26 pm, and still no service. You're having trouble getting everything back online, fine. But don't patronize me by telling me it's fixed and will be resolved shortly when it's clearly not!

Maryland, with AT&T, no emails coming in yet. I have connectivity in other ways - can now use App World, Facebook, etc., but no emails coming in. I just turned off for the night - do I need to do a battery pull to get my BIS connection back?

I'm in Nashville, TN. my BBM failed last night around 10PM. I see the tick, but no D. My browser and FB worked fine until around 3PM where I shut off and restarted the BB. After a while they both came back, slowly. I have received Broadcasts on BBM, but I cannot send messages, and I doubt I am receiving well. I can, however, send and receive BBM to Indonesia.. weird, I only know one random dude there and I tried it out.. LOL

something else i just found out. even though my regular browser will not work on my bb. if i teather to my play book i get perfect data on my playbook. i guess it runs through different servers when teathered? either way i can check all ma email again :-p

lets just hope thos OS 2.0 means i will never have to touch my computer again which has almost become a big ol paper weight thanks to my playbook :-D

I wish all the complainers & trolls would pack up and go to apple or android if Blackberry is that bad. We Blackberry fans don't need your bantering. Obviously your parents never taught you "If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all".

One, there's nothing wrong with criticism.

Two, there's a world of difference between "Blackburry IS tEH SUX0rZ!1" and "I think RIM handled the customer relations around this very poorly, and they have significant technical and leadership issues that this event has brought to the forefront".

The latter is valid, and something RIM needs to hear, accept and address. Pretending the problems don't exist, or deciding you don't want to hear about them, doesn't help anyone and only encourages RIM to delude itself.

Wisconsin Dells, WI:
Can get incoming BBM group messages, but I can't be seen in group. I can not send or receive regular BBM messages. I try to send a BBM and get the lil waves next to the message, never a check mark. Facebook is now working. I have had phone, sms, and browser all day. Browser was very slow. I still don't have email. In my 8 hour shift at work today I had to charge my phone 3x. I know it's not the end of the world, but if this lasts much longer I may end up in the fetal position clutching my BlackBerry wishing I could use my BBM.

Anyone in Calgary Alberta getting any service, dont matter what provider you're with. I think Calgary is still not working. Can't do anything on my phone except text + phone calls but thats Through WIND Mobile. Let me know please and thank you.

I'm on Rogers here in the GTA, BBM and email still not working, browsing is ok.. also twitter and FB are down

Seriously, this does suck! But it happens with every network. If it is electronic, it will crash. So if this was that much of an upset to some of the people crying ever so pathetically, go buy yourself a bag phone and a Macintosh LCII. Simplify

In California (Sacramento, Roseville, Fair Oaks), We are still down. Every few hours I will get a burst of a few emails that have already been deleted from outlook. Phone will not reconcile. I am on a storm 2. Also no browser , no bbm, no calendar. A few hours ago a new icon appeared on home screen, it was actually the enterprise activation icon, when i clicked on it it said it was regenerating encryption keys. This icon went away after a while, when i went to check on it by going through advanced settings, it says it failed. It should not do this. It is already activated on my BES.

Also I do think it is kind of crappy to post what they have for their update status. I think they should say we are down until further notice, would it be that hard to be honest about it. I dont even care anymore about an ETA, just tell me when you are really back up all the way, so then I can let my users know.

Verizon in MA.

Mail appears back.
Some data is back (kik is working)
BBM is working

Most data not working:
- internet in general is a no
- berryweather is a no
- ubersocial is a no

Methinks that they are still easing back into certain comm paths, even though they say it should be back.......

For info, I'm on a 9700 on BIS in Australia and haven't had any problems using any features at all.

Including: BBM, email, internet, Apps like Twitter etc

good to hear that. my sister is also on 9700 on optus, no problems. but myself, on 9900 on optus, basically everything runs well except sending BBMs, from yesterday afternoon till now, no "D" or "R" sign displayed on the tick mark, don't have any idea why. i have done all i can from my side: HRT, SSB, diagnostic test, several reboots but still this is still happening. i hope once all backlogs are cleared then the service will be restored back to normal. receiving BBMs is okay.

Canada most definatley doesn't work: YVR at 8:18 pm; no BBM, no Facebook updates; no twitter connection; emails coming in but are duplications of ones received earlier in the day. In short, aside from working as a phone, which is kind of funny when you think about it, anything data related is nada, zilch, zero. Which about describes my love for Blackberry at this moment.

First thing I've noticed this morning (it's 5:30 a.m. here now) was blinking LED on my Bold(!). Just by morning coffee few minutes later I've read the letter.

Yes, that's precisely what I was expecting for whole Monday, whole Tuesday and whole Wednesday.

And when it came, it is already too late and redundant to the blinking LED on my phone.

I'm sure, that communicating this way with your customers from early beginning, you would be paid back by much more understanding, support and patience from the community. At least I hope now, that by side of technological analysis of the issue somebody at RIM will quickly call a very, very serious meeting about your communication policy. I personally have much more understanding for technical doo-doo's as for corporate ignorance. And as far as I'm working in marketing for 20 years now, I'm sure, I'm not alone in that.

"BBM and browsing services are online and traffic is passing successfully"

Well here I am in New York City at midnight and guess what? Still no response from my browser. This really really sucks.

California on ATT and no emails are coming through yet. Facebook is fine, texts are fine, browser is fine. Emails are a no go. Tried resending service books and I cant get those either. Gah, killing me RIM...KILLING ME

Virginia, Verizon no emails since a burst of old emails at 6 pm and I dont get the "d" or "r" on BBM and my contacts randomly get 1 message from hours ago, but I seem to receive messages from them ok. I hope when i wake up all is back to grand in the BB world!!!

Quoted from
Wednesday 12th October – 23:30 (GMT-5)

In Europe, Middle East, India and Africa, we are seeing a significant increase in service levels. Service levels are also progressing well in the U.S., Canada and Latin America and we are seeing increased traffic throughput on most services, although there are still some delays and services levels may still vary amongst customers. Our global teams are continuing to work as quickly as possible to restore full and consistent service across all regions.

update from melbourne, Australia: my BBM is starting to get back to life, some BBM sent was delivered straight away, but some was delayed as well, not sure why, perhaps due to this update?? but it's progressing i think..

Personally I consider this letter to be a pretty decent token of apology. Yeah, it would've been much better if they'd come up with it earlier. But at least they did. And it seems RIM is truly sorry. I believe them. RIM is not God. Nor it is operated by gods. Yes, service was down for three days in a row. That was devastating. But it's reviving in a slow but trustworthy manner. I can use my bbm and browser here in Russia. And I'm thankful for this update from RIM. I might be still angry but I understand how difficult this situation is for the company.


Anyone know anything about Orange in Switzerland!?

:( I havent even set up my email accounts yet!(I'm new to Switzerland, and after 5 wks of not having my bb, I was SO stoked to finally get an account with BIS, and then BAM rim tells me to go suck a big one with this outage :(

I need to know if everything is running again to go bug the orange store to set up my BIS :D

C'mon !
Some of you guys really need to LEARN what a network is made of.

Beside, please let me bet that most of you did use their Desk/Lap/net/top to browse their mail using whatever - from webmail to any IMAP/POP client - so that, the only thing you've really lost is PUSH feature ... big deal.
If not, you'd better ask yourself if you're not crossing the desert with a single open coke can in your pocket !

Sure this outage isn't good, nor for our lazy habits than for RIM's good repute.
But don't over react, just think and act !

DingDing...APPLE vs BLACKBERRY for the 118763461235495234623547253475723645726342793465234629745297346597635423450002345234580th time! GET OVER IT!

Still down, Chicago. Sent a test email to myself, says it went through on my phone I still don't see it via Gmail on my browser. Still not up, and prior to that I Reregistered on the network, and sent service books just in case. No go. Outage resolved is a lie!!